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How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

Make Use Of Bungee Straps/ties To Securely Keep Furniture Attached To A Heavier Item

Individuals can also make use of whatever tie items that they might already have. Bungee cords are a good pick for this purpose. Simply attach to legs of furniture or at a stable location, then wrap the cord around a heavier object like an outdoor fireplace, larger weighted sofa or another item. Basically, the object is again to tie together lighter items to create a wider base and heavier weight that is more difficult to get blown around.

Homeowners can utilize these easy and effective strategies to keep their outdoor patio furniture safe and secure. More homeowners these days are expanding their indoor entertainment space by moving outwards to an outside deck, balcony or patio. Whether the outdoor furniture is a heavier weightcontemporary designer piece in an earthy color or is a cheaper lightweight model, there are ways to keep patio furniture secured and protected in every season.

Check The Forecast Be Ready To Put Your Furniture Away During The Autumn And Winter

Strong winds can cause damage to your rattan furniture and prevention is always better than a cure.

For these reasons, we recommend storing your furniture away during the autumn and winter months.

October often brings with it gale force winds so it’s worth packing your furniture away in late September, if you’re not planning to use it.

How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away With Weights And Other Materials

Nadya Jones

Keep your patio furniture from blowing away with sandbag outdoor furniture weights you can buy on Amazon or make at home. You can also drill eye bolts into the deck and tie patio chairs to them with bungee cords. Use deck tie-downs if you don’t want to drill into floorboards.

Are you tired of running after your patio chairs every time it gets windy? Can’t think of a way to keep them in place? 

I know exactly how to keep patio furniture from blowing away!

Simply follow my easy step-by-step anchoring tutorials provided below, and your outdoor sitting area will stay looking amazing, even in the wind. Check it out!

I don’t want to be chasing after my outdoor furniture, either. So, I took matters into my own hands and found a way to make patio furniture weights at home, for cheap

This prompted me to write a complete guide for anchoring outdoor furniture. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it! 


Keeping Your Rattan Garden Furniture Safe In Poor Weather Conditions

Here in the UK, We’re used to poor weather. Storms and windy days are commonplace throughout the year, which is why it’s so important to keep your rattan garden furniture secure.

If you’re looking for ways to stop your rattan furniture blowing away in poor weather, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for more useful tips and tricks…

How To Prevent Covers From Flying Off Or Ballooning On A Windy Day

How to Keep Your Patio Furniture from Blowing Away ...

Even if your furniture cover is a perfect fit, it can still blow off your in severe gusts of wind, leaving your furniture vulnerable to the elements.

Cover clamps are an affordable and easy solution to this problem. Clamps secure covers, keeping furniture covered in harsh conditions. In a pinch, you can try to use rocks or furniture weights to secure your cover. Of course, rocks and weights are not designed to be used to keep your cover on during windy conditions and may not work as expected.

High-quality furniture covers will stay put through all weather conditions, but using safety clips will add an extra layer of protection that some environments demand.

Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away In The Wind

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on the porch. You can spend quality time with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. However, as the season changes and the weather takes a turn for the worse, you may find your time on the porch limited. As these winter storms come in you may find a few problems facing your outdoor furniture. If you are not careful the bad weather, especially wind, can damage your outdoor furniture by tossing it around. Outdoor furniture can be expensive to replace when they break. This article will give you some helpful tips and tricks to stop your outdoor furniture from blowing away in the wind. So that come springtime, you will still have a nice and relaxing place to relax on your porch.

Use Protective Furniture Covers & Group Furniture Pieces Together

An easy method of resolving the problem of patio furniture taking flight like a bird is to purchase heavy protective furniture covers. Group several chairs, table set chairs or all sectional parts of a sofa together. Drape across the whole group of furniture to keep them close together. Tie down and secure the legs if possible, or apply weights on corner legs. This method allows individuals to enjoy their lightweight furniture outside without worrying that they will fly off if left alone during a storm.

