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Retaining Wall Ideas For Backyard

Build Retaining Wall Construction For A Beautiful Garden

How to Landscape a steep slope without Retaining walls

A perfect constructed backyard garden adds more beauty to the overall outdoor area of the house. Second to that, a nicely crafted retaining wall can be an ideal landscaping project one can look for. This DIY Project here will help you create one solid wall all by yourself, so you can grow your very own garden in it. jennifermaker

Retaining Wall Ideas For Your Home

Retaining walls prevent soil erosion and provide flood control. But the functional aspects arent the only benefits. There are tons of retaining wall ideas that allow homeowners to bring more balance to their yards. Check out some of our favorite ways to use these walls in exterior design below.

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Natural Stone Walls For Durability

Natural stone imperfections give the retaining wall a surrealistic spin.

Natural stone retaining walls can be a slightly more expensive option compared to other materials like wood, for example, but theyre durable and create a timeless look. The placement, pattern and repetition of natural stones and bricks can create a contemporary look, Lobeira says. Stone options like granite and limestone give off a traditional aesthetic.

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Hot Tub Retaining Wall

A small fieldstone retaining wall and a cozy flagstone patio create the perfect spot to enjoy a sweeping vista of the surrounding California hills, and this cozy cedar hot tub is calling our name! The choice of ornamental grasses and native trees helps the hidden oasis to stay just that: hidden. Learn more about incorporating native plants by following the link, below.

Dig A Trench And Level The Ground

10 Retaining Wall Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard

The success of your retaining wall depends on a level base. To create a solid foundation, dig a trench for the first course of your interlocking retaining wall blocks. Make sure the ground remains even throughout.

  • Begin digging into the ground with a shovel.
  • The trench should be deep enough to bury at least half the height of your first course of blocks as they sit on a 2- to 3-inch base of gravel. Depending on the size of your blocks, this depth will be about 4 to 6 inches.
  • The trench should be twice as wide as a single block.
  • Once youve dug the trench, compact it with a hand tamper or vibrating plate compactor.
  • Place a standard level on a 2 x 4 in the trench to ensure that the bottom is smooth and level.

Tip: The trench should account for any slopes. You may have to create steps up or down to ensure the top of the retaining wall will be level. The wall should never run parallel to a slope.

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Splash Into These Ideas

When installing a retaining wall, the primary consideration is directing water flow. So, why not utilize the inherent problem by combining efforts into a beautiful natural looking stream?

Water features are a solid way to increase property value through landscaping. In the Inland Northwest the theme here is, Near Nature Near Perfect. What better way than to bring nature to you through a backyard water feature? Trickling streams, fountains and ponds are some of the iconic pieces that bring it all together. These are ways to encourage nature to enjoy the space with everyone while also making it into a backyard thats enjoyed through the comforts of the living room. Standard water features come with design in mind. Others give way to creative freedom in which custom streams or waterfall features can be created.

Landscape Retaining Walls: Ideas For Your Backyard Garden

A sloping piece of land isnt very functional to have around your home. Leveling the foundation before building your home should take care of the job. But what about your backyard? We cant let you just leave it untouched.

Luckily, theres a solution to beautifying a sloping backyard and making it functional as well. The answer? Landscape retaining walls!

You can go conventional and use a retaining wall for the sole purpose of holding back the soil in your yard. Or you can also get creative with it so that it stands out and really complements your houses aesthetic. Here are some ideas you can use for your own backyard garden.

Planter Walls

Image source: Unsplash.com

Aside from holding back soil, people also commonly use retaining walls as plant beds. The reason? Its the easiest fix for a rather flat-looking backyard.

Instead of having just a single-level sloping backyard, why not create layers to make it more dynamic? Retaining walls help you achieve these tiers easily without having to spend too much.

You can use just about any material for building retaining walls that also double as plant beds. Whether its brick, stone, wood, or concrete, it would work for most types of homes. It all boils down to your personal preference as to what would look best for your garden.

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Boulder Retaining Wall For Garden

If you want to grow some beautiful flowers in your garden and searching to have a market-bought trellis, then wait! How about building your own homemade boulder retaining wall for your outdoor space that will not only enhance the look of your space and make your flowers looking even far better. All you need to have are materials like drystones, concrete, thread, level, etc. diynetwork

What Is The Cheapest Way To Make A Retaining Wall

How To Build a Retaining Wall

When it comes to retaining walls, there are a few different ways that you can go about constructing them. You can either use natural materials like stone or earth or man-made materials like concrete or bricks.

