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How To Install Pergola Roof

How To Put A Roof On A Pergola

How to install clear roofing over #Pergola DIY

You might be wondering: Why are pergolas so popular?

Well, outdoor pergolas are wonderful constructions that add charming detail to your deck. They provide a bit of cover for the area beneath it, but not quite enough. Because of this, a lot of homeowners wish to install a roof for their backyard pavilion, but they dont know how to do it or what materials to use.

Read our post about how to put a roof on a pergola to learn everything about it.


Polycarbonate Sheets Before Installing Them On The Frame You Must Follow A Few Steps Of Preparation:

  • Check for the UV protected side. This side must be installed on the top side of the roof facing skyward. Ours has UV coating on both sides, 50/50.

  • Close the Top edge of the width side of the sheets with Solid Aluminum Tape to prevent water and dust from getting inside the ribs

  • Close the Bottom edge of the width side of the sheets with Vented Aluminum Tape. This ensures condensation drainage, and blocks out dust and insects.

When cutting the polycarbonate sheets, use a circular saw with plywood blade or jig saw with fine tooth blade. Always cut the sheet before taking off the protective PE film otherwise the static charge will attract fine chips to the flutes. For thinner sheets below 6mm in thickness you can use a utility knife.In conclusion, when installing a roof, you have a variety of material solutions. The adoption of plastic materials is increasing year after year due to their versatile and ease of installation. Here is a brief comparison of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Natural light inside through the spaces

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Pergola

This is only really a question if you are thinking of a wooden structure. For the modern Vinyl, fiberglass or even metal structures then buying a kit or custom design are the only options.

If you are comparing like for like in wood, then Homeadvisor suggests in most cases a kit will be cheaper than a DIY construction. It will certainly be quicker to construct and many of the headaches involved with a self-design will be avoided.

Obviously the compromise is in being constrained to the designs and sizes available to buy. If, however, you are comparing the costs of a DIY project to a custom pergola built by a pro then DIY can be significantly less. As the structure is relatively simple, there are many free plans available online that include, how to, sizes and quantities.

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Cute Mini Diy Garage Pergola

If you dont necessarily want a regular sized pergola in the yard but you do love the look of these structures, consider this DIY mini pergola that fits right over your garage door. This is a great way to improve your curb appeal and it will instantly increase the value of your home. Its a really simple one to build you can have it finished in just one day and it adds such beauty to the outside of your home.

Plans: thisoldhouse

Do I Need To Provide My Own Tools For My Pergola Installation

Image Result For Roof Deck Metal Pergola Design  # ...

No, you dont. Your Tasker can bring all the materials, tools and equipment needed to get your pergola done. These may include a wheelbarrow, concrete mixer, drills, lumbers, and many others. But if you happen to have these on hand and prefer to use them, feel free to inform your Tasker beforehand and make the necessary arrangements.

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Putting Up The Front Frame

For this step, you will need 2 fence posts cut to 211cm, one 3m posts with joint cuts at both ends and 2 struts.

Predrill the ends of the 3m posts, right in the middle of the joint cut as shown in the picture. Now, apply a generous amount of wood glue to the end of the 211cm post. Place the 3m post at the top, making sure the connection is square and secure it with 15cm construction screw.

Next, take the strut and apply wood glue on both sides. Connect the 2 posts and secure the strut with 4 construction screws. Wipe off all the excess glue. Repeat the process on the other side.

Securing Foundation Posts To The Wall

For extra stability, you should attach the remaining two foundation posts to the wall.

Firstly place the remaining two 211cm posts, upright 3 meters apart from each other . Next, using a knife or a nail mark the position of the post on the wall. Predrill at least 3 holes in the wall, right between the lines and insert wall plugs. Take one of the construction screws and using the angle grinder cut the head off, in the way that you end up with a sharp end. Insert the screw in the wall, leaving around 5mm sticking out. Place the foundation post in the position, make sure its leveled and press it against the wall. You should end up with a clear mark left by the screw. Now, turn the post around and predrill holes in the marked places. Attach the post to the wall and to the base using the construction screws.

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Beams Carry The Pergola

For most pergolas, two SkyLift Roof Risers are all that are needed to support the structure on the house side. Saddles on top of the Roof Risers are made to fit either a 4-inch or 6-inch beam that the pergola structure sits on and attaches to. The free side of the pergola sits on a similar beam supported by posts.

