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Planters For The Front Porch

Pick The Right Porch Planters

Front Porch Makeover Ideas // DIY Stone Fluted Planter

Consider the style of your house when you’re choosing plantersan ornate, antique-style design will look out of place next to a sleek, modern porch. And size matters, tooboth for the look and for a more practical reason. “The bigger the container, the more soil volume and the better chance for plants to survive without drying out,” says Blythe Yost, landscape architect and the CEO and co-founder of Tilly Design, a site that offers landscape design services. That’s especially key for hanging baskets. “Hanging baskets are particularly susceptible to drying out since they are open to the air on all sides.”

Tip: If you’re a bit of a black thumb, consider self-watering planters that can help keep your plants thriving when you’re on vacation or a little forgetful.

Plant Combination Ideas For Front Porch Container Gardens

Front porches are often shaded because they have some sort of roof over them.

Othertimes, porches are full sun.

If youre planning to use live plants, fill your porch garden with greenery that thrives in the type of light that your porch receives, whether thats shade-loving, sun-loving, or part-shade and part-sun.

Planters are at their peak when they have several height variations within them.

Try adding a tall plant in the back or possibly the middle of your pot, such as grasses.

Next, fill in the rest of the space around the tall plant with other plants.

People often choose flowers, but you dont need to if you prefer just to use greenery.

One additional element you can include would be a plant such as Lobelia to trail down over the side of your planter.

Just remember to vary the heights, and you can beautifully style any porch garden, even the most shaded of porches.

Use Pumpkins And Gourd Accents

Pumpkins are a classic fall decoration, and they make great planters. Arrange a few pumpkins of different sizes and colors on your front porch, then fill them with fall flowers or foliage.

Consider filling large pumpkins with purple fountain grass, ornamental kale or cabbage, and ivy for a stunning display. Fall pumpkins are also great for decorating your walkway. Line several pumpkins along the pathway towards your front entry for a welcoming display.

Or for a more timeless look, fill your pumpkins or planters with pots of mums in shades of white, purple, and yellow.

You can even use faux pumpkins that can be displayed year after year!

Whether you’re looking for traditional fall decorations or a more creative way to decorate your front porch this fall, these ideas are sure to inspire you! Enjoy!

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    Brighten Shade With Ferns

    front porch planters

    Create a simple, tropical look with ferns on a shaded porch. Adding variegated and lime green foliage to a shady area will help make the space feel brighter. To make your porch a true outdoor room, consider including the comforts of home. Here, stylish pendant lights, outdoor end tables, and seat cushions add comfort and color.

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    Repurposed Light Fixture Planter

    Just in case we really caught your attention with the idea of repurposing kitschy old light fixtures into planters but youre prefer something that you can actually set down rather than having to hang or mount it, heres an awesome tutorial from Confessions of A New/Old Home Owner that will show you how to do precisely that! Their tutorial outlines the steps for turning a mod old pendant light covered into a unique vase.

    Have you made other kinds of awesome front porch planters that you were very happy with indeed but that you dont see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

    Go Modern With Succulents

    For a bold, modern look for your front porch planters, consider planting a selection of succulents. These drought-tolerant, sun-loving plants offer intriguing textures, colors, and low maintenance for a truly winning combination. Here, aeonium and echeveria contrast with the strappy textures of Cordyline australis. Sleek, contemporary containers complete the display.

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    Hand And Hook Wire Flower Basket Holder

    You got to hand it to this creative and cute way of displaying your gorgeous freshly picked flowers. This metal masterpiece showcases a hand extending from the wall to delicately hold a hook that makes hanging a planter easier than ever! A classic wire basket is a perfect choice for this modern and stylish new home decorating piece for the porch.

    Let Your Porch Planter Ideas Come Alive

    Gorgeous DIY Fall Planter Idea for Your Front Porch for Under $10!

    Front porches should not be an afterthought when it comes to landscaping and designing your residential or commercial property. It is after all the first thing guests see when they arrive.

    With our 15 porch planter ideas at hand, you are surely able to create a warm and welcoming first impression.

