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Sam’s Club Pergola Installation

So Come On New York The Wait Is Over

Gazebo Brookdale Backyard Discovery Sams Club Unboxing and Assembly

Enough daydreaming! Its time to get outside more and enjoy one of the best spring and summer climates in the country. Catch sunrise over coffee, a glass of wine beneath the stars and share your yard with the people you love. The time to get outside is now! Ordering is simple and we are ready to help you.

Absolute Worse Company I Think Ive

Absolute worse company I think Ive ever dealt with. Bought a gazebo in February and had to pay for delivery and installation up front. Was told as soon as the ground thawed in March theyd be out to install. As of 6/28 Ive made numerous phone calls, told that someone would call me back. A week ago I received a call saying they dont have installers in my state, but would figure something out. I said I wanted my $ back. Today I received a call that they will issue a refund in 3 to 4 weeks. They will not issue a refund on the delivery. Stay as far away from this POS company as you possibly can!!

Choose Petkus Brothers For Your New Patio Cover

Youve spent a lot of time and money on your home, and youre understandably proud of it. Why not show it off? Nothing will help you make your home stand out like a patio cover from Petkus Brothers.

Whether youre throwing a party or just relaxing on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, our patio covers provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Sit in your favorite chair under the shade of our awnings and enjoy the day youve earned it, and its time for you to enjoy it.

Or have the neighbors over for cocktailsnothing impresses like simple, refined comfort. As your guests enjoy shelter from the sun, theyll have plenty of time to notice and remark on how our patio covers truly complete your home. The hard part will be getting them to leave!

When you buy an awning or patio cover from Petkus Brothers, youre not just purchasing an addition to your home. What youre getting is something far more valuable: the chance to finally bask in the comfort of your own home.

Its not decadent or garish, although it will certainly inspire jealousy in your neighbors. Its more than that: its the recognition that you can truly enjoy the life youve worked so hard to build. After all, your home is your castle, and theres no better place for you to live like a king.

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Things To Consider Before You Build A Custom Arbor Pergola Or Trellis In Fort Lauderdale Florida:

  • What type of landscaping structure do you want to have built?
  • What type of design preparation has been done?
  • What type of project is this?
  • Of what material will the structure be made?Redwood
  • Other felonies not listed above that occurred in the past seven years
  • Contracting without a license in the past seven years

Our background check does not exclude service professionals unless the crime at issue is a felony.

*The comprehensiveness of the NCD varies by state. Please be aware that the reporting in the NCD is particularly limited in the following states: AL, CO, DE, GA, ID, IL, KS, LA, ME, MA, MI, MS, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, SD, UT, VA, VT, and WY. After initial admission to the HomeAdvisor network, businesses are re-screened biennially.

They Are The Worst Companies Ever

Avery Pavilion by Yardistry

They are the worst companies ever. I have received the parts for my repair about a month ago, they booked my repair for June 16, 2022 at 3pm almost 2 weeks since I received my parts. I had someone waiting for them and at 2 pm they cancel my appointment. I had to call back to get an update and they couldnt provide me with a date. I just received a call today 6/29/22 telling me they are working on a date for my repair. This is not the first time they cancel my appointment, they have no respect for peoples time. If it was up to me I wouldn’t even give them 1 star. Horrible customer service.

Worst than horrible. Pathetic service. You wait for 3-4 weeks for them to confirm an appointment and then they don’t show up. What kind of a CEO do they have? Should find another competent CEO.

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I Purchased A Pergula From Sams Club

I purchased a pergula from sams club over a month ago. I paid 499.00 to have the item delivered and assembled. This has been a nightmare. The first technician showed up and refused to build on level yard. The person also had their child with them during the call. It was rescheduled again. We waited all day. We called at 4 pm at which time they said the technician could not make it due to car trouble. We rescheduled again. They then called day before and said technician could not make it again. This is a complete scam and they take your money and never show up. The district coordinators are never available. I am returning this item to sams with great disappointment and frustrations that customers are treated this way. I would give them a zero star if I could due to the fact that they take your money and do not perform the work or show up. Extremely poor treatment of customers and theft of money for services never rendered.

Petkus Brothers Your Backyard Specialists

Petkus Brothers understands the need for adding living space onto a home that is as beautiful as it is functional. That is why we offer a seleciton of patio cover styles and designs that will add value to your home and your life style. Whether youre interested in a lattice patio cover or a solid overhang, attached or free standing, Petkus Brothers can install a patio cover that is durable and beautiful. Learn more about our patio cover designs below.

