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Andersen 3 Panel Sliding Patio Door

Andersen 100 Series Sliding Patio Door Installed In Jamison Pa

Andersen Windows Frenchwood 4-Panel Gliding Patio Door

Last Thursday we installed an Andersen 100 Series Sliding Patio door into a beautiful Jamison, PA home. The door is cost friendly and very sustainable with the Fibrex material which is twice as strong as vinyl. The door has three grid options to choose from such as colonial, short fractional, and Prairie. The door that we installed did not have any grids. Grids can give your home classical look while no grids give your home more of a modern feel. The door that we installed came standard with Low-E glass which helps keep out unwanted heat from entering into the home.

Although this customer chose an Andersen sliding door, Andersen offers many different styles of exterior doors such as French Doors, Patio Doors, and Entry Doors. ACRE is an Andersen Certified Installer which means that we carry all of Andersen replacement door products. The Andersen products that we carry are completely customizable to fit your preferences and your homes unique style.

No matter the Andersen patio door style you choose, updating your patio door can be the best investments you make for you home. Not only will it update the look of your Jamison home, the ease of use and updated locking mechanisms will make your everyday life more efficient and secure. If you are looking to replace either your patio doors, give ACRE a call today at ! You can also fill out our easy online form for a free estimate!

Andersen 200 Series Gliding Doors

The company says these are value-priced $$ doors. Theyre available in two styles Contemporary looking Perma-Shield and Narroline with thin frames to give you the most view.

  • Narroline doors come in white and pine interiors and 6 vinyl-clad exterior colors. Two and Four-panel doors are offered.
  • Perma-Shield doors are available in 6 painted interior colors and the same vinyl-clad exterior colors. One and two-panel doors are made.

Andersen 400 Series Gliding Patio Door

Brand: Andersen

With their wide wood profiles, Frenchwood® gliding patio doors have the old-world character of traditional French doors, but also offer the convenience and space savings no hinged door can provide. Available with an extensive array of options and accessories in two- and four-panel configurations to fit virtually any size requirement.

  • One of the best-selling gliding patio door
  • Wood protected by vinyl exterior
  • Durable and time-tested
  • Available in standard sizes as single panel, 2-panel and 4-panel configurations. Custom sizes also available.
Andersen 400 Series Gliding Patio Door
Configuration 2 Panel Sliding
Handling 2-Panel OX
Exterior Color
Internal Blinds
New PVC casing
Interior Trim New Interior Trim with Extension Jamb and Threshold
Additional Work No additional work is needed

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Panels Sliding Patio Door

We’re looking to replace an outdated 3 panel sliding patio doors. With our budget, we are narrowing the search to these two models from visits to showrooms and big box stores . The size of the rough opening is 107″x80″. We wanted to hear from anyone that has experience into either or both products.

Here are take on them:

ProVia Endur – very high quality from what we saw at the showroom, the wife likes it better than anything else we have came accross. The price quoted is about $2300 with the color and optional items + delivery + lifetime warranty . The price does not include installation.

Andersen 200 – The quality is very solid but seems a hair below the ProVia. Our biggest concern is that it does not come from factory in 3 panels. It is 1 fixed + a normal 72″x80″ slider. It is installed side by side and “mold” together onsite. The price quoted was $1900 with similar color/options as the Provia .

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Andersen 100 Series Gliding Doors

Andersen 72 in. x 80 in. Narroline White Sliding Patio Door Fixed Panel ...

Andersen 100 Series gliding patio doors are made with proprietary Fibrex material recycled wood from window and door construction mixed with fiberglass. Features include:

  • 4 interior and 5 exterior colors, white and mostly cool tones.
  • Multiple glass options to fit your climate plus 4 grille styles or no grilles.
  • 7 hardware finishes and 2 hardware styles plus an optional foot lock.

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Sliding Contemporary Patio Doors

Sliding doors with thin frames are often attributed to the Modern architectural design developments of the early 20th Century. Our sleek sliding patio doors are designed to allow for maximum glass area, and are engineered for smooth opening and secure performance. Andersen® Narroline® sliding patio doors feature a stainable natural pine interior. Andersen Perma-Shield® sliding patio doors have a low-maintenance, rigid vinyl surface that protects its sturdy, engineered wood core.Features

  • This sleek, modern design features thin frames for maximum glass area
  • Doors slide smoothly on Andersens dual ball-bearing rollers with self-contained leveling adjusters
  • Feature High-Performance glass and multiple grille options
  • Reach-out lock system provides increased security and weather tightness

Andersen® Perma-Shield® Gliding Patio Doors

  • Rigid wood panels and frame are covered with a vinyl sheath that maintains an attractive appearance while minimizing maintenance

Andersen® Narroline® Gliding Patio Doors

  • Feature a stainable natural pine interior with mortise-and-tenon joints
  • The exterior wood door panel is protected with a urethane base finish

Fibrex material is a propriety composite material that combines the strength and stability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl windows.