    Create your planter garden with ease with Planters Etc. Shop our collection of commercial-grade fiberglass planters, they come in a large variety of shapes from globes to rectangles, with sizes suitable for tabletops or large statement pieces, and in many colors and finishes to complement your design preference. We promise only high-quality pieces, and thus each of our fiberglass planters comes with a three-year warranty.

    Shop with us today and we can help your porch planters dreams come true.

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    Unique Front Porch Planter Ideas

    A pair of terracotta urn planters are ready to welcome guests on this front porch. Their natural tone makes a pleasant contrast against the white exterior.

    Green perennial ferns make a perfect choice to grow in the containers. Petunias are on the smaller planters for added beauty.

    Aside from the lively plants, this front porch also features a pair of beautiful wall sconces that match the hues of the door and the outdoor furniture.

    The Beauty Of Hanging Ferns

    When it comes to front porch plants ideas, growing ferns in hanging baskets always makes a good choice. Hang some of them over the deck fences for visual interest.

    With colorful flower beds in front of the porch, the ferns appear like an extension of the garden too.

    If there is a theft issue in your neighborhood, consider attaching the chains or hangers securely to slow down nimble hands attempting to remove your lovely ferns.

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    Front Porch Chandelier Planter

    Have you actually always preferred hanging planters to regular ones that sit flat but, if youre going to put in the extra effort of mounting something, youd prefer that it be very unique and impressive looking indeed? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way DIY Showoff created this kitschy, almost pop art looking floral chandelier with some bright paint and a few simple steps for removing its electrical elements.

    Perfect Plants For Front Porch Ideas

    10 Incredible Home Front Porch Flower Planter Ideas / ...

    Theres a host of front porch ideas you can use to add some curb appeal to the front of your house. You can opt for string lights, throw in a porch swing, and pepper your space with other front porch decor.

    But plants can add quite the curb appeal to your front outdoor space too. We cant overstate the understated elegance of front porch plants.

    Spicing up your front porch with splashes of green is one of the easiest ways to make the front of your home stand out. Think potted plants, window boxes, shrubs, hedges and climbers.

    But what are the perfect plants for your front porch?

    Heres where things get a little tricky. When it comes to , ideas can come and go and no one gets hurt.

    But plants are a different story. One wrong choice and a plant can die on you.

    You dont exactly want to display a dying plant on your front porch for everyone to see.

    Today we bring you some useful plant ideas for front porches. By the time youve read this article, youll know exactly how to choose the perfect plants for your porch.

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    $8 Wooden Porch Planter With Gold Dipped Legs

    Perhaps you actually already have a planter that you quite like the shape and size of because it fits perfectly into the only corner you have available on your porch for decor but you just cant help feeling like it could use a little more personality than the plain wood pattern in came with? Then we think youll really appreciate the simplicity of how Home, Heart, and Hands painted it all white and then gold dipped its legs! This basic concept would look fantastic even if you chose a different colour as well.

    How To Install Planter Boxes On Railings


    The following are the manufacturers recommended installation method for our hanging deck, fence, and porch rail planters. They are only guidelines and should not be automatically construed as the proper way to attach to your particular home. It is highly recommended that you have a handyman, carpenter, or other professional assess your railing for strength prior to installing this deck, fence and/or porch rail planters to maximize your safety. The manufacturer claims no liability or responsibility for damages to your rail due to improper installation.

    Tools Needed:

    * PVC plumbers cement/glue


    1. Hold hook in desired position on back of box. Using a pencil, trace two dots onto the back of the box through the two install holes.

    2. Predrill these two holes with a 5/32 drill bit to allow the attachment bolts to be inserted.

    3. Attach hook to back of box with one washer on the outside of the box and the hexagonal nut on the inside of the box. Tighten bolts with wrench and screwdriver.

    4. After all hooks are attached to the back, box can be hooked over corresponding railing.

    5. Optional screws/bolts can be drilled through top of hook and railing to secure from falling and should be used for 2-story buildings as an added safety measure.

    6. An optional PVC offset block is provided which can be glued to the back of the box to keep it from leaning forward.


    Tools Needed

    * Drill

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    Milk Can House Number Planter

    Does your house already have a kind of farmhouse chic to its decor scheme on the inside so now youre looking for ways to make the theme apparent as soon as someone steps onto the porch too? In that case, wed definitely suggest taking a look at how DIY Why Spend More transformed this old metal milk can into a painted planter and house number display.

