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Screened In Porch And Deck

Your Complete Guide To Adding A Screened In Porch To A Deck

Building A Screened In Porch Under An Existing Deck.

Have you been thinking about adding a screened in porch to a deck? This is an awesome option for families, couples who love to entertain, and anyone who wants to add a relaxing indoor/outdoor combination space. Many homeowners avoid new construction projects because theyre worried it will be a headache. However, the Structurally Speaking team makes it easy. Well walk you through the entire process to design and build the new porch of your dreams.

Aluminum Mesh Screen Cost

Of the metal screen solutions, aluminum screen is a perfect blend of strength, and its still easy to work with because it is easy to both bend and cut with hand tools. Available in silver, black, and charcoal, it stands up to the elementsresisting corrosion from moisture, oxygen, and salt. It will keep its original color but reflect more light and heat than the other two options, and, as such, will be less effective in reducing heat during the summer months. Also, when compared to fiberglass, its strength as a metal will outperform it by a factor of almost 50%, which makes its initial slightly higher cost of $0.28/sqft a worthwhile investment for the homeowner.

Install A Nailing Board On The Floor

Use the cordless drill to drill four pilot holes through one of the 4-foot two-by-twos. Switch to a driver bit and drive the 2 1/2-inch screws through the two-by-two and into the face of the floor.

For a finished look, step back the board 1 1/2 inches from the leading edge of the flooring. This will allow the bottom edge of the screen panel to be flush with the outer edge of the flooring.

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Plumb And Brace The Walls

Stand the walls and screw the wall corners together. The key to standing the walls is to check and double-check along the way to make sure they’re straight along their top and bottom plates, perfectly plumb and square, and securely braced. Start by positioning the walls with their outside edge flush to the deck and screwing them down. Next, screw the corners together, making sure the top plates of adjacent walls are even with each other. Use a long level to plumb the walls while you attach diagonal braces to hold them in position. Leave the braces in place until after the roofing is complete.

Screened In Porch Installation Costs

Best Screened in Porch Design Ideas (35) #deckbuildingplans

There is no substitute for a genuine lack of planning. To do all you can to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, it is worth paying close attention to the following list and taking action where necessary. On average, a contractor will charge around $300 for installation, not including materials, doors, add-ons, and more.

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Create Holes For The Bolts

Have an assistant push one of the screen panels tightly up against the floor and ceiling nailing boards. Using the six-foot step ladder, drill two holes at the top of the panel, all the way through the panel and the nailing board behind it. Back on the ground, do this again for the floor section. Repeat for the second panel.

Attach Posts To Footers

After cutting into sections, the six-by-six lumber will rest on the footers. Calculate the cuts based on the eventual height of the porch flooring:

  • 9 1/4 inches of height for the true height of the two-by-ten joist lumber
  • 1 1/2 inches of height for the porch flooring
  • Height to account for the drop in flooring from the house to the leading edge of the porch floor, about 1 inch.
  • Cut and then attach the three posts vertically to the footer bases.

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    Install The Ridge And Rafters

    Cut the 2×8 roof plates. If you’re not good at calculating roof angles, start by estimating the angles and cutting the plates an extra 6 in. long. Then set them in place, remark the angles and recut them until they fit. Screw the roof plates through the roof boards into the rafters below. Next measure for the ridge, estimate the angle and cut it a little long. Trim the angle to fit and screw the ridge rafter to the first truss and roof plates. Complete the tie-in by installing a pair of rafters. The framing should be exactly 3/4 in. above the top of the trusses.

    Amazing Screened In Porch And Deck Design Ideas

    Build Your Own Screened in Porch | A to Z

    Screened-in porch designs are a great compromise between the outdoors and the indoors. You can sit out on your porch, enjoying fresh air through large screen windows without the hassle of pests or the sun beating down on you unforgivably.

    Although the lines can blur between screened deck designs and screened porch designs, the best of the breed are far more than just a roof and framing surrounded with screening material. The best of these spaces act as both an extension of indoor living space with the right blend of the outdoors as well as a transitional space to the outdoors that blends with the house and its surroundings.

    If youre thinking about an addition to your home, and a screened-in porch sounds ideal, then consider these structural features and decorating ideas for screened in porches and decks.

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    Create A Sleeping Porch

    Another historically architectural piece that has dwindled in popularity is the sleeping porch commonly found on the second floor of southern homes. However, it has made a recent comeback for a good reason! If you enjoy the comfort of an afternoon summer breeze while taking a quiet nap, you will wonder why sleeping porches are not more common. A day bed or hanging bed will complete the room and make this space an optional guest accommodation for an overnight stay!

