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Outdoor Track Lighting For Pergola

What Is Outdoor Track

How to Install Outdoor LED Lighting | This Old House

Similar to indoor track, outdoor track features a plastic, u-shaped channel with another outdoor-rated wire running through it and can be nailed into any beam or cove regardless of their lengths. Its a 12V, low voltage system, which minimizes electrical problems and is safe for children.

Landscape Lighting Pergola Ideas

If most of the suggestions above are not really your cup of tea and you cant imagine yourself playing with many cables without getting fed up with it, here is a solution for you: just one lantern in the middle to give light to your evening outdoor activities.

Pick the biggest lantern they have and make sure it is a pretty one: it will be easy to spot by guests and yourself.

It could be an actual authentic lantern or an electric one. In case you need some more illumination, bring in a few candles, just in case.

Pergola Lighting Design Ideas

This exterior designer used solar polar to light the evening, consisting of two decorative sun-like stars hanging from the beams.

The string lights blur the lines between Christmas decorations and day-to-day lighting fixtures.

We dont know which one the actual purpose of those is, but the pergola looks amazing nevertheless.

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Popular Pergola Lighting Ideas

Top trends in todays outdoor pergola lighting are pendant, sconce lighting, and pergola chandelier lighting. These last 3 pergola lighting ideas offer new and stylish ways to add a sophisticated ambiance to your pergola decorations. Top styles of pergola hanging lights are pendant or pergola chandelier style lighting. An equally beautiful way to illuminate your pergola, these stylish lights can be attached to posts or installed hanging from the pergola roof.

Another elegant option for lighting, and considered one of the most popular pergola accessories, is sconce style lighting. An excellent option for outdoor wall light, sconces offer a flexible way of adding lighting. You can either attach the components to the posts of your pergola or to a nearby exterior wall.

Sconces have design options ranging from traditional to contemporary. Depending on your selection, they can finish off your patio space with style and sophistication or give it a rustic feel. Even if you dont have access to a lighting contractor, sconces can be installed and used with battery or solar operated lighting.

The styles are endless for outdoor lighting and can be matched to your existing furniture and patio accessories. If your pergola is the centerpiece of your outdoor space, combine lighting features to accommodate various seasons to ensure youll be able to enjoy your pergola day and night throughout the year!

Pergola Pendant Lighting Idea

Pergola lights

If you want the outdoor lighting to be the focal point of your pergola, consider two large statement pendants, like this stunning example from @l5group. The woven pendants are made from a weather-friendly resin that mimics the look of rattan. You get that beautiful coastal vibe without having to worry about damage from the outdoor elements.

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Contemporary Rooftop Dining Area

This rooftop design features a custom cantilevered Ipe pergola with stainless steel trim and tempered glass inlay, wall-mounted Ipe planter boxes and stainless steel light fixtures. The dining area under the pergola features a simple glass dining table, while an adjacent sitting area features contemporary wicker furniture.

If you’re about to embark on an outdoor renovation project, think through the areas you’d like to include lighting. You can work with your contractor to create a space like this one, where beautiful exterior lights are integrated directly into the pergola structure for a polished look. These projects require higher budgets, but the overall look are big benefits.

Pergola Stairway Lighting Idea

The ever popular string lights are used on this pergola by @pride_hardscape but just as important as lighting up your pergola, is lighting the pathway to reach it. As shown here, the built-in stair lights and pathway lights provide safety and character along the walkway. Heres a solar option for stairway lighting you can install yourself.

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Edison Bulb Pergola Lights

Edison Bulbs are the classic choice for pergolas lights as they emit a low, ember color. Theyre also great for a minimalistic or rustic look, perfect for a backyard space. Edison Bulbs are unique as they have a clear bulb, so you can see the electricity in the center, which is how it achieves the warm glow effect.

These lights can come in various sizes, from rounded to long skinny tubes, but the design remains the same at its core with the exposed wiring. If youre looking for a light strand that sets the mood and warms any space, these Edison Bulbs are a perfect choice.

As mentioned above, manufacturers offer different shapes, styles, and sizes, but you will also be able to customize the wiring color to fit your needs. You may also be able to find a remote-controlled option that allows for different flickering and intensity settings.

These lights will make a statement year-round as they are resilient against most weather conditions and add warmth most other options cant achieve.

Good for: Those that want the traditional pergola lights look with a warm finish. These are the most popular style for a reason!

Why you should try this: These lights are the perfect intersection of affordability and style. Try these if youre looking to elevate your space without breaking the bank.

Add A Pop Of Color With Solar Lanterns

Installing LED Strip Lights into a Pergola

Bright and bold lanterns from Lights4fun add cheer to this alfresco scene

Add boho flair to your pergola by layering up festoons with colorful lanterns at different heights. For super-easy maintenance, look for solar-powered designs that way you wonât have to worry about an outdoor plug. Candle-lit lanterns below will make a welcome addition too, only boosting the inviting ambience.

