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What Is A Pergola Canopy

Best Budget: Sunjoy Meadow 95 Ft W X 11 Ft D Metal Pergola With Canopy

How to Make a Slide-On Wire Hung Canopy (Pergola Canopy)

Shape: Rectangular | Frame Material: Powder-coated steel| Coverage Area: 104.5 square feet

  • Metal may show wear faster than some wood

  • Not mildew resistant

This pergola kit is just as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. Made of rust-resistant, powder-coated metal, the Sunjoy Metal Pergola kit is great for year-round use no matter the weather. It offers 104.5 square feet of coverage, with plenty of space for a table and chairs, firepit, or space to lounge. Although pergola kits are a sizable investment for any backyard, this pick is more affordable than most.

The shape is slightly arched, which provides an additional architectural detail that many homeowners look for when upgrading their outdoor space. You can use the included canopy to provide shade or assemble it without, especially if you plan to use your pergola to grow climbing plants.

Shape: Triangular | Frame Material: Steel| Coverage Area: 52 square feet

  • Loveseat, side table, and cushions included

  • Open concept works in a variety of settings

  • Powder-coated steel frame

  • Small area covered by overhead portion

  • Benches and tables are built-in

If you’re looking to get the best of the best for your outdoor area, Backyard Discovery has a lot of great options that look attractive, are built to last, and have special features. One of their more expensive models, the Laguna Cabana with Conversation Seating, doesn√Ęt cover a lot of space but has everything you need for a relaxing stay right in your own backyard.

Pros And Cons Of Pergolas


  • Pergolas are easy to build or assemble.
  • They tend to be less expensive when compared to a gazebo.
  • They give more visual structure and spacing to the yard.
  • Depending on the quality and placement, a pergola can also add value to your space.
  • They provide some measure of shade.
  • There are a wide variety of materials to use in building a pergola.
  • Pergolas sometimes offer more versatility in terms of design and aesthetic to the overall property.


  • Pergolas do not provide as much shade or protection as does a gazebo.
  • They are often not as sturdy or fixed as a solid gazebo.
  • Pergolas don’t ever come with a floor.

Best Overall: Sol 72 Outdoor Verwood Vinyl Pergola

Shape: Square | Frame Material: Vinyl| Coverage Area: 100 square feet

  • Medium size may not work for all yards

  • Requires additional tools for assembly

This pergola combines the easy maintenance of vinyl with the traditional look of most wood pergolas, all at a budget-friendly price. The overhead lattice is ideal for climbing plants and flowering vines, or for the addition of a canopy. Assembly is straightforward, although you will need some additional tools and help to get it finished.

At 10 feet x 10 feet, this pergola kit is just the right size for most uses, although those planning to host large gatherings may want something bigger. You can sit comfortably for dinner at an outdoor table underneath or set up a cozy conversation area around a firepit or other focal point.

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Diy Pergola Cover Ideas: 7 Ways To Protect Your Patio From Sun And Rain

In the summer, I love to grill and entertain outdoors. But since I live in an area that often gets lots of sun and afternoon rainstorms, my outdoor cookouts are either really hot or getting rained out. To fix that issue, I went on a hunt for ways I could cover the patio around my outdoor kitchen and came up with these DIY pergola cover ideas some that just provide lots of shade, and some that are waterproof.

Back in the spring, I did a that included sprucing up my outdoor kitchen area.

Now that its looking good, Ive been doing a lot more grilling out there.

And while I love my new updated cooking space, theres one thing missing. And thats a cover for the pergola that goes over my outdoor kitchen area.

While the pergola provides some shade, it isnt very helpful during the day when the sun is directly overhead And it doesnt provide any protection at all when its raining.

Not that I expect to be standing out there all day in the rain. But here in South Carolina, we tend to get a lot of 15 minute rain storms in the afternoon. Which always seem to occur right after I have put the food on the grill.

So I would love to be able to stay out there and not get soaked.

Which is why Ive been searching for DIY pergola cover ideas to provide some extra shade and rain protection for my little grilling area patio.

Gorgeous Pergola Canopy Ideas

Know About How Well Do Pergolas Provide Shade?

Welcome to our gallery of pergola canopy ideas for the backyard.Pergolas are one of many architectural features that exists for both its function and its aesthetic. Functionally-speaking, they help create an additional space or extend your space outdoors, allowing you to have an additional area to your home that is directly connected to your garden/yard/outdoors. Depending on the type of pergola, it can also help provide shelter from the weather.

Aesthetically-speaking, pergolas simply visually improve the overall look of your home. It can be made to match the architectural style of the house, or it can also be completely different, depending on the look you are going for. Check out our gallery of pergola ideas for even more designs.

