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Cast Iron Fire Pit Cauldron

$550 + Receive A Free Ember Screen Or Fire Poker Every Purchase


Religiously a Cauldron occupies the first place among sacred vessels and The Cauldron Fire Pit is nothing less. Taking pride of place in your entertaining area The Cauldron Fire pit by Unique Fire Pits stands out like a beacon in the night, and its glow will draw your guests in closer together and be the catalyst for warm and relaxing conversation.


  • The Cauldron comes in 4 sizes, which are 800mm and 1 meter, 1200mm and 1500mm in diameter
  • Made from 8 – 10mm thick Cast Iron, which is completely maintenance free
  • The depth is 250mm
  • Base size is 350mm in diameter and 150mm high
  • Overall Weight is about 55kg incl the base
  • Comes with a 12mm hole in the centre to allow water to drain away
  • The option of a grill plate to be able to BBQ on it, is also available in both Metal or Stainless Steel finish
  • A screen to contain the embers is also adaptable onto this fire pit
  • Completly maintenance free product that will last a lifetime!


Please email us for a quote if you wish to collect your item from a depot

Picking up directly from us is welcome from either our Seven Hills Warehouse or our Ryde address. Please call or message on 0410264126 to make arrangements

1000mm Diameter Cauldon Fire Pit $ 550


BBQ Grills :

900mm Diameter Stainless Steel Half Cooking Grill $ 100

900mm Diameter Stainless Steel Cooking Grill $ 170

Ember Screen:

900mm Diameter Metal Screen $ 80

Fire Poker

Fire Pit Lids

How Much Does A Cauldron Cost

Depending on the size of cast iron caldron you are looking to buy, and if you want to purchase one brand new or used, the prices will vary greatly. However, we can tell you that small cauldrons can be found under $20 used and $40 brand new, while the larger cast iron cauldrons can be purchased anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars.

Just like everything else in life, there are brands and quality that make the prices of cast iron cauldrons fluctuate drastically. If you were lucky enough to score one at a garage sale or rummage sale, you might be spending only $20 for one of the coolest cast iron cauldrons still left to be found.

Great Cast Iron Cauldrons That Will Get You Cooking

Cauldrons are some of the oldest types of cookware ever since humans started using metal. In fact, cast iron cauldrons were best known for being used by witches back in the day. Now maybe youre a believer, or perhaps not, but either way, cast iron cauldrons are one of the coolest ways to cook over an open fire.

People from all walks of life are intrigued by the history of the cast iron cauldrons even some collectors today have surviving cauldron artifacts that date back to the Bronze Age. And theyre still in use today, although they lost some popularity along the way. Some people even buy them for decorative reasons only.

Here are some of the best cast iron cauldrons you can buy today, listed in the order of their size, from small to large. Depending on your intended use, were sure you will find one to suit your needs.

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Where Can I Buy A Cast Iron Cauldron

Cast iron cauldrons are gaining popularity again and are being sold from multiple places around the world. Depending on the size or design, you can easily pick one up from sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc. But dont limit yourself to the popular sources, you can search cast iron cauldrons on the internet, and plenty of metal works dealers will pop up who specialize in creating these as well.

However, suppose youre anything like us and want to find an antique cast iron cauldron, or you want to save some serious cash. In that case, we suggest heading out to some local yard or garage sales, old country type shops, rummage, or antique stores to see if you can find an old used cast iron cauldron that boasts with history from of all of its ancient usage.

Can I Put A Fire Pit On My Wood Deck

Moon Stars Heavy Duty Cast Iron Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Cauldron with Cover

You likely can, but please take a few precautions first. Your local building codes may specify how close the pit can be to the decking, but you should always place the fire pit atop stones or a slab like you would on grass. The fire pit base should extend 18 inches beyond the edges of the fire pit in every direction. In addition, you’ll want to keep the same 10-foot safety zone around all sides of your fire pit on your wood deck.

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What To Look For In Cast Iron Cauldrons

Depending on your personal style or the desire for usage, youll want to consider a few things before purchasing a cast iron cauldron. If you plan on using your cast iron cauldron for cooking over hot coals or an open flame, we suggest the following tips:

  • Check to be sure it is entirely made of cast iron.
  • Look at the maximum capacity for cooking if you intend to use it for big meals.
  • The pot itself should not be too thin as it may crack when used over high temperatures.
  • Find out if it comes with elements for support, such as legs or a tripod.
  • Inquire about the lid does it come with one, or do you need to purchase it separately.
  • Check if the cast iron cauldron is enameled or protected.

If youre looking to purchase a cast iron cauldron for decoration purposes only, these tips might not matter as much as the cauldrons authenticity. For collectors, there are many details you will need to look into in order to be sure that the cast iron cauldron is precisely what the seller claims it to be.

