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Retractable Sun Screens For Pergolas

Base Price Ranges From $12047 To $25015 Plus Options

DIY Simple Retractable Canopy for Your Pergola

See our pricing pdf for more details and to find the price for the size you want.

For frame details, installation types, operation types, specifications, optional accessories, installation instructions, warranty, production and delivery time, side by side comparisons, certificates and our ROI calculator scroll down below the videos and FAQ’s.

The Bioclimatique Retractable Louver Roof is one of the most innovative shade and shelter structures on the market due to the adjustable roof slats/louvers that can adapt to any weather condition. This product type is mostly used by restaurants, hotels, pubs, swimming pool owners, nightclubs, retail stores, and homeowners.

The unique retractable pergola canopy allows businesses and homeowners to have a flexible means to protect guests and residents from the weather or allow them to enjoy it. The addition of this structure, either free-standing or attached, instantly adds a touch of luxury to any establishment and a cozy outdoor area that can be used for a myriad of activities.

The motorized slats/louvers can be closed to protect from the hot sunlight, UV rays, glare, heat, rain, hail or even snow. Activities like outdoor dining, socializing, meetings and even the weekend barbeque can continue regardless of the weather conditions.

During pleasant weather, the slats can then be retracted or opened to let in invigorating sunshine during morning coffee or the sliver of romantic moonlight during a candlelight dinner.

Install The Eye Screws On The Support Bars

Stretch out the canopy and lay it on a clean surface. The canopy can be oriented so that the wooden support bars are either above or below the canopy fabric. Installing the bars above the fabric gives the cover a clean look that emphasizes the draping. Installing the bars below the fabric means that the bars will be visible from below. This is a stronger attachment since the support bars, not just staples, are holding up the fabric.

Attach three of the #10 eye screws on top of every support bar. Space the eye screws so that they match the spacing of the three eye screws you previously installed on the pergola beams. Be sure to drill pilot holes to avoid cracking the wood.

A Convenient Retractable Fabric Canopy For Your Deck Patio Or Pergola

When one person wants sunlight, and another wants shade, CableShade NATIONWIDE retractable awnings provide the perfect solution.

This retractable canopy system is manually controlled to allow you to retract any one of the canopies to any increment you desire. The canopy design is suitable to most any deck or patio size, as well as most any pergola configuration.

CableShades can extend up to 20 feet or more with a cross-support. They work whether on the level or if on a slope. Since they are made from stainless cables and eyelets where the cables glide, you can rest easy knowing your new slide wire awning will last many years .

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Add Cableshades To Your Backyard Deck

Our CableShades are a great addition to any backyard deck! Our shades can be customized to fit nearly any existing structure, and are available in hundreds of beautiful waterproof fabrics. Our fabrics from Sunbrella, RecAcril, Awntex and Textilene are the very best Marine fabrics on the market, with the longest available warranties.

Options To Consider For Retractable Patio Covers

Rowlinson Venetian Retractable Garden Canopy Sun Shade Pergola Grey 4x3 ...

Color/ DesignCableShade retractable patio covers are available in hundreds of colors and patterns, including stripe patterns in up to 60-inch widths, which are not available from many competitors. Check out our to view the hundreds of design options.

Fabric DurabilityIt is advised not to use any retractable fabric canopy system where the cables or wires are threaded over the fabric. Though the cable is strung a few inches above the material, the wind can still whip it up against the cable or wire, quickly wearing out the material. The CableShade design runs the wires beside the fabric, not over, and uses only the highest grade, waterproof outdoor fabrics.

Design DurabilityThe minimal space between each pergola canopy allows for proper rain drainage and wind-pressure release, where other fabric canopies or shade sails can be torn down or ripped with strong winds or heavy rains. CableShade canopies also do not use expensive motors or cranks, which can be damaged and have costly repairs. Our awnings retract easily with provided skyhook in seconds.

System Component Durability – CableShade uses stainless steel components, where other systems may use parts that can rust or easily break over time, causing costly repairs.

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Outdoor Shade Screens Fort Wayne Huntington Warsaw & Surrounding Areas

These retractable shade screens give you the ability to control your living space from the many elements that prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. From protecting you against insects, allowing you the shade you desire, and keeping the rain off your porch, these screens can do it all. These screens can be customized with widths up to 26-feet and up to 16-foot drop.

Contact W.A. Zimmers shade experts today to set up an appointment for your free estimate on your screen today.

We provide retractable shade screens and cloths in Fort Wayne, Huntington, Warsaw, Angola, Kendallville, Marion, Wabash, and surrounding areas including lake homes.

Base Price Ranges From $4467 To $22254 Plus Options

See our pricing pdf for more details and to find the price for the size you want

For frame details, installation types, operation types, specifications, optional accessories, installation instructions, warranty, production and delivery time, side by side comparisons, certificates and our ROI calculator scroll down below the videos and faqs.