Combine with a canopy of foliage for a particularly enchanting look you can find our pick of the best climbing plants in our guide.

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Explore The Trax System

The TraX system is fully integrated into the overall functionality of the Pergola X, whether its a new build or an existing structure. The hood allows for the installation of any Somfy®-compatible motorized screen. Now you can adjust both your louvers and your screens for maximum comfort and protection.

Compatible with:
  • 8×8 Standard Post

Pergola Curtain Lighting Idea

Turn your pergola into a sparkling showstopper with LED curtain lights. Hang them on one side for a twinkling backdrop, or cover all four sides if youre feeling extra sparkly! Theyre beautiful for special occasions, like weddings and backyard parties. They also work great as an everyday lighting source.

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The Key To Pergola Lighting Is Location

Where you choose to position your lights will greatly impact the ambience of your pergola, since the angles of light will affect the shadow, style and overall feel of your outdoor space.

When planning where to put your pergola lights youll want to consider every aspect of your outdoor space you want the area around your guests to be lit up whether they are sitting or standing, by the barbecue or at the table with wineglass in hand.

Keep in mind the location of the pergola itself a freestanding pergola may require more thought if you want to install electrical lighting.

It may be easier to plan lighting for a pergola attached to your house, but choose the position of your lights before you wire up your pergola.

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Why Light Up Your Pergola

little insights : 20

During the day, your pergola provides a much-needed break from direct sunlight. This added shade allows you to make better use of outdoor space that you might otherwise neglect for fear of sunburn. If your pergola is not lit, however, you may not be able to use that outdoor space at night.

At a minimum, pergola lights serve a functional purpose: making it possible to navigate your outdoor living area when the sun goes down. But safety must also be considered. Without proper lighting, the risk of injury can be considerable even in spaces that appear to have few obstructions.

Pergola lighting can also boost the appearance of your deck or patio. The best patio lighting draws attention to your preferred aesthetic, regardless of whether you like contemporary, rustic, or elegant design. Depending on where your pergola is situated, your lights can also show off your garden or landscaping features.

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Pergola String Lighting Idea

One of the most popular choices in pergola lighting is still outdoor string lights with glass bulbs. And for good reason! String lights are affordable, easy to install and versatile. For maximum light, cover the whole ceiling in string lights, as shown here by @houserenovationatno.47. You can also hang them along the perimeter for less light and a more moody atmosphere. Or, string them along a nearby fence.

Pergola Lighting Ideas & Design Options

Pergola lights can be dim, colorful, or housed within bold fixtures. With so many excellent choices, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this guide, well define todays top options and help you choose the ideal pergola lights for your space.

Whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary look or something a bit more laid-back, youll quickly fall in love with at least one of the outdoor lighting ideas highlighted below:

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Play Around With Lighting Colours

Many outdoor lights, especially LEDs, are available in a range of colours and these dont have to be restricted to the festive seasons.

For a bit of fun, try installing a few different colours.

Weve seen all manner of outstanding decorative light fittings, from the wacky ad hoc styles to the structured.

And if your pergola is free-standing, dont forget you can line the walkway from your house to the structure with equally inspired colours so that you can easily access your home and have fun along the way.

A pergola is a great fixture for any Australian garden, where warm temperatures draw you and your guests outdoors for as long as possible.

Aussie evenings can be particularly bewitching, with a sky filled with stars and cicadas chirruping their songs of summer.

Light up your pergola and your guests will be drawn outdoors, hypnotized by its beauty.

Read here for the best Christmas light displays you cant miss.

Dreamy Pergola Lighting Ideas

Installing Pergola Lights and Cable Managing Wires | MADDAWORX

It’s time to up your pergola lighting game. Try these trendy ideas to make your outdoor space twinkly and dreamy this summer.

With warmer weather and the sun setting later in the day, it’s hard not to dream about relaxing in the backyard. If you haven’t already, this is the year to make your outdoor space work just as well after dark with the right lighting.

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Pergola Lighting Options That Are Hard To Resist

If your backyard has been feeling a bit lackluster lately and youve been stumped at how to improve the space, weve got the perfect solution: Pergola Lights! The small addition to your backyard can seriously make all the difference.

You can transform the space from dull and dark to light, whimsical, and golden with a simple string of lights. Cost-effective, easy to install, and gorgeous, whats not to love? But with so many choices, you might be wondering whats best for you.

Dont worry. Weve rounded up our favorite pergola lighting options that will help you make your decision. From fairy and firefly lights to multicolored nets, youve got many options that might be a little hard to resist!