    Ready To See A Screened

    At brick& batten, we believe every last detail matters. We leave no stone unturned in giving you the most use and curb appeal out of your home. If your porch exposes you to too much sun, heat, or pests, screening it in is an excellent way to make the most of the space in a way that will keep you comfortable. Or, if you already have a screened-in porch and are looking for ways to improve its aesthetic, wed love to help!

    Our design experts are on your side, dedicated to understanding your visions and committed to helping you manifest your design goals. Get started today!

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    When To Build A Screened

    Pouring concrete footers for an elevated porch entails digging holes that extend below your area’s frost line. During winter months when the ground is frozen, it can be difficult or even impossible to break through the frozen soil. If this is not a factor in your area, you can build a screened-in porch at any time of year.

    Pay Attention To Flashing And Roofing Details For A Watertight Job

    Wonderful Screened In Porch And Deck Idea 11

    Building the tie-in framing on top of the existing shingles is a good way to keep the house waterproof as you construct the porch, but when it comes time to install the roofing you’ll have to cut the shingles along each of the valleys with a hook-blade utility knife. Then pry loose the cut shingles to make a wide path for the valley flashing.

    Cover the tie-in framing with 3/4-in. plywood. Add blocking as needed and fill in the triangular areas between the existing roof and the new roof.

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    What Is A Screened

    A screened porch takes the warmth of outdoor space and adds a layer of protection from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs by closing off the holes with screen fabric. It can be a great place to read a book on a summer evening, and with proper installation, it will add to the overall value of your home. A screened porch is typically constructed by adding screens to an already covered outdoor porch, but a two-story deck with an under-deck ceiling also works great for a screened porch project!

    Cozy Up Your Outdoor Space This Fall

    Schools are back in session, leaves are turning orange and red, the autumn chill is beginning but you are not ready to let go of those summer nights. Even though the days may be getting shorter, and nights longer, there are some brilliant ways to make the outdoors just a little warmer and more inviting. Check out some of Cedarbrooks super suggestions on how to cozy up your outdoor living space this fall.

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    Basics Of Screening In A Porch

    Porches have flooring, a roof, posts, and often a hand railing and balusters. With so many structural elements, it may seem like a simple matter to staple down screen material across the front of your porch. While this is possible, you will obtain cleaner, more professional results by using individual wood-framed screen panels as the building blocks, and attaching those panels to the porch.

    Build as few or as many screen panels as you need. You can construct the panels off-site and then move them to your porch for installation or use the porch floor as your workshop. Another advantage of building screen panels is that you can remove the screens when fall and winter set in. This helps to protect the screens, increasing their lifespan.

    Should You Build A Deck Or A Screened Porch

    How to Restore, Update, and Screen in a Porch

    So, it all comes down to one decision: a deck, or a screened porch? The two options can seem overwhelmingly positive or negative, depending on your personal view.

    So, it all comes down to one decision: a deck, or a screened porch? The two options can seem overwhelmingly positive or negative, depending on your personal view. However, if youre struggling to choose, its time to weigh your decision based on your own needs and wants. Personal circumstance is a huge factor, because every family has different uses for their backyard. So, which will you choose?

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    How Much Does It Cost To Turn A Deck Into A Screened

    This can be a difficult question to answer as there are many factors that go into a conversion.

    First you have to know if your current structure is to code and if it can support a roof load. Its also important to think through the age of the deck and if you want to invest in a large addition on an old structure or build it all new so it lasts as long as possible.

    Next you want to consider what kind of materials you are going to use and how finished the porch will be. Are you wrapping everything in PVC? Is everything getting painted? Sanding and staining?

    Then you will want to know what type of extra amenities you want. Recessed can lights, fans, speakers, TVs, outlets, screening system, Eze Breeze windows, fireplaces, and so much more can make the space your own, just at a cost.

    And of course, in todays world, there are also the current commodity costs you have to take into account. All in all, you can get away with a budget porch add on in the right conditions for $35 to $55 a square foot, but it may have a rough finish.

    An average conversion to a moderate to highly finished porch can get you in the $100 to $150 a square foot range. And of course there are the ultra unique options that can easily get in the $200+ a square foot range if you really want to make your porch the envy of the neighborhood.

    Main Benefits Of Screened Porches

    Do you need some reasons to love screen porches before committing to an expensive addition?

  • Additional Living Space
  • The main advantage of a deck with screened porch is increasing your livable space. However, because its not insulated, heated and cooled, a screen porch doesnt meet requirements to become additional square footage for your home.

