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What Kind Of Patio Furniture Is Most Durable

Some Chair Legs Are Too Skinny For Decks

Durable wicker patio furniture in classic and modern styles

Before we bought a house with a yard, we lived in a small rental that had a wood deck. It was our first bit of outdoor space and we loved it, dressing it up with planters, a Weber grill, a lounge chair, and a vintage dining set that we scored at a garage sale. The set was charming and well-made, but the legs on the chairs were skinny, which meant they could easily sink into the gaps between the decks wooden planks. We had to be vigilant about placing the chairs just so and constantly had to remind guests to do the samenot exactly the best setup for spontaneity and fun.

The Lesson: If youre shopping for an outdoor dining set for a wood deck, consider the chair legs and make sure they wont get trapped in a gap when you pull the chair out.

Plastic Recycled Plastic Polymer & Resin

Lightweight, inexpensive, and available in a wide variety of colors and textures, plastic furniture can be made to resemble wicker rattan, wood, and more. Recycled plastic and resin furniture is highly durable and resistant to moisture, stains, mildew, and insects. These low-maintenance materials won’t peel, crack or fade, and don’t require any additional finishes to remain in good condition. Many plastic outdoor furniture styles can be stacked for easy storage, which is especially helpful before storms, as these materials are easily moved by wind. Care Tips: Clean by rinsing with water, or use mild soap and warm water to remove tougher stains.

Cheap Furniture May End Up Costing You More

not-cheapSereneFavorite Furniture: Sustainable Teak from an Italian Designer

When you start shopping around on the internet for outdoor furniture, youll notice that theres a huge range in prices. On the high end are retailers including;Design Within Reach and Restoration Hardware; and on the low end are sites such as;Overstock and Walmart .

Guess where I ended up buying our outdoor furniture? Yep, enticed by the price tag, I went for a faux wicker sectional I spotted on a discount website during a late-night web crawl. It was cheap and not ugly: What more could I ask for?

Well, for starters, I should have asked that our seating wouldnt slide around every time we sat down. Our sectional was so lightweight that, unless you sat down very gingerly, the seats would slide and the cushions would skate. Our dog, who is not the most graceful animal to begin with, became so wary of the unstable seating that he now nervously paces our deck for several minutes before he gathers the courage to hop up.

The Lesson:;Though it may be tempting, dont automatically go for the cheapest price you can get on outdoor furniture. The really cheap stuff tends to be lightweight and flimsy. That said, we also have this from Ikea, a lightweight but totally well-made lounge chair that I love, so this is by no means a blanket recommendation.

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Best Outdoor Furniture For Salt Air

Youre living the dream and get to call the coast your home. While no one would argue that youve got it good, there are a few extra things to take into consideration when buying a patio set. The best outdoor furniture for salt air is similar to the best furniture for rainy weather. Choose pieces that are resistant to rust like resin wicker, thicker plastic, aluminum, or mixed material outdoor furniture that can face exposure to salt and moisture.

What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Cushions

Most Durable Outdoor Furniture

Sunbrella fabric is ideal for outdoor cushions, upholstered furniture, and cantilever umbrellas because it is fade-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, and stain-resistant. Sunbrella fabric also comes in a variety of stylish colours and patterns to suit any outdoor patio décor.

This fabric has UV-stable pigments, making it resistant to the damaging effects of sunlight.

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How Do You Clean And Care For Patio Furniture

The usable life of your outdoor furniture can be extended by keeping it clean and well-cared for during and after the Summer months. Each material has specific instructions for cleaning various types of spills, repairing damage and protecting it from the ravages of the wind, rain and sun. Read our Patio Furniture Cleaning & Care Guide for a detailed look at a variety of materials and tips for maintaining them.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum patio furniture is quite popular as it is sturdy and resistant to both rust and moisture damage. It is typically coated with a powder finish for added protection.


  • Lightweight so it can be easily moved around

Best Suited for all types of Weather

  • Versatile, durable material which can withstand rain, sunlight, and extreme weather


  • Can easily tip over with strong winds
  • Material will rust if the coating chips

Care Tips

  • Clean off with water and mild soap
  • Maintain any areas that are chipped to prevent oxidation


  • A four-piece chair and table set tends to cost between $600 to over $1,000.

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How To Buy Patio Furniture: The Comprehensive Guide

Buying patio furniture is a key step in the process of making a home, well, home. Many homeowners dream of creating an outdoor oasis on their porch or in their backyard. For some, this means adding in a pool or setting up a BBQ station, and for others it is simply creating a place for the family to spend time together.

No matter what type of backyard or outdoor area youre going for, one of the key parts of creating this space is buying patio furniture that elevates the décor.

It is no wonder that American families spend about $5,000 investing in outdoor renovations. Typically, one-third of this spending goes towards patio furniture alone!

This complete guide on buying an above ground pool will help you consider various factors from buying to installation.

