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Backyard Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Aluminum Above Ground Pool Deck

26 Creative and Easy Above Ground Pool Decking and Landscaping Ideas

The use of aluminum in decking is very rare but it creates a contemporary allure that you cannot get over with. While it is lightweight, it is durable, does not rust, warp or crack. It is also mold resistant.

Aside from this, you can incorporate any design to it. It can be meshed, slatted, latticed and more. You can also make it wide enough to accommodate seating and even accent plants.

Add Lighting Around Your Above Ground Pool Highlight The Surrounding Decor

Once you figure out the right landscape design for the perimeter of your swimming pool, you might as well take your pool to the next level with some decorative outdoor lighting. Theres almost nothing better than relaxing next to the pool on a late evening with a cold beer and good company, so why not add some pool lights so you can enjoy another round? Heres a few lights available on Amazon to help brighten up your pool surroundings:

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Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget

This pool is placed over the outside of a deck that connects the house and the pool, creating a cool infinity pool look.

In the example above, the above gound pool deck around the pool is gradually raised and arranged as sunbathing and sitting areas.

The unattractive exterior appearance of the side panels is hidden with a simple deck added around the pool. A modern and stylish look is provided with dark wood flooring that gives a standard pool appearance.

This spa pool has a special appearance, supported by dynamically designed platforms.

The wooden stairs surrounding the above ground pool deck provide an amazing passageway to the pool.

An above ground pool with deck is an ideal choice for beach houses as it keeps sand and other unwanted small parts away from the pool.

Small and simple above ground pools for small backyards are a great choice to cool off on hot days.

The front of this above ground pool with deck is covered with glass and an extraordinary appearance is achieved.

Thanks to the wooden frames added around the pool, it looks much more functional. You can use deck for sitting, putting drinks and towels.

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Why Are Above Ground Pools So Popular

Image source: Pools & Spas a Go Go

There are many reasons why above ground pools are so much in trend. They are available to fit in any budget depending on the size. There are many brands who provide a cost-effective product without compromising on the quality.

These pools are very easy to install and maintain. Installation time depends on how smooth the area is and if it requires any leveling. Once you find a level ground, the building is just super-fast.

You do not have to break mountains for the maintenance of the pool either. Some basic things need to be taken care of regularly like cleaning and filtering the water, testing the chemical levels such pH, chlorine & stabilizer levels, etc, for the protection of your skin and the pool tiles.

These pools also provide the ease of moving it to a different location due to its easy installation process. The installation can either be done by professionals or you can do-it-yourself.

They come in a variety of shapes like round, oval, rectangular etc. to choose from, which also makes it even more exciting.

You will also need to factor in additional landscaping costs, alongside other outdoor accessories that could complete your area. For example, do you also want a BBQ or outdoor fireplace? A gazebo could also be nice, along with some quality outdoor furniture and fencing.

When setting a budget for a new above ground pool, remember to add up all these extras as well so that you dont come up short at the end.

Wood And Glass Fencing

75+ Fabulous Above Ground Pool Ideas

If you want a sophisticated, minimalist and zen look all at once, the combo of wood and glass give an upscale look for a compact above ground pool. For this, you need an all-bamboo privacy fencing that surrounds three sides of the pool square.

The fourth side is paneled with fiberglass. It acts as both an entrance to the pool for more safety and to prevent splashing on the concrete pavers.

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Easy Landscaping Ideas Around An Above Ground Pool

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Just got a new home with an above-ground pool? Or, perhaps, you are thinking of adding one to your backyard? Having a pool in the backyard can be like having a favorite vacation spot at your fingertips. Enhance this relaxing oasis with these fun landscaping ideas around an above ground pool.

Whether you decide to maintain your pool as a standalone or enhance it with a brick patio or wooden deck, the possibilities are endless.

Work Your Above Ground Pool Into A Tropical Scheme

Out of The Shadows garden, at Chelsea Flower Show 2022, designed by Kate Gould

You can still apply stunning pool landscaping ideas around an above ground pool. Take this beautiful design, for instance, created by Kate Gould .

The above ground swim spa a type of pool that includes a water current setting for swimming against is a fabulous feature for any smaller plot. And, cladded in metallic discs and surrounded by decking, it doesn’t dominate the space. Nearby Corten steel planters and coppery seating and a fire pit reinforce the warm-toned color scheme and ensure the space ties together well. And overhead, the pergola offers a spot of respite from the midday sun.

