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Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

What Is A Camping Fire Pit

Best Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit – Top 5 Propane Gas Fire Pit

A camping fire pit is a structure designed to prevent a fire from spreading and getting out of control. Most established campsites offer some sort of camping fire pit for campers. They can be made of stone, metal, or brick but serve the same purpose. Campers often use them to create fires for heat, lighting, and cooking meals. Many campgrounds or other locations used for camping require all fires to take place inside a fire pit to minimize wildfire risks.

Do Propane Fire Pits Keep You Warm

A portable propane fire pit can be more compact than other fire pits, but the best ones offer tons of heat, so if you don’t like collecting wood, or want heat from a fire no matter where you go, a propane fire pit will do the job. That said, do be careful not to sit too close to it, as breathing in propane gas isn’t good for your health.

How Our Portable Propane Fire Pit Came In Handy

Purchasing a propane fire pit never really crossed our minds as something we thought we needed before we started RVing. We just figured we would a) use the campgrounds fire pits and b) would prefer a traditional wood fire instead of a propane one.

There are a few reasons why our nights by the open fire dropped in frequency as we traveled north up to Canada and then down through Washington, Oregon and California:

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Guide To Portable Propane Fire Pits

For many people, there is nothing like a camping fire pit full of flames when you are out camping.

Campfires are a great place to gather and be social with your family, or get to know new friends.

However, sometimes, real campfires are not ideal for a variety of reasons:

  • You don’t like smelling like smoke the next day
  • You don’t want to have to find a constant supply of firewood
  • The firewood gets too expensive
  • Some states prohibit carrying firewood from state to state
  • If there’s a fire ban, you can’t have a wood fire
  • Some campgrounds prohibit having wood fires

There is one perfect solution for each of these scenarios:

A portable fire pit for camping!

A campfire in a can, so to speak.

But it isn’t always practical to have a real fire .

This makes a small portable fire pit a great item to bring along with you to the campground.

Fire Sense Portable Steel Fire Pit

Top 10 Best Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

If youâre looking for a fire pit that is even smaller but packs a bigger punch, this one is perfect!

Itâs only 15â³ in diameter but puts out 60,000 BTU/HR.

The size of this pit makes it perfect for a small porch or a cozy seat next to someone special, and thereâs no doubt it will warm you up!

Itâs easy to use and store, with spring-loaded latches for the lid.

The fire can burn long into the night with 8-10 hours on a single propane tank. Adjusting the propane will give a smaller or larger flame, depending on how much heat you need.

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Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit


  • Brand: Heininger
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Heininger fire pit is considered best for camping, patios, backyards, and other outdoor activity. It provides the maximum output of 58,000 BTU, with clean and smokeless heat. Heininger 5995 is CSA approved that are usually safe to use in most of the fire ban areas. Ensure to check the fire restriction situations in the area.

You can use this fire pit all-weather. It comes in black color and has a 19-inch diameter. It is easy to carry while transportation because its light in weight. If you share stories or read books in cold weather, your experience will be better with this portable fire pit and worth it.

This is the best portable fire pit that will provide enough heat for warmness. The hoses length is 10-foot that is quite long, which helps you keep the propane tank out of sight. The design of this fire pit is outstanding and made of durable materials that last long.

While firewood, you may change the position due to the smoke, but these propane fire pits are smokeless, so you dont need to shift from one position to another during wind changes. Instead of the firewood, it will provide clean and smokeless heat.

Do you want to surprise your besties with a Heininger product? You can quickly put them in the vehicle for rapid deployment to enjoy the instant/sudden party with clean and smokeless heat. If you used it continuously at the party, the metal base would do not get hot.

Last Many Years

Fuel Consumption

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What Makes A Propane Fire Pit Great For An Rv

No camping trip is complete without a roaring fire in the evening to keep you company. However, it may not always be possible to have a traditional wood fire due to logistics issues, fire bans, and other restrictions. To combat this, many RV owners and campers are using a portable propane fire pit instead.

Pick #: Camp Chef Redwood Portable Pro


Side note: As of this writing, this one is unavailable.

This is the same brand and similar to our top pick, with a few different features.

Description:This model includes 4 extendable roasting sticks, carry bag, regulator and 5 hose, and propane tank support stand. It has a safety shut-off valve and comes with 12 lbs. of lava rock disperse and radiate heat.

Weight: 32.3 pounds

The Bond Manufacturing Propane Fire Pit comes in steel or bronze.

This beauteous fire pit utilizes liquid propane gas which eliminates the mess brought about by burnt debris, ash, soot, and the like. Feel instant gratification knowing your fire pit is clean-burning, meaning no noxious smoke or carcinogens either!