The cheapest way to make a retaining wall is by using natural materials. Still, this method can be more labor-intensive than using man-made materials. If youre looking for an easy and affordable option, then using concrete or bricks is the way.

However, its essential to keep in mind that these methods are not as environmentally-friendly as natural materials.

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How To Build Tiered Garden Walls

If designed and appropriately executed, a tiered retaining wall can be a stunning focal feature of your backyard. It helps you transform an unusable part of your area into a functional one and minimizes erosion, which can lead to poor soil health. The tutorial here will show you how its done. diynetwork

Swimming Pool Retaining Wall

The retaining wall you are adding to your property does not need to be a standalone structure. It can also be part of a different structure that you want to feature on your property. For instance, your new retaining wall could be one side of a swimming pool.

Using a swimming pool as a retaining wall is tricky, but you can do it. However, your property must feature certain dimensions to accommodate that swimming pool.

First off, the slope where you are installing the swimming pool cannot be too tall. You do not want that pool positioned too high up because it could be dangerous for you to use.

At the same time, you need enough horizontal space to comfortably accommodate the actual swimming pool. That means the slope has to flatten out to a degree.

Diligent maintenance will also be crucial if you are building this kind of retaining wall. If water seeps out of the pool and into the soil constantly, that slope could collapse.

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Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas

When it comes to retaining walls, most of you will think that they just help to level out a garden by providing strength, prevent erosion, control rainwater runoff, and create terraced levels for garden beds. After reading this article, you will have to think again. In addition to completing well their main missions, they also are the unsung hero of outdoor design, working quietly in the background to fulfill a very important job keeping your garden gorgeous.That is the reason why today weve collected 26 spectacular backyard retaining wall ideas that can also make a property look effortlessly sophisticated no matter what design style youre working with. They will work well their mission as you desired. So, if you are planning for your next landscaping projects, these ideas here are smart choices. We hope youll enjoy this unique collection and find inspiration for your own garden!

Passive Solar Retaining Wall

Backyard Retaining Walls

Cleverly extend the outdoor season by tucking outdoor spaces into recessed pockets. In this case, the board-formed concrete retaining wall provides protection from the wind as well as a solar heat mass to make the terrace warmer than it normally would be. Learn more about clever patios designed for winter, below.

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Important Reminders For Building Retaining Walls

The task of building retaining walls is not one you should tackle on a whim. Building retaining walls properly takes a lot of work and preparation, and there are plenty of chances for you to mess up along the way.

Avoid making those potentially costly mistakes by always keeping the following tips in mind.

Welded Gabion Retaining Wall

Welded gabion is a cubic container of interconnected welded wire mesh panels held together by lacing wire and locking pins. It may be lengthened by clasping the two helical wires of the vertical corner together and inserting a locking pin.

If numerous layers of welded gabion are necessary, you can add layers. Gabion-built retaining walls are trendy owing to their effectiveness and inexpensive cost. They are also eco-friendly and may be filled with various materials based on your budget or style.

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Patio Retaining Wall Ideas

While retaining walls are primarily used for containing dirt, they can also be a useful design feature. The curve of this wall creates a natural outdoor dining space that perfectly fits a table and chairs. You can also incorporate elements like a fire pit or pizza oven into the stone for an easy entertaining area that maximizes your outdoor space.

Diy Landscape Retaining Wall

Build Your Own Retaining Garden Wall For Kids | Gardening | Great Home Ideas

Retaining walls provide you the perfect ways to have a separate space where you can grow your favorite herbs, vegetables, flowers, and much more. This plan will teach you to build a DIY landscape retaining wall that features the complete instruction set, making it easier for everyone to follow and work on. All you need to have are materials like bricks, water, soil, concrete powder, and mixture, etc. grovehousere

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Retaining Wall Ideas To Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Retaining walls keep dirt or soil in place, but they can also be used as a landscaping feature to section off an area of a backyard or patio. Often made from stone or concrete, these structures are both a functional landscaping element and an aesthetic design feature. Whether you’re looking to install a DIY retaining wall in your backyard or fix up one that already exists, these retaining wall ideas will help you get the most out of your outdoor area.

A retaining wall doesn’t have to be tall to be functional. If you have a fairly flat area, a short wall might be your best option, and it’ll likely save you money too. Since this outdoor patio area is set into the ground only a foot or two, the retaining wall doesn’t need to be very highkeeping the cost of materials low. If you’re working with a similar setup, consider having the inset area filled with dirt or gravel so you can spend less on the materials for the wall itself.

