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Why We Decided To Build A Pergola On A Patio:

Brim Pergola- DIY

Our house has a very small yard, and the houses are close together, so there was NO privacy when we moved in. We live in a new-build community so the trees are also still very small and dont provide shade or privacy yet.

The back of our house is southern facing, so it is always sunny and hot in the Summer months. Without a form of shade it was really hard to use this space. But having two toddler boys, I needed a protected spot to hang out outside with them!

The wind can also be very strong where we live, so we have had a hard time figuring out a shade solution. Weve tried umbrellas , a free-standing pergola , and non-structural shade awnings. Nothing could withstand the wind!

We tried so hard to find a good budget shade option but nothing worked well. Looking back I really wish we would have bit the bullet and built the pergola right away. We seriously tried out three other ideas, and ended up waisting hundreds of dollars, before deciding to take the leap and build the pergola.

Building this DIY pergola on the concrete patio definitely paid off! With the help of my husbands brother, we were able to finish this project over the course of two weekends! It went up much quicker than I thought it would, and was much less expensive to build ourselves!

This is a DIY project that I would recommend to anyone looking to add some shade and privacy to their backyard, while increasing their homes value!

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This Post Details How We Built Our Cedar Pergola On Our Concrete Patio With A Modern Wood Slatted Privacy Wall

Ok friends, here it is! My long over-due pergola post! Ive been meaning to get more detailed DIY Pergola Plans up on here for a while and was finally able to get some good photos this weekend!

We built this pergola on our concrete patio last summer and it is by-far my favorite DIY project weve ever done! It completely transformed the look and feel of our backyard and patio space!

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Install an arbor, gazebo, or pergola to make a backyard more enjoyable. Lattice will add to privacy and give vines a foothold. Use a pergola to define an outdoor living space on the patio or next to the swimming pool. Pergolas and arbors can be constructed from natural woods, composite materials, and vinyl.

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How Much Does A Diy Pergola Cost

The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

Building your own pergola is a project that is ambitious enough to permanently change the look of your yard, yet it requires only intermediate building skills and simple materials available at your local home center. And best of all, the cost of the pergola may be balanced out by the value that it adds to your property.

You can decide to build the pergola from a kit that cuts all of the wood for you or build it from scratch with materials sourced at your local home center or lumberyard.

Choose Your Wood Pergola Kit Style

Backyard Discovery 10 ft. x 12 ft. Cedar Pergola

To configure and price our standard size wood pergola kits, choose from our 7 different styles. Then make your selections to customize your wood pergola kit from these options: Size, Freestanding or Attached, Wood Type, Posts, End Shape, and Post Base Trim. To configure and price our timber frame pergola kits, make your selections on our quote request form found on the Peak Timber Frame shop page.

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Research Pergola Design Inspiration

Before starting this Pergola project, I did a ton of research! is always my go-to search engine when beginning a project!

I looked at so many different styles and sizes and ideas. Pergolas that were free-standing vs. attached to the house Pergolas with a traditional design style vs. more modern styles Cedar vs. Red Wood vs. Pressure Treated Wood

I also looked into a few different package options. Some companies, like Home Depot, sell DIY Pergola Kits where they will send you the pre-cut pieces and you can then put it together. They also of course offer professional pergola installation.

I can tell you that the price to pay for the professional installation would have been at least 3xs more than what we ended up paying! Even the pre-cut kits were much more expensive.

I decided on a few key elements that I wanted to include in our Pergola Plans

Pergola Ideas That Will Add Style And Shade To Your Backyard

You don’t need to travel far for a relaxing outdoor retreat.

Creating an outdoor space that’s cool and comfortable can be a bit of a challengeespecially if there aren’t any trees to block out the hot summer sun. Thankfully, it’s easy to install a pergola that provides shade and style. Although pergolas are available in a variety of designs and sizes, they all have one primary purposeto provide cover from the natural elements.

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Home Depot Pergolas Kits

To add classic garden architecture and define an outdoor space, a pergola nails it. For homes or commercial spaces, pergolas deliver both form and function. Whether attached to a building or as a stand-alone structure, a pergola can provide privacy, shade, a ceiling of sorts to an outdoor room, a focal point and a support for vines.