Ground Mounted Solar Vs Solar Pergolas Patios And Gazebos

Bronze Pergola Roof Installation (Complete Walkthrough) | Cover Your Pergola Installation

Ground mounted solar panels are appealing for many reasons. They are easier to install being on the ground, and fixing is quicker too. You dont have to go up the roof to give it a good cleaning either. In terms of convenience it has the advantage over rooftops or pergolas.

There are two major drawbacks. One is being lower on the ground means lower output. There is no way a ground mount solar panel can match the output of a solar pergola, let alone a rooftop panel.

The even bigger disadvantage is the space requirement. You need sizeable land to install a solar panel big enough to run a house. You also have to get a permit from the local government before you can proceed with the installation. Unless you own a large land, ground mount solar panels is not an option.

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What Is The Best Roof To Put On A Pergola

A wooden roof is the best roof to put on a pergola in most cases. Durable once treated, it offers a plethora of different affordable and aesthetically pleasing pergola roof ideas. Whether you opt for solid wood, shingles or reeds, you can opt for the roof sets the right tone for your space.

There are also other materials that are suitable: from the modern wooden louvred roof through to versatile metal designs, each material bringing with it a unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

‘A combination of materials often works best because one quality can compensate for what is lacking in another material. For example, wood provides shade but doesn’t protect you from insects or the sun,’ says Ann Doughan, CEO of Patioland . ‘On the other hand, aluminum is more aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t offer much shade. By combining these elements, a pergola can be shaded from sun and insects and provide some insulation quality for events during cooler seasons of the year.’

Consider An Aluminum Pergola Roof In Zones With Changeable Weather

When you live in a part of the world that is subject to changeable weathers, this needs to be factor into your garden design. If you always need to consider contingency plans for garden parties or family barbecues, then you would benefit from adding a corrugated roof to your pergola.

Adding these types of pergola roof ideas can make the space feel industrial, so be sure to balance the design with paint and decor. Here, dark struts and roof help it to be disguised into the planting and garden scheme, while bright pink walls draw the eye and brighten the space. Paired with characterful, antique furniture it strikes the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living.

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Illuminate The Scene With Spotlights

This modern garden includes a hot tub from HydroLife

Lights can be part of your roof ideas for pergolas, too. This design already blends seamlessly into its surroundings due to the matching color scheme and similar style, but its the recessed lighting that really boosts the sense of cohesion.

Its a great way to add a dose of nighttime ambience whether your pergola shelters a hot tub or a comfy sofa.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having Solar Panels On A Pergola

DIY Pergola Roof  Charlottes Happy Home

Think of solar pergolas as somewhat similar to RV solar awnings. Awnings are used to generate additional power, and the same thing applies to pergolas and other garden structures.

Solar pergolas can provide extra sources of power. You could use these as outdoor lights. Some people use solar lights to enhance their plants and gardens, and solar pergolas can do the same. Pergolas, patios and gazebos look great, but add lighting they become even more so.

Affordable power. Solar power is cheaper than electricity in the long term. You can save money by using solar power instead and it doesnt take long to install them either.

Easy installation. You can install a portable solar panel on your pergola without having to mess around with wires. A small PV module can light the surrounding area easily. This is the ideal scenario and you wont need a large solar panel to make it work.

Tax credit eligible. Solar pergolas are eligible for tax credits and any other solar incentives your state provides. You dont have to pay any property tax on it and this does not even count the money you save.

Visually appealing. Pergolas are striking to look at. It draws attention and is a great place to relax and entertain guests. When you turn on the lights at night, it becomes even more visually arresting.

There are many benefits to adding a roof to your pergola.

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Fastening A Patio Roof To The House

Expert advice on how to attach a patio roof to a house, with step-by-step instructions and construction diagrams.

A house-attached patio roof takes advantage of the houses structure by supporting one end of the roof on a ledger mounted horizontally to the house. The ledger, typically a 2 by 6, is usually designed to hold one end of the patio-roof rafters. Locating and mounting the ledger is normally a fairly easy process the ledger should be attached before the foundation is built for a deck, patio roof posts, and other structure.

Channel Cottage Aesthetics With A Thatched Pergola Roof

When researching pergola ideas for shade, take inspiration from traditional craftsmanship by opting for a classic thatched pergola roof. This timeless cabana design would blend seamlessly into cottage garden ideas but would equally make an elegant addition to tropical garden ideas.

Featuring a Cape Reed thatched roof, this beautiful pergola from Malvern Garden Buildings has the benefit of offering protection from the weather while its open sides allow for panoramic views.

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Palram Martinique Gazebo 4300 Review

The roof section consists of an aluminium frame that holds in place 6mm polycarbonate panels that will protect against snow, wind, hail, rain, and the sun.