Ideas To Stabilize Steep Slopes

Stabilizing steep slopes isnt always easy. There are several different methods that you can employ to help reduce erosion and stabilize your slope. One method involves installing a series of stone steps near the edge of the slope. Another option is to lay down a layer of gravel or crushed rock. Both options will provide a stable base for plants and other landscaping materials.

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Backyard Retaining Walls Ideas

A home is never complete without a beautiful backyard to accompany it. If you are looking to retain your backyard walls here are a few tips that might be of help. First it is important to master your back yard. Consider all the materials that you are going to use as walls in your backyard. They should be unconventional but still effective. The following are some backyard retaining wall ideas.

Define Spaces In Your Outdoor Area Or Backyard

A Retaining Wall Surrounding a Backyard Pool

Retaining walls can help you shape and define important sections of your backyard. It may indicate that you want to identify the parking space of your backyard or where youd wish to build an outdoor living area to entertain your visitors with sloped areas.

This is a wonderful example of how the retaining wall helps to define the garage and parking areas edge, as well as separate the sloped portion of the yard. It not only gives your backyard structure, but it also neatens it up considerably.

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Sitting Wall Around Your Fire Pit Or Patio

If you plan to use a retaining wall to carve out an area for a fire pit or patio, consider using the retaining wall for seating as well. A short wall can be designed to also be used as a bench. If your slope requires a taller wall, consider installing a bench in front of it so that the upper part of the wall can act as a backrest. This is an easy way to increase seating options for outdoor living areas.

Retaining Wall Ideas That Will Elevate Your Landscaping

Putting up walls can be a good thing. That is, if youre talking about retaining wall ideas in your landscape design. At the basic level, a retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains soil behind it, explains Joe Raboine, director of Belgard Residential Hardscapes, an outdoor hardscapes company. Though retaining walls are most commonly used to create a functional area out of a sloped terrain, they do serve other functions.

You might think that retaining wall ideas are all about functionafter all, retaining walls prevent soil erosion and reduce the risk of floodingbut they are not all utility these structures can enhance an outdoor space by creating levels, evening out a hillside, and even using pavers to produce a pathway. They can also be used to create topographic interest or create smaller features, such as raised garden beds, says Collin Koonce, director of landscape architecture and urban planning at BKV Group, a holistic architectural design firm, based in Washington, D.C. These builds can even double as seats or corral all your backyard greenery in a neat landscape.

Aesthetically, a retaining wall can turn an unworkable incline on the land into usable, uniformed surfaces, notes Mauricio Lobeira, Monterrey, Mexico-based architect, interior designer and cofounder of Ten Plus Three. Many retaining walls end up as garden or terrace backdrops, he adds.

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Retaining Wall Ideas For Sloped Backyards With Fire Pits

The short stone retaining wall doubles as a curved bench here. Since the unit offers plenty of seating, you can throw an outdoor gathering around the hillside fire pit.

This circular stone fire pit mimics the nearby seat wall perfectly. Meanwhile, wood and gray furniture pieces provide extra seating while carving a balanced look.

Tiered Retaining Wall Ideas

How to Build a Retaining Wall | GARDEN | Great Home Ideas

It may be impractical to build one very tall retaining wall to level out a large, severely sloped section of land. If this is the case for your property, there are a few designs in the following photos that might strike your eye.

Tiered retaining walls can be built with most wall-materials. Theyll most likely require large blocks or stones, as smaller options may not create a strong enough wall. Proper drainage will be paramount, especially as you get to the lower tiers. Since water runs downhill, it will pool at the lower tier if theres not enough drainage to handle it.

Tiers dont have to be reserved for large properties and steep slopes. You can also build tiered garden beds, which youll see in some of the photos below. This is an excellent way to use small stones, rocks, and blocks to add some visual interest to your yard.

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Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

The sheet pile retaining walls are commonly used in soft ground and hard-to-reach areas. It can be placed in a minimal space, so this is the type of choice if you are short on space on your site.

Sheet pile walls are embedded in the ground and constructed from various materials, including steel, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood planks.

Divine Retaining Wall Ideas For Sloped Backyards

Retaining walls do not only hold the soil but also stabilize steep slopes. Furthermore, some let homeowners create usable spaces, while others allow raised garden beds. If you have a hillside property, lets dive into these incredible retaining wall ideas for sloped backyards.

When properly built, retaining walls can be long-lasting. Although their function is your top priority, you shouldnt compromise the style. They must be in sync with the current landscape design.

The retaining walls also double as a focal point. Make sure that you opt for the right material and design, so they can boost your homes visual appeal. So here are 30 fabulous, hilly backyards that feature them.

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