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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Pergolas

Embrace A Luxe Look With Hanging Pendants

100 Pergola Ideas for Backyard 2022 | Best Pergola Ideas and Designs You Will Love

This striking Maluwi Canopy from Garden House Design includes chic pendant lights

This certainly isn’t your standard pergola. In fact, with its waterproof roof and stylish wall panels, it’s more of an indoor-outdoor room, and certainly makes a striking statement on a patio.

In terms of pergola lighting ideas, the luxe pendants here have caught our attention, suspended from the ceiling with their oversized bulbs. The variety of heights adds a sculptural appeal, too. A large, comfy sofa and a duo of occasional tables finish the space well.

How Do You Hang Fairy Lights On A Pergola

If you have a traditional pergola structure, installing string lights is quick and easy to do.

Make sure you pick outdoor lights that will stand up to seasonal weather conditions. It’s a good idea to measure your pergola before you get started, to work out roughly the length of lighting you will need.

Using a stepladder you can wrap fairy lights up and over the beams, securing with a staple gun and U-shaped galvanized staples specifically designed for wires and cables. Alternatively, you can attach them just to the bottom of the beams, working in a zig-zag or straight pattern or just around the perimeter whatever works for you. You can also wrap fairy lights around the posts of your pergola. Keep the lights switched off and unplugged whilst you are installing them.

‘Wrapping the lights closer together will give a fuller look and a brighter glow,’ explains the team at Lights4fun. Not sure how many youll need? There are plenty of shorter, connectable string lengths available. These ‘allow you to connect multiple lengths together for an eye-catching display,’ they add.

For heavier string lights, such as festoon lights, you may need to use something a little more sturdy than metal staples, such as metal hooks screwed into the structure.

Add A Pop Of Color With Solar Lanterns

Bright and bold lanterns from Lights4fun add cheer to this alfresco scene

Add boho flair to your pergola by layering up festoons with colorful lanterns at different heights. For super-easy maintenance, look for solar-powered designs that way you won’t have to worry about an outdoor plug. Candle-lit lanterns below will make a welcome addition too, only boosting the inviting ambience.

Combine with a canopy of foliage for a particularly enchanting look you can find our pick of the best climbing plants in our guide.

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Privacy Fence With String Lighting

ТодоÑÑÑк ÐкаÑеÑина / Getty Images

Give your privacy fence a glow up by hanging individual string lights. This look doesn’t require symmetry or perfect placement, and it works well whether you hang the lights vertically or horizontally. For easy ambiance, use lights with a dusk-to-dawn timer.

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    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    If you want to set your home aglow, use string lights or flexible LED light tubing to outline doors and windows. This idea is best suited for backyard hideouts and is an effective and easy way to jazz up your home’s exterior while also softly outlining the door on a dark night as you make your way back inside from the firepit or hot tub.

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  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Yard

    15 Inspirations Outdoor Hanging Lights for Pergola

    The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

    Outdoor lighting is an important aspect of yard and garden design. The right fixtures or features can add ambiance, while also providing functional lighting for use and safety purposes. It can illuminate walkways, outdoor dining rooms, patios, and structures like pergolas and arbors. Get inspired with these top outdoor lighting ideas.

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    Why Light Up Your Pergola

    During the day, your pergola provides a much-needed break from direct sunlight. This added shade allows you to make better use of outdoor space that you might otherwise neglect for fear of sunburn. If your pergola is not lit, however, you may not be able to use that outdoor space at night.

    At a minimum, pergola lights serve a functional purpose: making it possible to navigate your outdoor living area when the sun goes down. But safety must also be considered. Without proper lighting, the risk of injury can be considerable even in spaces that appear to have few obstructions.

    Pergola lighting can also boost the appearance of your deck or patio. The best patio lighting draws attention to your preferred aesthetic, regardless of whether you like contemporary, rustic, or elegant design. Depending on where your pergola is situated, your lights can also show off your garden or landscaping features.

    Opt For Integrated Leds

    This contemporary set-up was designed by Consilium Hortus

    If you’re a fan of modern garden ideas, then you may choose to have your pergola lights integrated into the structure itself.