The panels ensure light is not blocked out during cloudy spells and provide protection during sunny weather but act as a buffer to prevent overexposure to bright sun and UV rays.

The roof section also has ventilation sections built-in and theyre at an angle that will prevent rain from leaking through them and inside.

These ventilated areas will ensure the free flow of air and can help get rid of stale air whilst also regulating the temperature inside the gazebo when in use.

The roof section has a gutter section along the edge where rainwater will collect in the four corners where you can add a downspout/drainpipe for easy guidance to the floor.

Things I Like

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What Accessories Can I Add To My Pergola

How To Build A Pergola Roof – DIY At Bunnings

You can accessorise your pergola with plants to add more colour and life to it. Heaters can also come in handy, especially when you want to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your garden during the chilly season. String lights, hanging lanterns, and canopy can also elevate your outdoor space. You can also add furniture such as tables and chairs that match your pergolas design.

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The Diy Roofing Install Guide

OK. Bored yet! Using standard framing nails , we nail the plywood every 150mm along the edges.

TIP High wind zone nailing is every 150mm. This is storm nailing and conforms to plywood manufacturers guides.

Plywood is staggered between layers increasing the strength. No gap is required in the tongue and groove joint.

TIP 2mm gap on the short side of the ply, allowing for expansion in humid conditions. The tongue and groove sides have no gap.

Keeping a tidy workspace is a good safety measure.

Work Safe considers anything over two metres high as Working at heights. Special consideration for safety should be taken. This aluminium scaffold is lightweight and easy to move.

TIP Lightweight aluminium scaffold is a great idea if you have a large fall.

These gaps in the plywood are easily fixed with the asphalt roof shingles.

The metal drip edge extends up the roof around 100mm, bends down and kicks out. Monument Colour is a good match for the dual black shingles. The drip edge protects the plywood from water. It is not required on a gazebo and is mainly used where there are gutters in place.

Tap a nail in on either end of the ply 100mm up from the bottom edge and snap a chalk line. This chalk line positions the drip edge correctly. When joining the drip edge, we have a 100mm overlap.

TIP Dont nail through two layers of metal as it will creak and pop as the metal expands in the heat.

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The Extra Fancy Backyard Build

Thanks to these pergola plans available from you can have a fancy pergola to enjoy in your yard. What distinguishes it from other garden pergolas is the attached seating area. It might seem difficult to build at first, but there are plenty of elaborated instructions on the building process so you shouldnt have a problem.

The most important thing you have to remember about this wooden pergola with a roof is that it needs a stable foundation.

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Welcome Back To The Diy Asphalt Shingle Roof Guide Part 3

NOTE This guide is for an IKO shingle system other manufacturers may have slightly different instructions

You cut 100mm off the starter course to create an offset with the next course.

We start the starter course at the edge of the hip lining the top edge with the chalk line. The adhesive glue is on the bottom edge and seals up the first visible row of shingles.

But the starter shingles up together tight.

Now choose a spot in the middle of the roof in the middle of the starter course. Tack two nails 165mm apart to align the shingles vertically.

An easy way to find a vertical line is to use an asphalt shingle and your eyes. Adequate on small gazebos. On homes, you will need to find the exact 90 degrees angle as small differences will show over distances. You will need to use a right-angle triangle calculator to find the measurements for this. Snap a second chalk line at 165mm and you have your vertical lines to follow.

Now we are ready to install the first visible row of shingles.

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Metal Louvers Are Best For A Pergola Roof


Whether choosing mechanized or manually adjusted louvers, the material the roof is made from is an important consideration. Marble and stone are best left to the ancients. Wood can impart a rustic or Old-World feel, but is prone to rotting over time. Vinyl or plastic will look great at first, but will eventually fade and distort. Metal louvers, like aluminum, are the ideal material for a pergola roof. Aluminum is strong and lightweight, making it possible to automate their controls with quiet electric motors. Protected with high-quality powder coating, a metal roof will seal out the corrosion-inducing rain, ice and snow to last a lifetime.

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Pergola Installation Mistake No : Are You Up To It

Our pergola kits are easy to install, with plans that are carefully written. But for some, researching how to install a pergola isnt the same as actually installing a pergola. All of these pergola installation tips and instructions wont help if you or someone working with you isnt ready for the physical challenge of assembling it.

Not to worry! Were here to help you with that dream pergola so you can enjoy the best installation possible. If you dont feel that youre up to installing it yourself, or staining the wood once its up, we have resources to help you, including a list of pergola builders near you.


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