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Tongue And Groove Porch Ceiling

Tongue And Groove Outdoor Ceiling At Semenyih

Installing Tongue and Groove Ceiling on Covered Porch in Cleveland TN

Feel dull? Lets tongue and groove ceiling create a beach style for you!

Furthermore, wood wall panels can help to keep the house cool and reduce the need for fanning too.

With this up to notch design, tongue and groove outdoor ceiling will make you sink in an everlasting staycation feel!

Hurry! Come and talk to a Maze Concept specialist now!

Pine Unfinished Rustic Wood Ceiling

If you have a texture like rustic wood on the porch floor, seating sets, railings, or exterior trims, then you should go for a rustic unfinished pine wood porch ceiling.

It will give an exotic yet organic appeal to the sight. It also gives a very homey impression as you won’t just wait to take off the slippers and feel the organic pine wood under the feet.

When the same organic ceiling is there right in front of your eyes when you lie down on the bare floor or even on the sofa, it will give a visual appeal. Having an unfinished organic wooden interior gives an impression close to nature. What can be better than making your outdoor relaxing area as relaxing as it is actually close to nature?

Tongue And Groove Outdoor Ceiling At Kajang

Dream for a modern porch design merged with a little Bali relaxing feel?

A red chestnut tongue and groove outdoor ceiling design is highly recommended.

To pair with some DIY geometric lighting and same colour tone fans will make the overall picture look more harmonious.

You can always utilize the area for family bonding or even just a tea break.

If you are short-handed, do remember Maze Concept is always ready to help with your dream plan!

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What Is A Tongue And Groove Ceiling

A tongue and groove ceiling consists of all-natural long wood planks that fit side to side across a ceiling. In comparison to drywall ceilings, this process has a more easy installation procedure whilst producing much more decorative and aesthetically pleasing results!

Tongue and groove ceilings are simple and inexpensive to install, and great results can be achieved whether you hire a professional to install the ceiling, or you D.I.Y it!

Arched Tongue And Groove Ceiling

Cherry tongue and groove porch ceiling

As we already have a clear idea that tongue and groove can easily be transformed into any shape for a ceiling. Here, one of the exciting ideas is an arched pine ceiling for your porch will definitely add style to the porch’s interior. Tongue and groove are not necessarily be used for flat and vaulted surfaces only.

You can give it a shape, color, and texture as per your liking. When we pair the arched ceiling with suitable trims, it adds a luxurious touch in a relaxing way for your groove porch ceiling.

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Tongue And Groove Ceilings Dripping Leaking And Condensation

Tongue and groove ceilings theyre beautiful, but like many beautiful things, they can be problematic.

Unfortunately, T& G ceilings have become the single most discussed items on Teds Energy Tips due to their overwhelming tendency to be associated with water, mold, or moisture problems.

Does your ceiling drip water?

Ive probably heard this a hundred times Help! Water is leaking from my ceiling! We had a cold snap and now its a beautiful day and now its raining in my house!The caller/writer then tells me that the roofer came out to check for leaks and couldnt find anything. If they took it a step further, someone pulled off some of the ceiling planks, saw the real problem and told them that they need to ventilate the ceilings. If theyre unlucky, they spent thousands of dollars, added ventilation, and the water problems became worse!

Why do ceilings drip when theres no leak?

Boil a pot of water with a lid on it. Wait a minute then lift the lid. What do you see? Lots of water on the underside of the lid. Theres no leak but yet the lid is covered with water due to condensation forming on it. This is exactly whats happening inside your ceiling.Under the right conditions, when water vapor in the air comes in contact with a surface cooler than the air, the water vapor becomes liquid water. If this happens enough, the water builds up and forms large drop of water. Those get large enough and, PLOP!, it starts raining in your house!

Exposed Beams Pine Ceiling

Exposed beams pine ceiling installation is an exciting idea that will give a unique look when mixed and merged with the tropical touch. Imagine having a part of the home that will give you a feel of a Latin American home. The ceiling made of exposed beams painted white or any color of wooden contrast is a never-failing one.

You can add large tropical plants, big ceiling fans close to the wooden brown color, rattan sitting arrangement. To add more beauty, add a beautiful aquarium with colorful fishes to complete the look. A brown wooden interior merged with tropical plants and water will make you and your guests more inviting and relaxing.

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Stained Knotty Cedar T& g Ceiling And Glass Panels Combo In A Traditional Porch

This next idea is just so impressive. It is an excellent example for you to follow when you think that your porch is quite dark, and it needs a boost of natural light.

As shown in the picture, the ceiling design does not only contain tongue and groove material. Besides, some glass panels included.

As told earlier, panels like this allow natural light from the sun to enter the porch area. It can avoid the place to get too dark at day. At night, the built-in lighting is more suitable to brighten up space.

When you see the pic above and find that the wooden material of the T& G ceiling is interesting, you may think that it is pine because of the knotty characteristic. As a matter of fact, it is cedar with a transparent stain.

