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Best Bug Repellent For Patio

Q5 Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent For Outdoor Patio With 20 Mosquito Protection Zone Includes 108 Hr Repellent Refill And Mats No Candles Or Flames Deet

Thermacell Patio Shield (2021) The Best Thermacell Mosquito Repellent | Best Thermacell for Camping
  • KEEP MOSQUITOES AWAYOur Q5 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller creates a 20-foot mosquito protection zone. Keeps mosquitoes away with the push of a button.Perfect for the patio, backyard, poolside, decks, porches, camping and more.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY POWEREDPowered by a safe 10000mAh rechargeable battery. Q5 provides 4.5 hours of continuous mosquito protection on a charge and fully charged in 6 hours.Type-C charging cable included. Allow 10 minutes for full effect.
  • REPEL WITHOUT SPRAY Repel mosquitoes without chemicals or sprays on your skin. No lotions or DEET to apply. No smoke, flames, or citronella. Independently tested. EPA reviewed for safety & effectiveness. We offer 1 year Quality Service. We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • LONG-LASTING DEFENSEQ5 provides up to 108 hours of continuous mosquito protection. Our package includes 18 mosquito repellent mats and 1 bottle of repellent refill.Each repellent mat lasts up to 6 hours and 1 repellent refill lasts up to 280 hours.
  • 2 WORKING MODESPress and hold for 1.5 seconds to turn it on, and the default mode is the first gear.In the first gear mode, the mosquito repellent mat and repellent refill are run at the same time.In the second gear mode, only the repellent refill is run.

Repellent Lotions: Cons And A Couple Pros

Some companies, including Sawyer and Proven, sell repellent lotions with a 20% picaridin concentration. We tested both, and they do have advantages. But we dont think repellent lotions are the best option for general use, although they may work in your specific circumstances.

Repellent lotions have two major downsides. First, they cant be applied to clothing, so theyre less versatile. There is no way to get them onto your shoes or boots for added tick protection. The same goes for a backpack or a tent. Second, Conlon told us that after application, lotions take about 20 minutes to start repelling bugs. Sprays, like those we recommend, are more immediately effective.

The upside of a lotion is that its effectiveness lasts longer than that of a spray. According to the labeling on the Sawyer and Proven lotions, the repellency time bumps up to 14 hours, as opposed to the 12 hours for the spray versions. The lotion may also be easier to apply to difficult areas, like the forehead or the back of the neck, or on a particularly squirmy child. As with the spray bottles, Sawyer has the widest selection of repellent-lotion sizes, ranging from single-use packets to a 1-gallon container. Proven is available in both 2- and 6-ounce versions.

So while there are advantages worth noting, we think most people would be better served by a spray repellent.

Thermacell Review: Full Review

The Thermacell is light, small and discreet looking exactly what you want from a subtle device designed to keep biting bugs away.

I found it very easy to use, too. All I had to do was screw the butane cartridge into the base, carefully slip in one of the repellent-soaked mats , and then twist the bottom base a couple of times to get it going.

You know its working because you see a tiny orange glow through a peephole on the devices side. But otherwise, the Thermacell is silent, scent-free, mess-free and, apart from a very faint curl of warm air as the repellent paper starts to heat and do its job, visible-emission-free.

Unlike a powerful body spray, it doesnt work instantly. Depending on the area and the conditions youre working in, it takes the Thermacell between 10 and 30 minutes to create its bubble and effectively repel mosquitoes and midges.

This requires a certain amount of planning ahead if you really dont want to get bitten. As someone who only realises its mosquito oclock after Ive felt the tingle of tiny wings on my skin, I consistently turned it on a few minutes too late. As a result, Id spend the first 15 minutes of use swatting bugs away, until the Thermacell warmed up. Hopefully, youre more organised than me.

Theoretically, the Thermacell is highly portable. Itll be easy to pack for UK camping breaks or road trips to a holiday park abroad. However, because of the butane cartridge, unlike a traditional body spray, you cant take it on a plane .