    Rustic Planter Tray With Branch Handles

    Estate Planters (Part 2) & Decorating the Front Porch! // Garden Answer

    Did we actually really pique your curiosity when we started talking about the idea of needing more of a planter display rather than the planter itself, since the pot your latest green or floral addition comes in is nice enough so long as it finds a complementary home? In that case, if the theme youre going for is very natural, then we think you might get along quite well indeed with something like this wooden planter tray that features handles made of branches. Get the full details for making your own on Funky Junk Interiors.

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    Try Less Traditional Planters

    You can buy front door planters at the store and be like everyone else who has done the same. How do you stand out when youre part of the pack? You have to find less traditional planters for your home.

    Just about anything can be a front door planter. From old rain boots to a homemade pot, anything unique will help your entryway stand out more. Get fun and creative and itll be a great conversation piece before setting foot in your home.

    Wooden Welcome Hanging Basket Stand

    Greet your guests with this unique take on a hanging basket stand. Set amid the flower bed beside the walkway to your front door or perched beside the rocking chair on your porch, this wooden stand is a fabulous way to display your seasonal hanging basket. Swapping out a different plant for each season is simple and keeps the curb appeal fresh and up-to-date.

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    Make It Pop With Colorful Planter Pots

    A great way to make a statement on front porches is with color. People are naturally attracted to bright colors, and having a house or shop with a colorful front porch can be a warm and welcoming sight.

    The best way to do this is to stick to a color scheme. For businesses, we suggest following your brand colors and choosing planters to match. For houses, it is ideal to follow the home decor palette and use front porch planters that compliment it.

    Outdoor Heating & Fire Pits From Amazoncom

    10 Incredible Home Front Porch Flower Planter Ideas / ...

    From a slow-roasted marshmallow to grownups sipping sangria on a Friday night, nothing gathers friends and family together quite like a cozy, crackling, wood-burning fire. Amazon’s wide range of , fire bowls, and outdoor fireplaces offers everything from eye-catching silhouettes and decorative cut-outs to protective mesh screens and convenient portability.

    Once the sun begins to set and there’s a touch of chill in the air, the outdoor fire pit becomes the focal point to any neighborhood block party or impromptu backyard happy hour. Stoke the fire and scoot the chairs in closer it’s time to trade some terrifying tales.

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    Even more, Amazon’s collection of firewood log racks makes it effortless to keep firewood neatly stacked and easily accessible. Store a small stack near the fire pit or on the patio and the remaining logs in an out-of-the-way location. The firewood log racks come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to accommodate individual needs and surrounding decor.

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    Best Buy Or Diy Outdoor Planter Ideas

    Its summertime and were all busy soaking up the sun, getting some pool time, and trying to make our yards look nice for all those summer parties.

    I always think a boring porch or backyard needs some plants to add life and a pop of color.

    Some links on this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

    And a pretty planter full of flowers just pulls an outdoor seating area together and makes it a space where people want to gather. Am I right?

    Well, today Ive got 50 beautiful outdoor planter ideas for your front porch, patio, deck, or backyard! The hard part will be deciding which one to pick.

    Simple Fall Front Porch

    We ended up going out to our local pumpkin farm one Friday night just for something fun to do and we picked out a few great ones for our porch and our mantel as well. And of course, I knew I would use a few bundles of corn stalks because I just love the way they create such an instant fall-y atmosphere for when youre sitting on the porch or looking out through the front door window.

    I do love mums, especially white ones, but I decided not to pick any up this year, partially because I didnt trust myself to do a consistent job of watering them with our busy schedule, and partially because there was already so much going on with all the the greenery still in place.

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    Plants And Flowers Are Must Haves For Your Home

    Plants and flowers are must haves for your casa. They add color and life to any home, but they also have some serious benefits. Plants can help clean the air of toxins that may be present in your house. They can also reduce stress as they make it easier to relax while you’re around them- which is great if you’re trying to wind down at the end of a long day or even just need something pretty to look at while you work.

    They’re great when it comes to sleeping too! You’ll sleep better by having fresh air in your room , plus the fact that there are fewer chemicals around means that you won’t have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night because everything is healthier overall .


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