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Gas Fire Pits For Patio

Buying An Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

DIY Patio Gas Fire Pit Table

An outdoor fire pit provides the warmth and visual beauty of a fire without the hassle of building and tending a wood fire. Gas fire pits allow you to enjoy instant-on flame without smoke or ash. And theyre available in various styles and sizes.

Whether you want a permanent gas fire pit for the backyard or a portable model to take on camping trips, theres an option out there for you. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a gas fire pit:

Style: Gas fire pits can be in-ground or self-contained, permanent or portable. Some are intended for entertaining and eating, while others are purely decorative. Fire bowls are round, attractive designs that curve upward from the ground. Fire tables with flat tops may be tall enough to use as a dining table, or low-slung like a coffee table. Fire columns have a small footprint, just enough space for the propane tank and decorative enclosure.

Portability: Almost all natural gas fire pits are permanent installations. And while many propane models are intended to remain in place, others can be picked up and taken on the go. Keep in mind youll need to factor in a propane tank when considering a portable model. Propane is available in containers as small as one gallon, but the most readily available tanks are five gallons.

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Why Choose A Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pits offer top-notch convenience and comfort while giving you a natural entertaining area. Theyre among the best ways to heat your outdoor living space, and guests will love gathering around a fire without smelling like smoke. Additionally, patio gas fire pits are safe and easy to use, provide a clean burn, and leave no messy soot or ash to clean.

With a gas fire pit, you can achieve a steady and satisfying flame typically found in a wood burning fire pit without the hassle of collecting wood and starting the fire. You get warmth and beautiful flame aesthetics for less than half the effort! Gas fire pits are even safe to use when a wood-burning ban is in place in your area.

Gas Fire Pits: The Modern Centerpiece Of Outdoor Living

A freestanding outdoor gas fire pit is a smart choice for a homeowner or business looking to elevate any outside space with a convenient plug-and-play fire feature. If you’re in the market for an outdoor natural gas fire pit, the breadth of options can be intimidating, especially if you’re looking for a high-quality unit. Many retailers are trying to capitalize on the popularity of these propane and natural gas outdoor fire pits, leading to a flood of subpar options.This is why it’s a good thing you’re shopping with Firepits Direct. We curate our collection to offer the best in the fire pit gas feature industry, meaning we can assure you that when you shop with us, you’re getting only the highest quality. Add in our technical expertise and best-in-class customer service, and you’re looking at a smooth gas fire pit outdoor experience.

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Types Of Fire Pits & Heaters

Various types of fire pits and heaters are available at Sam’s Club®. Fire pits feature a reservoir or dip that can hold logs or coals. Some fire pits can be placed inside a stone or rock enclosure for a more built-in appearance, while others can simply be placed on a solid surface, which makes them more portable. Portable fire pits are ideal for smaller backyards, so you can easily put them away after the season. Other fire pits can be fueled by gas and offer a more sleek look.

Outdoor heaters run off of propane gasoline and can be placed around the patio outside or in the garage. These devices give off immense heat, and they are great for colder nights.

Best Imitation Wood Gas Fire Pit

Cloud Mountain Gas Fire Pit Table Outdoor Patio Garden FirePit ...

Though weve already looked at one fire pit with a rustic wood look, we really like the style of the Casainc WFEHFP-05-A Fire Pit Table.

Rather than try to mimic natural wood, Casaincs designers opted for a more stylized approach. This round pit is 28 inches in diameter, with its stainless steel burners wrapped inside sleek black composite material sculpted to look like a hollowed-out tree stump.

The battery-powered electric ignition sparks the 30,000 Btu fire to life, and the whole fire pit weighs in at 44 pounds. Note that it runs off an external tank, so you may want to consider a tank cabinet. It comes with lava rocks and a PVC cover.

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Why Buy A Gas Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is an excellent way to turn any patio or backyard into an inviting entertaining and relaxation space. These fire features create a natural gathering space, increase the value of your home or business and extend the outdoor season. In the decade we’ve been selling quality natural gas fire pit tables and fire pits, there have been three major selling points for these appliances:

  • Technology – Innovation has been a constant process in the gas fire pit industry since the start, and here at Firepits Direct, we carry the brands who have been leading the charge. The inclusion of things like electronic ignitions, home automation integration and state-of-the-art materials has made patio gas fire pits better than they’ve ever been.
  • Heating – With the sometimes chilly temperatures of late spring and early fall, it can be challenging to get the most out of an outdoor patio or backyard space, depending on where you live. A powerful gas fire pit outdoors can change that. The heat of the flames can keep you and your guests comfortable even when the temperatures dip in the evening, allowing you to the get the most value out of your investment.
  • Ambiance – Whether you’re looking for a small gas fire pit for your home or a large and impressive centerpiece unit for an outdoor dining space, you’re wanting to elevate that outdoor space to an inviting gathering place. The gas fire pit is the modern bonfire, where friends and family come together.

