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Roll Down Shade For Patio

Protect Your Backyard Or Your Place Of Business With Exterior Rolling Shades From Polar Shades

Hang a Coolaroo roll down shade on a Alumawood patio cover.

Have you been searching for high quality exterior rolling shades that protect you and your guests from the sun? Weve developed exterior rolling shades that remove the suns glare, reduce heat and enable you to provide a cool, comfortable environment for your family or guests. Mount our exterior shades on your patio or window and with the touch of a button, your exterior rolling shades will automatically roll down and stop up to 98% of the solar heat rays and provide 100% shade.

What Our Clients Say

  • I am very happy with my retractable awning at my car wash in Oliver, B.C. The choice of colors and sizes that were available allowed me to really achieve the look I wanted and I have received loads of compliments on the look of the awning on my building. The user friendly operation and sturdy construction is exactly what I needed for my site.

    Scott Strobbe, O.K. Car Wash – Oliver, BC

  • I can honestly say that I indeed made the right choice by choosing Okanagan Screens to install both Wizard Retractable Screens on my eight foot doors.Not to knock the competition but Okanagan Screens Price, Service, Warranty, and the smooth operation of these retractable screens turned out to be all and more than I expected.

    Gerry T. – Kelowna

  • It is with pleasure that I recommend and thank Okanagan Screens for the exceptional service that was given to me, for my recent purchase.Okanagan Screens was prompt, efficient and the retractable screen doors are of great quality. I highly refer Okanagan Screens for your business and residential requirements.

    B. Douglas – Kelowna

We not only understand the importance of value, we have been earning a reputation for it since 2004.

Advantages Of Outdoor Shades

Why should you add shades to the outside of your house? These window treatments come with some great benefits.

  • UV shielding: Patio shades let you enjoy the outdoors without riskingsun damage.
  • Better privacy: Though you can still enjoy your view, these shades domake it harder for nosy people to look inside your porch or patio.
  • Furniture protection: Keeping the bright sun off your patio helpskeep your furniture safe. You’re less likely to deal withdiscoloration, warping, or cracking.
  • Reduced glare: If you use a television, tablet, or smartphoneoutside, these blinds make it easier to see your screen.
  • More comfortable temperatures: In the summer, these blinds can giveyou a little shade to cool down in. They can also help block chillybreezes.

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Motorized Or Fully Automated System

Using the same quality components and features as the manual crank roll down patio shade from above, the motorized version goes a step further by providing the convenience of operating the shade with either a wall switch or a remote control. One switch is used for each roll down shade, but one remote control can work up to 5 shades.

For fully automated roll down patio shades, add a sun/wind sensor. Remote control motors are required for this option so the sensor can talk to the shade motor and tell it what to do. This takes the worry out of ensuring the shades are up when unsupervised. When the sun hits the sensor, the shade goes down. However, if the wind kicks up, the sensor will retract the shade to protect your investment. When the wind subsides, the sensor will drop the shade again. After the sun passes the affected area, the sensor will then retract the shade. Of course, if you want the shade down after the sun has passed, you may simply override the sun/wind sensor with the remote control.

Outdoor Shade Measurements And Installation

Roll Down Shades for Patios

To get the best possible results, you’ll need to carefully measure your windows before ordering. Check the outdoor shades product description to see how to measure your window and find the right mounting depth. Once you order your shades, you have a few different product installation options. If you’re feeling handy, you can install patio blinds yourself. All you have to do is follow the easy instruction guide we provide with your purchase.

If you have any questions about measuring and installing patio shades, remember that our team is here to help. You can call 800-575-8016 to get measuring and ordering advice from the design consultants at American Blinds. In no time at all, you can be enjoying the gorgeous style of patio blinds in your own home.

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Select From A Range Of Manual And Motorized Exterior Rolling Shades

  • All of our exterior rolling shades are manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy and PVC coated materials.
  • All of our exterior rolling shades are custom made to your specifications.
  • Manual exterior rolling shades include a manual crank or clutch system.
  • Our motorized retractable exterior rolling shades use Somfy system technology wind sensors that automatically retract your exterior rolling shade at a certain threshold.

Awesome Upgrades For Your Outdoor Shades

Basic patio shades are already great, but there are also plenty of upgrade options. Try these extra features to make your shades even more luxurious.

  • Continuous cord loop: This style of control lets you have a singleloop of cord that attaches to the side of your window frame. It canbe simpler to use, and the lack of dangling cords is morechild-friendly.
  • Cordless: Get rid of any cords and enjoy an unencumbered view. Tocontrol these shades, all you do is tug or lift on the bottom of theroller shade.
  • Motorization: Raise and lower the shades with a remote. This upgradeis especially helpful for wider or higher patio blinds. Depending onthe style you pick, your motor can run with a plug-in, a rechargeablebattery, or a solar-powered battery.
  • Valance: Some shades let you install the roller inside of a matchingvalance. This helps protect the shade from the elements, and it’s arequirement if you want motorized shades.

