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Build Deck Over Concrete Patio

Keep Your Deck Simple

How To Build A Deck Over A Concrete Slab

If you make a basic deck, you can install the deck faster. Besides, you need not help of a carpenter to do this job. A simple one will cost you less. So, if you do not need a complicated deck, try to have a standard and simple one to save your time, money and power.

You can build a raised deck over concrete base in two ways. One is to demolish your concrete patio completely and then build a wooden one as the replacement of concrete base. Or you can use the slab as the base of the deck and use wood as the top of this deck. For a good conditioned concrete base, building a raised deck is easy. But for a broken or cracked base, you need to repair the base at first.

As a beginning DIYer, you need to know details of how to build a raised deck over a concrete patio. Choose a simple deck design because it is right for you. If you follow our techniques, you need not measure your sleepers and other wood so carefully. The method is straightforward. By following it, you will not fail to build your deck over your concrete slab.

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How To Calculate How Much Decking Youll Need

Once you choose the decking line and fastener combination for your project, youre ready to calculate how much decking youll need for your project.

To calculate your decking needs, youll need to know:

  • Your decks square footage
  • The deck board length you plan to use
  • How youll lay your boards
  • The proper to use with your chosen fastener

How Do You Attach Pressure Treated Wood To Concrete

There are many different ways you can adopt to attach a pressure treated piece of wood to concrete. Each one follows a similar process: open/drill a hole in the concrete and wood, then insert the fastener piece and tighten up. This is not as easy as it sounds, but it wont be too challenging, either.

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Understand Local Laws And Building Codes

In most cases, building permits are required before you start construction. Ensure your deck plan meets local building codes and safety standards before starting your project. Some states even require stamped construction drawings from engineers when applying for a permit.

Having all the proper considerations in mind before you start your deck build will not only make the process smoother from start to finish, but will save you time, money and energy in the long run. Shop the supplies you need, or find a local contractor near you to get started.

Floating Decks Promote Enjoyment

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio

Three out of four homeowners said they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project. Some 51% have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home, and 77% feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of the project. These responses earned decks a joy score of 9.7%. Steve Cook, Editor and Co-publisher of Real Estate Economy Watch

Results of wide-scale studies show that most property owners install decks to improve the propertys functionality and livability. Additionally, the majority of homeowners indicate that installing a deck gives them a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment.

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Floating Decks Are Low

Floating decks are ideal for busy professionals who seek the lasting beauty of a deck without the hassle of daily maintenance. By choosing high-quality composite decking material, you can eliminate the hassle of sanding, oiling, and cleaning. With its attractive non-porous surface material, composite decking can be cleaned quickly with soapy water, allowing you to spend your time relaxing with family and guests on your gorgeous new deck.

Solve The Water Problems

Most of the time, the patio corner had settled by many years. For this reason, rainwater can be stuck in the basement. It is a better idea to fill the reservoir with an exterior self-leveling compound. Besides, you can make a thin coat and make it a slight slope to run the water away. You can keep a gap between the house and the patio. Besides, there are some other ways to solve the water problem.

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Keeping It Simple: More Ways To Improve A Patio

If you’re a beginning DIYer, don’t let all the details on our deck scare you away. Your project can be a whole lot easier if you choose a simple . The simpler you can make your plan, the faster and cheaper it will be to build.

Whether your patio is in bad shape or just bland, there are many ways to revive it. But before you weigh the options shown below, there’s one thing to consider

The crack factor: Cracks in your patio drastically limit your options. That’s because cracks tend to move. Some grow wider over time, while others shrink and widen as the soil freezes and thaws. Some become uneven as one side of the crack sinks. Any movement happens so slowly that it’s hard to detect. But if you knowor even thinkthat you have moving cracks, you have to choose a patio upgrade that can float over moving cracks without becoming damaged.

Selecting A Trusted Deck Expert

How to build deck over concrete patio DIY

As outlined above, there are many reasons to enhance your home or business with a floating deck. Once you decide to take the plunge and install a deck, you need to make sure that you seek the guidance of a trusted decking expert. As not all deck providers are created equal, it is important to carefully evaluate providers to ensure that you make the best choice. Ideally, the provider you choose should offer the following:

Composite decking manufactured in the United States

A strong international presence

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Composite Floating Deck Ideas

Composite decking never fails to impress us with its versatility and range of applications. With the right tools and some expert advice, you can build a deck in many different areas to get the most from your entire outdoor space.