Patio Furniture Weights 11 Tips To Secure Your Outdoor Furniture

When you’re inside on a windy afternoon, drinking some tea and watching the trees sway, the last thing you want to see is your outdoor sectional flying through the air, followed by the cantilever umbrella! You may need some patio furniture weights. Patio furniture has a pesky tendency to lift off of the ground or blow over.

These errant attempts at flight can damage the furniture, the surrounding garden, and occasionally bystanders.

You’ve likely tried a few strategies in an attempt to keep your furniture secure, but so far they haven’t worked.

So what else is there to do? Here are some ideas!


  • 2.11 11. Bring Your Patio Furniture Inside
  • Secure The Outdoor Rug To A Wooden Patio With Washers And Screws

    Take four stainless steel washers and secure one on each corner with a countersunk stainless steel screw to make the corner flush. While this does put a small hole into your deck, it makes for a very secure rug installation. 

    If you’re looking for a ready-made screw and washer solution, we recommend the YYST carpet Anchors. YYST is a popular choice for securing your rug to a wooden deck because they feature stainless steel hardware to prevent rust and a flush washer so that the screw does not stick out.

    How To Size Your Outdoor Carpet Before Attaching It To Concrete

    Installing your outdoor carpet will be easy and quick once you take all the required measurements. Here is how to size your outdoor carpet rug before installation:

    • Begin by choosing your preferred side to install the carpet full-width from wall to wall. Once you pick the side, proceed to place one side of the roll at the corner.
    • Take the other side of the roll and fit it at the base of the wall before spreading your outdoor carpet to the other side of the wall. Make sure to keep your rug squared to the floor. Do not forget to mark the edges of your outdoor carpet.
    • Proceed to remove the carpet and draw a chalk line between the marks. A metal straightedge will be handy for this task. Cut the outdoor rug with a utility knife once you draw the line.
    • Do the same for the remaining outdoor space. Make sure to align the edges uniformly.

    Place Your Furniture In An Area That Gets Very Little Wind

    If your commercial patio dining area isn’t exposed to the wind, then you don’t have to worry about patio furniture security in the bad weather. Some restaurant owners plant hedges to prevent wind from having a direct path to their patio dining area. Others arrange the tables and chairs close to the exterior wall of the restaurant to keep them out of the strong winds. Of course, if there is no way to shield your patio area from the wind, you could take your patio furniture into a store room. Or, you could make it a point to purchase the best outdoor commercial furniture for windy areas. These pieces of furniture include weights and anchors in their design. As a note, if you want to know how to keep an outdoor rug from blowing away, try using Velcro to attach it to the floor or roll it up and take it inside.

    Velcro To The Rescue No More Outdoor Cushions Blowing Away

    We have a nice patio…but when the wind blows from the north it’s like a wind tunnel out there! And here in ND we have a lot of northerly winds. The back cushions on the chairs were always blowing off. I thought I’d hand stitch on some ties to keep them in place…..but I really didn’t want to work that hard. 😉 So Velcro to the rescue! Read on…..

    The cushions look nice…but the backs were often being blown off by the wind.

    Using industrial strength Velcro with self-adhesive backing, I cut a piece of both the “loop side” and the “hook side” to fit. As you can see, I made it so it won’t be visible when the cushion is placed up against the frame. I used the” hook side” of the Velcro to attach to the top back of the chair frame.

    This is the back of the cushion. Here’s how to get the two sides of the Velcro to line up perfectly.

  • Remove the self-adhesive back from one side of the Velcro. Attach it to the frame.
  • Remove the self-adhesive back from the other side and attach it to the part that’s already positioned on the frame. NOT to the cushion itself.
  • Now merely press the cushion up against the frame snuggly. Voila! The two parts are now adhered together, perfectly aligned.
  • I used industrial strength Velcro because I had some on hand. But I do think it’ll come in handy with our strong winds. 😉

    Keep Your Outdoor Patio Cushions Attached To The Furniture

    Furniture:Amazing Patio Furniture Cushions Blow Away Also ...


