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Free Standing Pergola On Concrete Patio

Install The Secondary Beams

One Man Builds a PERGOLA in TWO DAYS on a Concrete Patio

This is one step where having a clamp or two is helpful. Hoist one of the secondary beams up to the top of the posts and rest it in the notch cut previously. If you have a clamp, use it to hold the beam in place. If not, hopefully someone can hold it there for you, otherwise you might be rolling the dice with it possibly dropping on your head.

Using the drill, pre-drill three holes in a triangular pattern where the beam sits on the post. Then drive home three of the HeadLOK screws to fasten the beam to the post. Repeat this on the other end of the secondary beam.

Place the second secondary beam on the opposite side of the post, and repeat the steps above to fasten it. Then, at the other end of the pergola, install the remaining two secondary beams. If you braced one post back to the other, as I did, you can remove this at this point since the beams are providing the same function.

Pick Size Of Pergola To Build

Pergolas can come in many sizes and shapes. Traditionally, you can find pergolas between 8 to 10 feet to cover a backyard space.

Size should be determined by the seating group you plan on setting up, and of course the available space you have to build a pergola.

Depending on what material of wood you decide on, you should be able to construct your pergola for between $500 and $750 because you are doing it yourself and cutting out the costs for labor.

Do I Need A Building Permit For A Pergola Attached To The House

Building codes vary by state, county, and city. A reputable licensed contractor will know the requirements for your area and be experienced with the intricacies of obtaining a building permit for the project. Many locales require building permits for structures such as a pergola, and some coastal regions often require outdoor living structures to be hurricane-rated.

The Azenco K-Bana can be one exception, as it typically does not require a permit. This fully customizable modular cabana can be installed in a few hours. With the K-Bana, you can mix-and-match varying-sized panels to scale the structure to your ideal dimensions before customizing the louvered roof and walls. The K-Bana does not require footings, often a benchmark for permitting requirements, and instead relies on its self-leveling posts to accommodate uneven ground. Fitted with manually-controlled dual-wall louvers the K-Bana allows perfect sunlight control in summer and protects from wind, rain, and snow in winter.

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How To Build A Pergola On A Concrete Patio In Two Days

Building a pergola is a quick way to add a touch of class to your outdoor space, and it’s certainly something a homeowner can tackle by him or herself, and can even finish in a couple of days if sufficiently motivated. Additionally, for those who aren’t very experienced in building things with wood, this is a good starter project to develop skills that will readily transfer to other projects.

I’ll note right away that I was able to build this pergola in two days however, I’ve done this sort of thing a few times now, and I have a lot of power tools that make the job easier. If your skills aren’t high and/or you have a limited tool set, it will take longer. Don’t despair though – this still makes a great fair-weather weekend project that can be built over a couple weeks.

In the steps that follow, I link to videos I made for the build. The links go directly to the timestamp in the video pertaining to that particular step, so don’t think I’m just spamming the same video over and over You can also watch the in-depth videos in this playlist. My intent for this Instructable, with the videos to complement, is to be the most comprehensive tutorial online for building a pergola.

Also, check these links if you are looking for premade pergola plans or a custom pergola for your own yard.

Exclusive Haven On The Water

Popular of Free Standing Patio Cover Ideas Free Standing Patio Cover ...

A freestanding pergola complements an inground pool. The area transforms from a backyard to a luxury retreat. Since a pergola protects you from the sun and rain, you can enjoy more time relaxing by the pool whether the mid-day sun is blazing or an afternoon shower passes through.

A freestanding pergola can also provide protection for your hot tub, providing shade in the summer heat and fending off snow in the winter. Just imaging being be able to hop into those calming jets without having to clear snow.

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Attach The Columns To The Posts

Now slip each column over its post. Strap a level near the base of each column and screw into the wood beneath. Predrill and countersink eight screw holes in the sides of the columns: four 6 in. from the bottom and four 30 in. from the bottom. Use 3-in. No. 12 exterior wood screws to anchor the columns to the wood posts. Plumb the column as you screw it to the post. Youll notice some play between the post and column. Opposing screws will tighten the entire assembly.

The Backyard Bliss Build

The Handmade Home has a motto love where are you dwell and as part of their Backyard Bliss series provides instructions how to build a pergola. These handy homeowners decided to start their project in the winter so that it will be ready for the warmer weather in the spring and summer. They used southern pine and provide a thorough review of the different sizing considerations particularly because of their tricky backyard set up. As you can see in the image, two of the posts are planted in the lawn while the rear two are against the house on the cement foundation that had previously been laid.