Description: Lightweight, sturdy, and ultra versatile you can use your Bond 18.5 in. Portable Bronze Propane Campfire Fire Pit on wood decks, or take it tailgating, on camp-outs, or beach parties. This portable propane campfire style fire pit cranks out 50,000 BTUs. It has a steel frame, uses a 20-pound external propane tank , and comes with a smart, locking lid. The pumice stone, tank holder, and 10-foot gas hose complete this fire pit. The tank holder tray holds the propane tank so it wont tip over.

Weight: 18 pounds

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Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit:

The Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit is a 19-inch circular propane fire pit that includes a 5-foot propane hose with a regulator, two extension roasting sticks plus a carry bag. All in all, good value at a very reasonable cost.

Although its output isnt quite as high as some others, it still boasts about 55,000 BTUs per hour.Which is plenty for generating comfortable warmth around the fire?

Camp Chef Sequoia doesnt skimp on details, for example, they give you 12-lbs. of lava rock which is a very generous amount for a 19-inch fire pit.

All Camp Chef portable propane fire pits are ready to connect to any standard 20-lb. propane tank.

But you can also convert it to natural gas with the right adapter.

The distinctive pine tree cut-outs on the side of the pit give it added style and visual appeal. Its canvas carry bag comes in handy from a practical point of view making it easy to transport.

The Sequoia portable propane fire pit sits at just the right height for most people to get the maximum benefit from the heat it radiates from the lava rocks.

The attractive flame can reach 10 to 12 inches above the lava rocks on the highest setting.

Limor Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

  • Heating ability 8/10
  • Weight & Portability 6/10, 33lbs is heavy
  • Build quality and durability 8/10
  • Company history and reputation 6/10, not very well known

Best for: a glamper who wants a lovely and warm gathering spot for camping pals $$$

If you consider yourself a lover of the finer things in life, then you should have a look at the LIMOR Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table.

Successfully blending form with function, the LIMOR makes a beautiful addition to any glamping or car camping setup.

Its 24 diameter is large enough to accommodate several friends for evenings around the campfire. Folks say the heat output is comfortable, even though its rated on the lower end of 40,000 BTU.

Not to mention, it looks gorgeous. The sleek, round exterior is a world of difference from most comparable firepits, which are tall, square, and clunky.

Then throw in the included red lava rock set to make the overall look and the flames that much more attractive. Indeed, the whole thing looks like it belongs on a fancy patio rather than in the wilderness.

This is most likely because it was originally designed for deck use. And it has the weight to prove it.

The LIMOR is a chunky 33lbs, but interestingly, this doesnt seem to deter the many users. A lot of people claim that its surprisingly easy to maneuver around.

But car campers, just keep that weight and large 24 x 24 x 14 dimensions in mind.


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Outland Living Firebowl 893 Portable Propane Fire Pit

  • Heating ability 8/10
  • Weight & Portability 8/10
  • Build quality and durability 8/10
  • Company history and reputation 9/10, decently well-known brand that specialize in fire pits and related accessories

Best for:anyone looking for a wonderful, affordable, and almost all-inclusive introduction to the world of portable propane fire pits $$

The Outland Living Firebowl 893 Portable Propane Fire Pit is the go-to solution for just about anyone looking for a no-fuss, affordable fire.pit.

At a weight of 23lbs, this is quite a portable load. Thats made even more commendable when balanced with the mid-to-large sized 19 diameter.

At a size like this, you can comfortably sit several people around it without being cramped. And with its 58,000 BTU heat emission, youll have a warm place to gather.

Regarding its overall look, Outland Living prides itself on crafting products that are visually appealing as well as functional.

The Firebowl features a stunning chrome dial for adjusting the height and intensity of the flames. Plus, they provide a set of lava rocks to make those flames even more flickery. In addition, we appreciate the added flame cutouts around the edge of the bowl for an extra aesthetic boost.

The Firebowl includes everything you need to plug and play. For instance, your 10 propane hose is pre-attached for no-fuss connections.

Just know that youll have to purchase a carrying case separately if you want that extra protection.



Do Portable Propane Fire Pits Smell Like Propane


Propane fire pits do not typically smell like propane. You might smell propane in the very beginning when you are igniting the fire but after that, you should not smell propane. They work very similarly to a propane BBQ. In general, you dont smell the propane nor do you taste it on your food when you cook with it.

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Benefits Of Buying Portable Propane Fire Pits

Now that you’re compromising on the positives of a ‘real fire’, let’s have a brief look at the areas of gain.

