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What To Use To Keep Birds Off Porch

How To Stop Birds From Perching On Your Porch

Keep birds off the deck railing

Deterring birds that are simply perching or roosting are significantly easier to stop than nesting birds. The motivation level is drastically lower to remain in the area. You can keep birds away from your porch with some of the following deterrents and repellents. If the birds are perching on the entranceway doors, ledge products such as Bird Repellent Gel dishes can be utilized. Visual deterrents can be applied to porches with the occasional bird visiting and leaving droppings behind. These products are easy to install and remove when needed.

  • Works on All Bird Species
  • SpecV uses combination of site, sense, and smell to repel bird from porches
  • Gel Dishes are easy to place on flat surfaces such as door frames or windowsills
  • Installs easily with adhesive
  • Works on all species of birds
  • Uses passive aromatic sent technology to repel birds
  • Hang pouches in and around the porch area to stop birds
  • Each pouch covers an area of 10 x 10 x 10
  • One pack includes 6 pouches
  • Quickly and easily keep birds away from your porch

Protect Your Porch House And Balcony From Birds How To Keep Birds Off Porch

Birds are beautiful creatures to look at and listen to from a distance. Still, they can be highly problematic when these pesky birds decide to make their home near your porch. When this happens, you will always be there to clean up after the birds, making noises, and some birds even peck at you. These smelly droppings in the porch will harden over time, and your porch will lose its color as well. These droppings have high acidic content, so you have to clean them up before the color on the porch starts to fade away. But here, we discuss some ways so you can get rid of these irritating birds from your property.

Hang Wind Chimes Near The Light

Wind chimes can discourage birds in several ways. If you hang them just above the light, the bird wont have any place to build its nest. The noise from the wind chimes will serve as a deterrent, and if the wind chimes are made of metal or other shiny materials, the birds wont want to get near them.

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Use Shiny Reflective Things

Birds are looking for a secure place to spend their time. They are constantly on the lookout for potential predators that could do harm to them or their young. So, they tend to be on alert for sudden movement or flashing light.

Try to get some of those spiraling, shiny hanging decorations. You can place them around your porch without it becoming noticeable to anyone other than the birds. Even better, you can implement this method for relatively little and keep the birds away. Keep in mind, however, that they may get used to these reflective items and eventually determine that it is okay to come back.

Use A Motion Sensor Water Sprinkler

3 Effective Methods to Keep Birds Off of Your Porch

Theres nothing that can scare a bird away faster than a sudden, unexpected movement or sound. In this case, it would be a motion sensor water sprinkler.

This is a brilliant device as far as getting rid of unwanted birds is concerned.

It works by detecting bird movement within a specified range and automatically shooting out water. Similar to the way birds take off when a gunshot is fired, they will fly off when hit by an unexpected burst of water.

Besides getting them wet, the water will not harm the birds, it will only scare them away. If they return, the sensor will pick up their movement and release water once again.

It wouldnt take more than two experiences for the birds to realize they cannot perch in that area.

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Install Some Irritating Lighting

As previously noted, birds do not like the sight of bright lights. With this in mind, you can install some brightly colored lights on the patio. This works best in the evening since birds will be discouraged from perching on the rails. This way, you can be sure you will not find any bird droppings on your patio in the morning.

Brightly colored lights also work by discouraging any would-be intruder and this is more security for you and your family. The only disadvantage with this method of keeping birds off your patio is that it does not work during the day. Also, with very bright lights come inflated monthly energy bills.

Genius Ways To Keep Birds Off From Nesting On Your Porch

No doubt, one of the beauties of our world is birds taking flight or nesting. We go as far as watching birds just to catch a glimpse of this beauty. If you think this is a joke, consider the over 500 chapters of the National Audubon Society in North America.

Unfortunately, regardless of their immense beauty, birds are sometimes unwanted entities. This occurs in cases where they can result in damage to properties or homes. One such case is where they nest on your porch.

In such cases, they can block the ventilation system of your home. Their nests are also flammable, constituting a fire risk. Even worse, their droppings can cause various diseases. And we havent considered the smell that can come from them. As such, you need to keep birds from nesting on your porch.

So, are you wondering how to get this done? Dont worry weve got you covered. In this article, well show you 11 amazing ways to keep birds from nesting on your porch. Are you ready?

Dive in!

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Keep Birds Away With Foul Odors

Plenty of scents agreeable to humans are obnoxious to birds. Two of these, interestingly enough, are lemon and peppermint. If youre having problems with birds nesting on your porch , keep them away by making a repellent and spraying it regularly.