Patio furniture can be as simple as a set of chairs and a table or as elaborate as a full outdoor seating area with recliners, sun shades, and even fire pits. Perhaps your dream is to set up a full outdoor bar station or even a theater setup to watch movies in the backyard!

You can find outdoor patio furniture for all of these ideas. But all of these options can make it a bit overwhelming if you are in the market for outdoor furniture

So, if you are wondering how to choose patio furniture that will elevate your outdoor space, look no further than our definitive patio furniture buying guide. We have broken it all down for you so you know exactly:

Patio Furniture Materials Ranked By Durability

Behind The Brand – Polywood Patio Furniture –

Redesigning your patio or garden can be an exciting project but can also be costly. So, when selecting the style and furniture, you might be looking at creating a stylish area that will stand the test of time.

Thats where the materials durability and resilience come into play.

The most durable patio furniture materials include aluminum, teak, synthetic resin, iron, and steel. However, tempered glass, high-pressure laminate, and concrete can be viable alternatives for a minimalistic look. Polyester fabrics are the most durable for pillows, slings, and bean bags.

Picking the style and furniture for your patio can be an intimidating process, especially when you are under the pressure of making a durable and efficient choice. Thats why we have ranked the best patio furniture materials by durability. Check out the top ten below!

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What Kind Of Patio Furniture Lasts The Longest

by Honestreviewed

Whenever buying patio furniture, most people dont think about longevity; they just buy according to their mood, taste, and style. However, you need to think about What Kind Of Patio Furniture Lasts The Longest?

If you dont consider the patio furnitures quality, you may need to buy new furniture, which costs more while you often buy them. But you need this furniture to enjoy the outside environment. If you have a beautiful garden, a green backward, or a tidy poolside, you must purchase quality patio furniture.

Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

Wrought iron is prized for its distinctive appearance and wind-resistant sturdiness and strength. Its heavier than aluminum, and in its natural state is more vulnerable to the elements. However, the best contemporary wrought iron furniture is specially treated with weather-resistant finishes that help seal out moisture and prevent rust.

The Facts:

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Is Outdoor Furniture Weatherproof We Ask The Experts

Is outdoor furniture weatherproof? Is patio furniture waterproof? Weve unearthed all the answers you need to know before you invest in a backyard update

ByAmy Lockwood2021-08-15T10:00:03Z

If youve found yourself asking is outdoor furniture weatherproof? or pondering is patio furniture waterproof? whilst browsing for outdoor furniture this year, then youre not alone.;

Sourcing the best outdoor furniture can transform a backyard or front porch from a place that is rarely used into a versatile outdoor living space. In fact, alongside landscaping, patio furniture is one of the key ingredients to creating a relaxing garden retreat, forming areas to socialize and entertain, and making the most of secluded spots to soak up the sun by the poolside.;

But what should you consider when youre looking for patio furniture, can it be left outside all year round, and what are the most durable materials for outdoor furniture to ensure longevity?

The materials you opt for whether that’s wood, metal, HDPE, wicker or rattan can make a big difference to not just how long your outdoor furniture lasts, but also to whether youll need to store your dining or lounge set undercover during inclement weather. So although it can be easy to get inspired by beautiful backyard ideas, it’s well worth understanding the unique pros and cons of each of these materials before deciding which is the right option to invest in.

How To Choose The Best Material For Outdoor Furniture

Outer patio furniture

Choosing the best material for outdoor furniture is a matter of research and education. You have to know how materials compare in terms of price, durability, and of course looks. Outdoor furniture is made from different materials, each one having its own pros and cons.

In order to decide which is the best patio furniture material for your home, youll need to consider a few key areas. You can also see which material checks all the boxes with the checklist below.

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When The Weather’s Hot

There’s nothing worse than sitting on a scorching hot cushion. If this is one of your pet peeves, heed the advice of Millie Hammond, Fabricut’s design director: “Outdoor fabric should be able to withstand the summer temperatures, but darker colors will absorb more heat. Lighter colored fabric will stay cooler to the touch.”

It’s also important to choose a breathable fabric that can withstand varying weather conditions. Many performance and outdoor fabrics qualify; don’t be tempted to use an ordinary fabric outdoors just because it’s less likely to retain heat. It’ll fade and get mildew-y outdoors!

We Talked To The Experts: Our Guide For Patio Furniture That Can Be Left Outside During The Winter

While aesthetics and function are major selling points for patio furniture during the warmer months, once the temperatures start dropping, homeowners invariably begin to ask the same question: Do I have patio furniture that can be left outside in the winter? The answer to this perennial question can mean the difference between enjoying your furniture for another year or facing a big expense come spring. We talked to the experts to get the low down on the best patio material for cold climates and tips on how to ensure your patio furniture makes it through the winter.

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Who Makes The Best Patio Furniture

There are many different patio furniture brands to choose from but Who makes the best patio furniture? To get the best patio furniture for the money, you can stick with companies likeForever Patio, Alfresco Home, and Harmonia Living. Heres a list of The Top Rated Patio Furniture Brands. You should read it once youve decided what type of materials you would like to use.

