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Small Yard Low Budget Backyard Wedding

Indulge In Local Delicacies

MINIMAL + Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning | How Much Our Backyard Wedding Cost

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Event Planning by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events Catering by Dels Lemonade

The great thing about having a wedding at home? You know all the best local food. Why not pay tribute and incorporate these gems into the festivities by having them cater or set up a late-night food cart?

Stunning Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas On A Budget

Whats not to love about a backyard wedding? Theyre intimate, convenient, and perhaps best of all, often a budget-friendly venue. But before you write off a backyard wedding as an overly casual affair that welcomes a rustic vibe only, know that there are endless ways to transform it into anything you want it to be.

For an elegant, formal look, a tented reception can go a long way. Pull back gauzy curtains with vines of florals or greenery for a statement entrance, suspend chandeliers from above for a bit of ambiance, and bring reception tables to life with gilded candelabras and chic linens. Bringing the indoors out in the form of a luxe lounge area will also create a more elegant vibe.

Add Colour To Your Decor

To jazz it up further, add some floral prints or natural flowers to your backyard wedding theme. You can use printed lines to drape tables. Or just tie colorful bows to the wedding chairs. Or just create pew bows to decorate your wedding chairs or wedding aisle. It will simply add visual depth to your outdoor wedding setup. Aside from that, you can use colorful balloons to create stunning wedding d├ęcor.

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Elegant Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget

30 Ingenious Ideas for a Small Intimate Backyard Wedding on a Budget ...

Transform your backyard into the wedding venue of your dreams for the biggest day of your life. Gather your friends and family in the comfort of your own backyard to celebrate the start of a new beginning. Host a small backyard wedding ceremony and reception on a budget in your backyard. Not sure, how to start planning your dream backyard wedding? No worries I have rounded up the best selection of backyard wedding ideas to make planning your wedding easy. Do you have small wedding decor budget? Check out my wedding decorations ideas under $1oo. Decorate your wedding altar with a macrame wedding backdrop and bohemian lanterns. Style your wedding tables with a sheer table runner and an elegant floral arrangement. Enjoy your wedding night with fun lawn games such as Jenga and ring toss on the lawn. Scroll down below to discover more backyard wedding ideas on a budget!

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me . As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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The Courthouse/ City Halls/ County Clerks Offices

A courthouse, also known as a civil wedding, is another budget-friendly wedding venue for your ceremony. Although it is more of a private and intimate ceremony, you are allowed to bring some guests as you will need witnesses to get married.

How much does it cost to get married at a courthouse? The cost depends on the city, state, or county that you live in. In other words, the cost of getting married at the courthouse depends on your location.

What we do know is that some states charge a flat marriage license fee. There are other courthouse wedding expenses that you must take into account, such as getting a county-appointed witness or a government-authorized wedding officiant.

According to Nerdwallet, some city halls or county clerks offices in most cities, typically cost less than $100. You can have your wedding ceremony there, and then throw a small party to celebrate with guests that you werent able to invite to the ceremony.

As stated before, you wont be able to invite a lot of guests to witness your big day as some courthouses limit the number of guests you can bring.

If you wish to invite more guests, however, some courthouses provide rooms or gardens with chairs and tables and wedding decor. Some even let you invite up to 100 or 250 guests, according to Joy. According to the same source, the Old Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio hosts both wedding ceremonies and receptions with up to 400 guests.

Use Nature To Your Advantage

If you dont want to overdo anything, take advantage of nature. If your backyard is swamped with trees, incorporate them into your wedding decor. String lights wrapped around the tree trunk can be used to create a unique arrangement. Another way to achieve that hypnotic look is to hang rattan pendants on them.

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What Creative Or Personal Aspects Did You Include In Your Wedding

We made cards for each table that had fun facts about Cliff and me. To learn other fun facts you have to venture to each table.

We had a temporary tattoo station. I am heavily tattooed and my husband does not have any, so I thought it would be fun for everyone to be able to get a tattoo.

Our card box is an old ammo container. My dad is a retired gunsmith and made it for me. I have the box displayed in our room now.

Our centerpiece for the bride and groom table is a Buck skull that my parents found on their property in Utah.

