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Black Front Porch Rocking Chairs

Why Buy Polywood Black Rocking Chairs

Vermont Porch Rocker Outdoor Rocking Chair Review

Proudly made in Syracuse, Indiana, POLYWOOD rocking chairs are the most durable, long-lasting rocking chairs youll ever find. POLYWOOD black outdoor rockers are high-quality, built to last, and you cant beat their stress-free maintenance. Why spend your hard-earned free time taking care of your furniture if you dont have to? Your POLYWOOD black rocking chairs should be a source of joy, not annoyance. We also offer a 20-year residential warranty so you can rest assured youre getting a quality product that will last.

With free shipping on all black rocking chairs, now is the perfect time to transform your porch from average to exceptional.

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An Overview Of The Polywood Presidential Rocking Chair

It looks like a beach rocker. The type of chair youd see parked next to a Pawleys Island hammock. That was our first impression when we took in the sight of the chair, and yours is likely to be similar. Its just got a fun, casual air about it that makes you want to grab a drink , take a seat, and rock your troubles away.

The name of the company and the material the chair is designed from are a bit deceiving, though. Since the word wood is in the name Polywood, you might be thinking this is a wooden chair, or at least a composite wood chair.

It is not. Its made from recycled plastic. Theres nothing wrong with that in the least, but heres our misgiving, and well get it out of the way early: This chair is marketed as an indoor/outdoor rocker.

Thats technically correct. Theres nothing that would stop you from using it indoors, butits plastic. It looks plastic. No one will be fooled into thinking theyre sitting in a wooden rocker.

As such, in the vast majority of cases, its going to stick out like a sore thumb if you try to use it indoors. Even so, there are places where it would fit in. A screened-in porch is technically indoors. A sunroom is indoors. It could work in a game room. Sowe counted it as an indoor/outdoor rocker, but only just. If youre looking for a rocking chair you can put in your living room, this is categorically NOT the chair you want, but it does have viable indoor uses.

  • Chair Weight: 42 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 400 pounds

The Enduring Rocking Chair Style

Homeowners have enjoyed the bliss of swaying back and forth in a rocking chair for centuries. Rocking chairs on the front porch are a throwback to an era when people took time to kick back with a newspaper or to enjoy the indulgent outdoor weather without an electronic device in hand. Rocking chairs have remained popular over time for good reason. With its tall straight back and comfortably curved seat, a POLYWOOD® outdoor rocking chair in black is just what you need to turn your porch into a tranquil sanctuary, where youre free to read, snooze, or simply watch the world go by.

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Robust Polywood Rocking Chair Materials

If youre looking for black outdoor rocking chairs that will last season after season, look no further. Genuine HDPE POLYWOOD furniture is made from eco-friendly lumber engineered for durability. Our proprietary blend of plastics made from post-consumer milk bottles includes UV-inhibited pigment systems to ensure your black outdoor rocker will retain its rich hue for years. POLYWOOD furniture will not rot, chip, peel, or succumb to the elements, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Popular Types Of Outdoor Rockers

POLYWOOD Estate Porch Rocking Chair in Black
Modern Outdoor Rocking Chair

If clean lines and minimalist design speak to you, a modern outdoor rocking chair would suit your tastes. The Cape Cod Porch Rocking Chair leans more toward the contemporary, so you can add that modern feel youre looking for to your outdoor space.

Adirondack Rocking Chair

You can have the best of both worlds with an Adirondack rocking chair such as the Cape Cod Adirondack Rocking Chair. The laid-back seat of an Adirondack paired with the curved runners of a rocking chair makes for an incredibly comfortable experience.

Outdoor Rocking Chair Set

Share a moment with someone special in your outdoor space with an outdoor rocking chair set. The Yacht Club Rocker 3-Piece Set is just what you need with its two matching rockers and a coordinating side table.

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The History Of Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs have a long and interesting history. They were invented in North America in the 18th century with the original intention of being used outdoors, but the question of who invented the rocking chair has yet to be answered. The concept of the rocking chair was inspired by rocking horses and rocking cradles, and different people and groups such as the Shakers, Sam Maloof, Michael Thonet, and the P & P Chair Company have created unique designs of rocking chairs that are easily recognizable to this day.

Features Of Trex Rocking Chairs


Our all-weather rocking chairs are made from strong material that allows them to withstand harsh weather and environmental stressors such as blizzards, heavy winds and rain, humidity, salt spray, and more.

Low Maintenance

Our outdoor rocking chairs require very little upkeep, never needing to be painted, stained, or waterproofed. Theyre also not prone to chipping, peeling, rotting, or cracking.

Made In the USA

We proudly back our heavy-duty outdoor rocking chairs with a 20-year warranty as each one is constructed from durable HDPE lumber right here in the USA, and able to withstand harsh outdoor elements.