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Keep Insects Out With Ziprite Exterior Rolling Shade Technology

Our patented ZipRite design enables the fabric of the exterior rolling shade to be locked into a track at all times so that no insects can penetrate. This type of exterior rolling shade is perfect if you are trying to extend the living space of your home or place of business. Let your pets roam the patio without fear of escaping and keep the bugs and insects out.

Measuring And Installing Outdoor Patio Shades

Hang Coolaroo Shade on Alumawood cover without putting holes in the patio.

Our outdoor blinds are all customized and built to your specifications and can be installed by anyone going down the DIY route. However, you are not alone! Our guides on How to Measure and How to Install for patio shades are full of the information you need to tackle the project yourself and be confident in your choices. In addition, we have in-house design consultants available to discuss your project and any questions you may have. They are only a phone call away at .

Not sure if you want to do it yourself? See if our Professional Measure and Install services are available in your area!

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Why Choose Exterior Patio Shades

Our custom patio and exterior shade systems provide the perfect solution for shading east, south and west facing areas from the harsh sun, heat and glare. Keep your beautiful outdoor view while enhancing your privacy! Our name brand vendors manufacture high quality window shade and patio shade systems for both residential and commercial applications. With our expertise in controlling natural sunlight with solar screen and blackout window shades, we can recommend the perfect window covering or patio shade solution. Our exterior shades are for more than just patios. We can add comfort to a variety of your outdoor living areas:

  • Patios

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Shades

When used alone or combined with indoor window treatments, outdoor shades can really enhance your living spaces. Heres a recap of the top benefits outdoor shades offer:

Energy efficiency: When placed outside your windows, they add an extra barrier, keeping you comfortable and saving you energy all year long.

UV protection: By blocking harsh UV rays, outdoor shades help protect your valuable furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun.

Glare reduction: Enjoy spending time outside without an annoying glare in your eyes or on your phone, laptop or outdoor TV.

Light diffusion: With so many materials, fabrics, textures and opacities, outdoor shades offer numerous ways to beautifully filter light.

Maintaining indoor décor: Some inside spaces require sun management, but the right indoor window treatment could alter the décor. Outdoor shades provide all the protection you need while maintaining the look of the room inside.

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Patio Sun Shade Fabric Options

  • High tech solar fabrics provide multiple levels of protection without blocking the view
  • Solar screen fabrics have precisely controlled characteristics that provide sun control. The fabric openness and color determine each fabric’s specific heat, glare and view-through characteristics.
  • All exterior solar fabrics are constructed from materials designed to hold up to the elements, so your shade stays beautiful for years to come.
  • Light colors can match the trim colors of your house, and provide better privacy
  • Dark colors provide the best glare control and view-through.
  • Translucent & Blackout fabrics for privacy
  • Translucent fabrics provide filtered light with no view-through
  • Blackout fabrics block light and view-through
  • Insolroll patio shades models have specific fabrics compatible with each model. Click images below to view fabric choices for each model.

    Oasis 2600Oasis 2700Oasis 2800Oasis 2900

    Things To Know Before Choosing Outdoor Shades

    Roll Down Patio Shades Phoenix

    Like any other window treatment style, outdoor shades do come with a few special considerations.

    • If your porch has columns, posts, or railings, you can choose betweeninstalling shades over it or in between your architectural features.
    • Explore our shade materials carefully. Some offer perks like extraairflow while others block more light.
    • Most homeowners pick a neutral shade that matches their homeexterior. However, we also offer some woven textures and brightercolors that complement patio furniture.

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    Outdoor Roll Down Shades For Patio

    Outdoor Roll Down Shades for patio installed by Royal Covers are built with the highest quality components and fabric of any exterior shade. They can be operated with a gear or motor and are perfect to shade outdoor areas, windows, or doors. They are the ultimate vertical solution to protect you and your belongings from the elements and heat. These shades provide shading to outdoor patio areas of your home and can be used prevent sun damage to windows, decks, porches, pergolas and other outdoor patio structures.

    These outdoor roll down shades for patio systems are practically built for Arizona homeowners since we get over 300 days of sunshine every year. Automate your shade, enjoy your backyard more, protect your outdoor furniture, and perhaps most of all, lower your cooling costs. Radically change your whole home experience with these innovative and technologically-advanced roller shade systems. Royal Covers outdoor roll down shades come at many options and sizes. Get in touch with us for more information about your motorized outdoor roll down shades installation and how we can help with your residential or commercial needs.

    Manual Crank & Motorized Or Automated Shade Warranty

    • 10 year warranty on screen material
    • 5 year warranty on gear drive, steel axle, bearings, bottom weight bar and swivel guides, end caps & box
    • 5 year warranty on all electrical parts, finish and remaining parts
    • Any damage to unit or loosening of cables due to excessive wind not warranted.
    • 2 year labor warranty
    • Warranty valid for original purchaser. Non-transferable.

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