In the picture above solid wood posts and beams make up the main structure of this pergola, complementing the wood decking of the area it covers. The simple square silhouette gives it a contemporary appeal that would easily look good together with any architectural style. A retractable canopy of white sun screen fabric and side curtains has also been added for extra weather protection.

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What Is A Retractable Pergola Canopy

With a retractable canopy, the fabric is attached to support boards that slide along tensioned stainless steel cables called wire ropes. Large eye screws do the sliding and make easy work of extending and retracting the canopy.

When retracted, this DIY pergola canopy tucks neatly away at one end of the structure. When extended, the canopy shades the areas in graceful drapes.

What Is A Pergola

Pergola roofs are, in contrast to canopies, completely immobile. When theyve been set up in a particular space, that is where they will remain.

Many people set up pergola roofs in their gardens, due to the fact that pergola roofs consist of an open structure and a slatted roof. Because of this, its easy for plants and vines to wrap themselves across a pergola roof.

Unlike canopies and gazebos, pergolas arent designed to completely block out the sun. Rather, pergolas consist of a slatted roof, which allows the sun to penetrate the roof. That way, the sun can shine down on the vegetation that is directly below the pergola.

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Metal Pergola With Canopy

Metal is an excellent material choice for pergolas because of its flexibility and its sturdiness. With the right kind of metal framing and appropriate finishing, a metal-framed pergola can last you many years. It could be a bit expensive but it wont let you down in terms of durability and style.

Being separate from the Mediterranean style home, this pergola easily transformed into a small cozy space to relax and lounge about. It also uses black painted metal framing and natural fiber canopy, to keep with the natural feel of the space. The upcycled wooden creates were used as sofa framing simply adds to its charm.

The metal framing of this pergola has a slim silhouette and has been molded into a more traditional style. A sheer outdoor-grade fabric has been added into the slats of the pergola to provide a bit of shade and protection from light drizzle/snow.

This is another interpretation of the Balinese look, but instead of a modern rectangular frontal profile, this pergola gives it a little twist by using an arched beam. To help make it look light, the battens were spread wide apart and a fabric canopy was used so that it follows the shape of the beam. A fire pit pergola can create an enchanting ambiance with the right decor and accessories.

Blending seamlessly into the houses modern architecture, this simple metal pergola adds a small yet very useful communal space in the house. The gray framing matches the windows and doors, and has a retractable canopy on top.

What Are Pergola Covers For Decks Patios And Porches

Replacement Canopy for Freestanding Pergola – LCM1371

A patio covering can be specifically designed to serve both practical functionality and stylish decorative enhancements. Essentially, our patio shades are a rigid waterproof hanging exterior attached to a house, attached to a deck, or freestanding awning frame, anchored by posts that can be engineered to withstand over 175 mph winds depending on the model and size. Most are also able to withstand heavy rains, even hail, which means if a storm rumbles ashore, you can rely on your patio awning. Since we realize the significance of versatile, durable products, we offer a wide range of styles to select, colors, and fabrics to select. A patio pergola can serve a variety of functions that will not only protect the area from harsh weather elements but will beautify the outdoor space as a whole.

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What Is The Difference Between A Regular Pergola Cover And A Retractable Roof

A regular or traditional pergola is usually made from wood and does not have any type of cover to protect from sun, rain or snow. A retractable roof or what some term a retractable awning cover is a structure made of either aluminum or wood and has a retractable or rotating louver roof that provides protection from the elements including sun/rain or sun/rain/snow.

Pergola With Retractable Canopy

There are also pergolas with retractable canopies. These types allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight passing through, pr simply allow you to stow or remove the canopy in case of extreme weather conditions like rains and strong winds.

Metal pergola with retractable canopy See at

This is a small DIY metal pergola that comes with a canopy, making it a great value for money. It is hooked on the ground to give it more stability.

Freestanding pergola with canopy See at

This freestanding DIY pergola uses slimmer columns, beams and rafters, making it look light and very open. The yellow canopy gives this small pergola a bolder appeal. For more modern pergola designs visit this gallery page.

See more

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Wooden Pergola With Canopy

Wooden framing is often favored for its very natural look, making it easily blend in with the outdoors/nature. Depending on the wood specie used, it can also be expensive or affordable. Using the appropriate wood specie according to the use/application and climate would be a great contributing factor in its longevity. The charm of wood-framed pergolas, however, would be the naturally-rustic vibe it achieves through normal wear and tear.

If you would like a bigger pergola, consider the limitations of your chosen material when designing. This example uses wood for the pergola structure, but because wood spans are limited in length, additional columns were needed to support the beams. To compensate for the bulky base support, the top of the pergola only used a minimum amount of rafters. Retractable fabric canopies were installed to soften the big & bulky wood used.