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Are Mosquito Repellents Safe For Babies

Nothing is ever risk-free, and mosquito repellents are no exception to that rule.

While it is not a typical reaction and is extremely rare, considering how many people use repellents, there have been reports of considerable side effects from mosquito repellents, including :

  • Behavioral changes.

However, its highly unlikely your child will experience any of these side effects.

The diseases mosquitoes carry can cause a host of symptoms in children.

Although West Nile virus usually causes mild symptoms in children, such as fever, fatigue, and muscle pains, it occasionally makes children very sick. Those with a serious health condition or a weakened immune system are at greater risk of severe symptoms, such as encephalitis, meningitis, and even paralysis .

If youre overly concerned about putting lotions, creams, or sprays on your babys body, you might want to check out electronic mosquito repellents that use high-pitched noises to scare off the skeeters. Just be warned, their effectiveness is questionable .

Other repellents you could try include clip-ons, bracelets, and sticker repellents.

The Most Stylish Option: Fredericks & Mae Small Hanging Citronella Coil

The Best Insect Repellents for Your Deck and Patio

The American Mosquito Control Association writes that citronella has just a mild repelling effect on mosquitoes. Still, Epicurious’s Associate Social Media Manager Andrew Spena uses these citronella incense coils from Fredericks & Mae to repel bugs in his Brooklyn backyard and finds them effective, along with frankincense essential oils. They’re so chic that, even if they only minimally repel the bugs, they’ll make your yard look festive and smell lovely. Plus, they’re another environmentally-friendly and healthful option. Maybe double up on themplus a few of the Murphy’s candles featured belowsince the real repelling effect actually comes mostly from the act of producing smoke in the burning process.

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When Should I Spray For Mosquitoes And How Often

Mosquito control measures are best done early in the season when mosquitoes are active, which obviously varies by region. You want to begin combatting mosquitoes as soon as the eggs begin to hatch, which generally speaking is when temperatures are regularly above about 50 degrees on a daily basis.

As for time of day, it is best to spray for mosquitoes when they are out and active, since most of the chemicals are intended to control the mosquitoes on-contact. You want as many mosquitoes around as possible. This means dusk, or late evening if you have the light to do it, is a great time to spray. Alternatively, very early morning works too.

Best Mosquito Repellent Candles

The Votive Citronella Candles come in a pack of 36, making it easy to store a few around your backyard, at camp, or wherever you want some peace and quite from mosquitos.

Pros: Great price for several candles, safe and natural, has a nice scent

Cons: Not as effective in places with high wind

There are so many mosquito-repelling citronella candles for sale and many of them do essentially the same thing, which is, emit a scent mosquitoes don’t like.

Many such candles are large and potent, with a thick wick set into a bucket or big glass container. I like using these 2-inch-tall votive-style candles, and for less than $30, I get a box of 36 of them, which is good for several months .

The Votive Citronella Candles give off a citrus-like smell that’s mostly enjoyable. When placed around your backyard or camp on days where the wind is light, they can really help create an area where mosquitos won’t bother you. Do be careful of the open flame and take caution when putting them near anything else that’s flammable.

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Thermacell Review: The Verdict

In my experience, the Thermacell worked a treat. When placing it in the centre of a compact dining area for two people, neither my husband nor I were bitten at all once the device warmed up.

If you want more comprehensive coverage or are moving around a lot in your garden space you may want to consider buying multiple devices to ensure even protection.

But saying that, youll have to consider the cost. At £34.99 initial outlay plus an extra running cost of about 67p per hour , some might prefer to stick to traditional body sprays or cheaper citronella candles.

  • Thermacell Halo Mini, £32.75 from Amazon – buy here
  • US: Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller, $34.99 from Amazon – buy here
  • Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller

    Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent Lantern

    Next on our list of the best mosquito repellents for yards is the Thermacell Radios Zone Mosquito Repeller. This compact, easy-to-use device emits powerful and effective mosquito repellent with the simple push of a button.