Best Fire Pits To Consider: Top Outdoor Fire Pits Gas Fire Pits

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Roasting marshmallows, bare feet in the grass, twinkling fireflies backyard campfire season is coming. The first day of spring is on Mar. 20 and the first day of summer isnt that far off, either, on June 20. So soon enough, itll be time to trade in sweaters for short sleeves.

SKIP AHEAD Best fire pits

Many of my fondest childhood memories occurred in the backyard, my siblings and me running shoeless around before my dad gathered us up to cook marshmallows over the old-school charcoal grill for the ultimate warm weather staple: homemade s’mores. To this day, nothing reminds me of summer quite the way biting into a s’more does. Now that my daughter is old enough and while our new normal means we’ll be staying at home more I’m looking forward to sitting around a fire, but with an upgrade to that charcoal grill: Ill be using a fire pit. With s’mores season right around the corner and to help you find your own piece of summer relaxation in your backyard, we compiled a few of the best fire pit options to consider for your backyard as the hotter weather settles in.

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Custom Stone Gas Fire Pits

We offer custom stone gas fire pits that are built to order. Our stone gas fire pits come in a variety of styles, sorts, colors, and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your home. No matter the height or width, we can customize one of our fire pits for you! Relax on your patio with your outdoor chairs and table near a picturesque, warm, fire pit no matter the time of year. All of our gas fire pits are made with the highest quality materials and construction. Our stone is hand-selected and fits perfectly together without any gaps.

About Outdoor Fire And Patio

How To Install A Gas Fire Pit

Mission Statement: At Outdoor Fire and Patio, your safety and our unsurpassed customer service are the most important part of our business of modern gas fire pits. We achieve the goal by offering only the highest quality products that exceed industry standards while still assuring we can provide them at affordable prices. We have an expert staff, always ready to assist you in any way with a friendly attitude and vast knowledge of our product and industry. With over ten years of experience in the outdoor industry, Outdoor Fire and Patio was created by homeowners who understand the excitement as well as the concerns that come with the idea of designing your outdoor space. We also know the horror of being let down by sub par service or performance of propane fire tables. We are proud of every aspect of our business, so we hand select everything we offer our customers for complete quality assurance.

Durable & Unique Concrete Fire Bowls

No matter your taste, Outdoor Fire and Patio has something in our vast collection to satisfy your gas fireplace & modern gas fire pit design needs. Best of all, every fire bowl is custom crafted to assure strength and durability for long lasting reliability, using fiber to form the concrete.

Superior Technology

Tiki Torches

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Where Do Fire Pits Belong

Location, location, location is one of the most important things to take into account when shopping for a fire pit, said Heather Hilliard of Heather Hilliard Design and Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes. Both women have incorporated fire pits into their clients’ outdoor spaces. Heres how to best determine your fire pits prime real estate, according to Hilliard:

  • Keep the firepit a minimum of 12 feet away from a structure further if you have the room.
  • Avoid low-hanging trees there should be nothing overhead.
  • Select a clearing for your firepit position ideally one out of the wind, and located on non-flammable surfaces.

Seating distance is another thing to consider when choosing a fire pit and its location. Kameon likes to choose places where you can have seating on all sides of the fire pit while still having plenty of room for people to move around.

Key Factors To Consider


The first factor to consider when choosing a gas fire pit is the space youre looking to fill. There are fire pits in many shapes and sizes, including tiny tabletop flames and massive concrete installations meant to anchor a backyard. If youre hoping to provide warmth, choose a large fire pit with a BTU output of 50,000 or higher. Although some smaller options arent as warm, they can create a cozy atmosphere for one or two people.

Fuel Type

Many fire pits today run on 20-pound propane tanks, but some require natural gas, delivered via a connection to your home line. A few can be configured for either gas source. Natural gas is typically a better choice if you have access to it, but youll need a plumbing professional to install it, Schatz says, adding that natural gas is the top choice because there are no tanks to hide or refill. Its also significantly cheaper than propane once the line is installed. Factor that installation into your budget, though running a gas line to a fire pit costs around $25 per linear foot. On the other hand, hooking up a fire pit to a 20-pound propane tank is no different than attaching a tank to your gas grill, and propane burns more efficiently than natural gas. Propane fire pits might also require some light assembly. In our experience, the process is typically less complicated than putting together a grill.

