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How To Replace Gazebo Roof

How Toreplace A Canopy On A Gazebo Hard And Soft Top

DIY Polycarbonate Gazebo Roof Follow up How to.

This is another important step in preparing for winter. Typically, a gazebo adds so much beauty to backyards by providing a visual focal point or space for people to gather and enjoy a cool afternoon. However, your gazebo is subject to all sorts of weather-related damages because they remain outside all year round. In addition, there would definitely come a time when you will need to replace the canopy on your gazebo. When it comes to canopies, the soft-top canopies need to be replaced more often than the hardtop because they are more vulnerable to weather-related damages such as tearing, ripping, or other sun-related damages like fading. Likewise, hardtop canopies can also become damaged over time and would need replacing.

There are several reasons why your canopy might need a replacement. You might want to replace the existing design with something more refreshing that has caught your eye. Perhaps your existing soft top has been damaged and you want to switch over to a hard top canopy. No matter the reason, we are here to help you know and learn the steps involved in replacing a hard and soft-top canopy for your gazebo so that you can easily save cost and do it yourself. Here are some tips to follow to make it easier to replace your gazebo:

How About An Ancient Favorite: An Octagonal Gazebo Roof

look quite similar to double ceilings, except instead of having four sides, they have eight.

According to American phrenologist Orson Fowler, the very same man who popularized octagonal houses in the 19th century, an octagons geometry makes it the ideal shape for a gazebo.

In addition to more living space, Fowler believed that octagonal roofed gazebos naturally let in more light compared to four-sided pavilions. They also apparently remain cooler during the summer season.

Benefits aside, octagonal roofs also look simply astonishing. Theyre reminiscent of the Victorian-style gazebo at Fellows Riverside Gardens. While not as elaborate, theyll undoubtedly give off a beautiful, dramatic flare to your backyard.

How To Shingle A Gazebo Roof The Easy Way

First things first. If you want your gazebo to blend in better, choose shingles in a colour that matches the roof of your house.

Always mix shingles from different bundles to make sure any differences in shade wont be noticeable.

If you need to replace your gazebo roof, make sure to remove all the existing shingles, not just the rotting ones. Clear the structure as much as possible to make way for the new and improved roof.

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How To Build A Gazebo Roof

Step by step diy project is about how to build a gazebo roof. Building a roof for a 12×16 gazebo is a complex project and it requires professional plans. Nevertheless, you should take a look on these instructions as to get an idea about all the steps required to build a roof for your gazebo project. Work with attention and with good judgement, if you want to prevent costly mistakes and potential issues.

As we always point out, we recommend you to study the local building codes before continuing your project. Therefore, you can find all sort of useful information, such as the materials you should use, or the distance you need to leave between the rafters. Cover the rafters with plywood sheets, tar paper and asphalt shingles. Protect the components form wood decay, by applying several coats of paint.

On the other hand, there are a few designs and shapes you could choose from. On one hand, you could follow our instructions and build an unique roof, that requires a significant amount of work and materials. On the other hand, you could build a simple gable structure that can be done by any person with basic skills in just one hay. See here how to build a simple gable roof.

In order to build a gazebo roof, you need to use the following:

How To Reshingle A Gazebo Roof

How To Roof A Gazebo

Whenever it is time to re-shingle your gazebo roof, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. Re-shingling a roof is something that can be very difficult if you do not know the proper steps and tips as well as have the right tools. Being completely prepared for the task will allow you to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Step 1 Pick the Right Time

Whenever you are re-shingling your gazebo roof, you will find that picking the right day is crucial. You do not want it to do this job in extreme heat. If it is too hot the shingles and tar will be much too hot to work with. However, you want it to be just warm enough so the shingles are not stiff. A day that is in the 80s will be ideal to get the job done quickly and safely.

Step 2 Remove Old Shingles

You will need to first get rid of the old shingles before you can put down the new ones. As you tear off the old shingles that you keep an eye out for rotted boards. You will need to replace any rotted or especially old looking ones. Take note of how much needs to be replaced so you will know how many new boards that you will need.

Step 3 Felt Paper and Aluminum Flashing

Step 4 Shingles

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Make Use Of Flexible Cords In Order To Tie Down The Structure

During winter some areas can see a lot of wind, so it may be advisable to make use of bungee cords or any other flexible cord to strengthen and fix your gazebo to the ground to avoid damage to your structure. If there are some areas that are already loose fix them as soon as possible, before the problem get worse when the wind rises.