‘There should always be a harmonious balance between hard and soft landscaping in a garden,’ says Kate. Here, this tip is demonstrated with the plethora of tropical-style plants, which offset the scheme beautifully.

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Small Wood Pool Deck Mchenry

This pool deck is more than a landing to access the above ground pool. It is turned into a connection to the second floor acting as a shelter above the front door.

It is entirely made of wood and covers only a small part of the pool perimeter. The reasons for this design are many- starting from the limited space of the yard and continuing to cost-effective solution and multifunction.

Bold And Modern Above

What are the Best and Most Unique Above Ground Pool Landscape Ideas?

This black pool looks simple yet elegant. Everything is designed meticulously to provide the touch of boldness. Small black tiles are installed on the front part of the pool to accentuate it. However, the left side of the pool is just plastered which gives a matte finish.

Along the pool are some lights that shed some light on the plastered side so that you will feel as if you were walking on a shining pathway. To fill in the gap between the pathway and the pool, some decorative plants are added.


  • Ditching the raised deck will enable you to save some space especially if your backyard is not too spacious.


  • Without a raised deck, you will not be able to lounge by the pool.

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Integrate The Above Ground Pool With Existing Buildings

Above is a great example of using the surrounding buildings and boundaries to help position an above ground pool .

Placing the short side against the building wall means you dont need to worry about covering it at all. You still want to ensure its properly prepared to prevent any water collection and possible degrading issues, but that is something the installer will need to prevent and monitor.

Likewise, the vertical garden on the far side is a nice way of introducing a visual and physical barrier again, meaning you dont need to think of how to cover that side of the pool. This presumably is fronting a wall or fence of some kind.

The benefit of the vertical garden is the plants are , so roots cant encroach on the lining.

Finally all the designers needed to care about is the long, exposed side. In this case they built a simple long bench that allows them to cover a few uses. Lounging, entertaining and even a large step up into the pool. Perhaps the only concern may be people sitting there being splashed but thats something people can manage.

Moon Garden Plants Around Pool

Who doesnt love a peaceful nighttime swim? If youre a late-night swimmer, make sure to consider plants that will show even in the dark. Choosing plants that are white, yellow, or pale will help to reflect the moon. To get this look, plan flowers like the moonflower or foamflower. Make sure to take advantage of flowers that only bloom at night. Evening primrose, Casa Blanca lilies, four oclock, and tuberose are night-blooming flowers youll love. Some plants even smell stronger at night. Casa Blanca Lilies, Evening Primrose, 4 oclock, not only bloom at night they smell stronger at night too. Gardenias, heliotropes, hellebores, and jasmine also have a stronger scent at night.

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Wood Above Ground Pool Deck

The most common but if you want to have a unique look, you can make a terraced wood deck for your above ground pool. It is a multifunctional design since the wood terraces can be used as stairs, as seating and where you can place your swimming stuff. It is strategic for compact yards and a space-saving design even for vast estates.

Add A Wooden Deck Next To The Pool

I really love this striking photo #fiberglasspool

You can never go wrong with a wooden deck when exploring landscaping ideas around above ground pool.

I must say, I sometimes feel above-ground pools dont get enough love for having the ability to stand alone and still shine. Typically, the most stunning of those you see are surrounded by a wooden deck.

Here are some of the benefits of having a wooden deck around your pool:

  • the pool deck is the best way to enhance the pool design and allow for sunbathing once you add some seating. It gives a natural look and does a fantastic job of emulating the consistent flow of an inground pool in many cases.
  • you can add a hot tub on the deck to solidify a water oasis right there in your backyard.
  • a pool deck is a creative idea for easy access to the pool
  • having a large deck around your pool is a good idea: it allows you to add a focal point , add a few chairs and an umbrella to escape from the hot sun if needed, etc.

Dont have a deck or not wanting to build one just yet? No worries, here are some other ways to enhance your pool design.

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What Is The Best Material For An Above Ground Or Semi

The decking material you choose for your above ground or semi-inground pool deck will impact the look and feel of your backyard as well as maintenance costs over time. Now that youve seen some of the different styles of decking, lets dive into the different types of decking materials to find one that works for your backyard.

  • Aluminum Decking
  • Opt For A Stylish Stock Tank Design

    This oval stock tank pool is from Salt Shack

    If you’re just looking for a chic way to cool off in the summer heat rather than an energetic swim, then a small stock tank pool might be the winning solution for your yard.

