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24 Inch Fire Pit Ring

Top Fire Pit Ring Inserts On The Market Today

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Unboxing – X 24

This list is my attempt at hitting the lower, middle, and top end of the fire pit ring insert market. My goal is to accommodate a variety of budgets and needs, with quality being the primary consideration in the end.

There are many more options out there and I encourage you to look around and do your research. On to our ring inserts

The Titan Fire Pit Ring Insert:

Titan fire ring inserts are made by Titan Outdoors, a Collier, Tennessee-based producer of outdoors and fitness products, and the only fire pit ring producer in our trio that is not exclusively in the fire pit business.

  • Available sizes: Titan fire ring inserts, come in 38 and 46-inch diameters each with adepth of 10 inches
  • Features: 19 gauge carbon steel used for the ring cylinder, and 16 gauge used for the lip high-temp/corrosion resistant coating comes in four sections to be assembled
  • Warranty: 1 year against defects in material and workmanship

Bottom line:

  • Solid entry at the low end of the fire pit ring market
  • Sizes offered larger, on average than most of the market
  • Good value in the $100 range for the 38 in. model and the $150 range for the 46 in. model
  • 1-year warranty against material/workmanship defects

Not a fan of fire rings that come in multiple pieces the holes for hardware don’t always line up and when it finally gets together you often have larger than normal gaps on the seams where the pieces come together.

TheOhio Flame Fire Pit Ring Insert

Bottom line:

The Breeo Zentro

We Guarantee Lowest Price On All Our Csa Certified Electronic Ignition Products

CSA Approved Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Inserts are constructed of High Grade 304 Stainless Steel and are Assembled to Perfection by our Electronic Engineers in our USA Factory. These units are your turn key solution to a fully automated fire feature with proven and tested safety certifications. No more fumbling with a long match and manual gas key to ignite your fire pit. Fully functional flame performance operation with Electronic Ignition that is controlled by a wall switch or hand held remote control. The Most Luxurious Experience in outdoor Living – Don’t settle for less.

View Other Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Inserts

Round Fire Pit Inserts

The Only Fire Pit Ring Insert Buyers Guide Youll Ever Need

Building a backyard fire pit on your own can be fun and exciting, but picking the right materials for the job is likely the most critical decision you’ll make when planning. One item, in particular, you may not want to leave out, or skimp on, is a fire pit ring insert, that is if you want your new stone fire pit to last.

Fire pit ring inserts come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and levels of quality. In many cases, unique features that make an outdoor fire pit more versatile and/or perform better.

With fire pit ring inserts only available in a finite number of shape and size combinations, the size of the stone fire pit you plan to build is going to be limited by this number. You can get custom sizes made to your spec but plan on paying a lot more to have it made than buying one off the shelf or online.

If you can’t find a fire pit ring insert size you want through traditional retail channels or don’t have a vendor nearby that will make one to your liking custom, there is an online one you might consider which I’ll talk about later in the article.

For this article, I’m going to cover three specific brands and the fire ring inserts which were selected because they are what I consider the best value for the money.

As I wrote in a prior article Do You Need a Fire Ring for a Fire Pit? there is generally not a whole lot of difference in price from one fire pit ring insert model to the next, however, there is a wide swing in quality and durability.

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Alsocheck Out Etsy For A Fire Pit Insertyes Etsy

I haven’t found many vendors on this site yet that make custom-sized fire rings for sale but there are so many size options available you should be able to easily find a size that would fit into the fire pit design you have in mind.

Check out Etsy sellers HigleyWelding and SimondStore for most fire ring insert size and shape needs.

If the sizes they offer don’t work for you, some fabricators will make a custom fire pit ring insert for you. Just go to the shop on Etsy and check out their options and/or message the owner through the Etsy messaging link located at the top left of the seller’s page.

Does A Fire Pit Need A Ring Insert

Hearth Solid Steel 24 Inch Outdoor Garden Patio Round Fire Pit Ring W ...

The straight answer to this question is no. With that said, if you want to spend the time and money to prep the fire pit site, buy the materials, build the fire pit, and everything else that’s involved AND you want it to last and look good for years to come, you’ve got to have a fire pit ring.

If you like or don’t mind the rustic, dirty, crumbling stone fire pit look, then you don’t need a fire pit ring insert.

Fire pits can generate temps of over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and that level of heat will break down the masonry structure and what holds it together over time in much less time if you are a regular fire pit user.

It’s generally a pretty small investment on the front end of your fire pit build and will give you a fire pit you’ll be proud of for years to come as well as keeping the costs of maintaining your outdoor living space low.

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Inch Black Steel Fire Pit Ring Burner Specifications:

  • Material: Hand crafted with high quality 19 gauge cold rolled steel
  • Diameter: 24 inches
  • Features: Holes are drilled and not punched
  • Fire media required: To be used with a 2 – 4 inch layer of fire glass or lava rock for best effect
  • Fuel Application: For use in outdoor vented natural or propane gas burning fire features only
  • Ignition Method: Match Lit

What Is A Good Diameter For A Fire Ring Insert

What size fire pit ring insert you eventually pick up will really be based on your own preferences, how much space you have, your budget, etc. There’s really no right answer to the question.

Commercially available steel fire pit ring liners generally range from 24 to 46 inches in diameter, at least in the U.S. market. The sky’s the limit if you choose to have a custom-size fire pit ring insert made.

If you think it up and have the funds custom metal fabricators will make a fire pit insert as large as you want.

When buying a fire pit ring insert, remember that the diameter measurement provided by the manufacturer represents the inner diameter of the fire ring, not the edge of the lip. This is the measurement that will represent the size of your stone fire pit’s opening.