1. ConsultationOur design consultants listen to your needs and create a plan to improve energy efficiency and enhance your homes beauty.

3. Installation

Why Choose Sliding Contemporary Patio Doors

  • SIMPLE OPERATION – Dual ball-bearing rollers, self-contained leveling adjusters, and climate-neutral performance mean easy operation, even in the toughest environments.
  • CONVENIENCE – The frame is covered with a rigid vinyl sheath for durability and minimal maintenance.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Solid, secure construction with multiple locking points offer an added level of security.
  • COMFORT – Continuous weather-stripping and interlocking design features help keep your home draft-free and provide energy saving.
  • VERSATILITY – Available in single and multi-panel configurations, as well as custom sizes. Stainable pine interior . Multiple grille, color, and hardware options allow customization to match almost any style.

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Andersen 400 Series French & Hinged Doors

These best-selling, reasonably-priced $$$ doors give you limited but appealing feature choices.

Andersen calls the Frenchwood doors for their traditional French door styling. Weve listed Andersen 400 series patio door cost in the table at the end of this section.

  • One, two and three panels available
  • Blinds between glass as an option
  • White-painted plus pine, maple and oak interiors
  • 4 exterior vinyl cladding colors
  • Art glass options are very attractive

Andersen 200 Series French & Hinged Doors

These are Andersens value-priced $$ doors.

  • Hinged patio doors
  • Fiberglass-protected wood interior and aluminum-clad exteriors in a handful of colors
  • Single and two-panel doors in several standard sizes custom sizes can be ordered

The Classic Gliding Patio Door

Ours vs. Theirs: Sliding Patio Doors | Andersen Windows

This gliding patio door has been a fan favorite for years, and its easy to see why. It has a classic French door look while saving space as a gliding door so you can connect seamlessly to the outdoors.

*Unfortunately AR is not available on desktop devices. Please send to a mobile device via text message or email.

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Andersen French Doors & Hinged Patio Doors

These doors are available in 4 series. The color/hardware/glass/grille features are the same as for the same series in gliding doors.

Availability: Home building supply stores will have a limited range of these doors available to purchase the same day. Most homeowners end up ordering from those stores or Andersen Window and Door specialists.

Lets have a look.

Types Of Andersen Patio Doors

Patio doors is a catch-all for Andersen gliding doors, French doors, hinged doors and what Andersen calls Big doors, a collection that includes multiple door panels in a range of styles like pivot doors, lift and slide doors and folding doors.

Like many sites, the Andersen door pages provide a number of $ signs to indicate the relative cost of Andersen patio doors compared to one another.

In this section, we use their cost rankings as we describe each door type. At the end of each section, we provide the specific cost of Andersen patio doors in a table.

Availability: Some Andersen 400, 200 and 100 Series doors are available off the shelf from Home Depot and a few other building supply stores. Your options are limited.

All of the series can be ordered and customized through Andersen Door and Window dealers.

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Andersen 400 Series Gliding Doors

This is Andersens best-selling patio door. Its a mid-price $$$ door.

Termed Andersen 400 Frenchwood due to old-world character with wide frames, they are designed to look like French doors. See Andersen 400 series Frenchwood gliding patio door price in the table below.

  • 4 interior wood species plus white-painted finish
  • 4 vinyl-clad exterior colors
  • 8 hardware styles in a dozen finishes

Again, while this series is sold off the shelf, those doors are made in a limited range of options. You might have to custom order doors to get exactly what you want.

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Andersen three
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  • Check out our lowest priced option within Andersen Patio Doors, the 71-1/4 in. x 79-1/2 in. 400 Frenchwood White/Pine Right-Hand Sliding Patio Door with White Hardware by Andersen. Explore More on homedepot.com. “/>
  • Check out our lowest priced option within Andersen Patio Doors, the 71-1/4 in. x 79-1/2 in. 400 Frenchwood White/Pine Right-Hand Sliding Patio Door with White Hardware by …
  • Shop Andersen Outswing Patio Door Replacement Parts & Accessories – Genuine Parts Direct from Andersen. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 within the … 400 Series Outswing Patio Door. 1997 to 2016. A-Series Outswing Patio Door. 2008

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A Top Warranty In The Industry

At Andersen, we pride ourselves in crafting durable, long-lasting products. That resilience allows us to offer some of the best warranties in the industry. They’re even transferable should you sell your home. With our exclusive Owner-to-Owner® limited warranties, you get peace of mind, plus real added value.


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