For desserts, Cliff loves red velvet so naturally, that was our cake. It was my parents 32nd wedding anniversary also, so we did a Hummingbird cake for them. We did pies as well. Most important was the Key Lime Pies. Cliff is from Florida and I wanted that to be represented.

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Diy Backyard Wedding Decorations On A Budget

Watch This Before Planning Your Backyard Wedding!! | FULL Budget Breakdown (Under $10K)

Last Updated on September 19, 2022 by Kaden

If you are planning an intimate backyard wedding on a budget, expressing with DIY decorations is a fun way to express yourself while saving on your wedding expenses. and how we are going to do that? my goal for this post is to use as many as possible items from your home or yard. With minimal expenses and effort, you can make backyard wedding decorations that will leave your guests speechless.

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Was There Anything You Decided To Splurge On

The food was catered by Pancherosthis was one of our larger splurges, but TOTALLY worth it! They set everything up and cleaned up when it was all through. We did not have to worry at all about the mess, and they controlled portion sizing to ensure all of our guests had at least one plate.

We purchased all of the drinks ourselves and came up with the cocktails! A full bar was something that my husband wanted, so we bought in bulk at Sams and saved some money that way. We had beer, wine, spirits, sodas for mixing, and a his favorite and her favorite cocktail, as well as the take a shot and take a seat wedding favors located with the seating chart. We also had a friend who is a bartender and asked him if he would want to make some extra cash that weekend, but his fee was smaller than some of the places that offered their bar tendering services.

How Do You Do A Casual Backyard Wedding

Theres no need to spend a fortune on your wedding when you can have a casual backyard wedding. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Choose a location: A backyard is the perfect location for a casual wedding. If you dont have one, consider a park or a beach.

2. Choose a date: Make sure the date doesnt conflict with any major holidays or events.

3. Invite your guests: Send out invitations either through the mail or online. Be sure to include the date, time, and location of the wedding.

4. Plan the ceremony: You can either have a minister or a friend officiate the ceremony, or you can write your own vows.

5. Plan the reception: Serve refreshments like sandwiches, salads, and cake, or go for a more casual option like a barbecue.

6. Get dressed: Wear something comfortable and casual for the wedding.

7. Have fun! A backyard wedding is a fun, relaxed way to get married.

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Shop Second Hand Or Vintage For Attire And Decor

Lets face it most people wear their wedding attire once, and the decorations they spend hundreds on collect cobwebs in storage. Creating a backyard wedding on a budget is the perfect time to shop for unique vintage and second-hand items.

Try sites like eBay and Etsy, as well as your favorite thrift stores!

Plan The Wedding You Want

Cheap Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

If youre planning to get married this year, a backyard wedding is a great choice. You can order everything you need online or over the phone. You can set it up when youre ready. You can make, or order, your favorite food. You can invite as many, or as few, guests as youd like.

And best of all – you have the freedom to plan your wedding your way. Make is simple or elaborate, modern or traditional. When your wedding is at your home, itll be exactly the way you want it.

For more ideas on everything from your floor plan to your rentals, check out the Backyard Wedding Planner. Available now on Amazon:

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Illuminate With String Lights

Photo by MK Sadler Event Planning by Princess Wedding Lighting Design by Contatto Sonoro Floral Design by Nina e I Fiori

“Chances are your home is not equipped with glamorous outdoor lighting to really make the property shine,” says Fritz. “You dont have to break the bank on lighting if its not in the budget, but making certain you create the mood and set the scene is critical for creating an ambiance.” It’s simple to create a welcoming display with very little effort or cost. Illuminate an alfresco dinner setting with a few overhead bistro lights or wrap them around the beams of a tent to highlight the structural grandeur.

Photo by Michael and Carina Photography

Make a grand entrance for a tented backyard reception with curtains elegantly pulled back by foliage and accented with topiaries and candles. If you choose to have a tent for your reception, drapes can easily be attached and pulled back to create an inviting entryway.

Photo by Anni Graham

Take full advantage of the natural splendor around you by modeling your decor after the surrounding landscape. Sans tablecloths, the bare wood and vases of lush eucalyptus perfectly blend with the scenery, practically growing from the environment itself.

Photo by Joel & Justyna

Photo by Liz Banfield Event Planning by A Day in May Events

Add visual depth to your alfresco cocktail hour by draping tables in . Nautical tones are quintessentially coastal New England, whereas floral prints have a charming country quality.