  • Protection from the elements
  • The majority of people with a screened in porch enjoy it daily during the summer months. In hot climates, most people have ceiling fans and large screen windows, for maximum ventilation. If you are looking for year round use in colder climates, you will need to consider a more insulated four season porch.

    Whether you decide on a deck, screened porch, or four season porch will depend a lot on your budget, what type of climate you live in, and what use youd like to get out of the space.

  • Protection from pests and insects
  • Because nothing ruins an outdoor meal faster than wasps.

  • Increased curb appeal of your home
  • As mentioned in a previous section, a deck with a screened porch doesnt add additional square footage to your home when listing it for sale, but it will increase the curb appeal.

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Buyers love a screened porch. It adds a touch of luxury they can envision themselves indulging in. The money you invest in a quality porch will come back to you, should you decide to put your home on the market. On average youll see a 70% return on investment.

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    Install Cleat On Floor

    Attach a 4-foot-long two-by-two to the floor of the porch. If the porch has no railings, push the cleat to the very edge of the porch flooring. Drill pilot holes first, then attach the cleat with the 2 1/2-inch screws. Attach to the floorboards. There is no need to drive the screws into the joists.

    If the porch has railings, step the cleat back at least 4 inches from the railing.

    Screened In Porch Materials & Cost

    126 best Screened

    Your screen material options are listed below in order of their cost for materials alone, starting with the most expensive. Your contractor will let you know about the most suitable options for your area because of the climate, etc., but pay particular attention to selecting materials that will stand up well to the elements.

    Screen Material
    Fiberglass mesh $0.15/sqft

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    Building A Deck With A Screened In Porch

    If you dont already have an existing deck, the construction for a new screened in porch is much more expensive. The average cost to build a deck starts at $25 per sq. foot with most homeowners spending around $4,380 to $10,080 total.

    Of course many factors go into your final cost, but an average construction estimate to build a brand new screened in porch will cost around $30-60/sqft. This is for a basic setup, if you plan to add additional screened in porch features such as lighting, fans, furniture, and fireplaces, the prices increase accordingly.

    How To Screen In A Porch

    Screening in a porch can be as simple as purchasing large rolls of screening and stapling them to existing porch posts. This will work and you can keep insects away from you, but the odds are youll not win a contest for appearance.

    Most new screened porches are built from scratch. The porch may rest on top of an existing patio that can handle the weight or you may have to install a new concrete slab or build a raised platform that becomes the floor of the porch adjacent to your home. Both of these require walls to be built and a roof erected over the top of the new structure. Doing all these tasks to create a new space, as opposed to retrofitting an existing open porch, requires considerable skill, lots of time, and a wide assortment of tools.

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    How Do I Stop My Screen From Raining On My Porch

    Window shades, which are solid pieces of material that roll down to cover an opening, or window blinds, which are horizontal or vertical slats, are the easiest way to block most of the rain that might blow into a screened porch. Porch blinds for wind and rain are readily available and simple to install.

    Frame The Walls Accurately For Smooth Assembly

    Build a Screen Porch on a Deck without Attaching to the House

    Since the wall framing for this screened in porch is the finished surface, it’s worth taking a little extra time to make the framing material look good. We chose the nicest cedar 2x6s we could find and ripped them into 3-1/2-in. and 1-1/2-in. boards. We did this to create sharp, clean edges .

    Cut the studs and crosspieces to length and screw the walls together . We used a power miter saw for clean, square cuts, but a circular saw will work too. Use a crosspiece as a spacer when you’re attaching the studs to the top and bottom plates. Then cut a 10-in. spacer block to position the crosspieces for assembly.

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    Tips When Selecting Porch Contractor

    Once bids start coming in, our guidance would be to never select the cheapest bid to get the job done. Better contractors are worth more, and those who are Better Business Bureau A+ rated and have good reviews online are likely to cost a little more.

    You are buying yourself peace of mind when working with a company who sends clear and concise communications, is fully licensed and insured, finishes on time, and finishes on budget, like Capnovate Construction in Elmwood Park, NJ, with Average project completions 92% on time and budget. Companies like that who consistently deliver excellence will always bubble to the top.

    In summary, we suggest you look for contractors who fit in as many of the following groups as possible:

    • Licensed contractors
    • Have an A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
    • Have excellent ratings on social media sites
    • Include a clause in the contract that allows you to back out before work starts with a full refund
    • Include setup and complete cleanup costs in the quote
    • Provide excellent communication from your first phone call or e-mail

    Hire your porch contractor today, and enjoy a new bug-free existence.

    Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted porch builders:

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