    Having beautiful patio furniture that is comfortable allows individuals to relax and unwind while taking in some welcome fresh air following a busy day at work or school. There are many styles of outdoor furniture, and many of these furniture pieces have soft and plush cushions for added comfort. These cushions often slip, slide and even blow away if not properly attached and anchored to the piece of furniture. In the long run, Custom Patio Cushions are best. An , will be able to provide you what you need. Custom cushions are made with the appropriate weights and ties to secure to furniture.

    This can become a real challenge for the homeowner trying to keep their patio and outdoor furnishings neat, in place and clean. There are some hacks to keep your outdoor patio cushions attached to the furniture that all homeowners with this problem should consider.

    Place Non-Slip Rubberized Mats Under the Cushions to Keep Cushions Secured

    There are pre-cut, non-slip rubberized mats that can simply be placed under the cushions. These keep cushions secured to the furniture. These handy items do not require any sewing or effort, and they are incredibly affordable as well.

    Simple Way to Make Ties for Patio Chair Cushions to Stop Slippage

    First gather the proper supplies:

    • Tie Material – Bias Tape of 1/4? Wide from Fabric Store.
    • Large Plastic Yarn Needle.
    • Pencil to Mark Hole Placement.
    • Basic Hole Puncher Tool.

    Creative Use of Velcro for Keeping Patio Furniture Cushions in Place

    Velcro Furniture Straps How To Secure Outdoor Cushions

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    If the cushions on your patio set do not have ties included, they may fly away if no one is sitting on them. As an alternative to cushion ties, you can hold down patio furniture cushions using Velcro adhesive straps . Attach one side to the underside of the cushion, and the other to the frame of the furniture. This solution is only as good as the backing adhesive on the Velcro, but it is cheap, and is often better than getting all new cushions with straps on them.

    How To Use Cover Clamps On Your Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Slip the clamps on after you place the cover on the furniture, especially if wind or rain are in the forecast. The Gust Guard™ system uses a combination of bungee cords and clamps to keep furniture covers secure.

    Follow these instructions to secure your furniture cover:

  • Place the cover over the piece of furniture and secure any buckle straps or drawcords.
  • Unlock the clamp by pressing on the center lever and sliding the crossbar towards the hook insert.
  • Secure the clamps to the opposite sides of the cover bottom. Place the clamp’s teeth over the cover’s hem. Slide the cross bar towards the teeth until the clamp locks in place.
  • Place a bungee cord behind the front wheel or leg of the piece of furniture. Attach the hook through the insert of the left front and right front clamps.
  • Place the second bungee cord behind the rear wheel or leg of the piece of furniture. Attach the hook through the insert of the clamps in the left-rear and right-rear.
  • You can download and print these instructions on our How to Use Cover Clamps instruction page.

    How To Stop Your Umbrella From Blowing Away This Summer

    Umbrellas are a crucial element for every set of patio furniture. Without shade from the summer sun, patios can be unbearably hot. But umbrellas cover your patio without all of the complications of a permanent structure or rolling shades. They can help regulate your patio’s temperature, reduce glare, and even help protect your outdoor accessories from sun damage while they’re out in the open. If umbrellas have any flaw at all, it’s that windy weather can cause problems. An open umbrella catches the wind and can rattle around in its stand. Umbrellas that aren’t properly secured can even blow away or topple over in a particularly strong gust of wind. If you want to make sure your umbrellas stays firmly in place this summer, find the right umbrella base.

    How To Secure Your Outdoor Furniture With Bungee Cords

    Position D-Rings

    Decide where you want to install D-rings on your wooden or concrete patio pavers. Ring anchors should be placed near the base of the furniture you are trying to secure from the wind. Try to make the anchors as discreet, so they don’t ruin your outdoor design. 

    Secure Ring Anchors To The Surface 

    Mark the drill holes through the brackets with a marker. Put the brackets aside for now and drill pilot holes where you’ve made the markings

    Align the brackets with the holes and screw them to the surface. Use wood screws on your wooden deck and masonry screws on concrete or paver patio. 