Break Off The Groove Flanges

Building our Farmhouse: #49- How to Install Tongue and Groove Ceiling on Covered Porch!

On any installation, you’ll have times when you can’t fit the groove in the previous tongue and seat the board. In fact, it’s almost always the case with the very last board. But it can also happen at shiplap ceiling protrusions or even at projecting inside corners.

The only option is to eliminate the back of the groove so you can lift the board directly into place without locking the joint together. The easiest way to do this is to break off the flange with a few hammer raps. These pieces can’t be blindnailedyou’ll have to face-nail them and fill a few nail heads.

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Finish Before Installation Of Your Wood Plank Ceiling

Tongue-and-groove boards are notorious for shrinking and expanding with changes in temperature and humidity. Unfinished tongue and groove boards installed in humid summer conditions can be an ugly mess during the dryness of winter. As the wood dries and shrinks, unfinished stripes will appear where the tongues withdraw from the grooves. But if you apply finish before installation, the tongues will be completely finishedno unfinished stripes to appear later! You could also opt for paint to finish your boards for a white shiplap ceiling look.

Finishing The Tongue And Groove Porch Ceiling

After youve cutting around your electrical box you can continue installing the rest of your T& G Ceiling as did in the beginning.

If you run into a situation, on your last board that it needs to be a different width, then you will need to a rip cut down the length of the board. You can use a circular saw, jig saw or a table saw to complete this:

  • First, cut the entire length of the tongue of the board you need to cut off.
  • You will also want to cut ONLY the top part of the groove off by adjusting the blade depth of your circular saw or table saw to allow the board to just pop into place without hesitation
  • Installing a tongue and groove porch ceiling was a quick way to add value and charm to this home. Much like our popular Shiplap Feature Walls it adds eye catching character to any space in your home.

    This was a fun project for us and we loved seeing the HUGE smile on our friends face when she saw the finished product . Are you planning to put up a a tongue and groove ceiling? Show us your projects and tags us with #homemadebyhuseman.

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    T& g Porch Ceiling With Unique Square Design

    If you want a more artistic look on your tongue and groove ceiling for the porch area, you can create a slightly different design as the one you see here.

    The T& G material does not cover the whole area here. It only forms a square shape with two diagonal lines. It seems the material used here is painted wood.

    Instead of leaving the center of the T& G ceiling empty, the designer added an exterior fan that can also add more convenience value in the outdoor place. Another detail that you should not miss from the tongue and groove area is the built-in lights that will be useful at night.

    Tongue And Groove Outdoor Ceiling At Seremban

    16 Impressive Tongue and Groove Porch Ceiling Ideas to Get Inspired ...

    Wish to have an elegant looking porch area?

    No doubt tongue and groove ceiling will always be your best choice.

    What you see above is in light brown, which can create a warm atmosphere in the house.

    It will get even better if surrounded by beautiful green scenery.

    You can spend some hassle-free me-time there, or even with your loved one.

    Feel free to call Maze Concept if you have any customized preferences and cant wait to be idealised!

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    White Pine Ceiling Combo With Sconce Light

    The white color just never goes out of trend. The best feature of this color is, it is equally suitable for giving an elegant, classic, or intimating touch. It fits better with all kinds of themes, be it sober or romantic.

    To add an intimate feature to your porch, combine the white tongue and groove ceiling with dark brown or black scone lights. Neither will it give a romantic touch and give a relaxing feel to the person who steps inside the place.

    White walls and ceiling, when merged with sconce lights, make a highly soothing atmosphere. Here you can place some large vases of white jasmine flowers or some water lilies in decorative vessels.

    White color is both calming and exciting simultaneously, depending on the combination with which it is merged. We highly recommend going for this combo as you will never get fed up staying in this refreshing atmosphere.

    Best Tongue And Groove Porch Ceiling Ideas In 2021

    When we talk about installing stylish ideas about porch, tongue and groove texture adds an extra value to the look. But what are tongue and grooves exactly?

    It is basically the ceiling that consists of pine boards fitted side to side all over the ceiling. Usually, these pine boards are large enough to cover the ceiling of the entire porch easily.

    Please, have a look at the trending ceiling ideas in 2021.

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    What Is A Beadboard Ceiling

    A beadboard ceiling is a type of wood paneling that is often used in country-style homes. It is made up of boards that are arranged in a linear fashion and often have bead-like detailing on the edges. This type of ceiling can add a lot of character to a room and can be painted or stained to match the existing décor.

    Arched T& g Fir Ceiling In A Traditional Riverfront Porch

    Installing Cedar Tongue and Groove Porch Ceiling

    The main idea that we want you to get inspired by this picture of a traditional porch is the shape of the ceiling. Although we cannot see much from the pic, the design used here is arched.

    A shape like this seems to prove that the T& G ceiling, particularly the one made for the porch area, is not always in flat or vaulted look. When paired with the right trims and columns choices, it can even create a luxurious touch but in a more relaxed way.

