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Cost Of Pergola Attached To House

After You Choose The Size Select The Remaining Options To Customize Your Pergola And Add It To Your Cart

How to Build a Pergola Attached to Your House | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

Once you place your order, we will send you an order confirmation along with a rough sketch of the pergola kit you ordered to confirm the measurements will work for your space. Then well add you to our production calendar! Once we have your kit built, crated, and ready to ship well send you a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. Once it leaves our production facility, your attached pergola kit will take between 2 to 10 business days in transit depending on what part of the country youre in. Your pergola kit will arrive pre-cut and pre-drilled with step-by-step instructions and ready to assemble! Read more FAQs here.

Whats The Difference Between A Pergola And A Gazebo

Many people use the terms pergola and gazebo interchangeably since theyre both outdoor structures. However, theyre not the same thing. Most times, gazebos are round while most pergolas are either square or rectangular. And gazebos are constructed with a solid roof, which you wont find on a pergola.

Instead, pergolas are designed to be open and airy, topped with cross beams to allow the sun and breeze to filter through. Finally, while a pergola can be attached to your home , a gazebo is always a freestanding structure.

Opt For Less Expensive Building Materials

While the cost of pergola installation can fluctuate between contractors, it’s usually the building materials that impact the final cost of a pergola the most, say experts.

“Adding complex designs, flourishes, or luxury building materials can easily double the price of a patio cover,” explains David Steckel, home expert for Thumbtack who has 15 years of experience as a general contractor. “Redwood, for example, is a commonly used wood thanks to its natural weather-resistance and rustic look. However, redwood costs are nearly double the price of pressure-treated pine, another common building material.”

Steering clear of lumber while wood prices are skyrocketing and selecting alternative building materials, such as vinyl, can bring down the cost of your project substantially, advises John Smucker of Pennsylvania-based Smucker Fencing, a local fence and outdoor living specialist.

“Most pergolas are made from either vinyl, wood, or cedar. If you want to save money while also getting a low-maintenance pergola, I suggest investing in vinyl,” says Smucker. “It’s virtually maintenance-free, is the longest lasting, and in today’s upside-down ecosystem, is actually more affordable than lumber.”

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Option 2 Cost Of A Scratch

I would go for a scratch-built pergola, as they are much more cost-effective, and you have more control over the final result. The costs involved include pressure-treated wood, often cedar, and concrete for the base.

This usually comes in about $570 however, this does not account for delivery fees or pavers if you choose to go that route.

One of the most expensive parts of scratch building a pergola is the pressure-treated wood and delivery cost.

I prefer this way because it is the most cost-effective however, it is important to remember the intensive labor involved.

Tip: Make sure to take a look at my dedicated article on the best pergola accessories to maximize your pergola enjoyment!

Gable Roof Pergola Cost

Simple Pergola Attached to House 2

The cost of a custom gable-roof pergola ranges from $5,700 to $20,000. This is sometimes known as a sloping pergola, slanted pergola, or pitched roof pergola. All these are not technically pergolas because true pergolas do not have roofs. Adding gables or a gabled roof to an open-sided pergola creates a pergola/gazebo hybrid. This is a custom design and not available as a prefab. Adding a roof to a pergola dramatically increases costs.

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What Is A Pergola

First, you might be wondering what exactly a pergola is. While an arbor is generally a smaller, often arched freestanding structure, a pergola carries more weight in any area outside your home. They often help to extend the living space within a house, creating a structured environment.

They differ from a gazebo, too. Gazebos traditionally have an enclosed roof, keeping the space underneath dry during inclement weather. Gazebos are often round in shape, whereas pergolas feature more square or rectangular shapes.

A pergola a type of outdoor structure that is comprised of rafters and beams, supported by columns or posts. A pergola can be attached directly to a home, or used as a freestanding structure in any outdoor setting.

The grid of a pergola can be covered with an awning for more of a shelter from the sun and elements, or left open as more of a decorative element.

Often, gardeners can train vines to grow up the columns for added charm! They can also help create a focal point, drawing attention to a designated area of your yard. Pergolas can cover a fire pit or conversation area, a bench or swing, or even something like a hot tub.

Pergola Installation Cost By Location

Pergolas can be installed in one of two ways. They can be free-standing structures, meaning you can install them anywhere, such as on a deck, patio, poolside, or in the center of your yard.

The other less expensive method of building a pergola is to build it onto the side of your home. In this method, you only have two posts instead of four, so your costs are lower. Keep in mind the rafters must be supported by your home, which means some modifications to your homes exterior to support it. Attached structures are more likely to be installed on a deck or patio because they must be attached to your home. Free-standing can be installed anywhere. Below are the average costs for each pergola type.