Many people are selling cast iron cauldrons for high-end pricing without supporting evidence of the cauldrons history. Dont pay top dollar for a cast iron cauldron claiming to be used by your ancestors if there isnt any way of proving that is the case.

Kudu Enamel Cast Iron Cauldron

This KUDU cast iron cauldron, aka Dutch oven, takes camping to a whole new level. The cooking and baking possibilities are unlimited, choose from brewing stews to slow-roasting any meats, and even the option to bake some bread. Its gorgeous green exterior is enamel coated for a durable finish.

You can place the cast iron cauldron above your campfire or directly in the coals either way, it will cook your food optimally. The metal handle makes toting your cast iron cauldron around simple, and we suggest adding the Dutch oven hanger to take your cooking up a notch over the open flames.

Capacity: 7.8L / 23 lbs.

This heavy-duty Jambalaya Pot from King Kooker is precisely what any chef would want to use when making jambalaya over burning coals. It doesnt get more surreal than using this cast iron cauldron for all your cooking needs outside. In fact, you can prepare all of your favorite foods with the King Cooker 5 Gallon Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot.

It is made from heavy-duty cast iron and features three feet for stability. The aluminum lid keeps all your contents warm while preparing the rest of your meal. There are two side handles that make transporting this cast iron cauldron practical.

Capacity: 5 Gallons / 19L

This cast iron cauldron resists rust with its perfect seasoned exterior, and it also makes clean up a breeze. You can add an aluminum lid, giant stir spoons, and paddles to make your outdoor cooking experience complete.

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What Is A Fire Pit

At its most basic, an outside fire pit is a freestanding metal or stone container in which you can build a fire with logs or enjoy a propane-powered flame. Fire pits are glamorous alternatives to those stones you surround a traditional campfire with they keep the flames from spreading and define this cozy gathering place. Fire pits are available in a number of different styles, including fire tables,fire bowls,pagodas, and tabletop designs for your outdoor dining table.

Explore: 25 Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard & Patio to make the most of your next outdoor family gathering!

How Far Should My Outdoor Fire Pit Be From My House

Red Ember Basin Cast Iron Fire Pit – Product Review Video

Your fire pit should sit at least 10 to 20 feet away from your house. Remember that you’re dealing with an open flame, and safety is your number-one concern. These pits can emit a lot of heat. Even if you have a heat shield in place to keep things from getting too warm, the pits still heat up surrounding structures.

Your home isn’t the only thing that can heat up nearby trees and plants can also catch fire if they’re closer than 10 feet to the pit. Never place your fire pit under overhanging tree branches, either. Floating embers can easily catch the limbs on fire. Keep a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, or fire pit screens, on hand near the pit when you’re enjoying it.

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Lodge Mini Cast Iron Cauldron

If youre looking for the perfect mini cauldron to add flair to your meals or campsite, then our pick for the smallest and most efficient cast iron cauldron is a must-have. With its patented heat-treating process, you can be sure that your cast iron cauldron wont get rusted.

This cast iron country kettle cauldron is perfect for serving fondue, soups, chili, or stews. You can also use it for boiling water to cook other foods such as veggies, eggs, meat, etc. The cast iron construction will keep all your food warm for hours while you enjoy the atmosphere.

We loved how this cast iron cauldron has a trio of integral legs for standing upon any type of surface, plus the wire bail handle makes it easy for moving the cast iron cauldron around.

Capacity: 18 oz / 530 ml

Abc News Made In America

We are honored that ABC News would select Goldens Cast Iron as part of their news series, Made in America. On behalf of all of our hard working employees, we extend humble thanks to David Muir and the ABC News Team.

What is a syrup kettle?

Back in the 19th century, the sugar cane industry utilized cane mills to squeeze cane juice into large syrup or sugar kettles to boil down sugar cane into either molasses into sugar or sorghum into sorghum syrup. Sorghum is extracted from the crushed stalks of a sorghum plant. It is then heated in a large syrup kettle to steam off the excess water, leaving sorghum syrup behind.

Molasses is the by-product of squeezing sugar cane through a cane mill, then boiled down into a concentrated for that eventually crystalizes into sugar.

How long has Goldens’ produced syrup kettles?

Goldens Foundry and Machine Company has been in business since 1882 and began producing syrup kettles during the sugar cane industry boom. The kettle sizes ranged from 20 gallons up to 120 gallons. Goldens also produced many variations of cane mills. Production lasted until the mid-1950s.

Back in the late 1800s many farmers grew sugar cane. Goldens Foundry produced cane mills that shredded the cane and separated and strained the sugar juice, then boiled the sweet sorghum in our cast iron syrup kettles that made syrup and molasses. Many of our cane mills and kettles have survived for well over a century!

How heavy is a Goldens’ Syrup Kettle Fire Pit?