    FYI, the material used for creating this T& G ceiling is fir. It gets a transparent stain that makes the natural characteristic still visible and looks compatible with other materials used in the porch, including also the natural stone veneer material of the fireplace.

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    How Are They Installed

    Drywall ceilings require professional installation due to their complex nature. Watch this video to see how exactly drywall ceilings can be installed. The basic installation process is that the boards are screwed onto construction planks on your ceiling.

    You will want to make sure that you have the correct measurements for your dry wall boards, otherwise the process can be extremely laborious and time-consuming!

    Toenail The Rest Of The Boards

    All the boards, including the first one, should be nailed every 12 to 16 inches through the tongue for the most secure assembly. Position the pneumatic gun at the back edge of the board’s tongue, then angle it away from the tongue and to one side. This will keep the nail from pulling out and from blocking the tongue when you fit the groove of the next board over it.

    Measure for and cut the next board. Slide its groove over the tongue of the previous board. If necessary, tap it tightly in place with a hammer on a woodblock. Nail it through the tongue as detailed above. Continue installing beadboard in this manner.

    Tip: Use a scrap of beadboard as your woodblock so you can fit the groove over the tongue and keep the tongue from mushrooming when you hammer it.

    Step 7

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    Brown T& g Ceiling In A Country Home Porch

    The next idea is available in this traditional porch with roof extensions. The designer of this house wanted to create a cozy atmosphere in both the interior and exterior design.

    In this case, the choice of the tongue and groove material here is just excellent. We can say so because this element gets a brown color, which is even the same with the tone of the paneled wall. Together, both can create the cozy atmosphere wanted.

    The good thing is that the warm impression is not overpowering, although we can say that the brown tone is quite dominating. The reason is that under the ceiling, the designer also added some cool colors from the rug and cushions. These details seem to create a balance in the entire porch area.

    The Right Porch Ceiling Adds Charm

    Cedar tongue and groove porch ceiling

    Add ceiling porch bead board to an existing plywood porch ceiling or install tongue and groove and you’ve just created a warm inviting porch.

    Most porches are either open with visible rafters/joists or covered with various materials. Like other parts of your porch you have options.

    Mary and I also have ideas for porch ceiling lights.

    If you purchase an item through affiliate links within our content, we may earn a commission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. See our disclosure policy.

    Look at the porch ceiling on Holly’s new porch. What a beautiful way to frame her entrance. Stop by to see her new porch right here.

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    T& g Ceiling And Exposed Beams In A Beach

    Tongue and groove ceiling can also be a suitable choice for creating a beach style on your porch. The pic above contains an example that we want you to take a look. From it, there are some ideas to get inspired.

    The first idea is about the T& G planks used to create the ceiling. It proves that you can also go for a less-wider option if you want to. A choice like this is even excellent for creating a beach or cottage style.

    The second idea is about the use of exposed beams as the pair for the T& G material. Their color is different from the stain added to the other parts of the ceiling. It results in a contrast that, at the same time, also creates a brighter touch that can avoid a too dark look in the porch, which already has dark tones domination.

    Buying Guide: Engineered Flooring

    For an exotic-wood ceiling without the cost or weight of solid boards, use engineered flooring, which combines a finished veneer of wood over a base of plywood. You may, however, be stuck with seams on your ceiling, as engineered flooring is often sold in bundles of varying lengths. Because some companies don’t guarantee their products for outdoor use, they’re best used on an enclosed porch.

    Island Chestnut, $10 per sq. ft., Horizontal Bamboo in caramel, $8 per sq. ft. and Heritage Hickory in topaz, $14 per sq. ft. all from Mannington Mills.

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    Tongue And Groove Outdoor Ceiling At Sepang

    Red mahogany is a special colour tone, which Chinese believe will bring more Ong Ong good luck.

    The reddish-brown tone carries a high-class feeling and incredible view to the entire porch if you paired it with a stone wall under it.

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    No doubt the distinct appearance will definitely make the tongue and groove ceiling become an eye-catching spot at the front entry.

    You can always get a modern twist wooden wall panels from Maze Concept that 100% compliment your taste!

    Cedar Porch Ceiling What We Used:

    Tongue and Groove Ceiling Installation

    > > 6 foot lengths of tongue and groove cedar , purchased from Home Hardware> > cedar cove moulding to wrap around the edges> > 18 gauge two inch brad nails> > 1×3 strapping> > 2 wood screws

    Total cost was around $500 for all materials. We had been quoted $1000+taxes for materials and labour by a contractor, so we definitely saved on doing this ourselves.

    Lets break it down into steps.

    Step 1 // Before you starting putting any boards up, you want to ensure that your strapping was all done correctly, that you have marked out where your lights are going to go, and all wiring is complete. For our porch, Dan needed to add some 1×3 strapping to bridge the gaps where the electrical cutouts were needed for potlights. He cut the strapping using this RYOBI cordless circular saw. This saw is great for quick rough cuts, very light and easy to use.

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