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Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table

Firepit Tables Come With A Whole Lot Of Happiness

Sunnydaze 56-Inch Brown Modern Rectangular Liquid Propane Gas Fire Pit Coffee Table w/ Rocks-WAR-979

Whichever fire table you choose, youre all but guaranteed to enjoy the memories it brings. There are very few people who are ever disappointed about the contribution an outdoor fire table makes to their outdoor living space. Were excited to help you find the one that fits perfectly into your backyard oasis.

Give us a call or to find out about availability. Were happy to answer any questions you have about making this purchase one of the best additions to your outdoor living space.

How To Light Your Fire Pit

No gathering kindling or buying fire starters to get your flames going. Propane gas fire pits run off ignition systems. For a manual ignition, open the gas valve and use a match or lighter to start the fire. A spark ignition uses a push-button that creates a small spark to ignite the gas. Electronic ignition is the most user-friendly and only requires the flip of a switch, turn of a knob or even a remote.

Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table


Akoyas Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is a statement piece of furniture that will likely become the focal point of your entire backyard.

It measures just over 50 inches long and is made out of fiber concrete and steel that Akoya says has been painted with a durable finish. It has a heat output of 50,000 BTU and can run on either a propane tank or natural gas .

We like this fire tables modern aesthetic, which will go with any of your existing backyard furniture. It doesnt look like its part of a specific theme , which is a definite plus. Its also great that the table comes bundled with colored crystals, a protective cover, and a concrete lid instead of requiring you to get them separately.

This is a deluxe choice, but in line with other statement pieces of furniture. The materials are certainly more substantial than wicker. If youre redoing your entire backyard, or plan on hosting a lot of parties this summer, Akoyas Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is our recommendation.

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Best Choice Products Fire Table


Unlike our other picks, this fire table from Best Choice Products separates the propane tank from the table. The propane tank sits adjacent to the table, discreetly hidden under a matching cover that works as a side table for drinks or snacks.

The fire itself is on the small side , making it a good choice for compact patios and decks. Still, despite its size, the fire puts out a solid 40,000 BTU of heat or enough for a few people to be happily warmed.

We also think the Best Choice table looks great: its streamlined, modern, and comes in a few colors to match your patio furniture. Plus, an included cover should keep it looking good for a while.

Grand Patio Outdoor Propane Fire Table

14 Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table Ideas


Grand Patios Outdoor Propane Fire Table is our top choice because of its performance, aesthetics, and price.

The 43-inch table is made out of a water-resistant wicker that Grand Patio says wont get washed out after being exposed to sunshine. The fire tables frame is made out of rust-resistant steel, and the tiles on top are made out of a ceramic material.

This fire table produces up to 45,000 BTU of heat from a single burner, which can be hidden by tiles when its not in use. That level of power means this fire table will be able to comfortably heat five or six guests whore sitting around it.

We like that this fire table doubles as a coffee or card table when it isnt on, and only have one real complaint: it doesnt come with lava stones, beads, or a wind shield. You can get these accessories separately, but wed prefer to see them as a bundle.

If that doesnt bother you, Grand Patios Outdoor Fire Table is an excellent choice.

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Best Propane Fire Pit Tables

  • Comes with a glass wind guard and beads
  • Heat output of 50000
  • Durable fabric cover included

Review: Last but not least on our list is the impressive Best Choice 52-inch Firepit Table. With a weather-resistant wicker design and a sturdy aluminum frame, this firepit table is stunning and sturdy as well. This product also comes with a high-quality glass wind guard that protects the flames from wind, and you can also cover the pit to transform it into a table.

The large 52-inch table offers enough space for you and your friend to place your drinks and snacks. This firepit table is very convenient and the slide-out tank storage allows you to access and conceal the tank effortlessly. We were truly impressed with the performance of the Best Choice 52-inch Firepit Table. With a heat output of 50000, it generates enough heat to keep you and your loved ones warm throughout the night. This product is also shipped with beautiful beads that look absolutely mesmerizing with the flames. Unlike other products, the included durable fabric cover is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh elements. On the downside, its on the heavier side.

Wood Vs Propane Or Natural Gas Fire Pits

Its important to consider your fuel source because it can mean a completely different type of fire pit. If youre the type of person who craves the smell of a wood fire and melts at the crackling sound of an open pit fire, then you may want to opt for a wood-burning fire pit.

These babies are more akin to that of a campfire. You can roast all the wienies and smores you want with fewer cares about dripping the weenie juice and goop from your smores all over your firestones.

If youre big on design and aesthetics then for you a fire pit may simply serve as a focal point for your social gatherings.

For a great way to provide an incredibly warm and welcoming environment, a propane fire pit table is among the top options.