Small Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

A backyard wedding can be a simple and profitable way for you and your spouse to start your new life together. Gather family and friends in a comfortable, casual setting that takes advantage of natural elements, like planted backyard flowers and trees. Some decorations, like lighting, can be added to your list for simple backyard wedding decoration ideas.

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A Small But Mighty Wedding Budget

And there you have it, all of our best suggestions and inspiration on how to plan a beautiful backyard wedding on a budget. With your creativity and a little help from your friends and family, your small budget will be plenty enough to create a mighty fine day of ceremony and celebrations.

Remember to have fun, be flexible and keep that budget in check. We know youve got this!

Despite her dreamy wedding blogger lifestyle, Meredith’s day job is running and a full-time mom to an active toddler. If she could, Meredith would spend her days taking cruises, helping animals in need, and watching Big Brother!

Barbecue Food For Guests

Simple, Outdoor, At-Home Wedding // Backyard Ceremony and Reception // The Crosson Cottage DIY

A BBQ wedding reception is one of the best excellent backyard wedding ideas for winter or backyard wedding ideas on a budget. BBQ is a perfect way to save money on a wedding reception, especially hosting a wedding for a small gathering. This gives your guests the impression that they are at a family picnic. Theyll love the whole idea for sure!

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How Much Should You Budget For A Small Wedding

A wedding is a momentous occasion, but it can also be expensive. If youre planning a small wedding, youll need to budget accordingly. Here are some tips on how much you should expect to spend.


The venue is one of the biggest expenses when planning a wedding. The average cost of a wedding venue is $2,000, but it can be much more expensive depending on the location. If youre looking for a lower-cost option, consider hosting the wedding at someones home or a park.


The cost of food can also be significant. The average cost of catering for a wedding is $70 per person, but it can be more or less depending on the menu. If youre looking to save money, consider serving a buffet or a less expensive meal.


Flowers can also be a significant expense. The average cost of wedding flowers is $2,000, but it can be more or less depending on the type of flowers you choose. If youre looking to save money, consider using less expensive flowers or going with artificial flowers.

Other Expenses

There are many other expenses to consider when planning a wedding, including the cost of invitations, the wedding cake, and the wedding dress. Be sure to budget for these expenses accordingly.

When planning a small wedding, its important to be aware of the various expenses involved. By budgeting appropriately, you can ensure that your wedding will be a memorable and affordable event.

Cost For Feeding Guests

Here’s the breakdown of what we spent for the wedding reception appetizers and meal:

  • A pig for smoking: $150
  • Four two-pound sirloin steaks for grilling: $50
  • A turkey for smoking: $20
  • Chips, salsas, dips: $20
  • Ingredients for buffalo chicken salad: $15
  • Ingredients for homemade baked beans: $10
  • Ingredients for broccoli salad: $10
  • Cut fruit and vegetables: $10
  • Fifty rolls, pre-ordered and picked up that day: $40
  • Sauces and condiments: $15

We fed 30 people, but could have easily handled 50. At a total of $385, it cost us about $12 per head.

Want to have your backyard wedding catered? You can spend anywhere from $30 to $200 or more for catering. Look around, and don’t forget to get references.

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Use Flowerless Plants For Centerpieces

Instead of buying artificial centerpieces, use flowerless plants in pots for centerpieces. Not only do they make stunning centerpieces, but they also add to the wedding theme beautifully. Gather a few plants of your choice and place them on the tables. Thats all!

Is there any better way to jazz up your table decor!

Contact Your Favorite Restaurant In Your Area

41 Spectacular DIY Wedding Ideas for Low Budget Decoration

If yours is an intimate backyard wedding celebration with only a few guests, consider ordering food from a restaurant. All you need to do is find a good restaurant in your area and place your order. However, make sure you contact the restaurant owner ahead of time and inform them of your needs. Its because theyll need time to set up everything and prepare all of the dishes.

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Thoughts On Backyard Wedding Ideas

If you want to be able to do whatever you want on your big day, or if you want to save money on your wedding decor, you should think about having your wedding in your backyard. One of the benefits of having a backyard wedding is that you have total control over how personal and distinctive you want your wedding to be. The above list of our top backyard wedding ideas will help you throw an intimate party while saving you serious money.


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