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Install The Post Bases

With the perimeter of the posts marked, now it time to install the post bases. Starting at one corner, place the corner of the base at the previously-marked Outer Corner. Mark the center of the post base and move the base to the side.

Using the hammer drill and a 5/8″ dia. carbide-tipped bit, drill on the center mark to a depth of about 4-1/4″. It’s possible that you will drill entirely through your concrete patio since concrete thicknesses 4″ to 6″ are not uncommon for patios. Use a broom to clear the dust.

Replace the post base to its previous location in the corner. With a ratchet and appropriately-sized socket , tighten the Titen HD concrete anchor, fastening the post base to the concrete surface. There should be no play in the post base when you wiggle it.

Repeat these steps for all four corners of the pergola.

Pick The Type Of Wood To Use

How to Build a Free Standing Pergola

Typically, Cedar is the wood of choice because it does not decay in the same way woods like pine do throughout the year. Another more common wood due to its affordability is treated pine. Where treated lumber isnt as attractive as cedar, you will definitely save a few bucks.

One of the neat things about cedar is, besides being naturally defensible to insects and rot, is if left unfinished, it turns into an attractive brownish-gray color. Even cedar that has stayed in place for over a hundred years will have a fantastic look to it. Exterior stain can also be used to seal your wood year around if you prefer.

Depending on what material of wood you decide on, you should be able to construct your pergola for between $500 and $750 because you are doing it yourself and cutting out the costs for labor.

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My Favorite Patio Furniture Options From :

Of course we also added some nice Patio Furniture! I love our outdoor sectional and how cozy the seating area is! Our exact one isnt available anymore but this outdoor sectional from Wayfair is similar! Or this large outdoor sectional looks like a great option too!

Ive put together a Patio Furniture Round-Up here if you are looking for more Outdoor Furniture Options!

The This Old House Design

If you have a garage door that you want to ornament with the pergola, This Old House has you covered. They use pressure-treated lumber and milled brackets to construct an attractive canopy over a garage door. Many people, they say, disregard garage door entrances, but with a little know how you can add some architectural splendor to this typically generic entryway point.

The Workbench Magazine provides the means to assemble a pergola awning. This is a different style option, obviously, with the structure hanging over a back patio door rather than standing on support poles. An ornamental and attractive accouterment you can add to your home, it may be less practical and functional than other options weve seen.

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Top 5 Uses For Freestanding Pergola Kits

Designing your outdoor space and looking for a way to make your backyard memorable? Make a statement with a pergola. Freestanding pergola kits offer functionality as well as beauty for any patio or garden. One of the fab 5 uses for pergolas that always appears at the top of popular gardening lists is garden enhancement.

The Grand Arbor Pergola Design

Shop Wood Pergola Kits &  Cedar Patio Cover Kits at Pergola Depot in ...

This magnificent freestanding pergola with a canopy is ideal for large lawns or backyards. It serves two functions a shade for you and a place for your climbing plants to thrive. What distinguishes it from other pergolas out there is the retractable canopy that you can fold up easily when you dont need it.

To built this beautiful cedar pergola, you need a circular saw if you are using 1-1/2 thick lumber or 12miter saw for thicker wood.

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Now Let’s Install Pergola Footings The Faster Easier And Less Expensive Way

We are going to build this pergola without having to dig footings or pouring cement. This method will use a footing system called the .

It is a hybrid helical pier and surface resting load plate. It will distribute the weight of the pergola to the footing’s load plate and the soil but it will also be securely anchored and embedded in the soil.

This means you will enjoy some of the load bearing and stabilizing properties of a ground anchored footing without the cost, time and effort associated with digging holes and pouring cement.

Get The Tools you need

We are going to build this pergola much faster and easier.

These pergola footings are going to be set on the Deck Foot Anchor which is a combination of a helical blade for anchoring to the soil and a large load plate that will distribute the weight of the pergola to the ground.

First, get the tools you need such as a spade for removing the sod, an impact wrench , a 12mm six point socket or an adjustable wrench. With these tools at hand, you will ready to go.

Remove Sod and organic material at locations of pergola footings

Find the exact locations for each pergola post and use triangulation to do so.

Using string and batter boards to layout a right angle triangle to get started. If you use the Rule of Thumb and make a 6′ by 8′ triangle with a 10′ diagonal you will have a right angle to measure each footing location.

Find The Pergola Thats Right For You

At Azenco, weve been crafting and installing the most advanced and stylish outdoor covers on the market for more than 20 years. Whether an attached pergola or freestanding option is in your future, we offer sophisticated designs, including infrared heating systems, automatic rain and wind sensors, and climate control that deliver a truly luxurious outdoor space.