The point is that if you know exactly what youre getting from each type of fire pit you can choose one thats perfectly suited to your needs.

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Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table

Our first example is the Bali Outdoors gas fire pit table. This table is a 28-inch square table with a fire pit in the center.

It provides a small area around the fire where you can rest your smores supplies and warm drinks.

The BTU of this table is at a solid 50,000 average. Assembly is simple to let you get your outdoor heating system set up and functional as quickly as possible. Its a unique, multifunctional design that provides warmth and a beautiful aesthetic for your outdoor areas.


  • It may not fit some aesthetics

Blue Rhino Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Rustic Faux Wood Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Coffee Table – 48-Inch-WAR-434

If you want to add a splash of color to your yard, the Blue Rhino outdoor gas fire pit is an excellent choice.

The green fire glass provides a gorgeous centerpiece to your fire pit, making the dancing flames even more attractive. If green isnt your color, you can switch to white glass for your fire pit instead.

The Blue Rhino is easy to use as well, lighting with a single button push. The tabletop fire pit is made of tempered glass to stay a bit cooler and sturdy as well.

Its an excellent fire pit to wrap yourself up next to and enjoy the evening.


Fire Pit Surplus has a great range of higher-priced premium propane fire pits.

Not only do they have fantastic fire pit tables such as the Elementi Granville Fire Pit Table which we included in the table above, but they also have these round propane gas fire bowls.

This style is harder to find on Amazon and the big-box retailers like Home Depot and Walmart so its cool we can get them here.

The gas fire bowl pictured is 34 wide and 15 high, so its reasonably compact. However, it weighs about 88 lbs so will require a couple of people to shift it into position.

It comes with all the required valves and connectors, batteries for the electronic ignition switch, a 10 ft long gas hose, lava rocks, and a strong canvas cover.

The only downside of this style is that you cant hide your gas tank inside the fire pit, but the 10-foot hose that comes included should be long enough to get it out of sight.


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Fire Tables Vs Everything Else

Its important to distinguish between the options that you have available to you. Propane fire pit tables are a very specific type of fire pit. They are fuelled with natural gas or propane and they offer the same functionality as a coffee table except theres a large area of the table thats reserved for the fire to emanate.

What Is A Fire Pit Coffee Table

A fire pit coffee table is a sturdy table with a fire feature installed in the center. The fire pit is not removable, but some tables, like OUTLAND LIVINGs range of fire pit coffee tables, come with a matching lid so that you can use the table either with or without the fire feature.

Yaletown Fire Table

This means that not only can you enjoy your coffee with a warm fire in the morning, but you can also convert the fire table into a dining space for multiple people to eat on.

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How Will You Use Your Fire Pit

The tabletops make these fire pits ultra-functional for eating, cocktails, entertaining and more. Although the fire bowls arent designed for grilling, I have been known to grill up some smores over the flames. By the way, if you are wondering about how to use your fire pit, check out 9 Ways to Enjoy Your Fire Pit Dining Table, complete with unique accessories to make outdoor dining more fun!

Propane Fire Pit Buying Guide

14 Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table Ideas

So, what should you look for when choosing a propane fire pit?

Youll notice that most of these are fire pit tables rather than bowls or pits the combination just seems to work with with gas as you can hide the propane tank away a lot easier.

First, lets look at why propane is an excellent choice for a firepit and how it compares to other types of firepits.

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The Answer To This Is Yes Or No

It has been predicted that many individuals will be drawn to promotions, either because they are offered by the manufacturer or because they are continually updated by the company. People in this category believe they must have the best thing right away and make rash purchases.

When deciding whether or not to use the Best Propane Fire Pit Coffee Tables, you should think long and hard about whether you actually need it. Make a list of how often you will use the product and what it will do for you. You’re going to get a new juicer, but you’ve never used it before and are sticking with the old one. A minimum of once would suffice. It might not be worth your time or money to spend money on things that aren’t important.

The same rule applies to what you wear. Because we don’t have time to wait for a sale, we’re looking for a deal.

The vast majority of clients like shopping in stores for the sole purpose of perusing the merchandise.

It’s not uncommon for them to spend a little money on the greatest goods they can discover that catch their eye or meet their own taste.

Ecosmart Fire Table Manhattan 50

William Sonoma

Heres another great pick from EcoSmart: the Manhattan 50 fire table. Just like the Ark 40 above, the Manhattan 50 works with either propane, natural gas, or bioethanol for indoor use. It also has an equally powerful output of 65,000 BTU and 20,000 BTU with bioethanol.

One of our favorite features with the Manhattan 50 is its half fire, half coffee table design. This clever build means it can replace your current outdoor coffee table, as youll still have room for snacks, drinks, and books on one side.