Some of these include:

Composite decking can allow you to develop your project to ensure every need is covered with your floating deck design. An instant value-adder for savvy investors or home renovators, a floating composite deck will provide the missing piece to your backyard or outdoor areas.

Waterproof And Give That New Deck Some Shine Oh Baby

Oh yes, oh yes! Your deck should be all fastened and secured in place now. Its basically done. Now its time to give it a coat of sealant or varnish to really make it look like that new space that youve been wanting. Go the extra distance with this one, have some fun with it! A lot of people use the higher-end products at this stage because it will really make it look sharp!

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Time And Tools You Needed

Lets see the time, material and tools you need to start the project.


To make a deck over a concrete patio will take two or one weekends. A big one can take more days. Besides, different pattern form will take more hours to complete the job. Generally, it depends on the condition of the patio surface.


You need some simple tools to build and install your deck. You need two drills regular one and a hammer drill. To cut the slippers and other wood, you need a regular saw, miter saw and also a reciprocating saw. Besides, keep circular saw, screwdrivers, flashing tape, levels, etc.


The main material of a deck is obviously wood. So, you need plenty of wood. When you go to buy wood, you should buy some extra wood. Choosing the wood depends on your living place. You can choose yellow pine or cedar wood. On treated pine, you can paint any color. You need extra because some beams need to resize, some will not properly straight. Buy a lot of screws. Besides, you need nails, glue, silicone, wood sealer, etc.

Can You Put A Deck Post On A Concrete Slab

Great Install Composite Decking Over Concrete in 2020

Concrete blocks won’t rot, making them an ideal option for those who don’t want to use wood. Putting a wooden deck surface over a concrete slab will allow the deck to stay stable without the usage of footings. … Plastic piers require the digging, but unlike footings, there is no concrete involved.29 . 2021 .

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How Tall Should My Deck Be

Adding a deck over an existing concrete patio will add height. Depending on the step down from your back door to your concrete patio, this additional height could be problematic. However, you do have options if space is limited.

If you are using a composite tile that can be laid directly onto the concrete, the deck will only add an inch or so to the height of the patio. You will likely be adding retaining pieces, called fascia, at the edges of the patio to hide the sides of the tiles and hold them in place. The tiles themselves are designed to allow for water run-off, so this option may be more feasible if your patio is close in height to your back door.

On the other hand, if you have a considerable step down from the back door, a raised deck might be a big improvement! Rather than that short drop to get out to the grill while youre carrying a big plate of ribs, your new deck could be level with the back door. It will be a straight transition from the house to the deck, making it a lot less likely that you drop dinner before you can cook it.

If you have stairs down from the back door to the patio, you can add height to the stairs themselves to compensate for the added height of the deck. This is especially easy if you are using the composite tiles that lay flush on the concrete.

Best Results When Adding Railings

Railings aren’t typically required for ground-level decks, but are sometimes added for aesthetic reasons or to allow places to put shelving for plants, entertaining, etc.

There are two ways to install the posts for railings. The first, and most sturdy, is to set rot-proof posts into concrete around the perimeter of the deck.

Or you can use surface fasteners to attach the posts directly to the deck. When using surface fasteners to secure railing to a composite deck, joist location may affect the ease, price and method of the installation of the railing system. Leaving the required 1.5 spacing for surface fastening at the end of the board and 1 from the side of the board, requires two joists for every end-to-end seam. Board seams with double joisting can affect post placement for your railing system.

You may also want to install additional sleepers beneath the decking to give the post supports more strength. Planning is key, since once the decking is installed there is no easy way to go back!!

Thoroughly reading all installation instructions first will make for more successful projects. Failure to do so may result in a more difficult installation and may void the warranty.

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Building A Deck Over A Concrete Patio

If youre considering building a deck over a concrete patio, youve come to the right place. Covering your concrete patio with a new deck instead of tearing it out can save you lots of money if your concrete patio is far past its prime.

Building a deck over a concrete patio isnt highly technical. Still, this project needs to be done correctly. If youve looked at numerous DIY videos and decided its a more significant project than you want to take on, call Concrete Now 24/7. Well come to your home and give you ideas and estimates, so you can decide what kind of deck you want to cover that hideous concrete patio eyesore.

Resurface Your Concrete Patio

Building a Deck Over Concrete PLUS 5 BONUS Decking Tips!

If youre just looking to give the old patio a refresh and make it look new again, resurfacing is an uncomplicated option. You can buy the needed supplies easily and knock out the job in a weekend.