  • Propane fire pits are easy to ignite and shut off
  • They are able to radiate heat better and you can regulate the temperature and flame with the adjustable regulator knobs of the propane firepit models
  • No smoke or odor
  • Easy to carry and tote around also filling your propane tank is much easier compared to scouting for good firewood
  • Perfect for camping, tailgating, etc. but also for use at home—think back porch evening parties and the like
  • Doubles up as an extra cooking option

Adreak Outdoor Portable Fire Pit With Bbq Tray

Dimensions: 11.4 inches by 15.7 inches by 18.1 inches

Weight: 26 pounds


The Adreak portable fire pit is a great option for your camping adventures. Its unique V-shaped design keeps your fire off the ground and avoids potential issues with it getting out of control. Once you get your fire going, you can prepare a delicious campfire meal by adding the BBQ tray. Your mouth will water as you watch and smell the food cooking over the fire. The steel construction ensures you wont have to worry about bumps and bruises, and it will last for years of camping.

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Heininger Portable Propane Fire Pit

The Heininger portable fire pit is a smokeless fire pit that keeps your health safe and the environment clean. This fire is lightweight that you can carry to your travel places without putting in any extra effort. This fire pits aesthetic looks will enhance your patios outlook and make your every moment special.

If you think of getting a great-looking, safe fire pit that will fulfill your fire requirement during cold snaps of summer and winter, this portable one can be the one youre finding.

This propane fire pit burns cleanly without producing any smoke or ash, so it is safe and mess-free. This fire pit weighs only 22 pounds. Its 19-inch compact size lets you carry it with you wherever you want to hook up for camping: the beach, middle in the forest, or any hillside track. This aesthetic-looking one comes in heat-resistant enamel color coating on top that gives a premium vibe in your patio or outdoor yard.


  • This fire pit has a 58000BTU heat output to give you enough warmth.
  • It burns clean, so you dont have to worry about any smoke or mess.
  • This one weight is only 22lbs that you can easily move and carry to anywhere.
  • CSA approved so that you can beat most campfire bans.

Things you are going to enjoy

Things you need to consider

  • Poor packaging. It can damage the product, needs to be updated more.

Final verdict

Is It Safe To Set Up A Propane Fire Pit On My Deck

Lifedoo portable firepit

According to most manufacturer guidelines, its entirely safe to use propane fire pits on wooden decks. However, youll need to ensure you complete a proper installation from an NRI-certified professional. Its important to note that some states or cities might require you to have a permit to operate a fire pit on a deck. Check with your local authorities for more information.

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Wolf And Grizzly Campfire Trio

Dimensions: 11 in. long, 11.25 in. wide, 3.7 in. tall | Weight: 4.4 lb | Fuel: Wood, charcoal

Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio Portable Fire Pit
Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio Portable Fire Pit
  • Size limits amount of heat it can radiate

It might be a bit limiting, referring to the Campfire Trio as a fire pit. It includes three parts, naturally: a Fire Safe, a Grill, and a Fire Set. Whats more, the Campfire Trio breaks down into two small cases, capable of fitting in a backpackconducive to hikes into remote locations.

Fire Safe really says it all its a safe way to contain a fire when camping. We set up the Fire Safe itself in under two minutes. Its incredibly simple. The grill took only slightly longer. The Fire Set is for getting a blaze going without matches, and it includes two metal bars that, when rubbed together, produce sparks. We were impressed with both the quantity of sparks and how long they lingered. With a little practice and the right materials, it was relatively easy to get a fire started. Though the Fire Safe footprint is only 11 square inches, limiting how big of a fire we could create and therefore how much heat we could get off it. Huddling up close, we could warm our hands, and while sitting back, we could warm our feet.

Volcano Grills Portable Camping Firepit

The volcano three collapsible grills are versatile in the world of backpacker wood stoves. You can use charcoal, propane, or wood. It connects to standard 20 pounds propane tank or adapter for portable bottles which are sold separately. This particular wood-burning backpacking stove is a beneficial and all-purpose ultraright backpacking wood stone.

The small wood-burning camp collapses down to 5 which can carry easily to the backyard or hiking. You can also use a wood-burning backpacking stove for preparedness. The volcanos ultralight backpacking stove is efficient and safe with 20,000BTUs. So, therell be an efficient use of wood, charcoal, and a patented cook chamber.

You can grill with the help of an additional grill grate with your backpacker wood stove. Use a wood-burning backpacking stove to bake roast, Dutch oven, or oven steam.

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Why A Propane Campfire Pit

Although its hard to beat the crackling warmth of a real wood campfire, they do have some downsides.

  • Takes time to get it going
  • You need a supply of dry wood
  • Your clothes smell like smoke the next day
  • Smoke burns your eyes
  • Wood fires are prohibited in some campgrounds and everywhere when theres a fire ban
  • When theres lighter fluid around, someone always ends up losing an eyebrow or two

But portable propane fire pits let you get the look and warmth of campfire flames without many of the disadvantages of a traditional fire.

With a portable propane fire pit

Convinced yet? Check out my list of the 5 best portable propane fire pits, plus two BONUS fire pits thatll look great on your patio.

*If you still want to try a wood-burning firepit, dont miss my in-depth review of the SOLO STOVE BONFIRE.


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