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How To Build Deck With Pergola

Decorating Your New Pergola

How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

Pergolas are unique outdoor features that add a unique design element to your backyard. Things like circular tables, colourful seating and billowing fabric attached to support posts can make pergolas inviting for the company you may have over.There are many decor videos you can look up to plan something truly special in terms of design for your pergolas. You can even add DIY design elements to make your pergola truly feel like home. Even natural elements like vines and overhanging flowers can add some beauty to your backyard so you can break out the cookies and sandwiches for an outdoor tea party.

Cut The Decorative Ends Of Beams

See some simple beam end examples on this simple wood wedding arch arbor plan or this gothic arch arbor plan.

Once you find a design aesthetic/look you like, using a pencil, simply sketch the shape freehand onto the end of one of your 2x12s.

Once youve sketched a look youre happy with, use the jig saw to cut along your sketched line.

The scrap piece that has been removed from your beam now becomes a template used to cut the edges of the remaining beams. This ensures they will all be identical.

After it was cut, we used a palm sander to smooth out the edges of the jigsawed pattern on the beam. Our pattern took up about 2 of space.

You need to apply this pattern to both ends of the beam, not just one. How large or small, or the shape of this pattern in general are all personal preferences.

Attach Lattice To Finish The Construction

Prime the columns, and then paint them with a good-quality exterior trim paint. Dont use paint on the rest of the DIY pergola instead, roll and brush the wood portions with solid-color stain.

Cut and nail the 1×4 fascia strips flush to the top of the beams and in between each pair of tails. Next, screw the 5/4 lattice strips across the rafter tops, letting them project 3 in. past the fascia. Evenly space them across each section. Add more if you’d like to increase the shade below.

Now cut the sub-base pieces from treated 2×4. Screw the corners together with 3-in. deck screws. If you havent already done so, fit the patio stones back against the footings and glue the subbase to the patio surface. Then screw the molded base to the sub-base and caulk the seams with acrylic caulk.

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Oasis Solid Wood Pergola

This contemporary pergola is ideal for entertaining large groups. It offers plenty of space, and comes with a built-in bar and bench thats great for dinners or get togethers. If youd like, you could also grow plants around the bench to create a garden oasis. Material-wise its crafted from solid wood, and its also weather-resistant.

Attach The Columns To The Posts

Decks, Sheds and More: Cedar deck with pergola

Now slip each column over its post. Strap a level near the base of each column and screw into the wood beneath. Predrill and countersink eight screw holes in the sides of the columns: four 6 in. from the bottom and four 30 in. from the bottom. Use 3-in. No. 12 exterior wood screws to anchor the columns to the wood posts. Plumb the column as you screw it to the post. Youll notice some play between the post and column. Opposing screws will tighten the entire assembly.

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How To Build A Deck Pergola

The simplistic design and square shape of a pergola makes it a simple project to build for the average do it yourselfer. If you have access to average wood working tools, have a deck that is raised high enough so that you can get beneath it, then this project may be one you wish to consider. The premise behind this project is to cut holes in the decking and place the upright beams through them. They can then be fastened to the joist beneath. Add some simple wooden edging, and you have a custom made pergola. Here, we discuss this project, materials needed, and construction tips.

Setting your Design

This design assumes you have a raised deck, and enough area to get the height needed. You should plan on the upright standards being 9 feet, as we will use 10 foot 4 X 4 cedar posts for construction. The pergola will be 8 square with 4×4 cedar posts, doubled 2×8 beams, and use battens for mounting a sunshade. The plan is based on one of the many blueprints available on the internet.

You first should check with local authorities to determine if there are any building codes you need to follow. You might also need a permit.

Lets build It

To help simplify the process, I have added some 3D illustrations, which will be referenced throughout the guidelines.

Making the Measurements

Making The Cuts

How To Build A Pergola On The Deck

Pergolas are airy, open pavilions, and most, if not all, sides are unobstructed. Additionally, they are square or rectangular. They have their own floor and use a surface, such as your terrace or deck, as a base.

One of the really great benefits of pergolas is that they can be used as a frame for climbing plants. Anything from grape vines to Ivy could be trained to climb the pergola. The foliage of your chosen flora will provide extra protection from the sun as well the joy of being surrounded by nature.One thing to be mindful of if you do go down the nature route with your pergola, is your choice of plants. Its recommended by Merlin pest control to avoid choosing plants that attract lots of bees. Theres nothing worse than being harassed by bees when youre trying to dine al fresco. Merlin recommends you avoid Climbing Hydrangea, Clematis and Honeysuckle to name just a few. You should always check with your gardening store in advance to find out whether the plant you have in mind will be a bee magnet.Ok, lets get started.