  • Clean the Patio
  • The first step will be to clean the patio. Use a pressure washer to remove stains, dirt and debris. A little tip just this step alone can take years off the look of your old concrete patio. Removing those old mildew stains and spilled sodas is like a facelift for your patio.

  • Repair the Patio
  • Before you resurface the whole patio, spend a little time patching the cracks and pits. We recommend Sakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer. For this stage, mix it to a consistency that lets you apply it easily with a trowel. Let the repairs dry completely before the next step.

  • Resurface the Patio
  • Once your repairs are dry, completely saturate your concrete patio with water, then remove any standing water. Work in manageable sections, as the resurfacer will set up very quickly, and make sure to separate the gaps between workspaces to maintain the spaces between slabs. Mix the resurfacer one work section at a time and apply with a long-handled trowel, then go over it with a push broom or squeegee to get that flat finish.

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    What Is A Deck

    A deck is a raised platform that can be made of different materials, which include pressure-treated lumber, wood, PVC, composite, and more. However, here the focus will be on wood decks. A deck can sit high above the ground raised by posts and accessed via a staircase or be built low to the ground raised only by joists.

    Need Help Building Your Deck

    As an Australian-owned and operated company, we are passionate about providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Weve provided composite decking for Australian homes for over two decades, and our advocacy for this low-maintenance, cost-effective, eco-friendly decking solution has never faded. As the pioneers of composite decking products in Australia, your search is over for a company to partner with you for your new deck plan.

    We can offer valuable advice for how to properly prepare your concrete to allow for adequate drainage and a strong foundation. Our ASA board is an excellent choice for creating floating decks over concrete with a high concentration of PVC creating a non-porous core. We provide two great options for subframes for a floating deck including high quality composite battens and an aluminium modular frame with pedestals. Our partnership with ClickDeck allows you to create a customised modular frame for your area to suit your needs perfectly.

    Get in touch today, and well send a free sample to your door so you can see what all the fuss is about firsthand. .

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    How To Effectively Build A Deck Over Concrete To Last

    Date Published: 29/11/2021

    So youve got some time on your hands and youre looking out at your backyard and thinking it needs a little more umph. Have you considered building a deck or patio? If youre wanting to add a bit of a focal point where people can come, sit down, have a laugh and share a drink or two I believe a backyard deck, if you dont already have one, is the perfect medicine for your headache!

    But, uhhhhhh, how do you build it over your existing concrete? Can you lay decking directly on concrete? I can tell you now that you absolutely can! Building a deck over concrete isnt only doable, but it actually makes things quite easy! Here are the pieces of advice you are going to need to best equip yourself for your up-coming deck building project!

    Living Wall With Movable Planters

    How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio

    If you have a ground-level deck or patio and would like a bit of privacy, consider building a living wall. It can shield you from the neighbors, surround you with flowers and provide fresh herbs just steps away from your kitchen or grill. The planter boxes are easy to build, and a drip irrigation system provides automatic watering all summer longno worries about missing a day of watering or losing all your plants when you go on vacation.

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    Use Composite Decking For A Floating Deck

    You can install new composite decking as a floating deck directly over your existing concrete slab to bring instant warmth, modernity, safety, comfort, and style. With the composite decking boards ability to be installed right over the floor of concrete patios or a concrete slab, building a deck has never been easier. In many cases, you cannot repair cracks in concrete, only cover them up, with the issue reappearing down the line. Stop your concrete from worsening and keep your foundations in good shape with a floating composite deck.

    Good quality composite decking comes with many perks, beginning with the materials used. Composite decking boards are made from wood fibres and recycled PVC to form a durable, weatherproof deck. As a result, a composite deck is not prone to warping, splitting, drying out or rotting as traditional timber is, and they require considerably less maintenance.

    As the superior choice for decking Australia-wide, creating a floating composite deck over concrete will make you never want to leave your backyard. Suddenly, the space you avoid will become your favourite place to relax, unwind, enjoy your morning coffee, and entertain party guests from the comfort of your new deck!

    Installation Of The Composite Decking Materials On A Concrete Slab

    Placing decorative panels on keel frames is almost the same as building on ordinary decks. It is important to follow the manufacturer√Ęs installation instructions.

    EVODEK provides our engineers and homeowner customers with detailed installation services. Not only detailed installation manuals and installation videos. But also one-to-one installation suggestions to ensure that your project installation is smooth. If you do not understand, please feel free to contact EVODEK!

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