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What Do Lawn Companies Spray On Lawns

A Word Of Caution: Dont Get Too Caught Up By Numbers

Does Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Grass Spray Work?

The timeline of services that we have described hopefully gave you a sense of how many lawn applications are necessary. However, as we said early on, we always stress to homeowners that they shouldnt get so caught up on numbers of treatments or visits as long as their lawn is receiving everything it needs.

You must also keep in mind that treatments are sometimes combined so how many times your lawn care company sprays does not necessarily equate to how many treatments you received.

Of course, were not saying that number of visits doesnt matter at all. There is a big difference between a program that includes 4 visits and one that is 7 or 8. While you dont want your lawn care technician coming out an unnecessary number of times, there is definitely something to be said for a pro being out on your property on an ongoing basis.

For one, it is during this time that they are assessing how the lawn is doing overalland that professional eye is important. Its also when they could spot a potential problem and then get treatment started early. This is important since a lot of lawn care problems can get rapidly worse. If your lawn care technician were only to come out in the early spring and then not again until summer, a problem that could have been stopped in its tracks may have taken over by then.

Is Fiesta A Herbicide

Herbicides are products that kill plants. A herbicide can be a chemical or something derived from naturally based ingredients. The use of chemical herbicides is banned when it comes to lawn and weed control issues throughout the province of Ontario. There are only a small select amount of naturally derived weed control products that are deemed safe to use and approved for use on your lawns. Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer is one of these.

Fiesta is a commercial-grade, iron-based herbicide weed remover applied through spray application. It is designed to provide effective weed control by quickly absorbing into several common broadleaf weeds in lawns, killing them while leaving your grass lush and healthy.

The quick absorption of the iron solution in Fiesta creates a toxicity in broadleaf weeds since they intake iron differently than turfgrass, which is why it can be such an effective tool for getting rid of unsightly weeds. Fiesta can show results in as little as 24-48 hours.

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What Are Lawn Care Chemicals

They include more than just fertilizers. Chemicals that kill weeds, insects and a variety of diseases are sold separately and in combination with fertilizers such as weed and feed. These formulations may include organophosphates, carbamates, phenoxy and benzoic acid herbicides like 2,4 D, MCPP, and MCPA, pyrethroids and organchlorines.

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Are Lawn Care Chemicals Toxic

These chemicals are very effective at killing weeds and making your lawn a beautiful green color. But are they harmful?

Any chemicals used to destroy something, even if they are used for pesky weeds must be toxic to some degree. But the bigger question is are they toxic to you, your pets, and the grass? Studies have shown that some of these chemicals do in fact go into our homes and CDC testing showed that the average person carried 13 out of 23 pesticides after testing their blood and urine samples.

A lot of the most used pesticides have been linked to diseases like cancer, kidney or liver damage, and even birth defects. Unfortunately, most of these chemicals still remain toxic even after they become dry. This is because they remain active throughout the whole year.

Thats why mowing the sprayed yard or playing on it is still going to expose you to these toxic vapors. Also, a lot of the used pesticides have been also detected in the groundwater in places where groundwater sources are close to the exposed area.

Using Weed And Feed As Part Of Lawn Care

Pest and Disease Burnout II Weed &  Grass Killer Concentrate

Weed and feed can rid your lawn of unwanted plants such as crabgrass, dandelion, and clover. These weed preventions products contain herbicides to prevent weeds from taking root. They also contain nutrients to feed your grass to make it more resistant to weeds.

Not all gardeners like using weed and feed products on their lawns. The weed killers are herbicides that can destroy grass if misused. Also, not everyone is happy putting toxic chemicals on lawns, especially if children and pets use the yard.

One way to reduce the need for weed and feed products in lawn care is to switch to organic lawn maintenance methods. Growing grass organically, with only natural products, improves soil structure and health. Also, grass becomes more resistant to weeds, pests, and diseases.

For an environmentally friendly option you can use organic weed preventers. These natural products contain corn gluten meal that works by preventing weed seeds from rooting after germination. Weed preventer is not an herbicide. So, if you already have unwanted weeds growing in your lawn, you will need to remove them naturally using these homemade natural weed killers.

For more information read our article about organic lawn care.

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Are There Alternatives To Toxic Lawn Care Chemicals

Yes. Natural landscape maintenance programs can achieve a healthy, pest-free landscape using the latest scientific developments in organic agriculture and horticulture. For example, corn gluten is a natural pre-emergent weed killer and fertilizer now available to home owners. Lawns can be enriched naturally by thin spreading of compost in the spring and fall. Also, natural lawn care practices will lead to a healthy vigorous lawn which resists pests and disease.


What Is In Fiesta Turf Weed Killer

The active ingredient in Fiesta® Lawn Weed Killer is iron a nutrient our bodies need and derived from the natural environment. The iron is chelated so it is easy to dissolve in water and get into the weed.