Its easy to build a pergola on your deck. With just a few pieces of timber, you can get the length you need. To do this you can just lay them across the deck and fasten them with pieces of timber on each end. You dont need to be a carpenter to do it, and you could be left with a gorgeous addition to your deck.

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Set The Post Anchors On The Deck

With the location and size determined, we can get started on the pergola construction.

How to Anchor a Pergola to a Wood Deck

If, like ours, your pergola will be sitting on top of an existing deck, the 6×6 pergola posts must be located over top of the existing support structure. This means locating the existing deck joists.

Once the location of the 6×6s posts has been determined, the 6×6 metal post anchors can be installed. The post anchors have a hole in the middle so that you can attach it to the deck joist.

I drilled a pilot hole using a 1/8 bit. Then the anchor is secured to the existing joist with a 1/4 lag bolt. I used an impact drill for this, but you could also use an old fashioned socket set.

Justin used similar post bases to add an arched arbor to their wood deck here.

How to Anchor a Pergola to a Concrete Patio or In-Ground Footing

If you want to build your pergola on an existing concrete slab or directly on the ground, you will need to install your 6×6 posts differently.

For an existing concrete slab, you can use the same post anchors, but you will need to use a hammer drill and special concrete anchors to attach the post anchor to the slab.

If you are going to build your pergola directly on the ground, you will need to dig holes for each of the posts, add some gravel, fill the hole with concrete, and set the post. The hole depth will depend on local building codes, but is normally between 24 and 36 deep, and 24 in diameter.

Types Of Pergola Over Deck Options

How to Build a Pergola and Floating Hardwood Deck A to Z

There are two configurations for deck pergola kits, freestanding and attached. Attached deck pergola kits can be attached to an existing wall to create a covered area that extends your usable outdoor area.

Pergolas can also be built so they are stand-alone on the deck in any corner or section that youd like to create a sitting area.

Allow enough space to create a dining area, as well as a place to create the gourmet meal youre serving. Expand the use of your deck with an attached pergola that adds protection and beauty!

Freestanding deck pergola kits also create an extra space on the exterior of your home. Add a touch of class to your backyard with one of our cedar pergolas and make your deck or patio the talk of the neighborhood.

One of the most popular outdoor structures, wood pergolas add a unique design feature to any backyard deck.

Our wood pergola kits are constructed using the highest quality lumber and hardware. Create a brand new look in your backyard thats also functional.

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Consulting Experts To Build A Pergola On A Deck

They can also assist in choosing the right lumber materials for pergola posts, support beams and other tools you may need to use. These professionals can come up with a complete plan to get your pergola constructed the way you want it. They have comprehensive lists of what needs to be done.Take a page out of the professionals book and use the space you have to your advantage by installing a post for your pergola where it makes sense. Having a more detailed plan for building a pergola can make all the difference.

Tips For Designing A Deck And Pergola Area

There are so many ways to add your own spin on a classic pergola. A wooden pergola, in particular, is more versatile than other materials, like aluminium pergolas, as you can more easily paint them. Timber frames can blend seamlessly with wooden decking for a cohesive, authentic design that its difficult to achieve with other materials like metal.

When thinking about building a pergola on a deck, think about the kind of usage you intend for the area. Is it part of an entertaining or gathering space? Do you want to incorporate a fire pit or a seating and dining area? Perhaps its a private relaxation area distinct from other parts of the garden. Once you have more of an idea about how you want the space to function, you can start thinking about the actual build of your pergola.

Read our full article on beautiful and practical pergola ideas for more inspiration or read on for how we can help you build your perfect pergola.

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Design And Build A Wood Deck For A Pergola Base

Get 10 carpenters in a room and youll probably get 10 ways to build and detail a pergola.

However, when it comes to the pergolas basewhat our furniture and feet touch every time we enter the cross-hatched shadows of the posts, girders and raftersits safe to say everybody in the pretend group will opt for a hardscape. Cementitious or blue stone pavers are popular. And the variety, at least in my experience, ends there.

I take a different approach.

I frame a wood box and build what amounts to a deck for the pergola base. The box is the best layout tool imaginable . I frame it to wrap around each post. So when Im setting posts, theres no guesswork, and theyre easy to brace and plumb up. And, unlike a paver productwhich is the same temperature, give or take, as the middle of the streetwood remains cool, comfortable and easy to maintain. I used Cedar and pressure-treated lumber for this one.

While I build all my pergolas like this , the idea originated with the pergola Im repairing in this article. So even though the pergola is already there, the details are basically the same from digging to decking.

A Pergola Attached To The House

Pergola over New Platform Deck

An attached pergola looks like an extension of the home itself, similar to how a front or back patio functions. At least one of the sides of the pergola is attached to or shares the same wall, flooring, and/or beams as the home itself.