    Tie Furniture With Bungee Cords

    Place Patio Furniture And Potted Plants On The Corners

    Try laying out your patio furniture so that the legs hold down the corners of the area rug. You can also try furniture weights that will help secure your furniture and rugs in windy locations. The patio furniture will block them from curling and being kicked up. Strategically placed potted plants also work well to weigh down corners.

    Add Extra Weight To The Base For Stability And Balance

    It’s good if you already have a heavyweight base according to the size of the canopy. However, you can provide greater stability to the base for proper balance and protection by adding some extra weight.

    • Stack Wet Sandbags

    Putting some sandbags at the base surrounding the umbrella stand from all sides is a cost-effective idea to provide greater weight and support to the base. If you are using wet sand in heavy-duty bags, it will add even more weight so it is a much better option.

    • Place Lead Boxes Around the Base

    Lead boxes are much smaller than the sandbags and heavy too. You can place some tube-shaped lead boxes around the umbrella base.

    • Use Colorful Gravel to Add Weight and Beauty

    If you are proud of the patio ambiance of your place, this is a convenient way to secure your umbrella without spoiling the look. Place the pole of your umbrella in a bucket filled with vibrant gravels.

    • Use Supplemental Weight Bags for Large Umbrellas

    If your umbrella is 9 inches or more, you can use supplemental weight bags around the base to add up to 100lbs of additional weight.

    • Place Umbrella Pole into Cinder Block

    You can first construct a cinder block. Firmly place it under the base and put the pole of your umbrella into the hole of the block.

    • Put Sand in Hollow Bases

    Some base models have hollow chambers to fill some extra weight for support. Instead of water or other light materials, put wet sand in these chambers to put more weight.

    • Thread the Holes on the Base

    How Do You Protect Your Patio Screen From A Hurricane

    All right, now your patio furniture isn’t going anywhere. But how do you protect your patio screen from a hurricane? Start by picking up loose objects from around the yard so they won’t slam into the screen and cause damage. This includes potted plants, toys, and decorative items on your patio. Next, consider getting a hurricane screen if you don’t already have one. Hurricane screens are durable enough to protect your home from the crazy force of hurricane winds and the impact of flying debris. Many hurricane screens are retractable, so you can roll them down as needed.

    Ways To Stop Your Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

    How to Keep Patio Furniture From Flying Away


    Investing in your outdoor space is a big deal, and good patio furniture is definitely a big part of making sure you enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. If you live in an area where you experience an array of weather you know that it is really important to ensure your outdoor furniture stays put during times of inclement weather. Here are eight ways you can make sure your beautiful patio furniture is still around after the thunderstorm passes.

    Buy Heavy FurnitureOne of the best, and probably most obvious ways, to stop your furniture from blowing is to first buy furniture heavy enough to stay put. When picking out your furniture you might want to consider furniture made of wood, wrought iron, cast aluminum or steel. Pieces made from these materials are naturally very heavy, so with few additional precautions you will be able to ensure your furniture stays put year round. Click here to see our assortment of aluminum framed furniture and covers that protect your investment from the weather.

    Plant a Windbreak in your YardA windbreak is a group of trees or large plants in your yard that can help to block the wind in a certain area, or the whole yard. During a time of harsh winds some might get through but the force will be lost because it has to fight through the windbreak.

    Velago Patio Furniture carries high quality outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas and indoor sofas at clearance prices. We deliver across Canada, straight to your home.

    Easily Keep Your Patio Furniture From Blowing Away


    I’m a big fan of avoiding unnecessary work. The less time I spend performing needless tasks, the more time I get to spend on projects that matter. A few years ago, I noticed that I was spending a large chunk of my mornings chasing after the patio chairs that blew into my fence-line the night before. I knew I had to find an easy way to keep my patio furniture from blowing away so I could take my time back.

