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Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Review

You Will Never Need To Turn A Log

[REVIEW] – Breeo X Series 30″ Smokeless Fire Pit Full Review

With regular fire pits, turning a log is a necessary task to keep the fire going. Not with the Breeo Double Flame. The air flowing underneath keeps the fire well-oxygenated from every angle, so theres no need to turn any logs to get air to the other side. Theyll burn evenly without any maintenance, which means less work for you.

The New Breeo Y Series Portable Smokeless Firepit

September 2, 2022 by Erik Meisner

If you havent heard, Breeo recently introduced an innovative new product in their Smokeless Firepit product line. Weve been lucky enough to get our hands on one of the first examples and we love it so far. Much like the X-Series smokeless Firepits, The new Y-Series retains a lot of the same proven technology. But they found a way to make it lighter and portable.

What We Liked About The Breeo Fire Pit

Right off the bat, this smokeless fire pit looks cool and captures everyones attention, but it really shines in its performance. When you slap a steak on the edge of that thing and it sears and sizzles, it truly makes you jump with joy. The searing plate is big enough to cook meat, seafood, and vegetables, and its a cool alternative to a grill for anyone whos just cooking for one or two people. It works just as well as a fire pit, too, kicking off plenty of heat with minimal smoke.

If you want to expand your Breeos functionality even more, there are a number of accessories you can purchase. Theres a lid that can be used to protect your Breeo in inclement weather, as well as a spark screen for those particularly windy summer nights. However, one of the most appealing products has to be the Outpost, which holds a large circular grilling grate over the fire, giving you even more space to cook your favorite meats. You can even outfit the Outpost with a hook and cast iron kettle that lets you whip up rustic stews and other Dutch oven campfire recipes in the great outdoors. Cool, right?

The smokeless fire pits are also made in the US, and shipping to the contiguous United States is free on all orders!

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Easy To Clean Up For The Night

One of the downsides to a smokeless fire pit is that you cant just pour water on it to end the night, or you shouldnt. Every smokeless fire pit manufacturer recommends just letting the fire burn out on its own, which you should. However, leaving a fire pit unattended can be dangerous. Luckily, the Breeo has a lid that can be purchased separately. Place the lid on the fire pit with the remaining coals and pack up for the night: no fuss, no worries, and no problems.

Make sure there will not be any children or others around the fire pit that are unaware that it is still extremely hot. When the cover is on, it’s not easy to see that a fire has been burning for the past several hours.

Solo Stove Vs Breeo: Price & Value

Is the Breeo Fire Pit Good? [2020] Review and Buyer Guide

Now that weve inspected each product, our Solo Stove vs Breeo review writers will cover whats often a sticking point for potential customers: prices.

The Solo Stove Bonfire retails for $350 and the Solo Stove Bonfire Lid costs $80, meaning that youre looking at less than $500 for both of them. The companys premium Solo Stove Yukon will cost you $600.

Note that these are all of their current prices but Solo Stove isnt shy about their sales.

Remember that all Breeo items come with free shipping, so you are technically saving money in that regard . They also make all their items in the United States with the tender care of their small company.

The Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit sits at $579, while its encasing lid, the Breeo X Series 24 Lid, costs $140. However, the more you customize the former option, the more youll increase its price.

The luxurious Breeo Luxeve® Fire Pit holds a $1,649 price tag.

At face value, Solo Stove products are less of a financial investment than Breeo items. This becomes even more apparent when you consider that both of their most popular fire pits are made from 304 stainless steel.

Both brands also use similar technology to mitigate as much smoke as possible. By paying more for Breeo youll be paying for products that are made on US soil, whereas Solo Stove isnt as open with where they manufacture their products.

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Best Budget: Inno Stage Smokeless Fire Pit


  • Finish dulls over time

  • Lacks accessories

This smokeless fire pit from INNO STAGE is a fantastic value, even for a large size. It comes in three sizes and two colors, stainless steel and painted black. The paint is fire-safe, although it can be dinged and damaged over time. It dulls to a natural patina after a couple of months which many people prefer over the inky black.

The handles on each side make this smokeless fire pit easy to carry and take with you. You still need space for it since it doesn’t come apart. The two-tier design helps maximize the oxygen supply to the fire inside without creating a lot of smoke. Its double wall also ensures that sparks and ash dont jump out. You can use traditional firewood or wood pellets. You also need to separately purchase extra accessories such as grills and cooking surfaces.

Dimensions: 7 x 15 x 12.5 inchesMaterial: Stainless steelWeight: 16 poundsFuel: WoodWarranty: None listed

How Do The Best Smokeless Fire Pits Work

The science behind most smokeless fire pits is pretty ingenious. Instead of a simple fire-retardant tub, the best smokeless fire pits usually feature an insulated dual-wall construction with vents on the top and bottom of the pit. Once the fuel is lit, the heat between the two walls rises out of the top vents and creates suction. This draws in extra oxygen through the intakes on the bottom, inducing the so-called secondary combustion of molecules that create smoke.

