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How To Keep Patio Furniture Cushions From Blowing Away

Bring The Furniture Indoor:

The pro tips to keep patio furniture looking new all winter long

Well, this is the last suggestion to secure your patio furniture from blowing away during windy conditions. If you plan to not use the furniture for a really long time, especially during the snowing, you should take them indoors. But you have to ensure that theres enough space inside for all the patio furniture.

Luckily, the increasing popularity of patio furniture has forced the manufacturers to make them trendy and eye-pleasing. So, the furniture will easily coordinate with your interior and may even elevate the aesthetics.

Mostly, the patio ottoman and cushion pillows are easily placed in your drawing room. It will elevate the home décor remarkably.

And lastly, if you dont find the patio furniture suitable for interior use, you can always store them in your underground space.

Make Use Of Bungee Straps/ties To Securely Keep Furniture Attached To A Heavier Item

Individuals can also make use of whatever tie items that they might already have. Bungee cords are a good pick for this purpose. Simply attach to legs of furniture or at a stable location, then wrap the cord around a heavier object like an outdoor fireplace, larger weighted sofa or another item. Basically, the object is again to tie together lighter items to create a wider base and heavier weight that is more difficult to get blown around.

Homeowners can utilize these easy and effective strategies to keep their outdoor patio furniture safe and secure. More homeowners these days are expanding their indoor entertainment space by moving outwards to an outside deck, balcony or patio. Whether the outdoor furniture is a heavier weightcontemporary designer piece in an earthy color or is a cheaper lightweight model, there are ways to keep patio furniture secured and protected in every season.

What If My Cushions Are Exposed To Daily Morning Dew

If you have protective, water-resistant covers on your outdoor cushions and the morning dew is minimal, you may not see them taking damage. However, its still best to store them somewhere dry and temperature-controlled overnight, just to be safe. Moisture of any kind can lead to mildew and mold, as well as attract pests. No, thank you!

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Use Your Existing Patio Furniture

Maybe potted plants arent your thing or maybe youre just someone who prefers entertaining outdoors. If this sounds like you, consider using the patio furniture you already have.

On the plus side, you certainly wont have to worry about whether or not furniture will keep your patio rug in place. Obviously couches, tables, and chairs will be heavy enough to keep your rug from blowing away, assuming that they arent lightweight enough to be blown over themselves.

That said, most wooden and metal furniture will obviously be heavy and sturdy enough to stand in place, all while adding nice decorative flourishes to your outdoor décor.

The biggest downside to this approach is that furniture can be costly. While many heavy low to mid-range patio furniture exist, it may be too much to spend to simply make your outdoor rug stay put!

However, if youre in the market for patio furniture anyway, this is a fine option to consider. We actually wrote a buyers guide covering patio furniture for a rainy climate if youd like to see our recommendations.

You might also consider simply buying a heavier rug we actually wrote an entire guide on how to choose the perfect outdoor rug.

How Do You Protect Your Patio Screen From A Hurricane

IKEA Hacks: Add Ties to Outdoor IKEA Patio Cushions

All right, now your patio furniture isnt going anywhere. But how do you protect your patio screen from a hurricane? Start by picking up loose objects from around the yard so they wont slam into the screen and cause damage. This includes potted plants, toys, and decorative items on your patio. Next, consider getting a hurricane screen if you dont already have one. Hurricane screens are durable enough to protect your home from the crazy force of hurricane winds and the impact of flying debris. Many hurricane screens are retractable, so you can roll them down as needed.

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Can You Leave Outdoor Furniture Cushions Outside

Outdoor furniture cushions are made to endure weather conditions. However, leaving them outside all the time will shorten their lifespan. Sun can bleach colors. Rain and moisture can cause mildew. And plant material that drops from trees can leave stains over time. One way to help prevent some of this is to treat your outdoor furniture cushions with a weather-resistant finish.

There are many different cleaners available for use on both outdoor furniture and cushions. This mildew stain remover helps if you have spots left by too much moisture or plant material that has sat for too long on the fabrics surface.

Use Outdoor Furniture Indoors

This is one of those, Why didnt I think of that ideas. Outdoor furniture has become increasingly fashionable, and as such, its not uncommon to see it being used for indoor home furnishing. Still not quite sold on the idea? Check out this blog post I wrote to see what your living area could look like. This is an especially great idea if you have kids who love to tear things up!

Outdoor furniture works well inside the home and its durable! Read more.

More Tips to Protect Your Furniture from the Weather

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Bungee Cords Are Not Only For Kayaks:

Fishers are using the bungee cords to secure their fishing accessories in the kayak. But this time we will use them to secure your expensive patio furniture. Yes, it is not a utopian idea. Instead, you will truly love how easily and quickly the bungee cords protect the furniture against storms and high winds.

Nonetheless, bungee cords are usable when you wont use the patio furniture for a long time such as long winters, or go on a vacation.