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Anonymous Complaint: Complaint Type: Problems With Product/service



Business Response


*******, please accept our apologies for these delays in providing service. I have located your record in our systema and I see that we have been able to reestablish a new install date for you of 7-17. We will continue to monitor this for you to ensure completion.

Business Response


They Should Be Names No Configure

How To Assemble a DIY Gazebo Kit

Go configure was supposed to assemble a gazebo today. I knew the minute the man pulled up that the job wasn’t going to get done. He didn’t have any help with him and he was wearing flip flops. He asked me to show him the area and then asked if I have a tape measure. What? He didn’t bring tools either? He determined that our concrete needed to be 13 feet wide for the 10 ft. Gazebo. No one at go figure told us that. We had the concrete pad poured after we had installation set up. We would’ve had the pad poured bigger had we known. So, be prepared. You might not get ANY assembly services. Especially of it’s hot and they don’t want to do it. We’ll make other plans and make sure to thoroughly vet the next company we hire. We just went with GO Confugure because Sam’s club recommended them. Never again.

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How We Can Help You

On-time, fast, flexible assembly services. Its what you want. We partner with you to arrange for professional installation teams to do the heavy lifting, so that you can buy and enjoy your products with speed and ease


We have over 20 years of experience working with customers across the United States, with 100,000+ installations completed annually


We ensure you are paired with the best technicians in your area with the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to get the job done right


Quality workmanship, in-depth knowledge, and respectable pricing combined with time saved and no hassles means you receive superior value

The Basics You Need To Know

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Amex. We do not accept cash or checks.

Are same day bookings available?

Same day bookings are not guaranteed, please contact support to confirm availability.

Can I receive a COI?

The COI can be provided free of charge after reserving your appointment. We will issue the COI for your building upon request.

Is the service price flat-rate?

Yes! All On Point Assembly services are flat-rate, no hourly charges ever. However, we do charge fees with your flat-rate price.

Is there a time window for my appointment?

All appointments have a 2-hour time window. Please be aware your time window may vary due to delays from prior appointments.

What is the booking policy?

Please refer to this article to read our booking policy.

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Never Scheduled Repeatedly Lied

Go configure was contracted to assemble my play set from Backyard Discovery. They spent over a month telling me over and over and over again that it will be scheduled today I escalated it I called the tech theyre getting it scheduled and they have done nothing and not gotten it scheduled. And at the end they have no power to refund me my money and I have to take that up with Backyard Discovery.

New York Pergola Kits


The warm humid summers of New York state call for outdoor grilling, afternoon parties and gatherings out in the backyard. While the sunshine is a welcome sight after a long winter, the heat can get in the way of an otherwise lovely Sunday funday. Our New York pergola kits are just the answer to those happy moments with friends and family and make you wish the season would never end!

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From Manhattan To Upstate New York We Have You Covered

I know, I know. Manhattan gets all the attention in the Empire State. Let the masses have the city, though, because when youre in a New York state of mind, that means that everything from the Hudson Bay to the Catskills is your home away from home. Life is just simpler outside the city and thats the way we like it. Inviting neighbors over for a good time and a barbecue never gets old and with the rough winters, its important to take advantage of the beautiful weather while we can.

That doesnt mean you have to worry about your pergola in the next Noreaster though. With their stout timber frames, soaring roof beams and gables, our pergolas are designed to withstand nearly anything that Mother Nature can throw at it. So bring it on all winter and come Spring your pergola will still look like new season after season with a little wood maintenance every couple seasons.

So whether youre chilling in the outer boroughs wondering what you can do to make your yard feel more like the woods or relaxing up north wishing you could escape the rays in July, a pergola is the best way to ensure that your backyard becomes a second living room for the brighter days.

If I Could Give 0 Stars I Would

If I could give 0 stars I would. We bought a gazebo from Sams on February and still havent had it delivered or installed by this company. At one point I was calling every single day for a update. Then found out it was scheduled, no notification, and of course it wouldnt work for us, then it took another month to reschedule. Once again I had to reach out a couple times a week, finally found out it was scheduled for 6/1 . No call or email to let me know. Luckily this worked, however the weather is rainy today so I WAS called today for them to cancel. Thats two phone calls FROM them about my service since February, even though I called and called and asked for calls back. Now that theyve canceled today, they said we cannot install until 6/22 and of course we are out of town and cannot do that day. I am currently on hold right now, usually its a 30-45 min hold time, to cancel and get a refund. This is unacceptable and I cannot believe Sams works with a company with such poor customer service.