    The compact, lightweight design is durable and easy to transport, and because it doesnt require electrical cords or flames, it can be used anywhere. Its also TSA-approved, making it the ideal mosquito repellent for traveling. Its powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers up to 6.5 hours of protection on a single charge.

    It uses DEET-free, safe, and highly effective liquid compounds that offer powerful protection against mosquitoes. Theres no smoke, flames, or citronella, either. Reviews by the EPA for safety and effectiveness, you can have peace of mind knowing that this yard repellent wont harm you, your loved ones, or your pets. Its also backed by a two year warranty, which can be extended to three years if you complete the free registration.

    What We Liked

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    Natrapel Tick & Insect Repellent With 20% Picaridin

    Best Picaridin Mosquito Repellent

    Picaridin is an excellent alternative to DEET that many families prefer. The Natrapel Tick and Insect repellant is a top choice if you go with picaridin. Picaridin is somewhat safer than DEET and can be used on babies as young as two months old .

    Natrapel offers 12 hours of protection, so you can deter bugs all day long. Its perfect for babies and parents, even if youre pregnant or breastfeeding.

    This bug spray repels insects that carry Lyme disease, Zika virus, malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever, yellow fever, and West Nile virus.

    To apply, simply spread in sweeping motions along exposed skin. When applying to faces, spray on your hands first, then dab it across your babys face.

    Customers who claim mosquitos follow them everywhere praise this product for being the one thing to deter the nasty insects. So, if youre worried your baby might be an insect magnet, this is a great product to try.


    • Protects for up to 12 hours.
    • Super effective.
    • It has a greasy texture.
    • It might stain clothing.

    How To Choose The Right Bug Repellent For Camping

    Here are the essential features to look for in a bug repellent for camping.

    • Outdoor conditions: You must select a repellent that suits the climatic conditions or camping activity. Harsher the conditions, stronger must be the repellent. Choose waterproof repellents when traveling to wet or snowy areas.
    • Ingredients: DEET is the best choice if you stay longer in harsher environs. If the outdoor activity is around 5-6 hours, then go for repellents that contain natural oils.
    • Size: The ideal size would depend upon the duration of your camp. Smaller size repellents are best suited for two-three days camp. You may require more quantity if the camp lasts longer than one week.

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    Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits And Dunks From $10

    If you have standing water in your backyard thatâs historically served as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, these little bits will wipe out the larvae within 24 hours. You can also use them in flower pots and saucers, gutters, and even rain barrels. To maintain your stronghold on the zone, add a mosquito dunkâa small, donut-shaped floater that slowly dissolves and releases a special bacterium that can eliminate mosquito larvae for 30 days or moreâto the water a week later, or refresh the bits every other week. According to the brand, both these products are non-toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans.

    Trying To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes For Good

    The Best Outdoor Mosquito Repellent

    Get a FREE Quote & BEST PRICE from a local exterminator

    • The candle goes out easily inside the lantern, requires frequent re-lighting
    Features & Specs
    • Burns up to seventy hours
    • Contains citronella oil

    These appealing outdoor lantern runs seventy or more hours and is the perfect choice for campsites and patios. This candle is also cool because the glowing light creates a lovely ambiance in the area. The lantern is peaceful, appealing, and serves its purpose well.

    The citronella candle inside runs up to seventy hours and is capable of keeping adult mosquitoes out of the area where its hung. While the lantern is not burning the cover on top will protect the citronella inside and keep it fresh while its not in use.

    The lantern also has an easy to grab handle, so you can move the lantern around easily. This feature also allows it to get easily hung from tree branches.


    • Chemicals are recognized in California to cause cancer and birth defects
    Features & Specs
    • Each box comes with 10 coils
    • Works by burning one end
    • Multiple coils can be placed 10 ft. apart

    Pic Mosquito Repellent Coils work similar to a candle, but theyre known to provide a little extra coverage. To use the coils, all you need to do is set them outside and light one end with a match or lighter. The coil will start to burn slowly and last for up to seven hours.

