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Patio With Pergola And Fire Pit

Recommendations For All Fire Pit Ideas Under A Pergola

DIY Paver Patio, Fire-pit & Pergola Project (Time-lapse)

There are some mandatory considerations for your pergola space if you want to incorporate a fire feature. One of the benefits of working with the qualified installers of the Azenco dealership network is they have the experience constructing a fire pit under a pergola, and can easily customize your project to accommodate these design considerations.

Can You Leave A Fire Pit Burning Overnight

Most fire pits can be left burning overnight, as it should not bother neighbors unless it is excessively smoky. Also paying attention to the type of wood you use also helps. As long as your wood has KBD and is dry, your fire will be less smoky, and you can keep it going longer without bothering neighbors.

Prepare And Mark The Area

Choose an area on your property to begin building backyard pergola. Place a stake in the center of your build space. The layout of the circular design of the fire pit and pergola will be referenced from this point.

Using a tape measure, determine the radius of your fire pit and pergola from the center stake. using orange marking paint.

To mark the points for the fire pit and round pergola:

  • Tie a string around the center stake.
  • Stretch the string out to the length of your first radial mark.
  • Hold the string tight and using your paint, walk in a full circle marking the entire circumference for your fire pit.
  • Repeat process at the next radial mark to create boundary markings for the pergola portion of the project.
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    The Ultimate Nighttime Gathering Spot

    Thinking of building an evening retreat? We offer a wide range of colors and textures that look similar to those found in natural stone. Our fire pits can be fueled by gas or firewood.

    Just like our other services, our approach to fireplace, fire pit, and pergola construction always start with building the correct foundation, using high-quality materials, and installation according to industry manufacturers.

    We only use materials backed with long-term warranties by reputable manufacturers. You dont have to be concerned with issues later on.

    Minimum plate compaction. Subject to base settling along home foundations. Subject to sitting wall foundation failures.

    Mechanic Soil Stabilization

    Ensures proper compaction within soil characteristics. Horizontal soil compaction . Vertical soil compaction . Separation fabric used during poor soil conditions.

    Cut And Install The Top Cap

    Backyard fire pit &  pergola!

    The last step to complete the pergola framing is to cut and install the top plate that caps the beams. These plates are mitered so that they meet evenly in the corners over each post.

  • Measure, cut and place your plates using the same marking process as the beams, overlapping the joint at the pie-shaped triangle wedge of the post to create your exact fit angle.
  • Secure the top plates with 4 deck screws, and also place screws through the top plate into the beam about every 10.
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    Consider The Type Of Fire Pit

    Most homeowners prefer wood fire pits over propane and natural gas fire pits. However, wood generates more heat than the other two options, thus increasing the chances of damage to your pergola and patio/deck surface. Whats more, burning wood produces ash that has to be cleaned off and soot that can discolor your pergola roof slats.

    If youre going for a wood fire pit, install it over a fire protection stand or buy one with legs, such that the fire pit is raised and sits a couple of feet above the surface. The better option, though, would be to go for a propane or natural gas fire pit, both of which produce cleaner, controllable, and safer flames.

    Keep in mind, though, that installation of a natural gas fire pit costs more than the other two options and also calls for more planning. You have to call in a professional to run a new line from the main house to the patio or deck where your pergola is.

    Create The Bar/storage Area

    To create the bar/storage/serving area:

  • Divide the distance between the two posts into thirds and place two 6X6 posts cut to 5 tall to support the bar top.
  • Place a post in each hole and use a level to level the posts in each direction. Stabilize them using quick setting concrete according to concrete directions.
  • Trim 1.5 off of the the front and rear facing sides of the two bar posts .
  • Cut and install two 2X6 beams to fit between the two main support posts. They will rest on the two bar posts for support. Attach each beam securely to each post with screws.
  • Attach a corbel to both bar posts beneath each beam for additional support.
  • Trim each end of two 2X10 beams to fit tightly between the two outside support posts.
  • The angle of these cuts will vary based on the dimensions between your posts and the angle at which they are positioned.
  • Place each beam horizontally across the span of the bar area and use a level to level the beam. Secure both beams using screws.
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    Consider The Pergolas Proximity To The House

    Generally, fire pits shouldnt be set up too close to the house, as they pose the risk of fire. You should only install the fire pit if the pergola is at least ten feet away from the house. Meanwhile, if there are any dry, overhanging branches near the pergola that might catch fire, you might want to cut them back a couple of feet before setting up the fire pit.

    Pergola With Rope Swing And Concrete Fire Pit

    Modern Deck, Pergola, Patio and Fire Pit Full Build Time Lapse- Zen Backyard Transformation 2021

    Yet another pergola fire pit by the side of the house. But this time, the seats are swings attached from the beams overhead. This gives it a very different look and seating experience.

    I do find the swings hung a bit too low. But, you can easily adjust them to your own needs.

    The beauty of the this design is that it is a few steps from the house, which makes it easy to get food or drinks out if youre entertaining.

