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Diy Retractable Sun Shade For Pergola

How To Make A Slide

DIY Simple Retractable Canopy for Your Pergola

Add extra shade and style to your outdoor living space with a wire-hung canopy system. These billowing shades easily slide on the cables they hang from so you can have shade when you want it and retract them when you want a little more sun. A wire-hung canopy can be installed on any pergola or other freestanding structure. Our comprehensive video will show you step-by-step how to sew your own canopy panels and install them on a pergola.

To make planning your slide-on wire-hung canopy easier, we created a new Wire-Hung Canopy Fabric Calculator just for this project. By inputting the dimensions of your structure and the width of your fabric youll not only get a fabric rendering, but youll also get a breakdown of how to build your canopy and a complete, custom materials list based on your measurements.

When it comes to choosing a fabric for this project, we recommend using either Phifertex® Plus or Sunbrella® Marine Grade. Both provide good shade and durability out in the elements. If you choose to use Sunbrella Marine Grade, though, you will need to install drainage grommets in the center of each span so rainwater wont gather on the panels. Since Phifertex Plus is a mesh, it will drain the water on its own, making the grommet unnecessary.

Here’s a PDF download with instructions and a photo tutorial of how to make the alternative webbing strap system.

Install The Eye Screws On The Pergola

Next, you’ll install the six eye screws on the support beams, three on one beam and three on the opposite beam. The support beams are the pergola’s chief horizontal load-carrying beams, often 2×6 or 2×8 lumber, upon which the upper structure rests. They are not the top-most lattice , nor are they the cross members directly below the lattice. The support beams are the structural members that rest on the vertical posts.

Using a ladder, drill three equidistant pilot holes on one beam, slightly smaller in diameter than the eye screws. Position the holes as high as possible, while maintaining a 1-inch space above the holes so that the canopy will slide freely and clear any structural components directly above. Screw the three eye screws fully into place. Repeat for the opposite side.

Arched Open Sky Pergolas

The Arched Open Sky Pergola is a popular variation of our best selling Arched Pergola. Its graceful more open roof design can be built in almost any size and configuration imaginable. You will have a dedicated designer attached to your order so you can fine tune your pergola to the last detail before giving us the green light to build. And, if you need assembly help, we can assist as well. Free nationwide shipping available.

Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

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String Up Outdoor Curtains

For more shade than a pergola alone can provide, consider outdoor curtains to add a little shade to your pergola. Kate, from Centsational Style, shares an easy DIY using canvas tarps for sturdy shades. Simple, affordable, and still attractivejust what everyone wants! Alternatively, you can string up a weatherproof curtain or two like this .

Add A Patio Umbrella To A Table

DIY Pergola Cover Ideas: 7 Ways To Protect Your Patio From Sun and Rain ...

Patio umbrellas are usually designed to fit through a hole in an outdoor table. Theyre one of the classic patio covering ideas. Sometimes they have a weighted base for stability and support. Look for patio umbrellas in a variety of styles and colors. Solar-powered LED lights are available on some models, so you can keep enjoying the outdoors after the sun goes down.

To stay in the shade, make sure the umbrella extends at least 2 feet past the table all around. If youre not sure if a patio umbrella is big enough, grab a tape measure:

  • Measure the diameter of your table. If you have a square or rectangular table, measure the widest part.
  • Add 4 feet to that measurement when searching for an umbrella to fit the table.

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Adding Rods To The Shade

Spread the fabric shade out on a flat surface, one section at a time. With a pencil, make a line 3/4 from the center on both sides of each long, top-stitched seam. The result should be two lines, 1-1/2 apart, with the seam in the center. Fold long seam to long seam and crease the fold. Use this fold as your guide to make 2 lines, 1-1/2 apart with the crease in the center. These lines will be your guide for the rod pockets. On the 32 pieces of fabric that are 4-1/2×27, fold over each short end 1/2. press or crease in place. Stitch each fold in place. Fold over 1/4 on each of the long edges. Pin four of the pieces to the fabric shade with the long edges lined up with the lines you made. The pieces should all be 4 apart with the two outside pieces lining up flush with the edges of the shade hem. Sew the pockets in place, back stitching at the start and end of each pocket. Repeat for the other 7 lines and 28 pocket pieces. Cut away all excess threads. Insert a rod into each row of pockets. Put eye screws in each of the 40 holes with the metal sides of the holes running parallel with the rods. Add the caps to the ends of the rods.

Sam Henderson

Small Garden Pergola Kit

The smaller brother of our Traditional Garden Pergola, the Small Garden Pergola can be made up to 14 x 12.If you want to stretch your budget and want something you don’t have to replace for 20 years and that is truly environmentally friendly, this surprisingly strong and attractive pergola may be for you.Like all our shade structures, you will have an assigned designer/architect that will prepare detailed drawings of your order to fine tune your pergola to be sure it is exactly as you want before we build.Free nationwide shipping.On site assembly service is available if needed.

Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

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Trim The Wire Ropes And Attach Turnbuckles

Extend each of the turnbuckles out as far as they will go by turning the two ends counter-clockwise to each other. Attach the three turnbuckles with the hook end to the three remaining eye screws on the pergola. Extend the free end of each wire rope to the eye end of the turnbuckles to get a general sense of where to cut the ends. Add 4 inches to your measurement and cut there, using wire cutters.

Small Arched Open Sky Pergolas


The Small Arched Open Sky Pergola is a popular variation on our best selling Arched Pergola.Its graceful open roof design can be built up to 14 x 12 and it is a popular way to stretch your invested dollar.Re-assembly on site is usually only 4 to 5 hours.Free nationwide shipping.Need assembly help? Let us know.

Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

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How To Make It

After you are finished preparing the tools needed to build the porch shade, then you can follow these instructions below.

  • First thing first, you should decide which rectangular or square you would like to be shaded. The two corners under the eaves should be against the house. The other two corners, if possible, should make use of existing house structures, such as fence posts. However, if there is no structure available, you can dig two holes with 2 feet deep and stick a post in each holes.
  • After that, screw the eye screws right into the four corners. Make sure that the size of the eyes should fit with the cable to get through.
  • Then, run the cable through all the eyes of the screws. Securely tie the cable together at any one of the screws, then cut off any cable excess. Be sure that the cables are taut enough to hold the canvas sheet.
  • Measure the width and length of the cable, then multiply those numbers to get the area. It is done in order to know how long the canvas that covers the area. Canvas will likely sag, therefore you should make some extra yards from the material.
  • Choose the canvas sheet you would like to use. Moreover, you can also choose some patterns to join in together in a patchwork.
  • Make holes along the entire three edges of the canvas surface, the sides that extend away from the house and the edge against the house.
  • Finally, fold the canvas against the house. Then, unfurl it by pulling the canvas away from the house.
  • Image:

    Pergolas With Fabric Shade Canopy

    A pergola with fabric shade canopy can filter more natural sunlight, and works great in hot sunny climate. There are many attractive ideas and styles to use fabric as durable patio covers.

    Below is a detailed DIY video by Sailrite on how to install retractable fabric shade canopy on a pergola.

    There are so variations in fabric colors and sizes.

    White and lighter color fabrics also reflect more sun and keep this patio cool in summer.

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    Viking Pergola Diy Kits

    Our Viking Pergola was originally designed to mimic a Viking Meeting house.The customer took over a month to design it with us.We will email drawings of your order for your review.With a couple of drawing revisions with your assigned designer, your perfect pergola will come to life and then magically be erected a couple months later in your yard! Need assembly help? Let us know.Free nationwide shipping.

    Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

    Easy Diy Canvas Shade Sails

    Yardistry Retractable Sunshade

    Home improvement projects are usually complicated especially if you are thinking of designing your outdoors and need shade. Shade Sails are one way to go because they are aesthetically pleasing and complement your propertys architecture. When done, they look amazing with a playful design, cost less, and are easy to set up and maintain.

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    Why Didnt You Build Your Own Pergola

    I know everyone is wondering why I didnt build my own pergola. I think I did too. This held me back from having any shade coverage for several years. When I costed out using that kit versus building my own, I couldnt justify the cost. With the cost of wood and the brackets and screws it was easily over $1000. Not to mention the time that it would take to measure, cut, and build my own Pergola. Creating one from a kit took about 2 hours.

    Now I know what youre thinking Wood is much more durable than this metal pergola. That is true, but this is not our forever home. We have been thinking and wondering when were going to move. I didnt want to make such a large investment when Im not sure how long we are going to be in this home.

    Heres a quick glimpse of how we assembled this pergola and the shade canopy in action

    Stain The Support Bars

    Cedar wood naturally weathers to a silvery-gray color and its oils keep it protected for many years. But if you would like added protection or a different look, you may choose to treat the cedar boards with semi-transparent stain or solid color stain.

    Let the stain dry fully before proceeding to the next step.

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    What To Consider Before Building A Retractable Canopy

    Retractable pergola canopies have distinct benefitsbut it’s important to know about their limitations before embarking on the project. Among the advantages of building your own DIY retractable canopy:

    • Cost is quite low compared to commercial canopies, which usually are installed by a custom installation team.
    • It is relatively simple to build this version, using basic materials available at home centers.
    • This canopy is easy to open and close, without the tricky mechanical gears and pulleys that commercial canopies feature.

    But also keep in mind some drawbacks:

    • This design is ineffective against rain.
    • It can be susceptible to damage in high winds.
    • Semi-translucent fabric doesn’t create complete shade.