    There’s a reason they’ve had such a boost in popularity recently. ‘Stock tank pools are stylish, easy to maintain, affordable, and the best for small city backyards,’ says Jackie Kelly, Founder of Salt Shack in Toronto.

    ‘They offer a place for adults to float and de-stress, and they offer hours upon hours of water fun for the kids, without the price tag or commitment of an inground pool.’

    This one fits in with the rest of the plot beautifully we’re loving the greenery dotted around the scene, the garden mirror, and the string lights for upping the ambiance when dusk falls.

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    Place Your Pool Among The Trees

    A photo posted by on

    A lot of people assume the placement of their above ground pool absolutely needs to be as close to the patio door as possiblebut if you have an area in the backyard thats lined with trees, you might want to consider placing your pool there instead. Not only will it provide natural shade, itll feel like an intimate outdoor escape.

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    Build a deck around your pool because not only it looks great but an above ground pool with deck is also a lot of fun. Some of the above ground pool deck ideas can be really cool such as adding a multi-level deck for the pool or a slide for some excitement. You can also add a wooden bridge or deck that blends with the above ground pool landscape of plants and flowers.

    If you can afford to spend a little more money and have a big backyard, then, you can build a luxury deck with a lounge and gazebo for the pool. With some more work on the above ground pool landscaping, the final output would be an inspiration.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool

    Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas: Above Ground Freeform Fun | California Pools & Landscape

    At an average, the cost of an above ground pool installation costs in between $3000-11000, depending on the design that you would of course use. This range does not yet include the maintenance of the above ground pool down the stretch. This is calculated separately because again, it depends on the materials and overall design of the above ground pool.

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    Above Ground Pool Deck + Landscaping Tips

    • Sketch out your pool deck ideas and get input from family members. If you visit a home with an above ground pool and deck, write down some of your favorite ideas to keep for later.
    • Always build your pool first. Build the deck around the pool, not vice-versa.
    • Build your pool and deck within view of the home for safety.
    • Consider how much sun your deck gets when choosing a deck material. Some retain heat more than others.
    • Instead of hiding your or storage under the deck, make these important places easily accessible by building a small equipment and storage area near the side of your pool.
    • Mulching too close to the pool is not recommended. Mulch attracts termites which can eat away your above ground pool. Instead, add a small gravel or rock ring around the pool, then add your mulch.
    • Explore Pinterest for more above ground pool deck ideas, above ground pool landscaping ideas and amazing .

    Design #: Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

    Limited space is never a problem because you can still build this small backyard above ground pool with deck here. Even if it is more for chilling purposes instead of swimming, you have a great sitting spot in your backyard. While many of the above ground pools on our list have a small deck, this one is rather different. The deck is quite spacious, and it can accommodate several people which is so nice.

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    Get Started With Your Pool Landscaping Project

    Pool landscaping projects take many different shapes depending on the property and home. They can range from quaint, jungle-like oases to large, elaborate pools meant for swimming. Pool landscape installations can also be particularly detail-oriented, often involving a collaborative effort between homeowners, hardscape contractors, and landscape architects. Alternatively, they can also be modest nooks that provide Zen-like simplicity and minimalist, natural features.

    Compared to traditional backyard landscaping projects, pools involve greater use of hardscapes and stone elements. Pool decks and hardscapes will typically include materials like travertine, flagstone, exposed aggregate, brick, tile, and various forms of stone. In turn, the use of plants and organic features often calls for added consideration about what species to plant, design arrangements and sequences, and ongoing maintenance once the project is complete.

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    Make A Dog Run Or Playing Space

    Above ground pool with wrap around bar

    Are you a dog parent? Then, you may be aware of how much a dog loves to play in an open and fresh environment.

    A dog run or private playing space is a great way to express your feelings towards them.

    A left-over and well-padded area lets your pooch run free without worrying.

    And, lessen your stress about whether theyll dip your beautiful lawn or garden or head off to visit the neighbours and do some trouble

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    Fences For Your Above Ground Pool Designs

    Whenever you have a pool in your garden, fences become crucial. It will help you to keep your kids safe without adult supervision. When you have a fence youll know that whenever your kids are in the pool, they will be completely safe.

    There are different styles of fencing for your outdoor pool designs. Wrought iron will provide you with a very attractive fence with a French-style appeal.

    If you choose wrought iron, the raw or industrial style of your fence will match with your deck. This attractive combination will add beauty to your garden. If you do choose to install wrought iron fencing, you should know that it does look dusty very easily. However, with proper maintenance, it will remain clean and attractive for years to come.


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