A pergola has a vibe, said Chad Beall of Tree Frog Woodworking. Over the past 20 years, Beall has built about 100 pergolas in Colorado. The pergola creates an exterior space that is not closed in, but has some protection and the comfort and warm feel of a room, he said. We do a lot by pools and around fire pits.

Pergolas are nothing new under the sun. In fact, theyre probably the earliest element of garden design. An Egyptian garden plan from 1400 BC includes a pergola.

Todays pergolas constructed primarily from wood or metal incorporate canvas, stone, clay tiles, plastic or even glass.

You can add a chandelier, a ceiling fan or a fancy retractable awning roof system, said Wendy Booth of Ivy Street Design Group Inc. and a past president of Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. Shes designing a garden that will feature a $32, 000 powder-coated steel pergola.

Booth emphasized three major pergola construction considerations: municipal zoning rules, solid structural engineering and esthetics in relationship to the home and the landscape.

Image by LazarCatt from Pixabay

Final Thoughts On Our Diy Pergola And Privacy Screens

Pergola Cover Comparison: Us vs. Home Depot | Cover Your Pergola

Im so happy with how our pergola and privacy walls turned out on our patio! This pergola adds to much to the look and feel of our small backyard!

It provides us with so much more shade and privacy! I love how our concrete patio space now feels like an extension of our house and more like an outdoor room. We use it all of the time. It is even nice in the winter because it blocks some of the snow from the patio!

Hopefully these DIY Pergola Plans help you if you are planning to build your own pergola on a patio! I highly recommend this project as it saved us so much money and was really not that hard to do! As long as you have a few guys to help lift the heavy beams, it is a pretty easy DIY project!

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions!

If you are looking for another DIY project to tackle, take a look through our DIY Page! We have posted a lot of simple and budget friendly projects!

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Diy Pergola Installation Basics

Building your own pergola is labor-intensive but simple to understand. Just six posts define the perimeter of this 8-foot by 16-foot structure. At the top is a lightweight partial cover constructed of 1x3sâideal for trailing plants.

The most difficult part of building this pergola is digging the post holes, then setting 4×4 posts in concrete in those holes. Renting a gas-powered earth auger for one day is usually sufficient time to dig those holes. Otherwise, if the soil is soft and you have a post hole digger, you can use that.

You may need to apply for a building permit before building a DIY pergola. A pergola is often classified as an outdoor detached accessory structureby local permitting offices.

In general, freestanding pergolas will cost more than attached pergolas because four posts need to be set and built rather than two posts.

Customizable Easy To Assemble Diy Pergola Kits

Pergola Depot offers over 90 standard designs and sizes as well as custom pergola kits. We use high grade lumber, stainless steel hardware and back our pergola kits with a one-year limited warranty. Every DIY wood pergola kit comes complete with all pre-cut, pre-drilled lumber that is pre-marked for easy assembly.

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Add Value To Your Home With Our Patio Pergola Kits

If youre looking to increase the value of your property, investing in a wood pergola kit will surely add market value to your home. Across the nation, theres been a record amount of people spending their time living outdoors. So there hasnt been a better time to purchase a patio cover kit for your home. Weve spoken to many house buying industry experts. As a whole, there is an agreement that homeowners who invest in patio pergola kits see an increase in property valuation. Our ballpark estimate is a 50% 80% ROI for a complete backyard remodel.

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Build Pergola On Concrete Patio

The first step was to install the 3 6 x 6 posts into the concrete slab. This was the hardest part! The beams were very heavy and it took 2-3 people to hold them in place to make sure they were level and straight.

After that, we installed the large header at the front. This was another tricky part that took two people. One person to hold the beam up while the other screwed it into the 6 x 6 posts.

Also, as you can see in the below photo, we notched out a spot at the tops of the 6 x 6 posts for the header to rest on.

The next step was to install the support boards and metal flashing to the house. The metal flashing is an important step to keep water from collecting on the wood, which could damage the siding on your house.

After those steps, my husband was able to add the pieces on the roof on his own.

The last step was to add the wood slats to the privacy screens.

We decided not to seal or stain the Cedar because we want it to age naturally. When Cedar ages it grays over time and I love the color it turns!