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Cut The Canopy Support Bars

The canopy fabric will be stabled to 2×2 cedar supports bars, which will then be suspended from support wires using eye screws that allow the canopy to slide back and forth.

With a power miter saw or circular saw, cut 2×2 boards to the width of the canopy. Generally, plan on one board for about every 18 inches of the canopy’s length, though the exact spacing is up to you. Increasing the number of boards creates a scalloped, ribbed look. Fewer boards produce larger, lower drapes.

Retractable Pergola Covers & Awnings

Retractable Arch Pergola and Screens | Short Hills NJ

We are an international manufacturer, distributor, and installer of residential retractable patio and deck pergola covers. At, we offer a myriad of options that can not only protect you from the harsh elements but can also inject a fresh aesthetic into an otherwise dull outdoor space.

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When To Build A Diy Retractable Canopy

A retractable canopy is appropriate in situations where you want to enjoy sunny conditions some of the time but also want the ability to block the sun at other times. For example, you may want to grow potted plants but also want the ability to provide temporary shade when it’s time for entertaining. A retractable awning is ideal for such multi-purpose spaces.

An ideal time for the construction of this retractable canopy is on a dry, coolish day when winds are minimal. A day that is cloudy might be preferable, as you’ll be looking up upward into the sun much of the time as you build and hang the canopy. A bright sunny day in midsummer can be both blinding and unpleasantly hot for outdoor construction work, while a mild, overcast spring day can be ideal.

Colorados Provider Of Phantom Screens For Doors Patios And Windows

We are an authorized distributor of Phantom Screens the industry leader in retractable screen doors, patio screens and window screens. We provide the highest quality retractable, folding and motorized screens. Get your free Phantom Screen estimate today!

Some of the Benefits of Retractable Screens

  • Our insect screens wont block your view retract them when you dont need them pull them down when you do. Our motorized screen options make use even easier.
  • Our solar screens can provide privacy while also blocking Colorados harsh UV rays to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable.
  • All our installers are trained at the factory, so your screens will be installed by a certified professional.

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Retractable Roofs And Shades For Any Requirement

Youll sure to find the ideal retractable outdoor roof among our range of retractable roof awnings, patio awnings and pergola systems. We can help:

  • If youre looking to add a canopy-like coverage to your hotel beer garden
  • If you want to create the perfect outdoor living space to entertain friends and guests at home
  • If youre looking for a retractable shade system for a cafe or restaurant outdoor dining area

Simply extend the remote-controlled retractable pergola shade when you need shade or protection from the rain, and retract when the weather clears or you want the benefits of the sun and blue skies. Its the solution that allows you to entertain all year round!

Retractable Pergola Systems Victoria offers a free on-site measure and quote at your home or business premises for all retractable awnings and roofs. For more information on getting a retractable roof in Melbourne, request a quote online or give us a call on 03 9595 9055

Diverse Options For Easy

Outsunny Outdoor Retractable Pergola Gazebo Garden Sun Shade Canopy ...
  • 7 ft. to 8 ft. Wide Vertical Shades Available in Textilene 90%-95% UV-Protectant Mesh Fabric
  • 6 ft. to 7 ft. Wide Vertical Shades Available in Either Select Sunbrella Solid Fabrics or Textilene Mesh Fabrics
  • 5 ft. Vertical Shades Available in Most Solid Colors or Any Mesh Fabric
  • 4 ft. Vertical Shades Available in All Fabrics, Including Striped Patterns

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Is The Installation Of Retractable Canopies Difficult

Installation requires about 60-90 minutes per canopy on an existing pergola or trellis. Simply install the eyelets at desired 4 points per canopy, thread the cable through each corner eyelet, connect turnbuckle and tighten to desired tension, then clip in the Shade. Personal assistance is available for the do-it-yourself customer.

Dont have an existing Pergola/Trellis? Call for assistance. In most areas there are pergola builders standing by. We can provide assistance if you are a do-it-yourself builder.

CableShade canopies can remain in extended position from spring through fall seasons — even through most high winds. They must be retracted in threats of snowy weather.

Cable Shade — Nationwide

Benefits Of Sheer Shades

There are many different styles of sheer shades on the market today that use sheer or semi-opaque materials for light control. One reason the translucent material is so popular in window shades is that it offers a variety of benefits for homeowners. So, no matter if you prefer the structured innovation of sheer shadings like Silhouette® or Pirouette® Window Shadings or the flowing aesthetic of Luminette® Privacy Sheers or Design Studio Window Shades, youll enjoy aspects that this unique material brings to window treatments.

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Advantages Of Retractable Screens

Protects Furniture

Thanks to our PVC coated fiberglass properties our screens are designed to block harmful UV rays that could fade your furniture and even your carpet if exposed for too long. This is also the main technology behind keeping your home more private and more comfortable, while still providing clear visibility.

Enjoy the View

Traditional exterior window screens simply never look good, they block visibility, are a hassle to take in and out, and always seem to get holes in them eventually. A retractable window screen eliminates all the disadvantages.