Ignition Type

Safety Features

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Fire Pit Fuel: Gas Wood Or Propane

Think about your preferred fuel type. Options generally include natural gas, propane and wood. According to Jackie Hirschhaut, the VP of public relations and marketing for the International Casual Furnishings Association, fire pits’ most popular fuel sources are natural gas and propane. Propane is easy to buy, inexpensive, comes in portable tanks, doesn’t make a mess to install and burns clean. Many propane fire pits also equip temperature control and are easy to light, says Elle Meager, the founder of Outdoor Happens.

If you go with a plumbed gas-fired fire pits, which Hilliard said many of her clients choose for ecological and aesthetic reasons, you need to be sure that a gas line can be piped and plumbed to the desired location by a professional.

While depending on where you live you might not be able to have a wood fire pit, I’m a fan of wood. There’s something more authentic about it, and if you have kids, it’s easier to get them involved in the fire pit experience by helping collect wood and twigs from the yard for the pit and eventually letting them help to get the fire started. Woodfire pits also tend to be cheaper, according to Meager, and you can use charcoal in most wood fire pits, which can create long-lasting heat as the charcoal tends to burn longer than wood, similar to a grill.

How To Shop For The Best Fire Pit

Peaktop Outdoor Garden Patio Round Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit ...

Because of their popularity, fire pits are now available in all sizes and configurations, from small portable fire pits and larger single units to table options with chairs in a variety of heights. And they all come with a variety of fuel options, from wood and gas to propane. But before you invest in a fire pit, consider both where youll want to place it in a garden, on a patio or a balcony and how you’ll use it. Will you be cooking up marshmallows or simply sitting around it to stare at the flame. Do you want a permanent or portable fire pit do you want to take it with you or does it stay in the backyard? Permanent fire pits are more expensive but last longer.

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What To Consider When Buying A Gas Fire Pit

Even though we’ve curated a collection of only the best fire features in the industry, we still offer an impressive selection of gas fire pits. There are a number of factors to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the unit that best serves your needs.Our team of product specialists is of course happy to offer their guidance via phone, chat or email, but it’s very helpful to do some research in advance to find just what you’re looking for. The main factors our customers take into account while shopping for a gas fire pit include:

Concrete Work Tinder Hemisphere

While Hillard often works with Concrete Works to create custom fire pits for her clients the company has several made to order fire pit models including the modern looking Tinder Hemisphere. Made out of concrete, this fire pit can be ordered in several sizes, color choices and comes with a choice of a manual or electric ignition.

While the Tinder Hemisphere is currently out of stock, the companys Dawn fire pit which is also made from concrete is compatible with either propane or natural gas and comes in three different sizes to choose from.

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Best Imitation Stone Gas Fire Pit

Do you love the look of a stone fire pit but arent interested in something so permanent? The Teamson Home Propane Fire Pit has the look of stone without the installation.

Great for renters who want to keep their options open, this propane-fueled fire pit weighs 77 pounds, making it tip-resistant but not too heavy to pick up and move.

Rated at 50,000 Btu, this fire pit ships with lava rocks to give a natural look. It measures 37 inches in diameter and 11-1/2 inches high, perfect for gathering around and roasting marshmallows.

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Fire & Water Gas Fire Pits

How To Light an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

We carry a large selection of fire & water gas fire pits in both natural gas and liquid propane . Our fire & water gas fire pits come in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your home. The sleek and modern design of fire & water gas fire pits are an excellent way to update your home with our fast installation. Check out our deals today! These fire pits are perfect for any outdoor space!

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How Does Your Fire Pit Ignite

How do you want to light your fire pit? Some models come with electronic ignition others you light with a match. Kameon says she has always used manual ignition fire pits and recommends them for safety. You have more control. No one can accidentally put it on, she said, adding that, especially with gas powered fire pits that burn clear without the manual ignition, you might not even realize it was on during the day.

Fire Pits Fireplaces And Patio Products

From gas fire pits to gas fireplaces and more, HPC Fire offers everything you need to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. HPC began as a division of The Maddox Company in 1975 as a manufacturer of fireplace safety pilot kits, millivolt gas valves, remote control fire pit kits, and fireplace components. HPC became a separate corporation from TMC in 2001 and began manufacturing gas fire pit rings shortly thereafter in 2003. Since then, HPC has become an industry leader in all things fire and ships hundreds of âmade in the U.S.A.â products from their Dayton, Ohio, facility.

Customers buying HPC products enjoy one of the best warranty policies in the hearth and patio industry with up to five years coverage included with a purchase. Returns are simple and straightforward given HPCâs large size and proven track record. Consult a product manual for more specific warranty information.

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