And if you dont have a pergola or wonder what exactly they are and if you should get one, check out our pergolas guide.

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Best Outdoor Track Lighting 2022

If you want to create a magnificent outdoor atmosphere, outdoor tracking light is the key. It illuminates the outdoor areas such as backyard pergolas, screened-in porches, decks, and covered patios. It can highlight your outdoor sculptures, detailed landscapes, and architecture beautifully.

The most treasured aspect of outdoor tracking lights is adjustability and flexibility. You can install and customize your outdoor tracking light to create a memorable outdoor area. But the greatest challenge is buying the right one with the various brands in the market.

Thats why we researched many great outdoor tracking lights in this review for you to consider. Our top pick is the LITHONIA Lighting LTKSPLT MR16GU10 LED Track light. Why not get your residence lighting on the best track with the Best Outdoor Tracking Lights?

The Lithonia spotlight track lights make installing track lighting very easy. This LED track head integrated superior functionality and aesthetics for applications such as educational, residential, hospital, museums, galleries, grocery, and specialty retail environments.

This track light delivers 900 lumens. Moreover, with its LED energy-efficient light bulbs, it can illuminate every area you want. Being energy-efficient will save you a lot of money youre your electricity bills.

But the one setback of this product is that users complain of installation issues.

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Cozy And Romantic Pergola Lighting Idea

The smart choice of lighting used in this dreamy pergola from @fancyfixdecor helps make it the perfect spot for an intimate gathering. Using a combination of industrial-look string lights, a hanging chandelier and candles a soft glow lights up the whole area. Using a varied mix of light sources, instead of simply overhead lighting, creates a more welcoming ambiance.

How Do You Light A Pergola

Pin on Craftsman Bungalow Exterior

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of the pergola is the furniture that comes along with it. You start wondering about the events that youre going to be holding there and how youre going to set the entire place up.

Theres just so much to do if youre planning on adding a pergola to the exteriors of your home. There are patio chairs and tables, outdoor couches, fire pits, barbecue grills, and so much more.

One thing that you shouldnt miss, though, is the lighting fixtures. There are a lot of times wherein the furniture has been all set up and the lighting fixtures havent been figured out just yet. This can ruin the overall aesthetic of your pergola.

Thankfully, whether youre planning on getting a pergola built from scratch or youre updating a current one, you have quite a lot of options to choose from.

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Relaxed Outdoor Daybed Under Contemporary Pergola

A contemporary pergola is transformed into a private outdoor room with flowing white curtains, an oversized daybed, artwork and a cool light pendant.

This outdoor space is so cozy and inviting, it looks like an indoor space. By choosing one simple yet stylish outdoor light fixture, you can elevate your outdoor space by leaps and bounds.

A Better Way With Outdoor Led Lighting

Haven Lighting used our unique background from outside the industry to bring an entirely different viewpoint to smart lighting and customer relationships. In doing so, we developed the smartest, brightest low voltage outdoor LED lighting system on the market. We believe the benefits you receive from our innovations should not end the day you install the products. Our cloud based smart outdoor LED lighting systems allow our customers to benefit from our continuous feature innovations through automatic firmware and app updates. This means that our products and capabilities keep getting better over time.

Indoor and Outdoor

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The South Penrith Outdoor Lighting Project Brief

South Penrith homeowner Michael called Sapphire Trade Services enquiring about having 4-6 downlights and a fan installed in his newly built pergola.

As we do with all our jobs we conducted an in-person inspection so we knew exactly what we were dealing with before providing Michael with a price for works to be completed. Upon inspection our electrician Chris noticed that the company that installed the pergola hadnt put in place any provisions for downlights or a fan to be installed, even though Michael had advised this was something he would be getting done.

This meant that what Michael wanted done wouldnt be achievable, so we came up with a different solution!

Crackle Glass Pergola Lights

Loveland Electrician – Pergola Lighting and Electrical Considerations

A less common choice but a beautiful one nonetheless is the crackle glass pergola lights. These unique bulbs provide a dim glow that is refracted on the surface nearby due to the cracked effect on the glass. Dont worry. Theyre not really cracked. Its just a design tool used to help create an alluring look.

Typically, these bulbs are shaped similarly to the traditional round Edison bulbs and even have exposed electrical wiring, but that is not the focal point here.

Instead, the main draw for these is simply the way the light looks as it dances off of the crackled glass to create a bit of a chaotic, mismatched, but mystical look for anyone and anything caught below the bulbs and pergola.

Good for: This option may be best for those going for a modern and sleek theme in their backyard. With its strong LED glow and sleek design, it can complement the sleekest of designs.

Why you should try this: These crackled glass lights are a unique and mesmerizing effect that will draw visitors in and attention to your beautiful backyard.

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