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What Gauge Vinyl For Porch Windows

Lip Frame Fixed Windows And Trapezoids Specifications

Vinyl Porch Window Covers to Prevent Blowing Snow

Craft-Bilt manufactures matching Lip Frames that allow you to close in small or angular openings. The 7/8 mounting flange is designed to look exactly like the mounting flange on our 4 track windows, so your project will match from top to bottom!

  • Frame: Extruded Aluminum
  • Frame colours: White, Sand, Earthstone, and Black
  • Window glazing: Super strong 10 mil Vinyl
  • Vinyl colours: Clear, Bronze, Smokey Grey, and Dark Grey
  • Minimum 4 inches, maximum 108 inches *
  • The mounting flange is 7/8 wide
  • Used for knee walls, transoms, fixed windows, gables and triangular openings

* Refer to price tables for width/height combinations

The vinyl film is available in the following shades:

What is the warranty for 4 track stacking windows?

Craft-Bilt provides a 20-year limited warranty on the aluminum finish and 10 years on the vinyl film. Contact us for warranty details.

Can I install 4 track windows myself?4 track windows install just like storm windows. There is a generous flange all around the perimeter that simply screws to your opening. Please download the installation instruction for 4 track windows for more information.

Colour matched screws are provided. Silicone sealant is available from Craft-Bilt but you can supply your own if you like. Apply a bead of sealant underneath the flange before installing. The sealant should be close to the edge, particularly at screw locations so that rain does not reach the holes made by the screws.

Cheap Way To Enclose A Patio For Winter

Heres the problem I was trying to solve.

Our covered patio is a favorite outdoor space but its nearly impossible to keep clean or dry.

Its entirely screened in, but, because it faces direct winds. During the summer, sand and rain blow in. And winter means snow and cold.

I really wanted a way to keep the elements out and protect our patio furniture at the same time.

Better Than Windows

I looked into ways to add windows, but I didnt really want to do anything permanent that would require framing. Windows get expensive and I still want to use the area as a screened patio in the summer.

Eventually, I found this thick, 40-gauge clear vinyl sheeting and, after installing it last fall, I can say so far, so good!

After using it for a winter, I opted to become an affiliate of the online fabric store I bought it from because I can definitely recommend this product.

Plus, the way its installed, I can easily remove it if I dont want it there in the warmer months.

Ive answered frequently asked questions about vinyl sheeting below.

This is the product description:

40-Gauge Clear Vinyl

With the patio protected from the weather, there are no more bone-chilling winds, no sand, no snow, and its a few degrees warmer in the patio area than it is outside. And everything stays clean!

The vinyl windows also help keep the adjoining lean-to greenhouse stay a few degrees warmer.

Plus, without the wind, the area gets used more.

Vinyl Sheeting 40-gauge

Vinyl Windows Replacement And Installation

If you are in the market to buy vinyl replacement windows in the Greater Toronto area you can rest assured that there is plenty of variety for you in these aspects. Our company, GTA Windows and Doors, carries all this variety of vinyl windows for you, the customer. Homeowners have many reasons for choosing to install or replace vinyl windows, the main thing is that: they want to reduce their energy bills. The International Standard for energy efficiency is ENERGY STAR, it measures the efficiency of consumer products. The rating was started in 1992 by the American Government and later, many other nations including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and the European Union also adopted it. When you purchase products carrying the ENERGY STAR rating, including computers and other electronic goods, you end up saving nearly 20 to 30 percent on your energy bills. Similarly, all of our vinyl windows can help you save on your heating and cooling costs. These products also increase the comfort of your home in winters and summers and keep the property safe from intruders and environmental hazards. Installation of vinyl windows are also great for the environment since you help lower air pollution resulting from the power plants. Hence more and more homeowners are opting for GTA Windows and Doors.

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Is This Vinyl Really Clear

I say, its very close to clear. Its clear but its also thick so, when you look straight through it, it appears clear, but it can appear slightly distorted from an angle, the same way windows do.

On the site they note: waves and slight distortions may be present as a result of the manufacturing process but are not considered to be defects.

And I agree. The slight distortion is not a problem. This product is very good.

How Durable Is Vinyl Sheeting

38 Gauge Clear Vinyl Marine plastic PVC Waterproof Boat windows covers ...

The product shown here is 40-gauge which means it is 0.040 thick and can withstand temperatures down to -30ºF .

I specifically chose this gauge because it is made to withstand our lowest outdoor temperatures. If your climate is warmer, you could use a thinner product.

We often get winds up to 100 km/h when it rains so theres quite a bit of force against the vinyl.

So far, it looks new other than some sand dust sticking to it from the garden which I can brush off.

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The Bottom Line About Eze Breeze Windows

Screen porch enclosures are all the rage. Theyre popular for many reasons.

Eze Breeze windows are obviously a great choice when it comes to picking screened in porch windows because theyre:

  • Easy to install
  • An attractive vinyl window option

TIP: If you happen to live in a hurricane-prone area, then you need to know about impact resistant windows.

