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Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table

Best Fire Pit Bowl Bond Mondavi Faux Concrete Fire Pit

Sunnydaze 56-Inch Brown Modern Rectangular Liquid Propane Gas Fire Pit Coffee Table w/ Rocks-WAR-979

The only Gas Fire Pit Bowl in our Top 10 Fire Pit Review, the 28 Diameter fire pit from Bond Manufacturing is our pick for the best concrete fire pit for patios.

Made from Envirostone the faux concrete material is rustproof and made to withstand extreme outdoor conditions such as UV Light, Chips, or Scrapes.

Heat output is outstanding at 50,000 BTUs, and the fire pit includes Lava Rock, an adjustable flame height, and pulse ignition starting.

The Mondavi Concrete Fire Pit Bowl also includes an LP stand, convenient for storing the LP Tank on any flat surface Or, conceal the LP gas tank Behind furniture, and the gas hose below the gravel.

Outland Living Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit With Glass Rocks

The Outland Living propane patio fire pit will introduce a tint of sophistication to any outdoor lounge area. It is built of durable weatherproof materials, which guarantee its longevity and excellent performance characteristics. The sleek design of the fire table is accentuated by shiny chrome hardware.

The propane fire table is compatible with standard gas tanks. It features easily accessible controls with an auto-ignition system. Regulating the flame is just as easy as turning a knob.

Another sophisticated detail about this propane fire table is arctic ice fire glass that is used as a heat conductor. Flames reflecting off the black glossy surface and faceted clear rocks create a truly spectacular view. To style up the fire pit and protect the flame from sharp blasts of wind you can buy a clear glass wind fence.

Ecotouge Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Materialis: Stainless steel

Different traditional bonfire produces smokes and smog, but this one is completely different from those fire pits tables that produce smokes and unwanted environments. The heat output of this 50,000 BTU can lead to a romantic bonfire environment. You can hide the propane tank from visual neat.

It is made of stainless steel, glass fibre, magnesium oxide, and other high-quality materials. Do you want the fire pit flame more stable? We recommend adding a wind guard to the fire pit table.

This fire pit table will provide a clean flame and shiny lighting to your backyard, patio and garden. The windshield ensures great safety. If its glass is broken accidentally, your child will not be injured and will not hurt you.

The table is light weighted and can be easily moved with two peoples. You will love its flame height. Besides this, you can use it as a regular table. It has a good ledge for drinks, food and other stuff. You can keep your legs above as well.

You can take the glass off, it depends, and we recommend using it when there is windy weather and you want to keep the flame stable.

If you need more room on the table, you can create it because there is a black cover for adding more rooms. The height, size, everything is perfect!

It will emit perfect heat on the low setting, and on the high setting, it will produce very warm heat.

Key Features:

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Fire Tables Vs Everything Else

Its important to distinguish between the options that you have available to you. Propane fire pit tables are a very specific type of fire pit. They are fuelled with natural gas or propane and they offer the same functionality as a coffee table except theres a large area of the table thats reserved for the fire to emanate.

The Homecrest Shadowrock Fire Table

14 Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table Ideas

Cabana Coast offers many different styles of fire tables. The burners are stainless steel and are all fuelled by propane and natural gas.

The tabletops are constrcuted with tile, cast aluminum and come in a number of patterns and designs. All firestones are interchangeable in colour and thickness.

Ratana is another excellent source when it comes to finding the right style of outdoor propane fire pit table. Here is the aerial view of the different shapes and sizes of tables to give you a better idea of the spacing.

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Christopher Knight Home Super Patio Fire Pit Table For Small Spaces

This small propane fire pit table from GDF Studio will allow you to enjoy the rustic appeal of a natural stone centerpiece at the fraction of the cost. Sturdy and long-lasting magnesium oxide mimics the look and feels of the real stone. The fire table is rather compact and will not take over too much space. In spite of that, the fire pit produces a decent amount of heat.

The fire table comes as a single piece and does not require assembly, unlike other similar products. Hooking up a propane tank is all it takes to start enjoying cozy evenings by the bonfire.

A pack of lava stones and a nylon cover come along with the fire table. Besides, the seller also provides a paint pen that can disguise minor cracks and chipped spots if needed. However, the fire pit doesnt have a lid. There is only a narrow rim around the flame output, so having meals at this fire table might be inconvenient.

Propane Vs Wood Burning Vs Natural Gas

Propane is more efficient than natural gas.

This efficiency means that its cheaper in the long run and an economical choice. Propane is also a green gas, whereas natural gas is not as good for the environment.

Wood isnt as bad for the environment as natural gas, but its much less effective at heating and holding a flame than propane. Youll have less control over your fire, which can make some situations bothersome or dangerous.

Wood burns hotter but also quicker. Youll need to constantly maintain your fire by moving around coals, adding more wood, and cleaning away ashes after use. You also will need a larger fire pit to accommodate the wood.