    Many deterrents work on non-targeted animals too, making them a better value for the money

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    If You Want To Enjoy Your Patio Without Having Bugs And Insects Ruining The Date You Need A Bug Repellent For Patio

    If you want to enjoy your patio without having bugs and insects ruining the date, you need a bug repellent for patio.

    Most people dont like bugs or insects because they are annoying and can make life uncomfortable. Insects are everywhere in nature but we have created an environment where they have no place to hide from us humans so it is important that we get rid of them as much as possible.

    There are many ways of getting rid of insects but since we all love our patios and want them free from annoying guests like mosquitoes, flies, bees etc., it becomes necessary that we find the best way out there which will be effective enough in keeping these pests away from our favorite place on earth outdoors!

    Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

    • Five Key Plant-Based Repellent Oils: Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Citronella Oil, Lemongrass oil, Cedarwood Oil
    • 2.5 Hours of Mosquito Protection: Enjoy Life Outdoors with our mosquito repellent incense sticks – a natural and effective solution to all your mosquito troubles
    • Harness the Power of Nature: We use a combination of plant-based repellent oils that other manufacturers tend to overlook, to provide you with the best mosquito protection
    • No Petroleum, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Harsh Chemicals: No questionable fillers for hours of worry-free relief!
    • Provides Protection For 12ft Area: Once stick catches flame for 10-20 seconds, blow out and place in a holder or pot filled with sand around your desired area for a mosquito free evening

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    When Should You Use Mosquito Deterrents In Your Yard

    It depends on which product you are using. For instance, if youre using a spray, youll usually need to treat your property at least a day in advance and once the spray settle, it will protect your property for a specific period of time. However, if youre using a lantern, you may want to light it just ahead of using your yard.

    Also Great: Thermacell Ex90 Mosquito Repellent

    DynaTrap & Thermacell Patio Shield / Best Mosquito Control

    The EX90 has the same downsides as the E90, and most of them are universal to spatial repellents. Theres one thing specific to the EX90 that we recommend: Upgrade the carabiner to something a little larger and more durable. The carabiner that comes with the EX90 is very flimsy, like the ones you find in a bowl at a hardware-store checkout for 25¢ each.

    At Amazon, there are a number of comments with people saying they received the EX90 but that the box did not contain the repellent vial. We spoke with Thermacell about this, and some items were accidentally shipped without repellent, but the issue has been corrected.

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    Also Great: Tiki Bitefighter Led String Lights

    We also wish there were more to indicate the diffusers are on. The light at the toggle switch is nice. However, because it is often placed off to the side , it was easy for us to forget the diffuser was on, and we realized hours later that we needed to shut it off. But even with these faults, the BiteFighter Lights are an interesting option for those who also want to spice up the vibe of their porch or patio.

    What Are The Best Lanterns To Keep Mosquitos Away

    This summer, don’t get caught being unprepared for mosquitoes in your yard. There are so many choices out there for keeping the pests away, including DIY options like candles, traps, or sprays, as well as all-natural remedies that work just as well as chemical counterparts. Perhaps the most esthetically pleasing option are lanterns and “bug zappers”

    If you are looking for a zapper then go with a name you can trust. Black+Decker has been making every kind of appliance you can think of and they make a best selling bug zapper that looks cool and covers up to 625 square feet so it is the perfect item to use on your patio or back deck. You can hang this zapper or set it on a table, either way, the bugs won’t bother you.

    This KPS electric bug zapper shines a dull blue light that bugs cannot resist. It will attract mosquitoes, gnats, and other pesky bugs that will otherwise bother you and your guests throughout the night. This item will not only keep you from getting bit but it actually looks pretty cool so it will fit in nicely with your outdoor decor.

    With more of a traditional look, the Flowtron bug zapper is designed to look like a lantern but is big enough and bad enough to cover a minimum of a half-acre and a max of 1.5 acres, depending on which lantern you choose. This zapper is a little louder than others but with the distance, it covers you can set it up away from where you are entertaining, and rest assured that the bugs won’t bother you.

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