You have to wrap the cord around the furniture tightly to ensure that it doesnt fall off in the ground. The cords come with elastic which should hold it snuggly with the furniture. When the bungee cord tightly holds different pieces of furniture together, it increases the overall weight.

Thus, the combined muss will be made it difficult to move the furniture even for the strongest wind. Thus, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your patio furniture is secured with the bungee cord. Moreover, at times your patio may also have smaller furniture such as vas, weight, or showpieces. You can also secure them quickly with the bungee cord.

How To Secure Your Outdoor Furniture With Bungee Cords

Keeping Your Patio Umbrella from Going Away In Windy Days with Rhino BaseMate

Position D-Rings

Decide where you want to install D-rings on your wooden or concrete patio pavers. Ring anchors should be placed near the base of the furniture you are trying to secure from the wind. Try to make the anchors as discreet, so they dont ruin your outdoor design.

Secure Ring Anchors To The Surface

Mark the drill holes through the brackets with a marker. Put the brackets aside for now and drill pilot holes where youve made the markings.

Align the brackets with the holes and screw them to the surface. Use wood screws on your wooden deck and masonry screws on concrete or paver patio.

Tie Furniture With Bungee Cords

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How To Size Your Outdoor Carpet Before Attaching It To Concrete

Installing your outdoor carpet will be easy and quick once you take all the required measurements. Here is how to size your outdoor carpet rug before installation:

  • Begin by choosing your preferred side to install the carpet full-width from wall to wall. Once you pick the side, proceed to place one side of the roll at the corner.
  • Take the other side of the roll and fit it at the base of the wall before spreading your outdoor carpet to the other side of the wall. Make sure to keep your rug squared to the floor. Do not forget to mark the edges of your outdoor carpet.
  • Proceed to remove the carpet and draw a chalk line between the marks. A metal straightedge will be handy for this task. Cut the outdoor rug with a utility knife once you draw the line.
  • Do the same for the remaining outdoor space. Make sure to align the edges uniformly.

How Do I Get My Bench Cushions To Stay In Place

seat cushionsthe seatkeep the cushionposition

. Accordingly, how do you keep a bench cushion in place?

To prevent your bench cushions from slipping around, especially on wooden benches, you can use non-slip material adhered to the bottom of the cushion or simply set on the surface of the bench. This material, which is used in cabinets and drawers, is designed to grip surfaces and prevent slipping.

Likewise, how do I keep my outdoor furniture cushions from sliding? Your ideal solution can come from a single idea or a combination of them, depending on your chairs.

  • Apply strips of Velcro tape to the chairs and the opposite side of the strips to the cushions.
  • Sew pieces of non-slip fabric to the bottoms of the cushions.
  • Moreover, how do I get my outdoor cushions to stay in place?

    Keep patio furniture cushions in place and prevent them from blowing away in stormy weather. Simply attach them to your furniture with ScotchOutdoor Fasteners. The fasteners are easy to apply and virtually undetectable.

    What to do when couch cushions go flat?


  • Unzip your cushions. Most sofa cushions, even cushions that are attached to the frame of the couch, have zippers that can be unzipped.
  • Add more stuffing your couch cushions. You should use either quilt batting or polyester fiberfill.
  • Zip them up again. Put pillows back in the cushion covers and zip.
  • How to Make Ties for Patio Cushions

  • Select a skein of 1-inch thick grosgrain ribbon in a color that complements your cushion covers.
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    Try To Purchase Heavy Furniture:

    The best way to prevent your furniture from damaging due to heavy rain and gusty wind is to buy heavy furniture. If it has heavyweight, it wont move easily. Thus, it is less likely to take a flight with the wind. Also, heavyweight furniture is naturally more durable than lightweight ones.

    We recommend you opting for the following materials for the outdoor furniture-

    • Wood
    • Steel
    • Wrought Iron

    These materials are mostly heavyweight and so, wont fly in strong gusts of wind. Nonetheless, you may try other materials also, but, we dont recommend them. The key is to invest in heavier patio furniture that winds will find difficult to move.

    However, you should also consider that moving this heavyweight furniture is tough for you as well. So, it will limit your patio indoor rearrangement. Thus, keep it in mind. Also, you should seek help from other family members if you wish to move the hefty furniture.

    Lastly, the steel and iron furniture may damage the patio deck. So, you should mount and move them carefully.

    How To Use Cover Clamps On Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Tie the knot

    Slip the clamps on after you place the cover on the furniture, especially if wind or rain are in the forecast. The Gust Guard system uses a combination of bungee cords and clamps to keep furniture covers secure.