Wild Wild World suggests the following recipe: Mix seven drops of lemon oil and seven drops of peppermint oil in a solution with 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water. You can soak cotton balls with the solution and deploy them where you need them, or put the solution in a sprayer.

Place Owl/ Hawk Decoy In Your Porch

How to Keep Birds Off My Back Porch

Birds dont visit any place that already has their predators. And considering owls and hawks are prime predators of birds, you can always benefit from this fact.

Find Owl/ Hawk Decoy with a moving head and shiny eyes. You can get them quickly, both online and offline. Considering the size of your porch, plant one, two, or more of these decoys. Keep their heads facing outside and inside to make the setting feel visually real.

Also, every day, do change the decoys place, so they visualize flying to a new spot. With that, within a day you will see significant improvements. Not only your porch but birds will even prefer staying feet away from your connecting garden and roof.

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How To Stop Birds From Pooping On My Porch

If youre looking for a solid way to permanently stop birds from pooping on your porch, the best idea is to build or buy a small structure, like a gazebo, that covers your porch or patio.

This will provide the birds with a spot to land and rest without soiling your outdoor space.

Another option is to install bird netting over your porch or patio. This will create a physical barrier that will keep birds from landing on your porch or patio.

Just make sure the netting is securely attached so the birds cant get through.

These solutions are more permanent and will require some initial investment. But if youre tired of cleaning up bird droppings, they may be worth the investment.

How To Keep Your Mail Bird

One place where you don’t want birds to roost on is your mailbox. You can employ a couple of methods to repel and deter birds from roosting and leaving bird droppings on your mailbox.

You can have steel spikes as shown in the picture above. Having a predator decoy on the mailbox is cool. Just ensure the birds don’t find out that it’s a decoy!

You can get some inspiration from the video below on how to keep birds off the mailbox and prevent them from pooping on it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the authorâs knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2017 Isabella

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Remove The Reason The Birds Are On Your Property

Is it food, water or shelter? The easiest way to remove nuisance birds is to eliminate or block the resources your yard offers.

  • Water features: If you have a water feature, birds like geese will likely find it. Drain or cover the feature to keep birds out.
  • Food that birds eat: Avoid plants that grow berries or cover them with fine metal netting. If a flock of birds is dominating your feeder, ask your local wildlife service what type of seed they won’t eat.
  • Places they can roost: Keep birds away from trees and bushes by pruning them often to remove the cover birds seek.

Keep Food Away From The Porch

How To Keep Birds Off Porch Railings 2021

The first step toward getting rid of birds is to remove anything that will attract them to your porch, such as garbage and pet food. Make it a rule to take in any leftover food after 15 or 20 minutes. This way you wont have to worry about fruit flies if a piece of fruit falls from the countertop onto the floor. Also, if your pets bowl is outside, make sure it is emptied before bedtime so there arent any leftovers attracting pests at night.

Cover up any other areas where food may be hiding by closing doors or putting away dirty dishes immediately after use. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to keeping birds out.

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Lastly Call A Professional

If birds have already nested in your porch, then do not destroy it. Breaking and destroying bird nests is a legal offense in most parts of the United States.

However, for removing nests safely, you can connect with wildlife professionals. These individuals will visit your home remove and safely relocate the nest to a wild location.

Allow Your Cat And Dog To Take Over The Porch

If you have a covered and safe property, let your dog or cat rest on the porch. These domestic animals are significant threats to birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other common animals.

Even if they dont fear for the first minute, your cat and dog decoy will make sure to chase them out of the property.

NOTE: If your pets are couch potatoes and barely have any aggressive side, this method might not work. Even with aggressive pets, there will come a time when they will get used to the presence of birds. Hence then, you might need to plant a bird scaring device.

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Arrange The Composition Of The Lights

If you have trimmed the tree branches that hang too far over your porch and make sure to clean up the dust on your front steps and still have many birds friends perched on them, its probably because of the cool lighting fixtures that youve added.

Birds dont like cold. They prefer to nest in or near warm places. The yellow glow of the light is quite warm, reaching the temperature of a birds natural habitat resulting in a perfect place for nesting. Because bulbs are so hot, birds even leave their eggs there!

Dont exterminate the lights on your porch. If you do, the whole thing will be dimmed at night. Be interesting instead. Liven up space with an eye-catching fixture.

Purchase Or Make A Bird Repellent Spray

How to stop birds from visiting patio and pooping all over the place.