    There are several solutions to secure your patio furniture from the wind. While many complicated options exist, I tend to keep things simple. Installing a basic windbreak was a perfect solution for my particular situation. If you’re looking for an even quicker fix, there are other patio hacks you can employ. For instance , attaching sandbags to your furniture or securing it to your deck would be perfect. So without further ado, let’s get to the solutions.

    Use A Cover And Bricks To Keep Your Furniture Safe

    Rattan furniture covers are great for protecting your furniture from adverse weather conditions, not just rain but bright sunlight which could cause your tables, chairs or sofa to fade.

    When it comes to windy days, we recommend using a rattan furniture cover and keeping it secure with bricks or large stones to prevent it from blowing around your garden.

    This is also a great means of keeping your furniture secure and out of the eyes of thieves or burglars. Click here for a wide selection of rattan furniture covers.

    For more garden tips or advice about rattan furniture, visit our blog. Alternatively, click here to view our full rattan garden and conservatory range.

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    Use Caulk To Secure Your Outdoor Rug To Your Patio

    Caulk can be another easy option to secure an outdoor rug to your patio.

    Using clear latex acrylic caulk, run a thin bead along the edge of the underside of the outdoor rug. Firmly place it where you’d like it to stay. However, please note: you’ll want to allow ample time for the caulk to dry before allowing any foot traffic.

    Two hours should be enough for the caulk to dry.

    While this also damages the rug somewhat, there are no short-term cosmetic damages. However, be careful removing the rug, as you can damage it during this process.

    Ways To Protect Your Patio Furniture From Thieves

    The best way to protect outdoor furniture from theft is to lock it up at night with a steel cable and a master lock. I haven’t heard much about cushions being stolen but you can purchase a cushion storage box to keep them out of sight of would-be thieves. Aside from that, here are 8 preventative measures you can take.

    What To Do If Someone Steals Your Patio Furniture

    If someone steals your patio furniture, you should contact your local police department and file a police report. In most jurisdictions, anything over $500 is considered a felony and is not taken lightly. Check to see if your neighbors have security cameras. Ask them to check their tapes to see if their cameras caught anything that would help you to identify the thief.

    Don’t wake up to find your deck bare. Patio furniture can cost several thousands of dollars. Protect it to secure your investment in your home!

    In some cases, neighbors have seen people pacing or scouting a home. See if any of your neighbors saw anybody unusual walking around the neighborhood, maybe approaching the fence or windows.

    How Do You Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

    So how do you keep your patio furniture from blowing away? Ideally, you have time to stack up your furniture and put it against the wall or bring it inside. But if that’s not possible, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly secured to your deck or patio. And how do you secure patio furniture to a deck? It starts with the right weights to hold down your patio furniture. Here’s the low-down:

    • Size up your furniture. First you need to evaluate which furniture pieces are likely to take flight when the winds get crazy. If you’re really thinking ahead, you’ve already chosen heavy outdoor furniture for windy areas, and you may not need to add weights to all of your patio furniture pieces.

    • Figure out where the wind is coming from. Now it’s time to figure out which way the wind is usually blowing. True, all bets are off in the chance of a hurricane, but in everyday life, you’ll want to figure out if you have a wind tunnel or predictable wind flow. You can go the cheap route and dip your finger in water and hold it up in the air, or go the more reliable route and get a legitimate weather vane.

    • Choose your weights. Now it’s time to figure out which type of weights you want to hold down your furniture. Here are your options:

    • Patio furniture sandbags

    • Deck down anchors

    • Sofa fasteners

    • Clear museum gel

    • Bungee cords

    Methods To Secure Outdoor Furniture On The Ground

    1: Tie furniture parts with a steel chain and secure it with padlock:

    If the owner is facing windy weather outside the window and scares to lose its patio. So, this is definitely one of the best safety measures taken by the owner to safe its garden furniture. Just collect the furniture parts and tie all parts with a steel chain and secure it with lock and attach the lock with any support provided in the backyard.