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    Beware Curtains And Pergola Covers

    No matter what kind of fire pit you have, youll definitely want to ensure that there is sufficient airflow. You never want to light any kind of fire pit in an enclosed space. You may think that, since the top of the pergola is partially open, you can close the curtains surrounding the structure, but this is never a good idea. Carbon monoxide can build up to dangerous levels in these instances.

    Pergola covers are a little different. Many people have canvas pergola covers to help with direct sunlight during the day. Be aware that keeping the shade drawn over the pergola while you have a fire going may damage it. The material of your pergola itself may be tougher than the shade cover. When using a wood fire pit, its not advisable leaving any type of cover on the pergola, as the smoke can damage or discolor it.

    Check Your Rule Books

    Even with the benefits of modern aluminum pergolas, and the deft hand of a professional designer/installer guiding your design choices, local regulations are always going to provide the starting point for any outdoor living space project. Make sure to inquire with your local building department, fire department, and/or homeowners association about what kind of fire features are allowed in your neighborhood, and how they need to be installed. Additionally, you may need to revisit your homeowners insurance policy to ensure a fire pit or outdoor kitchen will be covered by the policy.

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    How Close Can A Fire Pit Be To A House

    Fire Pits are an excellent edition on patios and decks alike however, fire pits should not be installed too close to a house. Because pergolas are typically open or vented, having a fire pit near or inside them is safe.

    Fire pits should be no less than ten feet in proximity to houses for safety reasons. When deciding where to place a fire pit, consider a location with no overhanging branches or other structures that could easily catch fire.

    Avoid putting fire pits next to trees this is a recipe for disaster! A more prudent idea would involve installing the pit closer to travel paths to keep people safer when walking by during use.

    Mark Your Post Locations

    35 Amazing Pergola Ideas with Fire Pit 8

    This design requires eight 6X6X12 wooden posts to anchor the pergola. Use a 2X4 cut to length to determine and mark where you will need to set your posts.

    The distance between post centers is determined by the size of your pergola the detailed plans include 3 different dimensions.

    To mark the pergola post locations:

  • Determine where you want your pergola entrance to be and place the 2X4 there on the outermost circle. Each end of the 2X4 must be touching your orange marks.
  • Pick up the 2X4 and rotate it around the circle by placing one end where your last marking is.
  • Continue until youve circled all the way around. You should have eight intersecting marks along the outermost circle. These points are where you will place your posts.
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    Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Tv And Sound Install

    patio pergola tv kitchen outdoor install sound contemporary installation

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    Potential Downsides To Lighting A Fire Pit In A Gazebo

    While you should follow all necessary safety precautions, there may still be some unintended side effects of lighting a fire pit underneath, or inside of a gazebo or pergola. Both wood burning and gas powered fires have the potential to throw off lots of heat which can pose a threat to the surface and ceiling of a gazebo in particular.

    Without proper heat dissipation, the fire can slowly bake the wooden structure of the gazebo which can cause unintended cracking and drying of the building material over time. To avoid this, ensure that there is proper ventilation above any flame inside or underneath your structures.

    This is an important point of consideration, as heat damage could potentially shorten the life of your wooden structures, as well as their overall structural integrity.

    Below well evaluate which style of firepits are the safest for a gazebo or pergola which you should consider taking a look at before using your own, or purchasing a new one. Not all fire pits are made equally, which is what were going to help break down here so you can use one safely inside of a gazebo-style structure.

    In an open-sided gazebo, these are the preferred types of fire pits you should be using.

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    What Size Should A Pergola Be For A Fire Pit

    Wow! Everything is about size for Pergolas and fire pits.

    But it is so important that a pergola is big enough for a fire pit. Its bad enough to have a but is even worse with a fire pit.

    A chair too close to a fire pit is an unused chair. No, one wants to be burned while sitting by a fire pit.

    For a wood-burning fire pit, most experts say you should plan on the edge of your chair being 30 inches away from the edge of the fire pit. For a gas fire pit, you can be closer, around 24 inches.

    Take a Yard goes into much more depth in required size but short answer. You need a 7 perimeter around your fire pit to comfortably set up chairs and enjoy your fire pit.

    Quick answer is a to enjoy a fire pit.

    Really limiting using a fire pit under a pergola. Especially a wood fire pit. A gas fire pit can be enjoyed under a slightly smaller pergola. But still, you will need room to move your chairs.

    Pergolas offer a little play in size if open with only four posts holding up the beam and rafters. Allowing you to move your chair from under the pergola and a little further away from the fire. But this is only an option if the deck is larger than the pergola. Most arent. The deck often at best being a couple of feet wider than the pergola.

    Yes, some pergolas have privacy walls. Increasing intimacy and privacy but should be limited to only 2 sides if using a fire pit under the pergola.

    Is A Fire Pit Under A Pergola Safe

    The Fortress FULL BUILD TIME LAPSE – Deck, Patio, Pergola, and Fire Pit Ideas 2020!

