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How To Stop Porch Pirates

Little Kid Gets Sent to Steal Packages Off Porch by Adult

Thankfully, there are precautions you can take to prevent the theft of your packages. For starters, you can enlist the help of your neighbors or friends to keep an eye on your packages until you make it home to receive them. There are also services and apps you can sign up for to receive more discreet and secure delivery depending on where you live.

If those options arent feasible, or dont offer the level of security youre looking for, the good news is that there are a variety of products available to stop porch pirates in their tracks and keep your packages safe.

The 5 Best Parcel Boxes To Buy In 2022

Our favourite parcel box is Doorbox UltraPremium, because it has a secure combination lock, audible alarm and clear instructions that all major carriers understand how to follow.

Are you tired of porch thieves? Theyre becoming more common, as people are getting more and more items delivered to their homes. If you do a lot of shopping through Amazon, you really need to be able to protect your packages from porch pirates. But how?

Porch lockers are a perfect solution. With the right porch lockers and package drop boxes, youre able to get your deliveries at home without any disruption.


Perfect solution for those who are fed up with stolen packages or missed deliveries.

Pros Secure combination lock and an audible alarm. Has clear instructions on how to leave the package inside.

Cons Figuring out the alarm system can be a bit tricky.


A versatile, secure mailbox with a great USPS-style dropbox feature.

Pros Carriers can drop packages right in, where theyll be kept safe by the pry-resistant structure.

Cons Its a bit more industrial-looking than the other options.


An elegant, easy-to-use porch locker with a resilient resin construction.

Pros Attractive and affordable with no needed installation.

ConsRequires carriers to have a key or key-code to drop packages off.

Heres What You Should Do If Your Amazon Package Is Stolen By A Porch Pirate

With the holiday season in full gear, package theft known as “porch piracy” is a concern.

According to the IMPD, porch piracy is a crime that increases around the holidays, but it’s hard to track because the the department’s system doesn’t specifically break down types of thefts. But look at Nextdoor message boards and neighborhood community groups, and you’ll find occurrences and warnings about package snatchers.

This year, Illinois-based Shorr Packaging Corp. “Amazon package stolen” to find where Amazon package theft occurs the most in the country’s 50 largest cities. Based on search volume and U.S. Census estimates, tech hubs San Francisco and Seattle topped the list, while Indianapolis landed in the middle. The company says that this is only a fraction of victims of package theft, as it only represents the people who search the term on Google.

What’s open on Thanksgiving Day 2021? Here’s a list of grocery and retail store hours

“Its that time of the season,” said Lt. Joe Bickel of the Carmel Police Department. “People are out trying to commit crimes of opportunity. It it’s an easy opportunity for someone to commit a crime, they will do it.”

Sean Stoops, chief of police of the Avon Police Department, said that since Nov. 1, there’s only been one official instance of a homeowner who had a package stolen from the porch. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened more frequently, it could just be unreported.

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Make Your Package Delivery Box Obvious

Some package delivery boxes blend into the background, making them easy to miss or ignore. For example, if you have your delivery box tucked away in a corner, the delivery person may not even see it, let alone decide to use it. On the other hand, if you place it prominently and have it marked, this may help it be used. In the article previously cited, the author found the greatest success when he placed it in a prominent spot in front of his door and put an explicit message on the box stating, Please put deliveries in this box. After all of this, the following four packages he ordered were delivered directly to the package box.

For information on the best package delivery box to buy, check out our reviews here!

Get It Delivered To Another Location package box for porch

Another idea is to have the packages delivered to a nearby post office. The U.S. Postal Service offers a range of post office box sizes to hold your mail and packages safely at a nearby facility.

The first step is to search for post office locations near you using the search bar under Reserve a New P.O. Box. Then, choose a location and make selections on your desired P.O. Box size and payment period. Finally, enter your contact and billing information to reserve the box.

Finally, if its doable that is, if your office is open and your boss doesnt mind you might also direct online deliveries to your place of business if its during working hours. This may also give you the peace of mind knowing your packages are safe from porch pirates.

Contributing: Jayme Deerwester, USA TODAY

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Colorado Woman Christine Hyatt Got Fed Up With Her Packages Being Stolen All The Time

Image credits: Spencer Wilson

Well, Christine Hyatt, a mother of 4 from Colorado Springs, has taken it upon herself to start fending off the waves of porch pirates who have already claimed over 20 of her packages. To fight this, Hyatt picked up some old boxes from previous Amazon orders and shoved a heap of trash left over from Thanksgiving. She packages it all up to look authentic, as if it had just been delivered. Bored Panda reached out to Hyatt to comment on her porch pirate experience.