If you want to make your own bird repellent spray, there are many recipes online. You can also purchase ready-made bird repellent sprays at most hardware stores.

To use this method, simply spray the repellent around your porch or patio furniture. Birds hate strong smells, so this will deter them from entering the area.

Make sure to reapply the spray every few days for the best results.

This is a good solution if youre looking for something thats affordable and easy to use. Make sure to keep children and pets away from the area that you are spraying.

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Why Do Birds Tend To Build Nests On Porches

Like other animals, nests are where birds stay, rest, and take care of their families. Thus, when choosing a nest, the birds priority criterion is safety. Because birds can fly, they will go for towering locations like tall trees, poles, chimneys, and porches most of the time.

Moreover, these places have to be well hidden to avoid flying predators. Altogether, porches are one of the most ideal options for birds since they offer excellent concealment and meet a moderate height. In addition, if there are twigs and dry leaves on your porch, birds will quickly notice and find it advantageous to set up a nest.

Use Reflective Bird Diverters

Reflective bird diverters are a safe and effective way to keep birds away from your porch. These diverters can be hung from the eaves of your porch or placed on top of patio furniture.

The reflective surface will scare birds away and prevent them from landing.

You can find reflective diverters at most hardware stores or online. They are usually very affordable and easy to install.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using reflective bird diverters:

  • Make sure the diverters are hung at least two feet away from any obstacles such as trees or shrubs.
  • Check the diverters regularly to make sure they are clean and free of debris.
  • Replace the diverters every few months to keep them effective.

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How To Keep Birds From Nesting On Your Porch

If you have nesting birds on your porch, the first thing you will want to do is properly identify the bird species. If the bird is a protected species, we recommend waiting until the bird and the hatchlings have fully vacated the nest prior to installing bird deterrent products.

The most effective solution for nesting birds are exclusionary products such as Bird Netting. Small birds will find areas on the porch such as in the ceiling, on columns and on light fixtures. Installing bird netting overhead, directly under the problematic areas, will provide a highly effective barrier that is hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

  • 3/4″ mesh size stops All Birds from nesting in porches
  • Black Heavy Duty Netting by Bird B Gone carries a 10 year product warranty
  • Professional bird control installer is recommended
  • Specifically made to stop swallows from building mud nests
  • For use on porch eaves, overhangs and entranceways
  • Made from clear mono-filament lines
  • Kit comes with two sections 3 wide by 11 long
  • Install directly over areas where swallows have previously nested
  • DIY friendly, adhesive strips allows quick and easy installation

Annoy Them With Sound

3 Effective Methods to Keep Birds Off of Your Porch

Birds are sensitive to sound as it is their way of keeping safe from predators. There are many bird repellents products that use high impact sonic and ultrasonic repelling sounds to deter birds. These products may have different birds’ sounds that allow you to change the repelling sounds.

My Most Effective Sound Deterrent to Keep Birds off Patio

I prefer something that is more pleasing to my ears and low cost and low maintenance. So I have wind chimes. Wind chimes are awesome and they produce different beautiful sounds depending on the materials used. I have a wind chime made of small steel material that produces sharp tones on my patio. The wind chime sound scared the little brown grass birds effectively.

I also made my own kind of special bird-deterrent wind chime for the backyard.

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Keep Birds Away From Balcony With Scary Objects

If you want to keep birds away from your balcony, you can use objects that are scary to them. Here below are a few objects that are relatively easy to find and use.

Does aluminum foil scare birds?

Though aluminum foil is often associated with the negative effects it has on humans, its also been known to scare birds. In fact, some say that when the shiny metal is crinkled up and placed around a birds habitat, it can cause the bird to flee in terror.

Still, many people believe that aluminum foil can be harmful to birds, so its best not to use it around them unnecessarily.

Instead, you could also use old CDs, they are also very shiny and seems to be effective at deterring birds.

Using shiny tape

Shiny tape is a great way to keep birds off your balcony. The reflective material on the tape makes it visible to birds, while the adhesive keeps them from landing on the ledge.

As long as its not too stiff, the shiny tape can keep unwanted birds out of your balcony for quite a while.

Spinning plastic wheels

No one likes birds perched on the railing of their balcony. But if you put a plastic spinning wheel next to the railing, the birds will most likely stay away. The motion of the bright and shiny wheel is like a wave, and its apparently too much for the birds to cope with.

Bird spikes

To keep the birds away from the apartment balcony, some homeowners have resorted to using bird spikes .

Wind chimes

Fake owl

Using glow sticks to keep birds off your balcony


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