While it eliminates most of the fires smoke, this secondary combustion system also produces more heat than you get with normal fires. And because smoke reduction is accomplished by the fire pit itself, you can use regular firewood, charcoal or wood pellets.

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Customized For Your Lifestyle

Whether youre the master chef, the patio dweller or the backyard adventurer, the X Series Line has something for everyone. Up your cooking game by adding a Sear Plate onto your smokeless fire pit for those seared steaks, or upgrade to the Firemaster Package for the Outpost adjustable grill, kettle hook and kettle.Maybe thats not your thing, but you love a good patio stone coping fire pit. The X Series Insert Ring Package allows you to slide your X Series fire pit right into the fixture you already have, and offers you the flexibility to pull it out and keep it portable. Create your custom smokeless fire pit today to accommodate your unique lifestyle.

A More Affordable Fire Pit

Breeo X-Series Fire Pit Review Cooking Tips!

Weighing in at 42 pounds, this fire pit is light enough to travel with you. Its made of 304 stainless steel, so its durable. Thanks to a top cover lid, this pit doesnt let embers out. Safety is at the forefront of the products design, including the lack of open space below the fire pits bottom , which can be a danger zone for pet or small hands.

Like the other fire pits mentioned here, this is a smokeless pit. For patio use, this 20.5 inch pit is great. Its not quite as refined in design as the BREEO, but it is still a good option.

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First Impressions And Set Up

Upon arrival, I noticed that the packaging was excellent. It had more than enough to keep the grill protected, but I also didnt feel that I was buried in unnecessary packing materials that I had to deal with. It took 5 minutes to get everything unboxed.

The main fire pit body itself came fully assembled. The only thing we had to do was figure out where to place it outside. Figuring that out and assembling the rest of the accessories onto the pit only took a grand total of 15 minutes. Then I just had to give everything a quick cleaning wipe and we were ready to cook.

One of the major selling points of the Breeo is the smokeless feature. We had a little more smoke early on, but once it gets going there really isnt much smoke at all leaving the grill. The brand states this is a normal part of the process while the fire pit is heating up. Overall, it made sitting around the fire much more enjoyable than our previous experiences.

Best Splurge: Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit


  • Works with brick fire pit surround

  • Multiple accessories

  • Accessories add to cost

One reason so many people pay top dollar for Breeo smokeless fire pits is they really are virtually smokeless. The fire is elevated, allowing plenty of oxygen to create a hot blaze. The double-wall design traps gases and smoke and reburns them, resulting in almost no smoke. This does make the fire pit very heavy we recommend assembling it where you plan to use it, so you dont have to worry about moving it.

With this smokeless fire pit, you get multiple options and accessories. A lower-price bundle can customize your purchase with lids, covers, grills, and even parts to incorporate the fire pit into a brick surround. While it is expensive, the fire pit comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as high-quality construction and materials.

Dimensions: 14.75 x 22.1 inchesMaterial: Stainless steelWeight: 47 poundsFuel: WoodWarranty: Lifetime

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Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

Constructed using heavy-duty corten steel, this Breeo X Series fire pit looks great out of the box and even better after its been weathered. Thats right: you can leave this fire pit exposed outside without a worry. Still, if you want to move it around the yard, the fire pits 47-pound weight makes that doable. The Breeos fire-making capabilities are also just as good as its looks. An effective dual-wall airflow system eliminates most of the smoke while upping the heat output, ensuring comfortable, toasty bonfires.

Best Fire Pit For 2022

Breeo X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit

Here are the best fire pits from the likes of Breeo, Solo Stove, BioLite, Tiki and other brands.

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Summer is here, which means it’s almost time for potlucks and backyard parties. One of the most important parts of any outdoor get-together is a crackling fire pit for roasting hot dogs and cooking marshmallows for deliciously messy s’mores. Whether you’re shopping for your first fire pit, or looking for a replacement for the one that’s spent a little too long in the sun and rain, you’re sure to find something perfect and practical for your yard on our list of favorites.

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Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Solo Stove is a great alternative, and budget-friendly option to Breeo.

What is great with Solo Stove, at least for me, was the fact that there are only a few models, each coming it at a different size. Theres the Solo Stove Ranger, the Solo Stove Bonfire, and the Solo Stove Yukon.

The smallest is the Solo Stove Ranger, and it can work pretty well as a portable smokeless pit if youre looking for one. It weighs less than 16 lbs. which is perfect if youre looking for a small pit. Consumers also have reported it to be great for taking it on a trip.

Like Breeo, the best fire pit in their lineup, and the best-selling one for that matter, is the one in the middle. The middle-class no-smoke pit from Solo Stove is the Bonfire, and it is perfect for many applications, but mostly for your garden.