Hyatt works several jobs, one of which is for Amazon Flex, so you can imagine that it wasnt a problem for her to find some boxes laying around the house. I am also known as the crazy Amazon lady because I have averaged 2.5 packages a day for the year! elaborated Hyatt.

And no, this isnt the same woman who pranked her husband with 6 months worth of Amazon packaging stacked to look like theyve ordered a heap of stuff.

So She Filled Them Up With Garbageand It Worked As 3 Thieves Took The Bait

Image credits: Christine Hyatt

So, the way we came up with the idea was actually because we forgot to put the trash out the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, explained Hyatt. So, we had an over-abundance of trash! I thought well, I have tons of Amazon boxes, lets box up some trash and see if they take it!?

The elaborate waste disposal scheme worked like a charm3 porch pirates already took the bait. Upon opening the decoy box, they were greeted by a sea of plastic bottles, soda cans, fast food packaging, cigarette butts, and even used cat litter.

Well, they did so I did it again. They took a little bit for the second set to get stolen, Hyatt told Bored Panda. Thats when everything went viral, so we had 3 boxes on the porch for days! Finally this last weekend the decoy boxes were stolen.

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Best For Small Packages And Mail: Doorbox Ultrapremium

The DoorBox UltraPremium delivery box is a great choice if you are tired of missing deliveries or dealing with package thefts. Despite being called UltraPremium, it is still the best for small and medium packages and mail.

For the extra large parcel drop boxes, check out our other buying guide. But what is really great about this package delivery box is its patented security features. A locking assembly that connects to every type of doorknob or guardrail in 5 seconds, as well as a 125-decibel audible alarm, prevents attempts to steal from you.

Assembling the box usually takes about 2 minutes, and no power tools are necessary. You can easily move this delivery box in and out of the house yourself because it has wheels. Premium high-quality material means that the box can be left outside regardless of the weather.

DoorBox unlocks with a custom code that you can set up and send to the delivery company. Your packages will be safe and sound, waiting inside the DorBox when you return home to collect them.


How To Stop Porch Pirates: Invest In One Of These Theft

Tampa man’s box lock prevents porch pirates from stealing packages

Online shopping and delivery have steadily been gaining popularity as customers preferred shopping method for the last few years. This already-rising trend only accelerated during the pandemic, with many shoppers deciding to buy things online, from meal delivery kits to instruments.

The benefits of shopping online are hard to argue against, however there are some noteworthy drawbacks that you should definitely consider, and were not talking about mistakenly receiving the wrong item or size. With the increase of online shopping and delivery, there has been an uptick in theft the emergence of porch pirates has seen many customers seeing their packages and goods stolen right on their doorstep.

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Finding The Right Porch Locker For You

When looking at porch lockers, there are four things that you need to consider: cost, size, appearance, and security.

Everyone has different needs in terms of their budget, the packages they get, whether appearance matters to them, and the security level that they need.

The best overall porch locker on the market right now is DoorBox UltraPremium, which comes with an excellent security system. It also has clear instructions on how to leave the package inside.

The best budget porch locker is Step2 Deluxe package delivery box, which is an elegant, easy-to-use porch locker with a resilient resin construction.

The above five porch lockers are each the best in their respective categories, and theyre a great jumping-off point for those who want to start securing packages in their home or business. You can start defeating package theft now.

Your Package Was Stolen Now What

If your package is stolen, do a thorough search. Could it be on the back porch? Behind a pot? Delivered to an old address, or a neighbor?

Check if there was an attempted delivery notice, which means the package is still in the hands of the shipping carrier. If you still have no luck, locate the tracking number on the shipping confirmation email or on the website. There should be detailed tracking information that shows each step the package took on its journey.

If delivery was confirmed and the package is nowhere to be found, reach out to the retailer’s customer service to file a missing package report. Amazon asks customers to wait 36 hours after the expected delivery in case it turns up. Generally, the retailer should be able to send out a new package, or issue a refund if it’s clear the package was stolen or lost.

Local police departments recommend filing theft reports as well. Bickel said they don’t track this type of crime in Carmel, but the city is not immune to these types of thefts.

“We recommend to report it no matter what the value of the item is,” he said. “The police department wants to know that information.”

He said even if the items are replaced by the retailer, the police department still wants “to know about it in case we need to reallocate officers and concentrate them in certain areas.”

Here are the steps to take if your package is stolen:

Kellie Hwang is a reporter at IndyStar. You can email her at . Follow her on Twitter: @KellieHwang.