$2,500 – $6,500

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Can I Build A Pergola Attached To The Homes Roof

Not really. If your pergola is to be integrated with the homes roof, technically it becomes a covered patio or porch and is a much more involved project. Features such as bays, awnings, arbors, pavilions, and even gazebos are often confused with a true pergola, whose defining feature is the absence of a roof.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pergola Attached To House

DIY Attached Pergola | Build It Better | EP. 01

The cost to build a pergola usually sits between $2,200 and $5,900, or $4,000 on average. You could spend as little as $1,300 on a basic build while you may pay as much as $10,000 for a custom design.

What fixings do I need for a pergola?

Galvanised nails or stainless-steel screws and wood glue are required to fix the main and crossbeams. Concrete or quick-drying post-crete will hold your uprights in place, unless you are building off a deck or solid concrete base.

Where is the best place to put a pergola?

A pergola can be used over a terrace to provide shade, either adjoining the house, or over a paved area elsewhere in the garden, perhaps with a seat and pots of shade-loving plants. This can be a focal point or it can be a clever way of breaking up an expanse of wall or fence.

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House Attached Pergola: Building Costs And Maintenance

So you have decided to build a pergola, but you are unsure if you want to attach your pergola to your house or build a stand alone version. Both designs have benefits, so how you plan to use it will likely determine which to build. Today, we will investigate the possibilities for attaching your pergola to an existing structure and how you might go about it.

Get Started On Your New Pergola Today

Now that you know the costs associated with purchasing a pergola, it is time to look into purchasing one. Whether you have a budget established already or you just needed an idea of the cost of a pergola, we are here to help. Check out our selection of pergolas and find your next outdoor living space today.

At Hometown Structures, we want to help you find your next relaxation space. Please request a free quote online or visualize your new pergola in 3D using our handy 3D Pergola Designer! For any other questions, please contact our sales team at .

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Pergola Cost Built From Scratch

A basic garden pergola built of pressure-treated wood and mounted in the ground with concrete varies in price depending on location and current cost of materials. Remember, this basic cost does not include taxes, delivery fees, or pavers. Appearance-grade pressure-treated wood will raise the price.

Since this pergola includes materials such as ready-mix concrete, gravel, and over 40 pieces of heavy lumber, you may want to have the materials delivered rather than picking them up by yourself.

The cost to build the pergola from scratch can be as little as $1,000 to $2,000 for a small 10-foot square pergola, using pressure-treated 4x4s as the posts and setting them into post holes by yourself with a post-hole digger or auger.

Though pergolas are usually freestanding, attaching one end of the pergola to the house makes the project go easier and saves on materials, since two of the posts are eliminated. Attaching to the house usually will require the project to be permitted, though.

To Conclude On Louvered Pergola Cost

Affordable and Cost Effective Pergola Attached to House: Attached ...

The lockdown has been difficult for all of us. But millions of homeowners across the United States decided to bring the outdoors inside with automated louvered roof systems to ensure that their families can safely spend time at home.

These louvered pergolas offer rain-tight settings where you can safely spend time with family and friends.

Choosing the right pergola manufacturer can make a world of difference in the expenses youll have to bear. It is important to remember that the costliest option isnt necessarily the best one. You need expert guidance to ensure that your pergola looks good and is big enough and right for the weather in your locality.

We hope this pergola buyers guide can provide you with all the necessary information you need to know before you begin your process of purchasing and installing a louvered pergola roof system.

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Typical Price Range Of Pergolas

The cost of constructing a pergola can range anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000, or $10 to $60 per square foot, depending on the size, materials selected, and whether you hire a pro or DIY, says Bailey Carson, home care expert at Angi.

“For a simple pergola, hiring a pro will typically cost about $500 to $1,000 more than DIY, to account for labor,” says Carson. “Costs can go up depending on size, complexity, or level of customization.”

The home services website Thumbtack, meanwhile, estimates that the cost of materials and labor to install a 10×10-foot pergola is around $3,600. But Thumbtack adds that prices can range from as little as $1,000 for a small prefab vinyl or PVC kit to $9,000 for the design and installation of sprawling custom patio covers and structures made from high-end materials such as teak wood. The final overall cost, however, depends highly on the finish of your pergola structure, its size, and its function.

How Much Does A Pergola Cost

A pergola is a structure used in yards to create an additional living space, but how much does it cost to install? According to Forbes, it costs between $2,200 and $5,900 to build a pergola, with the average cost being around $4,000. A smaller and more basic structure may be closer to $1,000, while a large, custom-built pergola may cost over $10,000. You can also build a pergola yourself for a cheaper cost using materials and instructions from a home improvement store.