To choose the design that perfectly matches your outdoor space and fits your housing style, from modern or contemporary to classic, contact Azenco today.

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Attach Pergola Posts To The Footings

Take your post and set it into the saddle. Use a 48″ long level and set the post plumb to the soil.

Secure the post to the saddle by driving ΒΌ” x 3″ lag screws through the vertically aligned and embossed holes. The post will now be set in place on the footing.

Just remember the post will not be fully secure while standing freely. If the post is wobbly use a stake and a scrap 2×4 to brace the post in position until you connect it to the other posts.

Install the other posts for your pergola the same way.

You are now ready to begin building your pergola. This will involve attaching beams to opposing pairs of posts and then securing rafters across the beams. The posts will begin to stiffen up as the structure becomes unified.

A Stylish Front Porch

How to Building a Freestanding Pergola

Attaching a pergola to the front of your house combines style and function. It can serve as an expanded outdoor living space, create an inviting flow into the home, and a covered porch adds curb appeal that makes a home more welcoming to visitors. Imagine socializing with neighbors passing by, reading a good book, or enjoying a beverage on a pergola-covered porch. With a wide range of designs available, your new porch can fit any architectural look from stylish elegance to farmhouse chic.

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Pergola Footings That Install With An Impact Wrench & Support 19000 Lbs

This footing system drives into the soil using a common lightweight, hand held electric impact wrench.

And it’s been load tested to support a minimum of 19,000 lbs per footing! Now that is far more than your soil will ever support. So it can surely support a common pergola structure.

The only thing that is going to prevent this from working for you is if your backyard is full of rocks. In that case, get out your shovel and pick axe and start sweating.

The Arbor Seat Blueprint

This Pergola arbor seat was built to exist in an apple orchard. The builder designed it for his wife who wanted a meditative space for quiet contemplation outside. The instruction plans walk you through how to create the uprights, the latticed backs, the seat back, the sides, the seat base, and the roof. Prospective builders comment that theyve seen similar looking builds at their elderly relatives homes

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The Modern Classic Blueprint

Design Confidential provides free woodworking plans to assemble a classically modern pergola. They estimate that it will cost between 200 and $300 to build this outdoor structure.

A somewhat sedate option compared with the other fancier alternatives weve seen, its built using a tape measurer, a jigsaw, a drill, square, sander, a nail gun and a kreg jig. This DIY furniture plan includes the finished dimensions, the tools youll need to build it, the lumber measurements youll need, a full materials list that includes carriage bolts, deck screws, rafter ties, wood filler, paste wax and finishing supplies.

They recommend that you pre-finish and pre-drill the lumber to ensure the finished product is watertight and that it assembles easily. In terms of selecting the best wood for this outdoor project, they recommend you go with either redwood or cedar to ensure the lifetime durability of the structure.

If you want to get fancier, you can use a jigsaw on the outer edges of the rafters to carve designs and ornament your pergola. This plan has very specific instructions regarding pergola post footing options, helping you figure out how to dig the footing holes, treat and lift the posts, aligning them evenly and securely so that they withstand the outdoor elements for the long-term.

The Patio & Planter Design

Grande Vinyl Pergola in 2020

A trellislike pergola is a combination between a pergola and a planter. It has four boxes around the post, which you can use to plant flowers. You can have it ready in two or three weeks, but you wont be able to build it by yourself, so make sure that you have helpers ready.

The provided plans are for a 16 x 20 feet wooden pergola, and you can make it from pressure-treated wood, redwood or cedar. Its a great way to enhance an outdoor space. You could also add on a to really spruce up your backyard aesthetic.

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Variety Of Designs To Choose From

Since a free-standing patio is a standalone structure, youll have greater versatility in terms of design and roof style because it doesn’t necessarily have to complement your home design.

Want a combination of two different styles? Then go for it. This patio also lets you add plants, hanging lights, and other decor that you think will work well with your outdoor space. From the materials, cover and colour, down to the decor, your choices are endless.

Install Wood Plugs In The Pergola Columns

Cut 5-1/2 in. round treated wood plugs to fit the inside of your columns. Glue and screw together a pair for each column top, then glue the plugs flush into the top of each column. Secure the plugs to the columns with 2-in. deck screws.

Note: Drive a screw into the top of each plug to use as a handle to position the plug.

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The Classic Real Cedar Vineyard Build

This Vineyard Pergola has somewhat of a different design. It is an elongated, rectangular option, in contrast to the Square designs weve typically seen. You can download a PDF file and print out the instructions which include a comprehensive material list, recommended tools and clearly delineated instructions to help you assemble this unique-looking option.


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