Plants need iron too its what makes your lawn a deep, rich green. Fiesta though is too much of a good thing. LawnSavers carefully controlled method of application means only broadleaf weeds are affected giving it great reviews with consumers. The weeds tissues oxidize and die very quickly, turning the lawn-invading pest dark and dry .

Our technique ensures your grass does not get a dangerous dose, so any residual Fiesta will just add to the colour of your lawn. Plus, since it is a liquid weed control product, you dont have to water it after application to get it to work. We spray, it dries, and you can relax. It is safe for children and pets to go on the lawn right after it dries.

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How Can I Find Out If A Landscaper Or Lawn Care Professional Is Considered An Essential Covid

To consult national guidelines on essential COVID-19 service providers and see whether a lawn care professional qualifies, visit a page on CISAs website called Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19. This website contains 16 categories of critical infrastructure sectors that you can search through. However, not all jurisdictions follow CISAs definitions of critical infrastructure so you should also check your city or states government website.

Choosing A Lawn Care Company In Memphis Tn Or Northern Ms

How To Spray Weeds In The Lawn for Beginners | DIY Lawn Tips Part 2

While it might be tempting to go out and purchase the products and equipment that you need for DIY lawn care, the truth is, weve heard a lot of stories from folks who feel they wasted their time and money on trying to do these services themselves. Even if you purchase all of the right products and equipment, theyre not going to stack up to the professional-grade chemicals and equipment that a pro is using.Plus, do you really want to invest the time? At the end of the day, a big reason why people end up choosing professional lawn care is that it gives them peace of mind that everything is being done the way it shouldwithout them having to find the time to do it themselves.You dont have time for hassles, headaches, or subpar results just to try and save a few dollars on lawn care. Instead, by choosing to work with a professional, you can feel confident youve made a wise investment. Wish you could stop worrying about wasting your time and money on DIY lawn care at your Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi home? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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Why Doesnt My Doctor Diagnose Pesticide Poisoning

Pesticide manufacturers are not required to release health information to the medical profession. Doctors are not knowledgeable about pesticide poisonings and often misdiagnose these symptoms as allergies, flu, or some other illness. Doctors often state that the symptoms are psychosomatic. They are also afraid of a large chemical company taking them to court over a pesticide poisoning diagnosis taking a toll on their time and finances.

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What To Expect Get The Most Out Of Weed Mans Weed Control Service

In a matter of days, weeds will start to curl up. Two to three weeks following your weed control application, they will disappear completely. If after that time, there are still weeds present, contact your local Weed Man for a re-application. To increase the effectiveness of the weed control product:

  • Keep kids and pets off the lawn until the product is dry typically 1-4 hours after an application .
  • Do not water your lawn for at least 4 hours after the application. Please note: if it rains immediately following the application, the effectiveness of the product may be impacted. Otherwise, the product will still be effective despite rainfall.
  • Wait at least 24 hours to mow your lawn. Otherwise, you may cut weeds off before the product has properly absorbed into the entire plant system.
  • Be patient! Weed control takes time, and sometimes multiple applications are necessary. However, when combined in a comprehensive lawn care program, you will see a dramatic reduction in broadleaf weeds growing in your yard over time.
  • Be proactive! Keep your lawn properly cut, and watered. Aeration, Overseeding and pH control are also effective ways to boost your lawns health.

Protect your investment and increase your homes curb appeal with a customized weed control program that will help control unsightly broadleaf weeds. Request your free quote today!

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Can You Spray Paint Grass White

The VIP Pest Control lawn care technicians will actually paint your lawn white, providing the perfect backdrop for seasonal decorations. We even figured out a way to make it sparkle, if you want, says Vicki. We spray the lawn three times, so that all sides of each blade of grass are completely covered.

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Vs Granular Fertilizer

Spectracide Immunox Lawn Fungus Control at

The primary nutrient content is the same when comparing liquid lawn fertilizers and granular fertilizers. The main difference between liquid lawn fertilizers and granular ones is how the nutrients are delivered. Water-soluble, liquid fertilizers tend to release nutrients quickly. Most granular lawn fertilizers release their nutrients slowly.

One of the most significant decisions regarding organic or traditional lawn care is to use granular or liquid fertilizers. What are the other pros and cons of using liquid lawn fertilizer compared to granular lawn fertilizers?

Absorption ratesA primary difference between liquid grass fertilizers and granular ones is the rate at which grass roots absorb nutrients. Nutrient uptake from liquid fertilizers is fast compared to granules. Results from using liquid lawn feed are often apparent after a few days. Granular fertilizers are mostly slow-release fertilizers and can be better for long-term lawn care.

Starter lawn fertilizersComparing the two types of fertilizer, liquid fertilizer is the preferred option for new grass. The fertilizer solution quickly boosts the growth of grass seeds, helping them to sprout and develop strong roots.

One alternative to prevent excess salts from building up in turfgrass soil is to choose an organic lawn fertilizer.