It is great value, coming in at only $254.99. However, if you want the get the most from your pit, you do have to invest in some accessories. Things like the shield, the stand, the waterproof shelter, the lid, and others. Otherwise, the Bonfire doesnt really come with any of them.

But even this model could work as a portable pit, since it is only 20 lbs., thanks to its stainless-steel design. For most though, this model might be undersized, and thats where the Yukon comes in.

Solo Stove, thanks to their signature airflow technology, has been among the great smokeless fire pits, and compared to best-in-class, like the Breeo.


Solo Stove Vs Breeo: Shipping & Returns

Like we said in the last section of our Solo Stove vs Breeo review, Breeo rewards those lucky enough to live within the continental United States by gifting them free shipping.

You might be asking how much shipping costs for the other locations Breeo ships to, and for that, we answer with a shrug and say it depends. An items weight, size, and intended location will all affect the final cost of your order.

Speaking of location, Breeo does in fact ship to Alaska and Hawaii as well as Canada. However, thats as far as their shipping range extends.

All Breeo orders heading to the continental United States or Canada should reach their destination within 2 to 8 business days, while those going to Alaska or Hawaii take 1 to 3 weeks to arrive.

Heres another time metric you should be aware of: youll have 30 days to return any Breeo product and receive a refund. This refund will be valid so long as the product is returned in its original shipping quality. That means there cant be any damages or alterations on the side of your precious Breeo fire pit.

Youll find the refunded amount in your bank account 3 to 7 business days after Breeo approves the transaction.

Conversely, Solo Stove offers their own form of free shipping. Any orders from the continental United States or Canada over $75 are eligible for free shipping. Sadly, Hawaii and Alaska again dont receive any love.

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Tips For Cooking On The Breeo Double Flame

Breeos Outpost system is super easy to use and leaves just enough wiggle room to make minor adjustments while cooking. The best part of the outpost system is you can use it with or without your Breeo Fire Pit. So even if you have a different fire pit or just want to make an open fire while camping, you can use this open-grilling system with it. Here are a couple more tips to make your experience a breeze.

Best Fire Pits For 2022

Breeo X-Series Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Solo Stove Ranger: Squat, cylindrical, compact and made from stainless steel, the Solo Stove Ranger appears simple at first glance. Tucked away inside this pit, though, is the same sophisticated airflow system that its larger sibling, the Solo Stove Yukon, has. The system is designed to enable fire in the pit to burn hotter and consume more of its wood fuel.

We can confirm that the Ranger delivers on these promises. It starts fast, with its logs aflame in just 5 minutes, and it burns for hours. The fires we started in the Ranger also burned with incredible ferocity. The flames inside the pit focused into an impressive rolling vortex. Despite the conflagration, the Ranger emitted very little smoke.

The Ranger does have a few drawbacks. Its compact size means it can’t accept standard 15-inch firewood logs. It’s also not the best for large groups or families. More than two people roasting marshmallows at once quickly becomes a crowd.

The Kingso 22-inch fire pit is small and has poor airflow.

Kingso Outdoor Fire Pit : Though it’s a bestseller on Amazon, we don’t recommend purchasing the Kingso Outdoor Fire Pit. Its small size feels cramped. And since airflow throughout the small fire pit unit is poor, we consistently had difficulty both starting fires and keeping them lit inside this pit. It doesn’t come with a protective cover, either.

A good fire pit will ignite in minutes and stay lit for hours.

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Q Which Size Should I Get

A. Its tempting to go as big as you can afford, but even the smallest fire pit is surprisingly effective. This style of fire pit is also extremely efficient, meaning that youll blow through firewood much quicker than you normally would.

Breeo recommends the X19 for up to five people, the X24 for three to seven people, and the X30 for eight to 12 people.

Solo Stove Vs Breeo: What To Consider

Solo Stoves output includes a wide variety of stoves, grill tops, cooking and dinner accessories, apparel, fire pits, and frequently bundles many of them together.

Alternatively, Breeo offers a more targeted product line. They only sell fire pits, lids, and grilling accessories. They keep it simple yet focused, and theres nothing wrong with that.

Breeo and Solo Stove exude convenience in regards to their customers. Thats why their fire pits are smokeless, small, and easy to assemble. Neither brand want you to fuss about when you could be assembling a small audience for your homemade pork cookout.

The two brands aim for similar audiences but we think Solo Stoves is slightly more outdoorsman-like. Their product line emphasizes portability and versatility in many environments, whereas Breeos focuses more on those who want an easy and discrete fire pit in their backyard.

If youve ever worried about getting into grilling because of its environmental impacts then youll want to read what Solo Stove and Breeo can offer you. They both sell smokeless fire pits, which is a huge blessing for the environment and your neighbors.

Both Solo Stove and Breeo cover their products with lifetime warranties. Dont let that lead you into thinking that they cheap out on manufacturing. Each brand builds their stoves to last longer than their advertised warranty.

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