    ‘Within a pergola structure, lighting can be integrated into the framework or louvers in the form of LED strips, spotlights or a combination of both,’ explains Stuart Dantzic, Managing Director at Caribbean Blinds . ‘Lighting in the framework can face down or up . If you opt for LED lighting which is usually the most popular it can either be white or RGB .’

    It’s not just lighting that can be built-in. Contemporary pergolas can include heating too, as well as adjustable roofs to make them suitable for use in various weather conditions as seen in the garden above designed by Consilium Hortus . As our gardens increasingly become an extension of our homes, these types of designs are becoming more and more popular. And don’t forget about a fire pit too. They make a lovely centerpoint, and bonus points if they double up as a coffee table.

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    Great Pergola Style Options

    Before choosing lights it is useful to be aware whether you are going to use the pergola for quiet evenings with a loved one or for big noisy parties or family gatherings.

    The type of pergola depends on that too, of course. In case you need something in between, this string light cover brings flexibility to the table.

    Light The Way With Recessed Lighting

    Installing Pergola Lights and Cable Managing Wires | MADDAWORX

    Photo via @moonshineledlights

    Want a subtle lighting effect in your backyard? Look no further than recessed lights! A popular type of recessed lighting for backyards is in-ground lighting, which can be mounted to paved areas like patios, decks, or gravel pathways. This functional, low-intensity task lighting highlights trees, plants, building walls, and other backyard structures. Outdoor in-ground lighting is versatile enough to be used for path lighting, garden lighting, stair lighting, and more. Plus, this type of fixture is more permanent and safer than an exposed light, so you can use it for years to come!

    Photo via @mintlighting_design

    For a quick backyard lighting solution, you can easily install strip lights to outdoor fixtures and surfaces. This outdoor lighting idea is best for homes with outdoor outlets since strip lights need to be plugged in. Climb your stairs safely at night with weatherproof LED strip lights underneath the steps. Make your luxury pool or hot tub the perfect spot to hang out even after the sun sets with waterproof LED lights.

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    Pergola String Lighting Idea

    One of the most popular choices in pergola lighting is still outdoor string lights with glass bulbs. And for good reason! String lights are affordable, easy to install and versatile. For maximum light, cover the whole ceiling in string lights, as shown here by @houserenovationatno.47. You can also hang them along the perimeter for less light and a more moody atmosphere. Or, string them along a nearby fence.

    Keep Things Sleek With Spotlights

    Recessed spotlights add to this contemporary scene

    Once lit up, a pergola can become a key player in your lighting landscape ideas. Take this design for instance, which makes a stunning nighttime focal point for the plot.

    The integrated spotlights are subtle in design yet provide all the illumination needed to enjoy the space at any time. Note how the style is extended throughout the nearby veranda too, for a streamlined and harmonious look.

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    Popular Pergola Lighting Ideas

    Top trends in todays outdoor pergola lighting are pendant, sconce lighting, and pergola chandelier lighting. These last 3 pergola lighting ideas offer new and stylish ways to add a sophisticated ambiance to your pergola decorations. Top styles of pergola hanging lights are pendant or pergola chandelier style lighting. An equally beautiful way to illuminate your pergola, these stylish lights can be attached to posts or installed hanging from the pergola roof.

    Another elegant option for lighting, and considered one of the most popular pergola accessories, is sconce style lighting. An excellent option for outdoor wall light, sconces offer a flexible way of adding lighting. You can either attach the components to the posts of your pergola or to a nearby exterior wall.

    Sconces have design options ranging from traditional to contemporary. Depending on your selection, they can finish off your patio space with style and sophistication or give it a rustic feel. Even if you dont have access to a lighting contractor, sconces can be installed and used with battery or solar operated lighting.

    The styles are endless for outdoor lighting and can be matched to your existing furniture and patio accessories. If your pergola is the centerpiece of your outdoor space, combine lighting features to accommodate various seasons to ensure youll be able to enjoy your pergola day and night throughout the year!

    Pergola Lighting Ideas With Sails

    Pin on Outdoor Lights


    This pergola lighting idea is just a different reading of the one from above.

    But while the construction itself is nowhere near as impressive as the previous entry, the atmosphere is quite mesmerizing with great ambience created by several different lighting bodies, such as string lights, hanging lamps and candles under a covering sail.