How Much Eze Breeze Windows Cost To Install

The cost of Eze Breeze windows obviously depends on the size of your room. But to give you a fair idea of the cost of materials and full installation, here are some numbers my parents shared with me:

  • Their screen porch dimensions are approximately 11 x 24.
  • There are 20 four-track windows with screens for ventilation on the top portion and 20 fully glazed windows on the bottom half.
  • There are 2 non-Eze Breeze metal porch doors that were already in place and some small sidelight and transom windows. When the home was built many years ago, the screen porch was never really meant to be fully encased in windows so each window is not exactly the same dimension as all the others. Therefore, a few of the windows had to be custom made on-site.
  • It took 1 day to install it all.
  • The total cost, including installation: $4,000.

The most important factor to consider here is whether or not they are happy that they decided to have the Eze-Breeze windows installed.

The answer is Yes. They are very happy with the way their screened in porch looks, the time and labor that Eze Breeze windows have saved them, and the quality of the installation job.

You cant ask for anything more than that!

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How Do You Cut The Vinyl

The vinyl comes in rolls, lined with protective paper.

It would be ideal to have a giant table to lay the whole thing out, measure, and cut, but that would be a very big table!

I took all the door and window measurements several times , and then marked each piece with a yard stick and fine sharpie pen to create a cutting line.

Its better if you have a helper to hold the vinyl steady while you cut because it does want to roll back up.

A good pair of all-purpose, heavy duty cutters make it very easy to cut the vinyl. My regular scissors worked too, but the super sharp cutters went through like soft butter.

The Clear Choice For Clear Vinyl

CLEAR OUTDOOR VINYL: Wholesale 20 Gauge Double Polished Extremely Clear Material

This clear vinyl is double polished for optimal clarity and is perfect for windows and porch enclosures. This product is UV treated and is built for the outdoors. This vinyl cuts and sews easily. This product is very durable, flexible and waterproof. It also has a cold crack rating of -40F . This product can also be printed. The tinted vinyl reduces the amount of light passing through it by 50%.

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What Is Clear Vinyl Made Of

There are also different types of plasticizers that can be used to make clear vinyl. These plasticizers are important to consider. Many of the plasticizers can contain lead and phthalates many which can be harmful. We make sure to use a DOTP plasticizer which is the safest in the market which is lead and phthalate free. Another difference that can be found between different clear vinylâs is the PHR value. This number determines how hard or soft the plastic will come on the roll. Some plastics can be stiff and less flexible than others. We have found a PHR of 44 works best for most people but different companies use different PHR values.

Track Stacking Windows Specifications

  • Window framing made from sturdy, maintenance-free extruded aluminum
  • Frame colours: White, Sand, Earthstone, and Black
  • Window glazing: Super strong 10 mil Vinyl
  • Vinyl colours: Clear, Bronze, Smokey Grey, and Dark Grey
  • Up to 75% ventilation
  • Minimum width 10 inches, maximum width 60 inches
  • Minimum height 40 inches, maximum height 96 inches
  • The mounting flange is 7/8 wide

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Can You Paint Vinyl Sheeting

Im guessing paint would or could chip or peel off, but perhaps with gentle sanding and primer it would adhere? But I have not tried it. I would order a sample to test it.

I hope this has helped. As you can see, Im so glad I found this product. I was able to enclose our patio without spending too much money and the vinyl sheeting has held up really well.

~Melissa the Empress of Dirt

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What Is The Difference Between Mils Mm Gauge And Inches

Pin on Marine Vinyl Fabric

Mils and Gauges are often times used interchangeably. Technically speaking they are fractionally different. Mils are usually 6-12% thicker than a gauge. Since more people look for clear vinyl by âGaugeâ we promote it as gauge, but we always make the vinyl to be the same thickness or slightly more as if it were a Mil. We like to over deliver as much as possible. The truest measurement we use is millimeters. The Thickness Guide above translates our gauges into millimeters for people as itâs the truest most accurate number for our vinyl. Saying that clear vinyl is an expandable product so itâs never exactly the same thickness, but we do check every batch to ensure accuracy and consistency as close as possible.

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What Are Some Uses For Vinyl Sheeting

This product has many uses:

  • patio window and door coverings
  • unheated greenhouse
  • cold-frame and raised bed covers

It can also act as an industrial strength see-through curtain. Say, for example, you have a workshop with a heated area and a separate unheated area. You could use the vinyl to make a curtain for the doorway to keep the heat in yet be able to see whats going on in the other area.

Not Recommended For:

I see some people asking if they can use it under a dining table or as floor mat under a desk. No! Its not like those solid sheets sold for that purpose.

This vinyl sheeting is pliable and chairs would certainly dent it, the static electricity would make it a dust magnet, and it would be slippery to walk on.