Must Have Pergola Design Details:

  • Build with Cedar Wood
  • Cedar is a very durable and strong wood. We live in Colorado, where the sun is very strong and the humidity is low, so we needed a wood that can withstand the harsh elements here.
  • It is also naturally rot and insect resistant, so it is not typically treated with harmful chemicals like some other wood species. Finding a non-toxic material was important to us!
  • I also love how Cedar looks when it naturally ages. Cedar wood starts out with a red-yellow tone and turns to a beautiful silvery-gray as it patinas.
  • The other wood option that we considered was Redwood. It is very similar to Cedar but has a darker red-brown tone, and the wood grain tends to be more subtle and less rustic. We choose Cedar because we liked the lighter color and how turns gray when it ages.
  • Use 6×6 Beams for the Main Posts
  • While 4×4 beams are more readily available, it was important to me to use 6×6 beams. Because the overall size and scale of this pergola was going to feel big, I didnt want the scale of the posts to feel too small and flimsy. The scale of the 6×6 beams feels much more custom and in proportion to the rest of the pergola.
  • Use One Large Header vs. Two Thinner Boards
  • I saw a few pergola images where they used two thinner boards along the top header instead of one thicker board. Again, I feel the thicker board feels more custom and in proportion to the rest of the structure.
  • Simple and Clean Design
  • Narrow Spacing Between the Top Boards
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    Custom Pergolas And Quality Wood

    We dont shop for our lumber at the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. The quality of their Lumber just is not good enough for your next project. When you hire us you get our expertise and quality workmanship. But it all begins with quality Cedarwood. That type of product is not sold at big box stores.

    Measure And Draw Pergola Plans

    How to build a pergola: Back yard landscape, design, and woodworking

    Once we had a design concept in mind we measured our patio space to determine how big we wanted the pergola to be, where we wanted to add the privacy walls, and how high we wanted it to go.

    We decided to have it cover our whole existing concrete slab. The concrete slab is approximately 19-6 wide x 10-6 deep.

    We wanted the roof of the pergola to hit just above the top of our windows. The top of the windows are about 9 high.

    After that, I sketched out how we wanted it to look. I drew the floorplans and elevations to scale. This way we were able to determine how many boards we needed and what types. Figuring out what to order was the hardest part of this project!

    NOTE: We did update a few measurements / pieces when we ordered the wood, which I will note below.

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    Pergola Cost Built From Scratch

    A basic garden pergola built of pressure-treated wood and mounted in the ground with concrete varies in price depending on location and current cost of materials. Remember, this basic cost does not include taxes, delivery fees, or pavers. Appearance-grade pressure-treated wood will raise the price.

    Since this pergola includes materials such as ready-mix concrete, gravel, and over 40 pieces of heavy lumber, you may want to have the materials delivered rather than picking them up by yourself.

    The cost to build the pergola from scratch can be as little as $1,000 to $2,000 for a small 10-foot square pergola, using pressure-treated 4x4s as the posts and setting them into post holes by yourself with a post-hole digger or auger.

    Though pergolas are usually freestanding, attaching one end of the pergola to the house makes the project go easier and saves on materials, since two of the posts are eliminated. Attaching to the house usually will require the project to be permitted, though.

    What Is A Pergola

    Pergolas shade owners from the suns harsh ultraviolet rays and enclosed styles can keep you dry during periods of heavy rain showers. Pergola is an Italian word with ancient origins and it’s derived from the Latin term pergola which references a latticework or trellis structure that supports climbing plants. They are distinguishable from gazebos because of their differing dimensions. A gazebo is a freestanding structure with open sides, a roof, and typically constructed in hexagonal or octagonal shapes. Pergolas are structures that consist of parallel columns that hold up an open roof or grid of beams, rafters, or lattice work. They are typically made of wood and can be detached or attached to a home.

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    Home Depot Wood Pergola The Stylish Design Is A Great

    The style of pergola you choose will depend on your personal preference, budget, and style of home. For example, an aluminum pergola kit might work in a backyard alongside a contemporary style house or building. Home Depot Wood Pergola What used to be called the patio roof is now commonly referred to as a pergolait protects your home from sun as well as wind, rain and sun and also extends your living space.. All necessary hardware to connect parts to wood posts is included. The Home Depot will provide an accessible format of PDFs upon request. Browse cedar pergola kits online at Pergola Depot. H gunmetal grey aluminum free standing retractable canopy. Do-it-yourself or DIY pergola kits can be a fun and rewarding way to complete your backyard home improvement project..


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