Rain And Moisture Damage

Breezesta Maintenance Free Patio Furniture – The Cedar Breezesta Tete-a-Tete Table Top

If your local environment has frequent rainstorms or high humidity throughout the year, you need your outdoor furniture to withstand water damage. Standing water and excess moisture in the air can wear down your decor and cause permanent issues, such as:

  • Mold, mildew and rot:;Moisture and humid weather promote fungi and other microbial growth. Besides creating unsightly stains, mold and mildew on your furniture;can also cause health issues, such as respiratory problems and irritations in the ear, nose and throat.
  • Rust and corrosion:;Metal furniture with iron or steel can rust when exposed to oxygen and water. As metal furniture corrodes, it weakens and develops permanent spots and discoloration. Since salt and water in the air can make metal deteriorate more quickly, its not suitable for coastal climates.
  • Warping:;When water penetrates certain furniture surfaces, it can dry unevenly and cause warping. You may not notice it at first, but with prolonged exposure to moisture, your furniture can show signs of twisting throughout the surface, misaligned seams or loosened screws.

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Is Rattan Or Wicker Weatherproof

Rattan outdoor furniture creates a relaxed and laidback look for a patio, with natural tones and textured weaves complementing contemporary or classic outside spaces. But, how durable is rattan patio furniture, and can you leave it outside all year round?;

Natural rattan furniture is an organic material made from fast-growing tropical plants which are woven together to form the distinctive ‘rattan’ structure. Because these plants are so fast-growing it’s generally considered a sustainable option too.;

However, natural rattan dries out quickly when exposed to wind and sunlight, causing it to become brittle, and exposure to rain can lead to mildew and rot. It can be painted to give the base materials more durability, but it’s still best to exercise a bit more caution with regards to leaving it outside and to bring furniture back indoors overnight and in inclement weather. Natural rattan can still make a great option for a sheltered covered porch though.

All-weather, PE or polyrattan

What many of us now consider as ‘rattan’ or ‘wicker’ outdoor furniture is actually a plastic polymer, commonly dubbed PE-rattan, polyrattan, or the slightly more vague sounding all-weather rattan. This is not a natural material but a man-made synthetic plastic designed to imitate natural rattan.

Opting for a colored finish can also be a good choice, and as polyrattan is injected with dyes rather than having a top layer coating, there’s no need for repainting as there would be with the ‘real’ thing.;

How Durable Is Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture comes in synthetic and natural materials. Also known as resin wicker, synthetic wicker furniture looks like natural wicker, but with added durability.

You can find outdoor tables, chairs, and loungers made with this material to complete your natural outdoor patio décor.

Synthetic wicker patio furniture uses resin derived from plant matter. This resin is hard, dense, and durable enough to withstand all outdoor elements. It wont break, chip, or scratch, and its effortless to clean. All you need is a hose or a wet cloth to wipe off dirt from this furniture quickly.

This material is also infused with UV inhibitors to protect the material from fading and damage from sun exposure. Its also stain resistant so it will maintain its appearance for longer.

Is All Wicker Waterproof?

While synthetic resin wicker is waterproof, natural wicker made from rattan requires a waterproof coating to avoid deteriorating in the elements. Natural wicker should be covered or stored in the off-season to maintain its quality.

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What Type Of Patio Furniture Is Most Durable

Aluminum is a light weight and durable metal. Typically woven in a wicker weave synthetic resin patio furniture is stylish low-maintenance lightweight and highly durable.

Top 10 Long Lasting Poly Lumber Patio Furniture Set Ideas The Handy Guy Royal Teak Patio Furniture Sets Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Like Many Wood Types Untreated Teak Fades To Silvery Gray

Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets, 9

There’s also concrete, which has been growing in popularity among outdoor furniturebut more on that later. Furniture made from teak wood will be the most durable and can survive years of use. Identified cast aluminum as the most popular type of outdoor metal furniture today. With its curved arms and legs and latticework pattern, the design nods to more ornate, traditional cast iron styles and would fit in perfectly on a patio alongside traditional cast iron pieces. Teak wood is very durable and great for all kinds of outdoor furniture it s also naturally fungus resi patio 7 best patio furniture sets 2019 the strategist new york patio furniture clearance deep seat w cushions family set 4 pc outdoor sets wicker outdoor elegance patio design center the 7 most durable furniture frames In both style and performance, recycled plastic patio furniture ranks at or near the top. This type is easy to clean and maintain, which is a huge plus where outdoors are concerned. Aluminum is the most common type of outdoor furniture frame material. Synthetics like plastic, abs and synthetic resin wicker. This makes it perfectly suited to the needs of many different customers. Most outdoor patio furniture is made of: Outfit a porch with a wicker sofa and classic rocking chair, both topped with plush cushions, and it can quickly become a second family room during the warm weather months. Most people buy patio furniture based on the way it looks.

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