The pergola provides privacy even outdoors while still allowing ample sunlight and breeze to come through its open sides. You can decorate it with a lounge, a table, and some plants to create a relaxed space to entertain guests.

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Can An Existing Deck Support A Pergola

When you build a freestanding pergola on a raised deck, you need to make sure its secure and structurally sound. A typical freestanding pergola will stand on four or more posts set in the ground with concrete to ensure structural integrity, but you may not be able to do this with a pergola on a deck. In some cases, the vertical beams of the pergola can replace the existing corner beams of your deck.

Generally, the support posts of a deck pergola should be securely attached to the joist structure under the decking, not the actual floorboards of the deck. The additional support that a pergola built on a deck needs can be achieved through strong hardware and secure bolts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the post bases will be visible instead of buried underground, so its worth thinking about how to incorporate this into your deck and pergola design as this hardware can sometimes look quite industrial and out of place.

Install Wood Plugs In The Pergola Columns

Cut 5-1/2 in. round treated wood plugs to fit the inside of your columns. Glue and screw together a pair for each column top, then glue the plugs flush into the top of each column. Secure the plugs to the columns with 2-in. deck screws.

Note: Drive a screw into the top of each plug to use as a handle to position the plug.

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Set Posts In Concrete

As you dig your holes, put the soil in a wheelbarrow and find a place to relocate it away from your site. Save any gravel or sand to reinstall pavers. You may need to move a post slightly. We shifted one post near the house to create an entry along the steps.

Reconnect your layout string to make sure the holes are aligned. Cut your forming tubes and insert them into the holes. Level the tops of the forming tubes until theyre flush with the patio surface. If you mix the concrete on site, youll need about five bags of Quikrete or Sakrete concrete mix per hole, for a total of 30 bags. Add your 60-in. posts and pour concrete around them.

As you set your posts, reposition your string line about 1-3/4 in. to allow for the post thickness and then align the posts with your string line as you pour in the concrete.

Note: If you have a post thats 1/2 in. out of whack, dont sweat it. Youll be able to align the tops of the columns later when you install the overhead beam. Once the posts are embedded in concrete, let the concrete harden for a minimum of two days.

Laying Down Foundation Posts

How to Build a Pergola on a Deck: DIY Modern Pergola Tutorial
  • 1Place a post into the first hole. Youll want to use posts that are at least 8 by 8 inches thick and 10 feet long. Work on each post one at a time until it’s secured to the ground. Put one end of the post into a hole and make sure that it rests flat on the gravel. Hold the post in place as you move onto the next steps.
  • Posts shouldn’t go straight into the ground, because you want to minimize wood rot. Pour them in with rapid set quickcrete, or if you’re on a flagstone or paved patio, use brackets that create a gap between the surface and the post. Then the brackets are poured into the concrete, and the posts are bolted into the brackets.XExpert Source
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    Cedar Solid Wood Pergola

    This particular pergola is sure to transform your outdoor space. Not only does it come with a sizable upper shade structure to accommodate crawling vines and roses, but it also provides a good amount of shade. Additionally, theres plenty of space underneath the pergola for all your furniture needs. If youd like, you can even hang a chandelier within the pergola for a romantic evening dinner.

    This particular pergola is also incredibly strong and sturdy, and its crafted from cedar wood that is resistant to mold and decay. Its also ready to assemble, and youll get all of the instructions you need on the interactive app.

    Its That Simple To Build A Deck Pergola

    • A 4 pieces of 2×6 lumber 120 long, 4 pieces 117 long FRAME
    • B 8 pieces of 4×4 lumber 96 long POSTS
    • C 20 piece of 2×6 lumber 120 long
    • D 4 pieces of 2×10 lumber 144 long BEAMS
    • E 13 pieces of 2×6 lumber 144 long RAFTERS
    • E 12 pieces of 1×2 lumber 120 long TOP SLATS
    • F 4 pieces of 2×4 lumber 117 long, 8 pieces 39 1/2 long RAILS
    • G 34 pieces of 2×2 lumber 36 long BALUSTERS
    • 28 pieces of 2×6 lumber 10 ft
    • 8 pieces of 4×4 lumber 8 ft
    • 13 pieces of 2×6 lumber 12 ft
    • 9 pieces of 2×2 lumber 12 ft
    • 7 pieces of 2×4 lumber 10 ft
    • 12 pieces of 1×2 lumber 10 ft
    • 4 pieces of 2×10 lumber 12 ft
    • 2 1/2 screws, 3 1/2 screws
    • 3 1/2 lag screw
    • rafter ties, 1 1/4 screws
    • wood putty, wood stain

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