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The Best Way To Accessorize Your Yard

From fire pits to hammocks, your backyard is more than just a place to water the grass! Adding a pergola with accessories not only helps define the open space but it also opens up new possibilities for you and your family that the weather often negates. Enjoy dinner on the patio, a weekend brunch with your friends, a late-night wine tasting underneath Christmas lights strung from the wooden roof or climbing up the posts and trellis. Ultimately, your yard is defined by how you use it and a pergola gives you so many more options so that you arent stuck on the inside looking out at a beautiful day ever again.

If you have a green thumb, you can make use of gorgeous climbing vines and hanging pots of cascading purple verbena. Adding flowers and perennials to your outdoor entertaining space creates a lively ambiance and dresses up your deck and pergola with a natural style to compliment the wood frame.

Add some all-weather drapes to bundle in on days that otherwise would be too breezy to enjoy. How you use your yard is up to you, but we sayuse it!

Top Options For New York Pergolas

How we assembly 10 x 14 Pergola the Right-1 Assembly way.

While there are myriad styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from when it comes to pergolas in New York State, here at Pergola Depot we try to marry the highest quality red cedar or pressure treated pine with classic designs and affordability. While trex might look nice for a deck, nothing beats natural wood to turn your yard into your own private retreat for entertaining and relaxing all summer long. Our kits are easy to assemble and offer a higher quality than you would find at Sams Club, Home Depot, or other big box stores.

We offer an amazing selection of styles, sizes, and accessories to fit any space that you can imagine. Our full-size pergolas come in three design themes: The Big Kahuna, The Sombrero, and The Fedora. Choose an attached version and attach it to your homes exterior wall to extend the usable space outside your slider. Or choose a free standing pergola to expand your patio design.

The Big Kahuna is simply awesome! By far our most popular design, The Big Kahuna offers the most shade cover for when the breeze coming off the coast just isnt enough to keep you and your pals cool. With plenty of ceiling slats and a classic notched roof system, The Big Kahuna will have you covered for all of your most favorite moments of the season. In a cozy 10×12 all the way up to the impressive 20×20, The Big Kahuna comes in any size you need to transform your patio into the ultimate hangout spot in the neighborhood!

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Sams Club Patio Storage

4 weeks agopatio37 Views

Sams Club Patio Storage. Discount sam’s club furniture deals. Goodbye old carpet o new laminate wood flooring in my own style.

The front page of the internet From patio furniture to accessories and decor, youll find a little bit of everything. We live in a smaller house where storage space is an issue.


They will recommend a local, accredited installer, but installation is at the discretion of the member, and installation costs are not included with purchase. The front page of the internet


In a rainy region resin furniture holds up well and comes in multiple designs to match any style. Sam s club memberships com.


In a rainy region resin furniture holds up well and comes in multiple designs to match any style. Keter eden 70 gal outdoor garden patio deck box storage bench in.


Add sophisticated style and storage to your deck or patio with this suncast® outdoor cabinet. If installing a pergola has been on your backyard bucket list, nows the time to finally purchase one from sams club.


These deck boxes are simply amazing! contact amarr customer service:


I was going to start with a rug. A sams club indoor/outdoor rug to be exact.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about sam club in Corona, CA?

This is a review for sam club in Corona, CA:

“They all your need’s at great prices.I wanted some ear pods for my apple phone they were on sale it said on line only so I called for some one to help me with the order, because it wouldn’t let me order them on line .So they said let call the store closest to you, to see if they have them there if so you can go and pick them up today. So she called they had them in stock I went the same day and picked them up it was great didn’t have to wait for mail.”

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How To Add Installation After Ordering

Pergolas, Gazebos, Patio Sets, Play Sets, Grills, Trampolines, Game Tables & Sheds:

For In-Club Purchase, please ask an associate at membership for assistance purchasing the delivery/installation service or contact Go Configure at 888-888-5424.

  • After purchasing, you will first receive an email from Go Configure to confirm your availability. If you don’t respond to the email, Go Configure may call. After confirming your schedule, you will receive a confirmation call or text with the date and time for assembly.
  • Assembly is completed by local, insured professional contractors and is backed up by a 30 day warranty.

For Dot Com purchases: Some of the product on-line will offer an option to include assembly. Not all items are eligible for installation.

TV Wall Mounting, Security Camera, Connected Home Devices, Furniture Assembly, Sink/Faucet Installation, Ceiling Fan/Light Fixtures, Window A/C, Workbench Assembly, Flooring:

Afterpurchasing your product visit .

On Fixed Price Services:

  • Find your desired installation service from directory
  • Book service directly on the pay and pay a fixed price
  • A top-rated home service professional will come to your home to complete service
  • For Services requiring consultation

  • Select the desired project from directory
  • Complete small questionnaire
  • Project advisor will reach out to you


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