    The pergola material and the fire pit burner type are two very important considerations. If you are installing a fire pit on an existing pergola structure, make sure that the burner you will purchase and install is safe for the clearance and material of your existing structure.

    If youre installing a pergola over an existing gas burner, then check the manufacturing details on the recommended clearances so that you can select the appropriate pergola structure. If both will be newly installed, then you would have a bit more flexibility on your choices.

    Here are some additional precautions to ensure your fire pit pergola is safe to use:

    A fire pit under a pergola can make a great feature for your homes backyard. By taking a little care to ensure your fire pit is installed and used properly you can avoid potential safety hazards and best enjoy it for years to come.

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    Fire Pit Pergola Ideas

    This is a small propane stone fire pit placed under a solid wood overhang pergola structure. This is further accentuated by garden string lights to enhance the ambiance of the space.

    If youre concerned with safety and you do not want any discoloration or burn marks on your patio structure, this above example is an excellent idea. The brick fire pit was placed outside the overhead solid wood pergola structure, so the natural gas fire pit would less likely burn it.

    If you dont have space for a built-in fire pit, or if you prefer a more mobile fire pit, you can opt to use a portable propane fire pit. This example uses a coffee table with a built-in propane fire pit, helping it blend in and making it mobile.

    This small corner patio uses a wood fire pit, in which half is directly under the patio structure, and the other half on open air.

    Since this fire pit is placed under a patio structure with additional plastic and fabric materials, propane was the fire pit of choice as it provides a more controlled fire / heat output, making it safer and easier to adjust.

    This has fire pit is placed under a wooden pergola overhead structure, which is supported by concrete and stone masonry foundation. Since the fire pit cover and the surrounding built-in bench seat are made of stone and concrete, is safe to place the seat closer to the fire pit.

    Pergola Swing Fire Pit

    See more

    What Types Of Fire Features Can Be Built Under A Pergola

    Unlike a pergola or a gazebo made from wood, todays modern aluminum pergolas can handle the heat emitted from a small fire pit or barbecue. Also, while painted wood or vinyl structures can easily warp or become discolored by the heat, the powder-coated aluminum exterior of our pergolas can easily be cleaned of any ash or soot.

    When choosing the fire features for your covered patio youll want to practice some restraint. Whether selecting an off-the-shelf fire pit or designing your own, moderating the size of the pit can help limit the volume of fire, keeping the potential for damage to a minimum. If self-control is not a personal virtue, then opt for a natural gas or propane fire pit.

    When building an outdoor kitchen under a pergola, gas-fired grills and ovens can be a convenient and easy-to-use option, but nothing will inspire your guests awe like cooking over real fire. From a BBQ under a pergola to a wood-burning pizza oven, the options for your outdoor kitchen can be customized to fit how you like to cook.

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    Backyard Pergola Time And Cost Breakdown

    The time to build a round backyard pergola like this will depend on how hard you want to work and what your skill level is.

    If you have at least two individuals dedicated to the project who have general knowledge on carpentry and power tools, you can complete this project in a weekend.

    Because we were only working in our spare time and Brett worked alone many days, it took us about two weeks to finish our project.

    Ensure Proper Overhead Clearance

    50 Beautiful Pergola Ideas (Design Pictures)

    Once you know the legality of having a fire pit in your yard, the next big concern is overhead clearance. After all, you dont want your pergola to become damaged by the heat, smoke, or soot coming off the fire. And you definitely dont want it to catch on fire.

    Unfortunately, theres no hard and fast rule about this that I can tell you. For tree branches and other overhead structures, the general rule is 15-feet. However, most pergolas roofs are built only 8 or 9 feet of the ground.

    Youll want to check the gas fire pit manufacturers suggested overhead clearance to be sure. If you have a wood-burning fire pit that you want to put under a pergola, you can expect to get soot on your pergola slats. Its almost unavoidable with wood smoke.

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    Using A Wood Burning Fire Pit In A Gazebo Or Pergola

    Wood burning fire pits are a lot cheaper to run, as opposed to a gas powered propane fire pit. Besides being more economical, they typically throw more heat. Also, could you imagine using anything other to roast marshmallows over?

    Theres two predominant downsides to using a wood burning fire pit, especially in this instance. While open flames are dazzling and incredibly cozy, theyre a little unruly. Or at least, they have a reputation as such. If you follow our precautions as discussed above, then wood burning fire pits shouldnt pose too much cause for concern.

    Get yourself a decent spark screen, a heat proof fire pit mat and some common sense and you shouldnt have any problems.

    Wood burning fire pits require solid fuel in the form of your favorite type of bonfire wood. Storing it can be an issue for some, but depending on how you come about it wood can be fairly cheap. Where these types of fire pits really shine is in comfort, theres nothing quite like the sizzling heat that these things throw off on a cool summers evening. Throw a blanket and a beverage into the mix, and youre looking at one relaxing night!


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