    Follow these instructions to secure your furniture cover:

  • Place the cover over the piece of furniture and secure any buckle straps or drawcords.
  • Unlock the clamp by pressing on the center lever and sliding the crossbar towards the hook insert.
  • Secure the clamps to the opposite sides of the cover bottom. Place the clamps teeth over the covers hem. Slide the cross bar towards the teeth until the clamp locks in place.
  • Place a bungee cord behind the front wheel or leg of the piece of furniture. Attach the hook through the insert of the left front and right front clamps.
  • Place the second bungee cord behind the rear wheel or leg of the piece of furniture. Attach the hook through the insert of the clamps in the left-rear and right-rear.
  • You can download and print these instructions on our How to Use Cover Clamps instruction page.

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    Dont Forget Your Patio Cushions

    Now that the Captain has solved the issue, its time to tie-up the loose ends. By loose ends, Im referring to patio cushions and Im literally telling you to tie them up! Some folks will go to all the trouble of securing their patio furniture but completely forget about the cushions. Dont be one of those people!

    As I said, the easiest way to keep patio cushions from blowing around your yard is to tie them directly to your patio furniture. Some patio cushions already come with loose ties that fasten to chairs. You can also sew fabric to the back of the cushion to attach them to your furniture. Applying velcro to the seat of the patio chair and the bottom of the cushion will also keep them from blowing away.

    Secure Furniture To Grassy Areas

    This method is similar to the one mentioned above, but pertains to grassy areas rather than patios. Follow the instructions below for this method.

    • Insert the sharp tip of the spiral ring into the dirt.
    • Twist so that it spirals into the soil.
    • Run a chain or cable through the ring through the top of the anchor and then pass it through an opening in the furniture.
    • Secure the cable or chain with a padlock or combination lock.
    • Repeat all steps as needed for all additional anchors that are used.

    Anyone who lives in an area that is affected at all by winds or other weather force should consider choosing one of these methods for keeping their outdoor furniture from flying away. It is far better to take a few preventative measures than lose the furniture to the elements of weather.

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    How Do You Keep Outdoor Furniture Cushions From Mildewing

    Mildew happens when things get damp and dont dry out. So the first step to keep your cushions from mildewing is to prevent dampness. Think about where your outdoor furniture is placed is it underneath trees? Then you may want to bring your cushions in when it rains, cover it up when not in use, or keep it placed in a spot that gets regular sun. But then, of course, you may have to worry about fading another reason to use a furniture cover.

    Having heavy-duty outdoor furniture covers is a great way to keep everything looking great for when you do want to use it. These are also wonderful for the off-season if you dont plan on storing the furniture away. Theyll keep mildew at bay and fading to a minimum.

    Velcro To The Rescue No More Outdoor Cushions Blowing Away

    Tips On Using Patio Furniture Covers

    We have a nice patio…but when the wind blows from the north it’s like a wind tunnel out there! And here in ND we have a lot of northerly winds. The back cushions on the chairs were always blowing off. I thought I’d hand stitch on some ties to keep them in place…..but I really didn’t want to work that hard. -) So Velcro to the rescue! Read on…..

    The cushions look nice…but the backs were often being blown off by the wind.

    Using industrial strength Velcro with self-adhesive backing, I cut a piece of both the “loop side” and the “hook side” to fit. As you can see, I made it so it won’t be visible when the cushion is placed up against the frame. I used the” hook side” of the Velcro to attach to the top back of the chair frame.

    This is the back of the cushion. Here’s how to get the two sides of the Velcro to line up perfectly.

  • Remove the self-adhesive back from one side of the Velcro. Attach it to the frame.
  • Remove the self-adhesive back from the other side and attach it to the part that’s already positioned on the frame. NOT to the cushion itself.
  • Now merely press the cushion up against the frame snuggly. Voila! The two parts are now adhered together, perfectly aligned.
  • I used industrial strength Velcro because I had some on hand. But I do think it’ll come in handy with our strong winds. -)

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    How Do I Prepare My Yard For A Hurricane

    2018 Hurricane Season 18 Tips for Preparing Your Yard

  • Start off right from the start. Choosing the right trees for your yard is key for long term tree health and safety.
  • Inspect your trees and shrubs. Remove any rotting or damaged branches and roots.
  • Check drainage areas.
  • Do not remove healthy fronds from palms.
  • Yard Decor.
  • Cleaning & Outdoor Cushion Storage Ideas

    Before packing up your cushions for storage, make sure they have been cleaned to Grandmas standards and are completely dry. Follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning cushion covers and scrub the cushion with a solution of water and mild soap, then let them both air dry.

    If its warm and sunny out, you can prop them up outside, rotating them from time to time to make sure all sides are completely dried out. If the weather is still nice, you can lie down next to them, also rotating periodically, and work on your tan.

    For outdoor cushion storage ideas, remember you want dry and temperate. Airtight containers are appropriate if youre sure theres no moisture inside and you wont be storing cushions for very long.

    Otherwise, its best to use garment bags or breathable containers and store cushions inside the houseare you noticing a pattern here?where theres not so much change in temperature. Deck boxes are also great for throwing cushions into overnight or during a rainstorm, but are not the best option for long-term storage.

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