This attractive backyard patio features a large white pergola with garden lattice to help provide additional shade.

Another look at this backyard pergola with white lattice canopy to provide shade for outdoor dining.

This large backyard pergola is constructed with cement pillar supports with a wood structure with additional cross beams for added shade.

A basic garden pergola with plants used as canopy. The use of plants helps block the sun from directly hitting you and at the same time, it instantly adds more personality to your yard.

What If You Dont Have A Pergola Yet

Retractable Pergolas

Our pergolas are constructed with premium grade vinyl and all hardware is suited for outdoor use. All you need to decide is whether the pergola will be attached, free standing, or custom made. The main difference is that;attached pergolas;become a permanent part of the homes exterior.;Free standing pergolas;may be taken down and moved if that is desired.

In any event, our pergolas and canopies add looks, character, value, and enhanced enjoyment to your homes outdoor living space. Imagine what your friends and neighbors will say when they see it! Be the envy of the neighborhood.

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Cover Attached To Top Of Pergola

The methods mentioned above for attaching shade cloth to the top of your Pergola would still be valid for canvas materials, making it suitable for heavier rain, as long as there is enough slope to ensure they drain. I found three different methods for attaching the cloth that if the whole roof structure of the pergola has a slope would still work. Check out How to Attach Cloth to Cover a Pergola. The main issue I can imagine is if using the batten technique you might trap water in the lower corners that may encourage the material to rot. Ensuring the water can all escape by maybe angling the battens and leaving a suitable gap at the corners should be sufficient.

Whats The Difference Between Canopy Pergola And Gazebo

To answer this question properly, we must first define what, exactly, a canopy, pergola, and gazebo are. From that, we can then define the specific differences that they consist of and what sets one apart from the other. That way, you can then decide which one is right for you.

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What Is The Difference Between Water Resistant Water Repellent And Waterproof

Water-resistant – This offers the lowest level of water protection. If a retractable awning fabric resists water, its usually because the fabric itself is acting as a barrier between you and a very;light shower. Tightly woven fabrics will offer a very small degree of water resistance, as it takes some time for the water to seep through the material. It is not impervious to water penetration but can stand a very limited exposure to precipitation.;However, with the addition of a coating or impregnation, you can make a retractable awning fabric water repellent.

Water repellent – a step up from water resistance and offers a medium;level of water protection. This means that water cant easily penetrate the material . It beads on the outside instead.;However, as soon as you apply pressure like the skies suddenly opening and releasing a whole load of heavy rain, rainwater starts to seep in through the coating, the fabric, and onto your patio or deck.

Waterproof;-;A waterproof material or product is one that is completely impervious to water penetration and offers the highest level of water protection including heavy rain. No water can get in or out of the product or material or around the edges. A waterproof material or product is able to provide sustained protection from water. does not offer water-resistant fabric. We only offer water repellent fabrics on our folding lateral arm awnings and waterproof fabrics on all* of our retractable roof pergolas.

Add Value To Your Home

How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

Whether or not you are thinking about moving, even pergola, especially with a retractable pergola shade, can definitely add a lot of value to your home. When that time comes, you will get more than expected due to the aesthetically pleasing pergola that you have in your backyard. Even if you dont end up moving, youll always have that extra value with your property.

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A Retractable Pergola Shade Adds Privacy And Character To Your Outdoor Living Area

Are you looking to add more space to your backyard? Perhaps you want to build a pergola and youre looking for the perfect pergola shade. There are so many options when it comes to pergola shades.

You can get ones that dont retract at all, having a permanent shade. Or you can get one that does retract, giving you an option to either have shade or full sun when you want to. Thats exactly what we will be discussing today, is retractable pergola shades. You will see why you should get one, the five best ones on the market, and all your questions answered about them.

Can A Pergola Canopy Reduce Your Energy Costs

As I mentioned above, when located outside a large window in your home on south and west-facing windows. reports that Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.

The same goes for pergolas with canopies. Who knew they could hep you pay your bills? =)

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Creative Ways To Add Shade To Your Pergolas

Pergolas are unique structures that have been in use for hundreds of years. They were originally used to train vines to grow over the top, which created a type of canopy and shade for the user.

Today, pergolas are often left open to add definition to an area. They may also have covers, canopies, or other types of top added that can provide shade.

Pergola tops come in a wide range of styles both permanent and temporary, and can add a lot of style, interest, and function to your outdoor design. If youre wondering how to incorporate shade into the pergola that youre building, check out these 11 pergola sun shade ideas:


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