Another benefit of the split design is that the Manhattan 50 looks gorgeous especially in slatted teak, pictured above. The wood is also durable thanks to a water-repellent oil finish, which slows down wear and tear, and the whole piece is well-sized at 50 inches long and 30 inches deep.

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What Fire Table Material Is Right For You

When choosing the material your fire table is made of, you need to consider what looks best with your d├ęcor but also whats functional for your needs. Tables can be made from stone, concrete, steel or a combination of either.

Stone and concrete tables tend to be heavier and so are less convenient to move. They are also more susceptible to stains from soot. Homecrest delivers an excellent line of options with their stone and concrete tabletop fire pits.

Choose A Fire Table With A Specific Number Of People In Mind

Napoleon Square Propane Fire Pit Table – Product Review Video

A common complaint that floats around is the actual table space when the fire is lit. If youre entertaining larger groups on a regular basis you may want to look into the actual space thats left on the table for drinks and appetizers.

For some, this may not be an issue if you have other options for serving beverages and meals. If youre using your table as a coffee table, a smaller size may take away from the functionality of your outdoor living space while entertaining guests.

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What To Consider When Buying A Fire Table

The fire pit tabletop market is broad, even when you’re looking only at our curated collection, so finding the perfect model for your home requires some research and consideration. We offer top-notch assistance through our product specialist team, but if you’re shopping on your own or just looking at what we offer ahead of time, it’s good to keep these factors in mind:

Best Natural Gas Coffee Table Fire Pit

While an outdoor gas fire pit fueled by a propane tank is easier and less messy than wood burning firepits, it is also great to have the ability to use a natural gas converter with your fire pit. This makes it easy to connect your table to your house for fuel instead of always relying on a propane tank. If you are looking for a natural gas coffee table with fire pit, then consider any of OUTLAND LIVINGs fire tables along with the Natural Gas Kit converter. For example, you can connect OUTLAND LIVING’s Rectangular Grey Fire Table to your home gas supply with the 12 foot long hose that comes in the Natural Gas Kit 789 for Series 403.

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Propane Gas Vs Natural Gas

Here at, we focus on gas-powered fire pits. I find these tables more convenient to operate and easier to keep clean than wood-burning pits. Generally, people run them off of a 20 lb propane gas tank. However, most will easily connect to a natural gas line in your home with a simple adapter.

How To Choose The Best Propane Fire Pit Table

Sunnydaze 56

If you want the best propane fire pit table, you must be aware of what you need to look out for. With a little bit of research, it becomes easier to find the right unit. Here are some essential features for your propane fire pit table.


You must ensure that your unit does a great job at its primary function thats to provide heat. Its essential that it comes with respectable heat output. Heat is measured in terms of British Thermal Units per Hour , and 40,000 BTuh is the most common and good output. Especially if youre living in a colder climate, you might want to opt for a hotter unit.

Flame Control

Another important feature is flame control. If your unit has an adjustable flame control, youll be able to adjust the heat output according to your requirements. You can turn it down low when its not so cold outside, and during the winters, you can light the flames on the highest settings.


Safety is another critical feature. Make sure your unit is certified safe to use. You must also ensure that your propane fire pit table comes with essential safety features like an emergency shut-off valve. If your unit comes with an external propane tank, ensure that the hose length is long enough so that you can store the stove in a safe area.

Comes With Guards

However, remember that just because they come with rust-proof features doesnt mean theyll work. Read online reviews to know how it fared for other users.


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The Homecrest Shadowrock Fire Table

Cabana Coast offers many different styles of fire tables. The burners are stainless steel and are all fuelled by propane and natural gas.

The tabletops are constrcuted with tile, cast aluminum and come in a number of patterns and designs. All firestones are interchangeable in colour and thickness.

Ratana is another excellent source when it comes to finding the right style of outdoor propane fire pit table. Here is the aerial view of the different shapes and sizes of tables to give you a better idea of the spacing.

Christopher Knight Home Super Patio Fire Pit Table For Small Spaces

This small propane fire pit table from GDF Studio will allow you to enjoy the rustic appeal of a natural stone centerpiece at the fraction of the cost. Sturdy and long-lasting magnesium oxide mimics the look and feels of the real stone. The fire table is rather compact and will not take over too much space. In spite of that, the fire pit produces a decent amount of heat.

The fire table comes as a single piece and does not require assembly, unlike other similar products. Hooking up a propane tank is all it takes to start enjoying cozy evenings by the bonfire.

A pack of lava stones and a nylon cover come along with the fire table. Besides, the seller also provides a paint pen that can disguise minor cracks and chipped spots if needed. However, the fire pit doesnt have a lid. There is only a narrow rim around the flame output, so having meals at this fire table might be inconvenient.

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