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Vevor Package Delivery Box 14” X 113” X 42” Galvanized Steel Parcel Mailbox W/code Lock & Mounting Hardware For Outdoor Porch Curbside Large Black And White

  • Secure & No Keys Required: The package lock box features a reinforced theft-proof design. The code lock is secure and reliable, with no worries of keys lost a convenient flap drop slot defends against theft.
  • Premium Package Delivery Box: The parcel drop box is made of galvanized steel, sturdy, modern, and corrosion-proof. Total Dimension: 14” x 11.3” x 42”. It is used for receiving various packages in your daily life.
  • Weather-Proof Design: The package parcel box is coated with powder paint, smooth and rust-proof. The flap drop slot can avoid of damaging the parcels by the rain.
  • Wide Applications: The package delivery box can be installed at the porch, yard, or curbside to receive various couriers.
  • Easy Installation: There are pre-drilled holes at the back and bottom for easy installation. In addition, our drop box comes with complete expansion bolts to help secure the box to the wall and ground against storm weather and theft.

Get To Know Delivery People

LARGE Parcel Delivery Box Drop Off Box Express Mail Package Porch ...

Not all security measures are high tech. When it comes to protecting your items, it still pays to be on friendly terms with the drivers who make deliveries in your neighborhood. When you know your delivery person, that means that they also know your package preferences.

You can let your delivery people know where and when you prefer to have packages delivered, and they can recommend alternative options if youre expecting a lot of packages when youll be away from home.

Most delivery drivers have some discretion regarding deliveries. If something seems off at your home, a delivery person who knows you is more likely choose to leave you a notice about an attempted delivery instead of leaving your valuables at risk.

allows Prime subscribers to schedule all eligible deliveries on up to two specific days each week. This way, you don’t need to worry about packages coming every day or when you’re swamped with activities. If you need something before your Amazon Day, you can select normal shipping at checkout.

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Do You Really Need A Package Lock Box

If you have ever had a package stolen from your property, then you may already know the answer to this question. But even if you haven’t had your porch pilfered, what are your chances that a package could get stolen from your porch?

According to a 2020 survey from, the answer depends on where you live. Metropolitan areas are a hotbed for larceny thefts, so it is reasonable to infer that those who live in more populous areas are at extra risk for package theft. But even looking past regional variances, 1 in 5 U.S. adults have had packages stolen in their life and that is certainly a cause for alarm.

A parcel dropbox is one of the easiest ways to deter package thieves, as they make it harder for thieves to tell if you have any packages. Additionally, their sturdy frames can be locked or anchored to a nearby fixture preventing porch pirates from running off with your booty. It is not a catch-all solution but there rarely ever is in the world of security.

Keter Delivery Box For Porch With Lockable Secure Storage Compartment To Keep Packages Safe One Size Brown

  • LOCKABLE: Padlock compatible so only you can open and retrieve your packages
  • 1 WAY, 2 TRAY SYSTEM: ensures that packages can be placed in the box without access to the storage compartment and only the owner can retrieve packages when using a lock
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: It’s made out of all weather-resistant resin to protect deliveries from the elements
  • PORCH PIRATE PROOF: Add weight to the bottom hidden chamber or use the included screws to anchor it into the ground for ultimate security
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Spacious interior accommodates several combinations of the most popular delivery packages

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Many Delivery People Are Overworked

Being a delivery person can often be a stressful and busy job. The fact that online ordering has increased so dramatically in recent years only adds to the amount that delivery people have on their plates. As such, anything that you can do to make delivering to your package lock box easier will make it more likely to be used.

Aluminum From Amazon Railings

Neighbors in Tennessee city worry as Amazon packages pile up outside home

Aluminum is extremely malleable and can be formed into almost any shape. An extruded product is the result of heating an ingot of aluminum to 500°C and pressing it through a die shaped like the finished part or extrusion. With the right alloy and proper thermal treatment, extrusions offer endless application opportunities.

what you prefer

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How To Keep Your Packages From Being Stolen

If package theft is a problem in your area, investing in a security camera might be a good idea. Stoops said the popularity of security cameras is growing, and having video or photographs of the possible suspects is helpful in an investigation. Affordable options for under $40 can be found online, as well as higher tech options such as doorbell cameras that connect to your smartphone.

If you have yet to order your gifts, take some extra steps to ensure they are delivered safely:

  • Have your packages delivered elsewhere. If it’s allowed, have them sent to your office, or to a neighbor you trust who will be home during delivery.

  • Work with the shipping carriers. Specify exactly where to leave packages, schedule a delivery window or day, or have packages held at the facility.

  • Get your package delivered to a nearby locker. Check if the retailer offers this as an option, and pick up your package at your own convenience.

  • Consider a private mailbox. USPS, UPS and other shipping companies offer these options.


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