    Attached Arched Pergola Kits

    How to Make a Slide-On Wire Hung Canopy (Pergola Canopy)

    Need a lovely transition space when you walk outside? The sun is too intense? Need a gathering spot to watch the afternoon go by? The natural beauty of this stylish arched pergola may be your medicine! We will handcrafted to the size you wish and customize as needed. If you dont have time for the assembly, let us know and we will have one of our crews spend a couple days and put it up for you. Nationwide free shipping. 20 year decay warranty. Tell us about your plans and consider it done.

    Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

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    Windscreen 4 Less Retractable Pergola Shade

    The Windscreen 4 Less Retractable Pergola Shade is a very nice wavy design that would complement your backyard. There is a U Shape design meaning you can decide what kind of flatness from the cover that you want depending on the distance between the panels.

    Keep in mind though, that there is a 2 inch between each panel. It is made out of high-quality polyurethane so that means its extremely durable against all-weather elements. While you do have to set up, there is almost everything that you need for installation.

    For installation you get wire cable, pad eyes, turnbuckle, fabric panel, retracting rod, rope, control tape, shackle and snap hook. There is a usual manual that will have the instructions that would tell you how to set up the canopy. This canopy is 4 x16 which is standard size. There are also many other sizes that you can choose from if you want something bigger or smaller. Theyre also three colors that you can choose from.

    What customers have to say:

    Good product for the price. The material is partially shiny outdoor fabric. It is not waterproof but provides shade from dew. Not sure how long itll last but installation was relatively easy and installed canopies look good!

    We bought 4 of these to span our 12×16 pergola . Install was straight forward, and it blocked out the overhead sun nicely.

    I love these! Got 2 of the 7×16 to cover my 14 x 20 patio and they fit perfectly. Like having a retractable sunroof for my patio, theyre awesome!


    The Silverado Modern Pergola

    You say you want a Modern looking Shade Structure for your place? Check out the Silverado Modern Pergola. Yes, any size. Yes, we can install it for you anywhere in the U.S. Free nationwide shipping.

    Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

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    The La Modern Pergola

    The L.A. Modern Pergola was a custom job for a customer in L.A. Although we sometimes lack imagination naming our pergolas, we hope you find the design and construction quality to your liking.The L.A. pergola is built to order you can dress her up with privacy panels and other accessories as you like.And, if you have no time for assembly, please ask about our White Glove Assembly service.Free nationwide shipping.

    Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

    Small Arched Pergola Kits

    Retractable Shade Pergola

    The Small Arched Pergola kits are a popular easy way to transform any space on your property into a beautiful gathering spot. This design is available up to a 14 x 12 size and ships anywhere in the U.S. quickly. It is made from durable high quality Redwood with warranties of up to 20 years. Your order will be drawn first to get your feedback and we will not build until you sign off on every detail to make sure you get exactly what you need. You can customize as needed. Free nationwide shipping. On site assembly support is available also.

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    The Lattice Pergola Kit

    Need a beautiful all natural wood pergola? Want something you don’t have to replace for 20 years and that is truly environmentally friendly? Need it your way? Want help with the assembly? From Design to Install made easy. Let us know what you have in mind. We will make sure it is something you can be proud of for years to come. Free nationwide shipping.

    Need help to choose the correct pergola or pavilion?Click here to download our checklist: From Design to Done.

    Diy Pergola Shade Ideas

    This post may contain affiliate links. We make a small commission if you buy the products from these links . As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. But we only recommend products we would use ourselves. For more information, .

    These first few pergola cover ideas provide a lot of shade and some protection from rain but arent totally waterproof.

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    Add Extra Shade & Privacy With A Colorful Pergola Canopy

    Canopies are fade resistant, easy-to-clean, and block over 92% of UV rays. Made in the USA.


    Create a beautiful shaded area by adding a colorful canopy to your Pergola Depot pergola kit. Custom-made to fit our pergolas, our pergola canopies are an affordable way to transform any outdoor living space. Choose from popular industry-leading outdoor fabrics and colors to enhance your pergola. Add an Infinity retractable pergola canopy to any of our attached pergola kits or our freestanding pergola kits in sizes 8×8 up to 20×20 to create extra shade and privacy. The canopy sizes listed on our website are for our standard pergola kits and are custom-made to fit Pergola Depot pergolas. Canopies ship within 4-5 weeks of paid order. Canopy panels ship separately from the canopy hardware.

    Canopy Sizing

    Canopy Fabrics and Accessories

    A favorite for outdoor use, Sunbrella fabric offers excellent fade and weather resistance and blocks 100% of UV rays. The fabric is water repellent, yet is also soft and easy to work with. A wide selection of colors are available for retractable canopies built for Pergola Depot pergola kits. Functional and durable, Phifertex Plus Mesh fabrics block 92% of UV rays, are easy to maintain, and are resistant to mold and fading.

    Adjust your canopy with the included pull cord or upgrade to a magnetic latch or pulley & rope systems. The magnetic latch keeps the canopy in the shade position, and the rope and pulley keeps the canopy where you leave it.


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