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Do People Spray Their Grass Green

Yep. Many people use products to paint or dye their lawns to give dormant grass a uniform and healthy-looking green color. Just like overseeding, lawn paint can keep your lawn full of green grass all winter. Its also a more-affordable option than overseeding, and can do more than just turn your yard green.

The Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizers

Liquid lawn fertilizers are an easy way to keep lawn looking lush and healthy with vibrant growth. Spraying lawns with high-quality liquid fertilizers provides all the nutrients that robust turfgrass needs. The best liquid fertilizers for lawn contain high concentrations of nitrogenthe crucial nutrient for healthy lawns.

Choosing the best type of liquid lawn fertilizer can be challenging. Some fertilizers are ready to useall you need to do is attach a hose to the lawn fertilizer bottle. Other types of liquid lawn fertilizers are concentrate that you mix to the right proportions before spraying them.

This article is a guide to the best liquid lawn fertilizers currently on the market. As well as discussing each liquid fertilizer, youll find out how to use lawn fertilizers to boost your lawns appearance. Well also guide you in choosing the best type of liquid fertilizer for your gardens needs.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Lawn Care Pesticide Poisoning

They are deceptively simple and similar to those of other illnesses. Pesticides attack the central nervous system and other vital body centers. Some symptoms include: sore nose, tongue, or throat, burning skin or ears, rash, excessive sweating or salivation, chest tightness, asthma-like attacks, coughing, muscle pain, seizures, headaches, eye pain, blurred or dim vision, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, tissue swelling, anxiety, suicidal depression, irritability, angry outbursts, disturbed sleep, learning disabilities, fatigue, dizziness, unexplained fever, irregular heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, stroke, death.

Even without apparent symptoms, exposure may still be harmful. Long term problems may include: lower male fertility, miscarriage, birth defects, chemical sensitivity, immune suppression, cataracts, liver and kidney dysfunction, heart disturbances, and cancer.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

How To Spray A Big Lawn With Liquid Fertilizer | Project Lawn Zoysia Step 1

If you dont take good care of your turf, its not unusual to see weeds take over your entire lawn.

The most important thing you can do to keep weeds out of your lawn is to make sure it grows in perfect health.

A thick, lush lawn leaves less opportunity for weeds to establish themselves. And crowds out any that start to grow.

Here are some lawn maintenance tips that help to keep weeds away:

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Why Choose Us To Be Your Lawn Care Experts

See what our customers have to say about us :

Ive been a LawnSavers customers since 2007 for three reasons:

1) They know their stuff. When I first contacted LawnSavers my grass was a disaster. Grub city amidst a sea of weeds. They were quick to diagnose the problem and very thorough in walking me through their proposed solution. Their knowledge was impressive and helped me understand my own property and the steps required to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn.

2) They get results. LawnSavers looks at both the short term and long term needs of your lawn in order to achieve the best results possible. Their holistic, all-season approach to maintenance has helped my lawn look better, sooner, and for longer periods of time. The compliments Ive gotten say it all.

3) Theyre good people. From the maintenance staff through to customer service, the people at LawnSavers are competent, friendly and just plain nice. They clearly care about their customers as people a rare pleasure these days which is why LawnSavers has earned my loyalty.

Highly recommended.

Why Doesn’t My Doctor Diagnose Pesticide Poisoning

Pesticide manufacturers are not required to release health information to the medical profession. Doctors are not knowledgeable about pesticide poisonings and often misdiagnose these symptoms as allergies, flu, or some other illness. Doctors often state that the symptoms are psychosomatic. They are also afraid of a large chemical company taking them to court over a pesticide poisoning diagnosis taking a toll on their time and finances.

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Spray On Grass Seed For Your Lawn

As the lawn plays such an essential role in the look of our homes, its easy to see why many of us spend so much time trying to achieve a green, lush lawn. The first step is planting and growing grass. In this guide, well explore spray-on grass seed as an option for developing a perfect lawn. Youll learn how spray-on grass seed works and what hydroseeding products are on the market for residential use, such as Hydro Mousse.

No matter what method you use to grow your lawn, it will take a lot of time and effort to maintain a beautiful yard. Not everyone has the time to mow, water, and fertilize their lawns on the recommended schedule. If you dont have time for proper lawn maintenance, we recommend TruGreen for your lawn care needs. You can get a free quote from TruGreen by calling or filling out the online form.

What Prices Are Being Used In The Comparison

Weed &  Grass Control Spray ⢠Mirimichi Green

I will use Green Giants prices only because I know what they are however, most lawn care companies in our area have similar pricing.

I will use Scotts 4-Step Turf Builder program for the Do-It-Yourself comparison because Scotts program is one of the most popular and well-known brands . And, since Scotts products are sold on a retail level, we can easily find their prices.

Scotts products come in different sized bags for different sized lawns. For example, Scotts has a 40.5 lb. bag for a 15,000 square foot lawn and a 13.58 lb. bag for a 5,000 square foot lawn for their Step-1 application. When I refer to a 5,000 square foot bag, I am referring to the square footage that the material is intended to cover .

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