If you dont want to see them when your window is closed, easily adjust them up or down with one hand. It is never necessary to take them out because they are perfectly discreet when rolled up. Lastly, they are guaranteed to outlast a traditional screen as they never have to endure all types of weather.

Easy to Operate

Keep Bugs Out

Screens have become more popular in recent years due to concerns of diseases and pathogens coming from bugs or other creatures that shouldnt be in your home. Every screen is designed with a mesh fabric, woven in a grid pattern, stopping all bugs from entering. Blocking sun, bugs, and inclement weather like wind and rain is easy with a roll screen!

Completely Customizable

To get more information on receiving your custom fitting and professional installation, please call us at 1-866-806-4785 for a free estimate or toschedule an appointment.

Environmentally Friendly

Stain The Support Bars


Cedar wood naturally weathers to a silvery-gray color and its oils keep it protected for many years. But if you would like added protection or a different look, you may choose to treat the cedar boards with semi-transparent stain or solid color stain.

Let the stain dry fully before proceeding to the next step.

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How To Build A Diy Retractable Pergola Canopy

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

Ralf Geithe/Getty Images

  • Working Time: 4 – 6 hrs
  • Total Time: 4 – 6 hrs
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Estimated Cost: $150 to $400

A pergola is a fantastic addition to a yard, deck, or patio, lending an architectural flair to your landscape. But one thing that a pergola does not provide is adequate shade. Traditionally, the solution to the lack-of-shade problem has been to intertwine trailing plants or vines, such as grapevines, jasmine, or wisteria. But plants take time to train upward, and many homeowners don’t like the shedding leaves and debris. Plus, some trailing plants may not cover the middle sections of the pergola.

The low-cost solution for many homeowners is a retractable pergola canopy. Building a do-it-yourself retractable pergola canopy is a moderately easy way to provide an instant cover for your structure, at a fraction of the cost of commercial canopies.

How Do I Winterize My Cableshade Canopies

To winterize your CableShades, there are a few simple options. The most common way is to simply unclip, roll up and store away until spring. Another option is adding a short ledge with which you can retract the shades under to keep out of snow and ice. This allows you to keep your shades up without needing to remove/re-attach every year. You can also put a fabric wrap arount the shades in retracted position.

Important note: if using a bungee/tie to bundle the shades together, NEVER put the tie around the fabric portion of the shade, as it will rub and create a tear over time. Rather, tie together the Snap RIngs on the cable line to keep them from separating.

Canopies retract easily on the stainless cables. Each order comes with a lightweight maneuvering pole. It takes about 10 seconds to retract each canopy.

Canopies don’t ‘roll up’ like other retractable systems, but gather accordion style– leaving a breezeway to keep the canopies dry — no mildew.

A simple added ledge can allow you to keep the shades out of snow and ice in the winter without needing to pull down.

With our Easy Clip-On/Off Snap Ring feature, our CableShades can easily be taken down at any time. It is recommended to use another person to roll up the shades as you unclip from the cable line, to keep the fabric protected from damage or dirt/stains..

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How About That Late Western Sun

Drop down vertical blinds can be easily added to most any surface. These can be purchased from most Home and Garden retail stores for about $100 for a 10×7 . These vertical blinds are very easy to install.

However we do offer a custom made vertical blind in any fabric color . Drop down vertical blinds are best if used in a Mesh fabric rather than the same opaque fabric as the canopies. The Mesh comes in any widths up to 8.5 ft., with up to 9 ft. fabric drop, and range from 70% to 95% sun block.

Add Cableshades To Your Existing Pergola

Yardistry 12 ft. x 14 ft. Retractable Sun Shade in Beige

On an existing pergola, our versatile CableShade retractable canopies can easily be added either between the arbors, OR under the arbors.

A decorative pergola can be a great addition to any backyard patio or deck. However, quite often customers discover that the pergola alone does not provide adequate shade from the hot summer sun. Our decorative fabric CableShades not only provide the necessary shade coverage, but can also be a beautiful addition to accent your backyard living space.

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What Is The Difference Between A Regular Pergola Cover And A Retractable Roof

A regular or traditional pergola is usually made from wood and does not have any type of cover to protect from sun, rain or snow. A retractable roof or what some term a retractable awning cover is a structure made of either aluminum or wood and has a retractable or rotating louver roof that provides protection from the elements including sun/rain or sun/rain/snow.

What Is A Retractable Screen

Retractable screens shade the opening of windows and patios, providing a cooler environment away from the sun and adding more privacy to your home. They also serve as a transparent barrier between you and the outside. Retractable screens are a great way to protect patios, porches, decks, and more. Imagine being able to enjoy your outdoor patio without worrying about sun, wind, and pests. Our retractable screen options ensure you can enjoy your space all year long. Whether you are looking for a simple screen or more advanced roller shade application we can help!

We also offercommercial retractable screens for business use. Our motorized enclosures are just as easy to use for your business as they are for your home.

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