Decorateaccording To The Style

The way youdecide to decorate your gazebo depends mainly on its style, the design of yourhome and your garden. If you are someone that lives on a rural property, youmight decide to plant cottage flowers that usually don’t go above the railingsand maybe Clematis that grow over the top and shade your roof. Based on your preference, you may decide not to haveany hanging swing inside your gazebo, and instead have like two benches as wellas a small side table to place your drinks. You could also make use ofAdirondack chairs and tables. You might even decide to put a cute tin sign onthe outer railings with some cute phrases. As I said, it based on yourpreference.

If you own aVictorian style home, then you should probably go with white-colored wickerthat has been previously treated with non-glossy polyurethane as that would bean ideal decor. You might also want to add a pot or two of smooth elephant earsjust at the entrance and probably a few pots of ferns hanging from the rafters.You can also put out a sisal rug if you like just for additional beauty butjust have it in mind that you would need to wash it down regularly. Since yourgazebo is out in the open, birds and insects will probably get into it, so youmight as well place a bird feeder inside, so you can enjoy watching the birdswhile sitting there.

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Best Gazebo Roofing Ideas: Learn More About Available Options To Get Inspired

Planning to build a gazebo but not quite sure of what roofing design to use? Worry not, my friend, for I have the ultimate list for you!

Several posts ago, I reviewed some of the best gazebos available for purchase. However, I know that those who already own a gazebo simply require a few touches here and there.

This is why Ive compiled 10 of the best gazebo roofing ideas and options thatll help you build a roof that suits your style!


Lets start this list off with a classic. The above image depicts a four-sided gazebo roof, arguably one of the most popular roofing styles found in gazebos.

As the name suggests, a four-sided gazebo has, well, four sides! Each side looks quite similar to a mini pyramid. More often than not, all four parts connect to a single point in the middle. Its subtle, straightforward, and effortless to build. Simplicity at its finest!

Which Type Of Professional Do I Call For Gazebo Repairs

How to build a Gazebo Roof

Although there are professionals who specialize in gazebo construction, depending on what type of repair your gazebo needs, other tradespeople can often help with repairs.

For example, a local roofing pro will help you fix a leaky roof or replace missing shingles, a reputable local handyperson could treat or seal gazebo wood, and a glazier near you can replace window panes.

Get Quotes From Top-Rated Porch and Gazebo Repair Contractors

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How To Repair A Polycarbonate Roof On A Gazebo

Repaired polycarbonate roof on a Gazebo

Damage to twin-wall polycarbonate roof on a Gazebo

The roof on our Gazebo was covered with small holes and quite a few cracks. I searched the internet in vain for instructions on how to repair the panels and finally decided to come up with my own repair. I have no idea how long this will last, but at least it’s repairable, if necessary. And of course it will be probably necessary again at some point.

How To Reroof Your Gazebo

Like a house or garage roof, a gazebo roof is prone to wear and damage, eventually requiring replacement. A gazebo typically has an asphalt shingle roof because that kind of shingle is flexible, easily conforming to the curves at each roof hip — the ridge where two sides of the roof meet. Gazebos often have four, six or eight sides, which translates to an equal number of triangular roof sections that are joined with a cap along each joint. Rent scaffolding so you can access your gazebo’s roof safely and easily.


Scrape off the gazebo’s existing roof shingles with a shingle shovel, pitchfork or similar tool. Work from the bottom edge of the roof up to the peak. Insert the tool’s blade under the bottom shingles and push it upward along the roof to break up the shingles. Remove the old felt paper underlayment, and pry up all remaining nails with the claw of a claw hammer.


Pull up all rotting or damaged wood pieces from the roof. Measure the old pieces you removed, and cut replacements from 1/2- to 5/8-inch-thick plywood sheets. Screw the new plywood pieces into the roof rafters with 1 1/2-inch-long wood screws.








Cut off the excess length of shingles that overhangs the roof hips with the utility knife or hook knife, using the line where two sides meet at each hip as a guide. Install the shingles on the remaining sides of the gazebo roof until the roof is completely shingled.




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Gazebo Repair Cost Factors

Your gazebo size, material, and complexity of construction will all impact repair costs.

Performing regular maintenance can also reduce the number of repairs your gazebo needs. Pressure washing awnings, roof cleaning, repainting or resealing wood finishes, and keeping gutters clean are all jobs worth doing to extend the structures overall lifespan.

Gazebos with extras like electrical wiring, ceiling fans, or hot tubs may require additional repairs.