Interview: Gibsons Grant Homeowner

This customer wanted to enjoy her screened porch with her family into the fall/winter season. She had considered enclosing her porch and got a quote from a patio enclosure company but realized shed lose her screened porch. When she found out we could enclose at the fraction of the cost and preserve her ability to eat outside on her screened porch, it was a no-brainer. Read Interview & Photos

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Can Double Polished Clear Vinyl Come Wider Than 72 Inches

We have talked to over 100 manufacturers and they have all told us they simply don’t make machines large enough to produce larger vinyl. It took us years to find a factory that could produce the 72″ vinyl. The only way to make it larger is to make it incredibly thin like a painters tarp you would find at a Home Depot which is not suitable for windows. The other way to make it wider is to heat seal the panels together which is not seamless and requires a $50,000 machine.

How Eze Breeze Windows Are Different

Choosing a Clear Vinyl Window Material

Eze-Breeze is a unique product because the windows are not made of glass. Instead of glass, theyre made of vinyl glazing a glass alternative.

If you gently push your fist into it, it flexes with your hand and quickly retains its shape.

This is some weird stuff:

  • It looks exactly like glass from as close as an arms length.
  • Its kind of like plastic cling wrap except that its tough, flexible, and thick .
  • The manufacturer claims it is cheaper than glass.

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Using Wood Frames To Install Vinyl Panels

You can install clear vinyl panels for screened porch using wood frames also which can pop out and in. These are made of mouldings of varying sizes like 1 x 2 or ¾ etc. based on the total open space. Many people also may cut the wood to match to the size of the window opening, where some of them are bigger than that of the vinyl panels used.

Once the wooden pieces are cut appropriately, you can use wood glue or small screws to fix it in the form a frame. Vinyl can then be spread and stretched over the frame and stable it in place. This is ideal for the people who want to fix the vinyl throughout the year permanently. However, this permanent fixing is not ideal for those who want to remove the panels away during summer.

What Is The Best Way To Store Clear Vinyl

When storing your vinyl products first make sure the vinyl is clean and dry. For best results roll material back onto the cardboard tube it was shipped to you on. DO NOT put any packaging materials or paper interleaved with the vinyl. Store the rolled up product in a climate controlled environment in a vertical position.

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For Which Purpose You Can Use The Vinyl Sheets

The vinyl sheeting is handy in several ways, for instance:

  • These sheets are perfectly suitable for patio window and door coverings.

  • An excellent option for the boat windows

  • Useful for the snowblower

  • Perfect for deck rail protection

  • Best choice for the unheated greenhouse

  • An ideal choice for the cold-frame and raised bed covers

  • Perfect for the table covers

Clear Vinyl Fabric Product Guide Isinglass Strataglass 40 Gauge Clear Vinyl Boat Windows ...

Clear vinyl is a durable material that comes in many thicknesses. With clear vinyl, the higher the gauge, the thicker it is. 60 gauge is thick at 0.06 inches and 4 gauge is only 0.004 inches.

Youll also see vinyl thickness referred to in mls. This is similar to but NOT the same as the gauge measurement.

All the gauges are waterproof and can withstand very hot and cold temperatures. Clear vinyl also provides some UV protection and is non-yellowing.

The majority of our vinyl is sold by the yard and comes in 54 widths with the exceptions of the 60 and 80 gauges, which are 48 wide. The 6 gauge also comes in 72 wide, 15 yard long rolls, which you can find here.

We also carry clear vinyl replacement strips that are 4 to 18 wide in a variety of gauges. You can find these and other fire retardant clear vinyl here.

With the wide variety of gauges offered, there are endless uses for this clear vinyl.

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What Gauge Vinyl For Porch Windows

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What Gauge Vinyl For Porch Windows. Vinyl glazing reduces glare, solar heat gain and protects your furnishings from fading due to uv. Our 4 track vinyl sliding windows and doors offer more colors to choose from!

Lip frame windows are an excellent way to upgrade your current screened in porch or enclosure to a three season room. You can jamb your fist right into our heavy gauge 10 mil vinyl glazing with no ill effect. If you want more heavy.

Usage Of Clear Vinyl Panels

To install clear screen porch windows, you may have to spend some big bucks. It will require proper framing to be fixed on to the walls to install glass windows. It can surely add more room to your house, but you need to shell out hundreds of pounds to get it done depending on the size and width of your porch area. The vinyl covering is the cheaper, but much effective alternative to the same.

Many of the homeowners out there have already installed premium Avery Dennison vinyl on their porches. You can easily install, remove, or replace the vinyl screens as these are very thin. Usually, it is 20-gauge clear vinyl used as a screen, which is very think enough to fit the spline and channel. There is also 3o to 40-gauge vinyl which is thicker and may require a bigger channel to fix it. Most of the people who live in the hot areas use vinyl screens at their porch during summertime, so that they can easily install them and remove when not needed. These are the places where people tend to use higher gauge vinyl which can be more endurable and can offer add-on insulation during wintertime.

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