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Outdoor Fire Pits Direct For Sale In Australia

Are you entranced by fire? Youre not alone here at Unique Fire Pits, we are too!

Theres something primal about an outdoor fire pit. An outdoor fire pit bowl is ideal, whether its for roasting marshmallows, cooking a BBQ feast, or just conversing around the warmth of the licking flames. The idea of an open outdoor fire pit has been a part of human life for as long as weve been cooking food perhaps this is why, millennia later, were still mesmerised by fire! An outdoor wood fire pit is a symbol for our coming together and enjoying life.

At Unique Fire Pits we stock just the backyard fire pit or garden fire pit you desire for your next dinner party, or for quality time spent with the family at home. With Unique Fire Pits brand of portable backyard fire pit, youll enjoy many convivial evenings with family and friends. Our brand of quality garden fire pits brings people together!

All the fire pits we sell are unique and are not your typical fire pit that can be found in Bunnings or Barbeques Galore, as they have all been hand crafted and can also be modified to suit customers specific requirements or specifications

Where Can I Set Up My Fire Pit

Cast Iron Fire Pit With Chimney : Rickyhil Outdoor Ideas

Finding the right spot for your fire pit is important for your comfort and safety. The pit should sit on a level spot to limit any likelihood of it falling over. You can place it in a grassy area, but the pit itself shouldn’t sit directly over the grass. Set it up over something that isn’t combustible, like a stone slab or some carefully arranged bricks similar to a small patio. A concrete slab is an ideal area, too. If you don’t have access to these items, you can also purchase a fire pit pad. These non-flammable, portable mats install just about anywhere. When you place your pit atop the pad, the pad shields the ground from radiating heat. Learn more fire pit safety tips with answers to your most commonly asked questions!

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What Is A Cauldron Actually

A cauldron is generally a large cooking vessel with a domed bottom. The domed base cannot stand by itself, so it either needs to have legs or some other support mechanisms. Here are some options for supporting cast iron cauldrons:

Three Legs Many cast iron cauldrons are sold with legs there usually are three legs that give the cast iron cauldron balance and stability.

Tripod If your cast iron cauldron did not come with legs, you could purchase a tripod to easily support the cast iron cauldron over the firepit.

Flaming Cauldron Fire Pit

Dolphins, for all their vaunted intelligence, have never harnessed the power of fire. ~Prof Petit Pauva Dolphins may not have harnessed fire but we have and here is my example of the domestication of fire. Like most people I enjoy a good fire pit on a chilly night. What I don’t like is a face full of smoke, flying embers, jackets that smell like smoke, and most of all, that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can’t get the fire started and you know you will be shunned by your tribe and not allowed to mate. To avoid all these things I decided to make a fire pit that used gas for fuel. There are many examples of these out there that people have made, some permanant and others portable. What I have noticed over the years is some of them just look nice but produce no heat while others actually work to keep you warm. I wanted one that looked nice and kept me warm. Too much to ask? I think not. After seeing two examples of gas fire pits at burning man last year I figured I knew enough to build the pit I wanted so it was time to get started.NOTE: Fire is dangerous and so is propane. Be careful and follow safety instructions or your life will suck big time. These are meant to give you ideas on building your own and do not contain all of the information you need.

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A Proper Container And Hardware

To make a good fire pit you need the proper container. You want one that is a good size and will act as a heatsink. This will allow it to collect heat from the flames and radiate it out to you. Something made of metal with thick walls is ideal. I wanted to use an old cauldron that I have had for years. I picked it up at a yard sale and sometimes used it as a fire pit for burning wood. It has also served as a halloween decoration at several haunted houses. It is cast iron and very heavy so makes a great fire pit. It will radiate heat and look awesome. One of the fire pits I saw was made by Jon Sarriugarte, he also made an instructable for it here: His kit had almost everything I needed to complete my build. The kit came with the ring, bulkhead fitting, tape, hose, regulator, lighter, and instructions. My cauldron would have fit the 18 inch ring but I decided on the 12 inch to save a few bucks. As you can see in the finished picture the flame output did not suffer. The only thing I added was a flexible hose from Home Depot for about $13 and some high temp RTV for $8.

Cast Iron Campfire Kettle

DIY! How to install a Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pit!

We adore how this cast iron cauldron made for cooking over the fire has an old-world appeal. The shape of this campfire kettle is perfect for making all kinds of meals, including all sorts of wonderful soups, and allows the steam and ingredients to mix inside the pot for more flavors to be unleashed.

The heavy-duty, durable cast iron construction will hold up to years of fun-filled camping and fireside on your property or campsite. You wont need to worry about the stability the three legs give this kettle everything it needs to remain balanced at all times. You can also add on a tripod for easier fireside cooking if you want the cast iron cauldron to rise above an ongoing campfire.

Capacity: 2 Gal / 7.5 L

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