How Towinterize A Gazebo A Step By Step Guide

Replacement mesh gazebo roof

When you are preparing for the winter, your outdoor plants or patios are not just the only spots that you need to work on. Your gazebo is associated with all those summer afternoons where you go out to relax, read or ding on a warm evening. So you will need to give it some attention before you finally abandon it for the winter. Now if you properly winterize your gazebo, it can really help you avoid costly winter damages such as warped or splintered wood. Additionally, doing annual maintenance on your gazebo can help keep it looking fresh and useful all year round. Below is a step-by-step guide that you can use to prepare your gazebo properly for the winter:

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Is A Gazebo The Same As A Pergola

Although often confused, pergolas and gazebos are different garden structures. Wooden framed pergolas offer visual interest and filtered shade. Gazebos have roofs and provide full shade and sheltertraditionally, they are hexagonal in shape. If you just want to define an area in your outdoor living space and grow trailing vines, then a pergola is a better option. The cost to build a pergola is typically less than a gazebo.

Canopy Repair Or Replacement

Fabric canopies can develop small tears. When this happens, a DIY fix is possible with a patch repair kit. This will typically cost less than $50 to purchase.

If the canopy suffers significant damage, it will need replacing. They can lose their waterproofing qualities, fade in the sun, or just have overall wear and tear. Replacing the canopy can cost as little as $50 for a small, off-the-shelf variety, up to $500 or more for a custom-fit, durable, multi-tiered style.

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Replacement Ideas For A Gazebo Roof

Gazebos sit outside all day, everyday, exposed to the humidity of the summer, the cold and snow of winter and the rain of spring and fall. A gazebo roof takes the brunt of this battering. A poor quality roof wont last long under these conditions, though a sturdy, well-built roof will.

From hard plastics to asphalt shingles, the materials and designs available for durable gazebo roofs run a large gamut.

Here Are Somefurther Tips To Winterizing Your Gazebo:

How to install a Hardtop Polycarbonate roof Gazebo in your Garden

Remove the dirt:

For other dirt like algae, mildew, or other stubborn grime or buildup signs, scrub them away with a natural bristle brush or a plastic brush with a solution of warm water and mild liquid soap or any mold remover. Don’t use a wire brush to clean your gazebo. If you are using detergent to get rid of stains, fill up a 2-gallon bucket with water and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of your liquid detergent, then mix well before use.

Check for loose screws:

Go around your gazebo and carefully check for any loose screws. As you go, make sure to tighten them with a screwdriver. This will not only help you prolong your gazebo’s structural life span, but it will also help prevent major repairs all year round.

Having paidattention to these tips, here is a pro tip on the things that you will need towinterize your gazebo.

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Remove Any Debris And Dirt

No doubt, fall is a good time to enjoy your garden and spent in your gazebo. But as beautiful as this season is, it can also be somehow stressful when leaves are getting beautiful colors and finally fall down. That is the time you have to clean your gazebo from those fallen leaves and twigs. Don’t forget to check the top of your gazebo. If you do not remove them they can start to rot, and hurt the gazebo, especially if it is made out of wood.

In addition, for gazebos with soft tops, leaving leaves on the roof can lead to the downgrading of the waterproofing level. When the leaves are left they can start to rot, and this rotting process will eat away the Polyurethane coating on the soft top that makes it waterproof. Therefore, make sure you get rid of any leaves, twigs, dirt, and/or other debris from the floor and the walls of your gazebo, especially at the end of fall, when it is certain that you won’t use it again for the year. To get rid of any surface debris that your broom might have missed, you can make use of a pressure washer and hose the gazebo down with water. Make sure you focus the spray on the cracks between boards and other hard to reach spaces.

Put In The Ridge Caps

You can make ridge caps by cutting a shingle into six equal parts which you will place at the seams of the roof. Once again, start at the bottom of each seam and place the ridge caps so they overlap.

When youve finished sealing all the seams and get to the top, all thats left is to put the metal cap in the centre of the roof.

Tip: Installing a drip edge is optional, but highly recommended to allow rainwater to drain from the roof. Start at one roof edge and nail the drip to the roof using the ¾ nails. When you get to a corner, simply bend the drip edge and continue with the nailing.

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Go For Iron Roofing For Cooler Summers

Corrugated iron roofing is another popular choice among homeowners, primarily due to its extreme durability. In fact, its said that the average life expectancy of corrugated iron roofing is over 50 years! This means that youll never have to replace the roof ever again.

In addition to this, corrugated roofs keep you cool during summer because they naturally send the suns UV rays into the atmosphere. In comparison, traditional roofing materials can heat up to 190°F on a hot summer day, with a good portion of heat transferring into the gazebo.

The initial installation and material cost of corrugated roofs may be quite steep, but youre paying for high-quality roofing in exchange. Plus, as theyre made of metal, you can bend and twist them to whatever design fits your gazebo whether its four-sided, octagonal, or even flat.


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