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The Legacy Heating Propane Fire Pit Pits Dinning Table


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fuel Type: Propane gas

The heat output of this dining table is 50,000 BTU, and its made with aluminum construction with a stainless steel burner lava glass. The stainless steel burner is very strong that is long-lasting. It is protected from the elements by a hammered black finish and has a great look.

A standard 20 lb tank can be stored easily inside the table. It comes with a table lid and cover protection for long term use. Once you store the propane tank, you can easily access the door on the side for exchanging the propane tank.

It puts off great heat that can light the area where you are consuming this fire pit table. This is why if you dont like too much shiny, then dont buy this one. The hammered metal is very shiny and sturdy. If you mistakenly drop heavy things on it, the fire pit will be fine, and not a single scratch will come over it.

It comes with a protection cover, but some buyers say that they are not durable because its made of plastic materials. If you are facing the same issue, go for another cover or make it your owns.

Best Choice Products Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

Napoleon Square Propane Fire Pit Table – Product Review Video


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Assembly Required: Yes

This is the rectangle fire pit with propane tank inside feature that hides the tank quickly with the side door. It works outstanding with the 20-pound propane tank and gives an output of 50,000 BTUs. To prevent the tank from shifting, a securing strap is also included.

The frame of this fire pit is weather-resistant, rust-proof, that protects the heating elements and lasts for many years due to its durability. If you want to cover the burner, you can easily cover it to entertain your guest more.

The flame of this fire pit is ample in height that is probably about 7 while sitting around this table. If you keep your coffee above the midpoint so it will keep your coffee hot. You can drink it gradually and share a memorable day with your friends and family members.

It gives a lot of heat, and its top gets hotter gradually. The sides and its bottom will stay cool. You will not face any issue while sitting it closely.

How To Assemble

The assembly instruction is very easy. Here is assembly advice from an expert!

Dont tighten the bolts. Leave all the bolts loose until its all together. Once you add the weight with glass and propane tank, directly adjust the feet to level, the table will fit perfectly with more sturdiness.

If the screw in the propane tank didnt match the holes on the opposite side so you can drill the new holes, it would work perfectly.

Key Features:


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Heres A Great Tip When Using A Gas Fire Pit Table:

Keep anextra LP Gas Tank handy: for when youre running low or run out of propane gas before your next get-together. If you do run out and dont have an extra on hand Grab the tank from your Gas Grille, which is the exact same tank!

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What Size Fire Pit Table Do I Need

The size of the fire pit you need will largely be determined by the area in which youre going to put it. If you have a large, fenced-in yard with an open patio with plenty of room for seating, youll likely want a larger fire pit like the 44 Outland Fire Pit Table.

If, on the other hand, youre working with a smaller space in which a large unit will crowd you and your guests, it will probably be best to stick to smaller units like the 30 Endless Summer Fire pit table or an even smaller portable model like the small Outland Portable Fire Pit.

Be sure to take into account not only the space but also whats already in it, since a large area that is already mostly taken up by furniture may still call for a smaller model.

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Grand Patio Outdoor Propane Fire Table


Grand Patios Outdoor Propane Fire Table is our top choice because of its performance, aesthetics, and price.

The 43-inch table is made out of a water-resistant wicker that Grand Patio says wont get washed out after being exposed to sunshine. The fire tables frame is made out of rust-resistant steel, and the tiles on top are made out of a ceramic material.

This fire table produces up to 45,000 BTU of heat from a single burner, which can be hidden by tiles when its not in use. That level of power means this fire table will be able to comfortably heat five or six guests whore sitting around it.

We like that this fire table doubles as a coffee or card table when it isnt on, and only have one real complaint: it doesnt come with lava stones, beads, or a wind shield. You can get these accessories separately, but wed prefer to see them as a bundle.

If that doesnt bother you, Grand Patios Outdoor Fire Table is an excellent choice.

Bali Outdoors Best Value 42 Rectangular Fire Pit Table

Sunnydaze Brown LP Gas Modern Fire Pit Coffee Table w/ Cover &  Lava ...

Another one of the best value fire pit tables for outdoor entertaining is the Bali Outdoors Square 42 Rectangular Fire Pit Table. This unit which is also one of Amazons Best Sellers -includes an attractive All-weather design and packs a punch with its 60,000 BTU stainless steel burner and push-button ignition.

This Gas Fire Pit is a nice compact size at 24 high and 24 wide x 42 long its fits perfectly on any patio or deck

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Outland Table Top Portable Gas Fire Bowl

Many shoppers consider a large fire pit table too big for their particular outdoor space. And for those folks, you can consider one of the very popular portable fire pits. But if youre looking for a better round propane fire table and want to save money you should check out this option!