If you are still in the planning stages of your fire pit build, I’d recommend planning around the fire ring to make sure you get the right fit, vice the other way around. Pick out the fire pit ring insert you want, at the size you want, and build your fire pit to that spec.

If you already have a fire built, but no ring, you’ll need to find a fire pit ring insert that with an inner diameter that will fit and enough lip around the edge to rest on the top level of your fire pits brick /stone .

Make sure the lip overhangs the inner edge of the coping all around the fire pit evenly, so the fire pit insert doesn’t become dislodged from the rim of the fire pit and fall in if moved inadvertently.

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How Much Does A Fire Ring Insert Cost

Generally speaking, the fire pit ring insert price range is between $50 and $250 depending on size and quality. There are fire ring inserts that are somewhat far out of this range. With that said, the extra price paid brings more options and much better performance.

I’ve included a fire pit ring insert in this range among the three I’ll talk about in detail below. As I mentioned earlier, there’s not a whole lot of difference price-wise for the majority of inserts. However, spending a little more can make the difference between a nice insert and junk at the bottom of the range.

Take a minute to check out what’s out there before you jump in and buy. A few more dollars may make all the difference. You’ll see what I mean as we go on.

What Are Fire Pits Used For

Easy Fire Pits 24″ DIY Propane Fire Ring Complete Fire Pit Kit fr24ck

Fire pits are traditionally used for heat, but increasingly we want time from them, so todays fire pits are all about cooking, entertainment, and design. Some even incorporates fire pit to their outdoor kitchen.

For me though a fire pit is about more than just looking good, its about staving off the winter temperatures and keeping the garden going into the evening.

When we moved in here, our main aim was to create winter drama. Its always the hardest season to get right in the garden, but the plants that flower do it dramatically.

Plants that seem boring during the day come to life with intoxicating scent, and bright white flowers open up to attract evening pollinators.

As you sit on the patio, staring out into the garden, you hear the buzzing of bees and flapping of wings late into the evening, and its all down to a well-placed gas fire pit that keeps us warm, without masking the floral aroma with smoke.

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Comfort 24 Fire Pit Insert

Our Comfort 24″ Fire Pit Insert was designed for a variety of reasons to accommodate the outdoor living fanatic. The goal was to use our Burly reduced smoke technology and two-piece design to create a fire pit insert that would fit into many types of concrete, stone and/or masonry backyard fire pits.

Our insert also protects the manufactured or natural stone products from direct heat which can cause a multitude of issues. We believe that protecting your investment should be a top priority. The two-piece design makes clean out very easy too.

There is no assembly required with this system, so it is ready to use right out of the box. A snuffer lid comes with the unit to help put out the fire and protect the inside while not in use. If you like cooking over open flame, consider our optional grill attachment.


Different Types Of Fire Pits

When I started thinking about this article, I got a bit muddled up trying to define the kind of fire pits I wanted to talk about, because there are so many merits to different designs.

Wooden fire pits, for example, have a traditional rustic charm that works really well in small gardens, and can be a great talking point in contemporary design too. Equally, gas fire pits are pretty incredible these days, and help create clean smoke free heat.

So in the section below Ive tried to break fire pits down into a few key types, so you can decide exactly what youre after. Hopefully it helps you choose the right bit of kit for your yard.

Fire Pit Table

Fire pit tables, or fire tables, whatever you want to call them, are probably the biggest statement piece of furniture you can put in your garden, but the big choice here comes down to fuel.

For me, even though I prefer wood burning fire pits, the gas fire tables are definitely more practical, because if youre sitting around them eating dinner, you avoid the harsh smoke blowing in your eye from the wood fire.

If you decide to get a fire table, price is a big factor too. They can cost anywhere from $800 to $10,000 but you can find some incredible gas fire tables for just over $2000, which would be perfect in almost any garden.

We love fire pit tables so much we made a full review on it. Be sure to check out our complete fire pit tables buying guide here.

Gas Fire Pit

Wood Fire Pit

Portable Fire Pit – Best Portable Fire Pit Reviews

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Fire Pit Ring Inserts

The kind of fire pit ring we are talking about is the kind used as an insert for masonry fire pit projects. I.E. a stone, cement, or brick/block surround with a liner, like this one from Sunnydaze in the image below.

A fire pit ring insert is a metal barrier positioned in the mouth of a stone or brick fire pit. As I mentioned before this is known as the stone or brick surround.

This barrier slows the damage done to the surrounding stone or brick and masonry adhesive from regular exposure to high-heat and direct flame.

Some fire pit inserts have bottoms that hold the fire pits contents off the ground in a dry, low moisture environment ideal for burning wood.

Fire pit inserts are typically round and often have a 360-degree lip at the top that extends out from the opening. This allows the insert to rest on the masonry fire pit’s top layer of stone or bricks. The lip typically measures anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of overhang.

Some fire pit inserts don’t have the lip on the top and look like a portable fire ring.

These are typically installed below the top layer brick at the mouth of the fire pit. There are some on the market that extends beyond the opening.

The walls of the fire pit insert are typically around 6-12 in height and provide heat protection for the fire pit’s stone/brick, adhesive, and mortar.

Metal gauge is a numerical system that provides a common metal thickness standard for the industry.

Best Fire Pit Reviews

Hearth Solid Steel 24 Inch Outdoor Garden Patio Round Fire Pit Ring W ...

Fire pits used to be simple, just holes in the ground with a grill for cooking. Life was simpler back then, but today, with so much choice from fire tables, to gas fire pits, wood fire pits, and even portable fire pits how do you choose the best fire pit for your garden?

In this article were going to talk about the different types of fire pits, including the best fire pits for BBQs, and the best fire pits for patios, because its not just about cooking.

It can get cold in the evenings, and a good fire pit can keep you warm late into the night, and even if youre just by yourself, some gardens come to life after dark.


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