Pergolas are structures consisting of four legs and a roof, typically made of wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. The most common type of pergolas is wood, but its price varies depending on what kind of wood you choose to use. These structures are often used for outdoor dining or lounge spaces or as an extension of garden space. They are a beautiful layout to add to your yard and can add to the value of your home.

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How To Build A Pergola: Contractor Cost & Diy Tips

Find out how to build a pergola by reading our useful DIY tips, the cost of materials and of hiring a contractor. We also included 4 free quotes.

Do you look at your backyard and feel something is missing? Or is the summer season here and all you want to do is sit and relax outdoors as you soak in the beautiful warm weather? The answer to your missing link is pergola.

This simple structure can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful place with just the right appeal. It will provide you with the perfect spot for relaxing and entertaining during the warmer season. Not only does a pergola add functionality to your outdoor living space it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your home.

One of the best ways to create an inviting mood for your home that reflects your personality is through landscaping. A well a landscaped home reflects your style, warmth, and hospitality. Adding a pergola is one of the ways that contribute to landscape enhancements in your home. This addition gives your family a spectacular spot for outdoor living space. In fact, it is one the simplest and versatile structures that transforms your outdoor space into a functional one

Pergola Cost By Region:

How To Build A DIY Pergola | Build Or Buy – Is It Worth It?
  • Shade sail: $6-8K per sail
  • Pergola: $3-30K

Ryan Aakre of Signature Landscapes Inc. in Fargo, ND offers these price ranges:

  • Pergola: $3-4K for 10 x 10 wood
  • Pergola kit : $6K
  • Gazebo kit: $4-5K

Alison Terry, a landscape architect in Fullerton, CA offers these price ranges:

  • Pergola: $7-10K for 12 x 12 wood
  • Shade sail: $6K per sail

Baron Biedenweg from Archadeck of Fort Wayne, IN offers these price ranges:

  • Sunroom: $25-45K
  • Screened porch: $12-25K
  • Pergola: $4-20K

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What Other Costs Are Associated With A Pergola

Photo Credits: Backyard Discovery

Once you have the full structure priced out, it is time to look at the pergolas final costs. The interior and exterior options. These options will add convenience to your relaxation and add a touch of beauty to your already free-standing pergola, but what are those options?

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Pergola

Most DIY jobs tend to be cheaper than hiring a professional, but its important to consider value versus cash outlay. A professional can ensure your pergola is built with a solid foundation. In general, the cost to put together a 10×10 pergola kit on your own is about $700 while a professional may charge an average of $3,500 for the same project.

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Sizing Your Diy Pergola

A DIY pergola or arbor only has to support its own weight and the weight of whatever you hang from it. This allows you to extend beam and rafter spans.

On a larger pergola, however, you dont want the lumber to appear unsubstantial, so it is important to increase the size of the members appropriately.

Move up to 6-by-6 posts and 2-by-8 beams and rafters to keep the pergola looking sturdy. Add intermediate posts and additional beams anytime a beam or rafter span is longer than 12 feet to prevent sagging in the future.

Cost To Build A Pergola Over A Patio

Shade your deck Note:

The cost to build a pergola over a patio is $1,900 to $6,500 for the average cedar pergola. Your costs can be lower if you install it attached to your home. Depending on the materials the patio is made from, you may want to dig and create concrete footers for the pergola, or it could be installed directly on the patio material. In some instances, a wooden pergola can be directly attached to a wooden patio deck. In others, it may be anchored to a stone or concrete patio without footers. The total project cost depends on the patio and pergola size and the materials.

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Replace The Siding And Seal

Now that your ledger board is installed and flashed, you can replace the siding. Any siding will need to be cut to fit the board, but the details will differ from one to another. For vinyl siding, you will need an additional part, known as J channel. You will usually see this channel surrounding windows and doors. The J channel directs water away from the board and adds an additional level of quality, workmanship, and will never need maintenance.

These types of siding do not require additional parts, so a high-quality sealant must be used. Again, use 100% silicone, making sure there are no gaps, nor cracks.

Pro Tip. Although it can be used, the pros never use water-based caulk. Although the clean-up is more difficult, petroleum-based caulk will last much longer and once it has dried, can easily be painted.

The Pergola Size You Choose Determines The Number Of Posts

All of our full size attached pergola kits have been engineered with two posts for sizes 8×8 up to 20×20. 20×20 is the largest standard pergola kit size offered on our website. You can request a larger size by completing our custom quote request form, or by contacting us by phone or email. Once you go over 20 feet overall in either direction we will need to add extra support posts to bear the weight of the pergola.

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