A Portable Tabletop Gas fire pit is also perfect for RV travel, Camping, or Tailgating, The 19 Diameter, 58,000 BTU Portable Gas Fire Pit Table, and we think the Outland Living model is your answer.

If you want to build a simple DIY Gas fire pit table space Simply place the Outland Portable fire pit on any non-combustible outdoor coffee table that you own, connect it to a portable LP tank, and you have instant heat!

The Outland Portable Fire Pit packs every single feature youd ever want in a gas fire pit into this model. The features include a fire pit lid, fire pit cover, lava stone, beautiful antique brass finish, and 58,000 BTUs. And at under $120.00 the Outland portable fire pit is really is also a great value:

Standout Features Of This Unit Are As Follows:

  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Powerful 50,000 Btu heating capacity
  • Easy access for changing propane tanks
  • Comes with an optional durable cover and glass wind deflector.
  • Highly resistant to both UV rays and water damage

The Outland Living propane fire table is a very good value for what they deliver and we can personally vouch for its ease of assembling. The gas fire table also provides a flame effect that is very appealing thanks to the included ice-like appearance of the glass in the bowl, and with 50,000 Btus this fire table can really push some hot air your way.

Another major positive with this top-rated fire pit table is that it seemingly blends in and compliments almost any type of outdoor patio furniture.

Check out the Outland Living Fire Table In Action Below:

In terms of cons, there are very few negative reviews of this gas fire pit table. The one negative to bring up is the fact that the unit is quite heavy, meaning that it should be assembled near the same place it will ultimately be used.

As an attractive but sometimes necessary option dont miss the add-on Glass Wind Guard. We have this exact fire pit table at our home in Arizona, and out here, the wind guard makes a huge difference for our enjoyment.

Although being heavy can be a bit of an inconvenience for the owner, its also worth noting that the more massive frame of this fire pit actually enhances its quality and its not going to blow away anytime soon!


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Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Table


If youre sprucing up your backyard on a budget, you wont find a better buy than Balis Outdoors Gas Fire Table.

The 28-inch fire table outputs heat at up to 50,000 BTU, which matches the power of tables that are significantly larger. If youre hosting a bunch of people, you wont have to huddle close to this fire table to feel the heat. Bali Outdoors doesnt go into specifics about the materials it used for this fire pit beyond saying the burner is stainless steel, which is our only significant complaint.

Another thing to consider is that Bali Outdoors doesnt bundle any accessories including a cover with its this fire table. Thats easier to forgive when you consider this fire tables sub $200 price point. If you want those accessories, Amazon is offering a discount on both a cover and wind shield if you get them at the same time as this fire table.

If you want a basic, powerful fire table for your backyard, you cant go wrong with this one from Bali Outdoors.

Runner Up Best Choice Products 57

Sunnydaze Tile Top Resin Wicker Propane Gas Fire Pit Coffee Table, 32-Inch-WAR-840

At 57 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 24.75 inches high, this fire table from Best Choice Products is a great option for customers looking for a larger table. And is especially good, If you also want to save some money over the Editors choice Outland Living Series table.

For more open patio areas that can accommodate a somewhat more substantial size fire pit table, this elegant design uses high-quality extruded aluminum, this top-rated fire table will make an excellent and attractive addition to your outdoor space.

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The Important Features Of This Unit Are As Follows:

  • Includes glass beads in a bowl
  • Made from extruded aluminum for maximum durability
  • 50,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Push-button starter
  • Comes with a fire pit lid and durable cover for protection

Most buyers will find the Best Choice Products 57-inch fire pit to be one of the best gas fire pit tables for larger outdoor spaces. This gas fire pit table has a great look and the fire pit produces a very impressive flame.

Thanks to its 50,000 BTU rating, this is one of the best fire pits for entertaining on chilly nights.

Ease of assembly is also noted as a major positive point of this product. According to our research, this fire pit can be put together in 30 minutes or less.

Nicesoul Rectangle Propane Fire Pit


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

This is the last rectangular propane fire pits on our list, and it comes with a double pipes burner functionality. The design of this fire pit table is very stylish, and it comes in grey colour wicker. It is made of high-quality materials that are suitable for all weather.

The aluminum frame is very strong and sturdy. Its stainless steel burner provides an output of 55,000 BTU. The push-button spark ignition system provides convenient control. The chrome manual control allows the smoke-free and variable flame height at different settings.

You can keep the propane tank inside the table and can easily access the storage area. Do you want a full set with chairs? Its also available, there are different prices and option for it, select your favourite set according to your needs.

Its easy to install, but while installing, ensure that you dont tighten the screws at first. It will come with blue beads. It may match your patio set, but if its not matching your patio set so you can order it with a complete matching set.

The glass around the fire pit is looking beautiful. If you have big dogs and wonder that their tail will catch fire, dont worry because the table is elegant and versatile.

When the fire pit is on or off, there is enough space for keeping cold drinks and foods.

Key Features:

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