20-Year Warranty

Each of our all-weather Adirondack chairs is backed by a 20-year lumber warranty!

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Pros And Cons Of The Polywood Presidential Outdoor Rocking Chair

We like almost everything about the chair, except the fact that its marketed as an indoor/outdoor rocker, and it only barely qualifies for the former category. We wouldnt go so far as to call it a case of false advertising, but this is only an indoor rocker in the most generous sense of the term, and that did put us off a little.

Even so, this is an undeniably great chair, offered by a fantastic company. Best of all, the Polywood Presidential Rocker comes with a mind-blowing twenty-year warranty, which is heads and shoulders better than any other chair in its class weve looked at.

Polywood Presidential Rocking Chair Review Conclusion

Polywood Outdoor Rocking Chairs – Customer Review

Its a rock-solid design that ages gracefully and looks good in any outdoor setting and a few indoor settings. Even better, it supports a generous amount of user weight that makes it capable of accommodating more than 95% of the market. While we didnt fall in love with it, we do like the Polywood R100BL Presidential Rocking Chair very much, and we highly recommend it. Its a good piece of furniture that will serve you well.

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Outdoor Rocking Chair Colors

We proudly offer our outdoor rocking chairs in a variety of beautiful colors. During the creation process for our HDPE lumber, colorant and UV-inhibited pigment systems are blended in with the recycled ocean-bound and landfill-bound plastic mixture, allowing the color to fill each piece of lumber from the inside out. This means that your white outdoor rocking chair will stay bright and your black outdoor rocking chair will remain bold for years to come.

Yacht Club Rocking Chair – TXR100

Polywood Rocking Chair Care & Maintenance

Not all plastic rocking chairs are created equal. Unlike less-expensive alternatives, POLYWOOD rocking chairs are built to withstand years of harsh outdoor weather with minimal upkeep. Dish soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush are all you need to keep your black porch rocking chairs looking fantastic for ages. If you need to remove a particularly stubborn stain or havent washed your rocking chairs in a while, you can use a high-pressure washer to remove any dirt or build-up.

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I Scored At An Estate Sale A While Back Picking Up One Painted Rocking Chair Another Chair With A Matching Couch Two End Tables And A Coffee Table For Only 100 And As You Might Imagine I Had Big Plans For All Of It

Fabulous Black Outdoor Rocking Chairs Ideas. It comes in 4 other colors and is perfect for happy hour in the backyard or bring it. We love a retro metal chair especially with a twist like this bright yellow show stopper. The chair is eco-friendly enhanced with an eye-catching slat design.

People who like to stick to tradition like them made of hardwoods rustic or crafted to perfection by Amish. See more ideas about painted rocking chairs rocking chair painted furniture. VidaXL Outdoor Rocking Chair Black Poly Rattan Porch Patio Armchair Seating by vidaXL.

With black metal the chair has been given a perfect design. The black chair is a sure hit both in youth-friendly student outdoor and in luxury porch or garden. Across the top 20 34.

The rocker is 32 12. Made from a premium solid hardwood these rocking chairs are available in natural oil white and black finishes and have every feature of style. By DUROGREEN 27 Weatherly Black Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rocking Chair.

Gardens Ventura Rush Weave Rocking Chair. A touch of comfort and style in the house. You can read my post about when I picked them up here.

See more ideas about painted rocking chairs painted chairs hand painted furniture. Black Patio Rocking Chair. 23032021 Better Homes.

See more ideas about outdoor rocking chairs rocking chair patio rocking chairs. 07062021 1 Best Metal Rocking Chair. Find your dream rocking chair today.

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A Rocking Chair For Every Porch

Mainstays Outdoor Wood Porch Rocking Chair, Black Color, Weather ...

porch, SummerJuly 8, 2022

You know, I realized my circa 1875 house does not have rocking chair on the front porch. Yes, there is a porch swing out there but I feel somehow its missing something.

When you think of an Americana style porch, dont you immediately envision rocking chairs? Like this pretty red one on a Southern porch that looks out across the water in the distance.

This cabin porch with a pair of green rockers reminds me of the Airbnb rental in Michigan that my family stayed at last fall.

A pair of white painted wooden rocking chairs cozy up to a flower bed reminds me of a scene from the Andy Griffith Show.

A classic white house with black shutters is adorned with the American flag and chairs where you can rock away the summer days.

Theres no reason why you cant drag some of your indoor furniture outside to the porch. Here, a wooden rocker pairs with a chest on a large porch.

White porticoes on a red house with a metal roof frame a pair off white rockers.

I like this porch where you can choose between a suspended swing or a simple rocking chair with a colorful quilt for warmth, if needed.

Bring your houseplants outside in order to enjoy them while you spend a relaxing morning in wood rockers. Ive got four of my tropical style plants out on my deck and they look so healthy I can tell they love it outside.

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