    2: Alarms the Savior:

    Sometimes people are not aware that bad weather is about to hit their area. So, for that time alarms are the best option to save their placed furniture parts from the area which are about to lose from the wind. Owners must install the alarm in any part of the furniture. So, when wind or storm about to hit the area the first move of the furniture by the wind notified its owner about the danger.

    3: Heavy-Weight furniture cover:

    To save, the furniture from bad weather heavy-weight furniture covers also used by the owner to cover the furniture on the spot. Once the furniture parts are covered owner stops worrying about the security of their furniture.

    4: Keep the furniture inside the Garage:

    When the owner stops using furniture or leaving the home for some purpose. They should settle their garden furniture in the safe place means inside the garage or shed which shows a sense of security of the owner about their furniture and this action also made them relax that their furniture will not blow away by the wind in their absence.

    6: Plant a Barrier:

    How Do You Attach Your Outdoor Carpet To Concrete

    How to Keep Your Patio Furniture from Blowing Away ...

    Installing an outdoor carpet to your concrete patios and decks is the best way of giving a new look. The good news is that you do not need extensive knowledge and skills to attach your outdoor carpet to concrete. 

    A permanent outdoor carpet installation involves more work but can be handled with some tools and preparation.

    Discover how you can install your outdoor rug to concrete in this complete guide:

    Ways To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

    One of the best parts of nice weather is being able to enjoy the outdoor areas at our homes. Many people invest a considerable amount of money in their outdoor areas in order to have a comfortable place to socialize and relax once the cold weather of the winter turns into the temperate climes of spring and summer. A constant fear for many people with outdoor lawn furniture is the thought of it blowing away whenever winds start to pick up or a storm is impending. Nothing can put a damper on summer fun more than watching perfectly good outdoor furniture blow away with no chance of catching it. Thankfully, there are ways to assure outdoor furniture stays put; even through the worst spring winds and summer storms.

    How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

    December 9, 2013

    May 29, 2019 by admin

    High winds have created a problem for many homeowners who are tired of witnessing their outdoor furniture blowing away. In certain parts of the country, windy weather has created a headache for many who have awoken to find their outdoor sectionals scattered across the yard.

    You’ve probably tried an assortment of ideas to keep your furniture from blowing away. Patio Productions is proud to let you know that you no longer have to command your dog to sit on your furniture until winds subside. Here are 7 Ways How to Keep Outdoor Furniture from blowing away and safely anchored in your backyard patio!

    • One of the easiest methods is to tie your furniture down with sandbags.  This is how malls and other large venues usually handle high winds.  You can also find canopy sand bags like these ones and adapt them to work with your outdoor furniture.  Case in point, add weight to keep the wind from blowing it around. Here are some more solutions that really work!

    How To Protect Your Patio Furniture From Theft

    Protecting patio furniture from theft is often not the last thing we think about before we doze off to bed each night. Theft of high-end patio furniture is quite common, a surprising fact to many. Recent news has reported the story of a man who stole over $5K in outdoor furniture.

    Take pictures to make sure that insurance will reimburse you in the case of theft but there are no guarantees. You should save receipts for documentation as well. The best solution is to use some of these ideas to keep thieves from stealing your patio furniture and spreading the word to friends and neighbors about this type of activity.

    Tailor 9 Piece Dining Set

    Use Wire Ties Or Fasteners For Sectional Sofas

    The newer sectional sofas for outdoor use often are crafted with a lightweight material like aluminum. This enables the sofa to be easily moved and cleaned by maids when desired. However, these furnishings are far more likely to take off towards space or your neighbor’s yard if a sudden windstorm hits your area.

    An easy solution to this issue is to use easy-to-use wire ties or special fasteners made for keeping sectional sofas secured. These usually come in a set of about 8, can be found at low prices and are made to withstand the elements. What these clips can do is to secure the different section pieces of the sofa all together that creates a bigger weight load that is not so easy to blow away. Tip – these clips often come with the furniture, so save them if your sofa is new. The common wire ties are available from hardware stores.


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