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    Garden Pergola Lighting Ideas

    Image Source: Home BNC

    Illuminate your garden with dazzling light ideas like hanging festoon lights around your garden to create a laid-back festival vibe. But if you are into a minimal and modern look, try putting up downlights that also give out symmetry and a smart vibe. However, if you want to get laud, go for a boho inspired solo lantern.

    Covered Pergola Lighting Ideas


    Unique pergolas like the one shown here stand out easily.

    So much that at first glance you may even not notice the swimming pool or the modern design of the house itself in the background.

    Of course, for a great style you need to exceed yourself when placing lamps, because you want to enhance and not diminish the effects.

    Spotlights and a fancy metal chandelier add much in that aspect.

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    Transform Your Pergola With Dekor

    Why let a sophisticated pergola go to waste after sunset? When you apply the best lighting solutions from DEKOR, your outdoor room becomes far more functional and attractive after hours. This is one of the easiest home improvement options imaginable, so dont hesitate to get in DIY mode as you add the lighting styles highlighted above to your deck or patio. Contact us today to learn more about our products and to discover which lighting options are best capable of leveling up your pergola.

    Outdoor Pergola Lighting Ideas

    Backyard Pergola (Design Ideas)

    Image Source: Country Living Magazine

    For a solid roof, porch lights are ideal. String your lights back and forth depending on your porchs width to illuminate the entire area. For open spaces such as yards, you might want to hang and surround the entire area with pergola lights to make it more appealing and relaxing.

    If you have a pool area in your home, you might as well want to light it up by hanging string lights around the area to avoid any pool accidents. A few strings would do the trick.

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    Modern Outdoor Living Room With White Paper Lanterns

    For a multifunctional outdoor living room that would serve as a family gathering space and a meeting area for the owners clients and colleagues, landscape architect Mark Tessier created an accordingly varied lighting scheme. Traditional outdoor lighting illuminates the area without making a statement, while style enters from above and below, via a flickering fire pit and paper lanterns of various sizes hung randomly throughout the space. After dusk, these lights cast a warm, inviting glow festive for simple or elegant gatherings any time of the year, says Tessier.

    Jennifer Cheung Design By: Mark Tessier, Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc.

    Hang your lanterns at varying heights throughout your space to create visual interest. White lanterns are always a classic, but you can find them in different colors to help liven things up.

    Lighting Design Ideas For Pergola


    The yellow bulbs, which spread evenly over the big dining table speak clearly of a spot designated to family gatherings.

    They dont give too little or too much light, but make it relaxing and fun for everybody present to walk around and find their spot at the table.

    The lamps also help the colorful chairs stand out as an accent.

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    Modern Pergola Lighting Ideas

    Image Source:

    There are so many stunning ways you could beautify your pergola. Start with Rattan lanterns that come in different colors and sizes, made with small and improvised rattan pot-shaped lantern. And, there you go, your rattan lantern gets in the way and is now slaying!

    Next is lighting up your curtains and enjoying a fun and relaxing ambiance. Add some candles if you are into an intimate ambiance. Hanging lanterns is a good option too.

    Lanterns For Stepping Stones

    Patio, pergola, lighting

    Bank215 / Getty Images

    Stepping stones lead the way across a yard or garden, but can quickly blend into the surroundings under dark or shadowy conditions. Cast illumination on your path with a series of ground lanterns. Using solar or battery-powered options eliminates the need for hardwiring or permanent installation. In this example, the lanterns are staggered on either side of the path and nearby illumination from tree spotlights gives the area added brightness.

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    Hang Chandeliers & Pendant Lights

    Photo via @globelighting

    Do you need a way to light up your outdoor kitchen? Chandeliers and pendant lights are great statement lighting fixtures that can provide the perfect amount of light for any time of day. With so many material and color options to choose from, these outdoor lighting ideas are great focal points and can perfectly match your home style. By swapping out old outdoor lighting fixtures for pendant lights, you can make your space feel new without the high price tag.

    Patio Ceiling Lights Ideas

    Image Source: Next Luxury

    Craving for some outdoor lunch or dinner? Not a problem. Create an easy and relaxing ambiance through pendant outdoor lights and lantern LED chargeable lights. These designs could make your patio even more inviting. An outdoor chandelier with geometric design and right silhouette could also do the trick if you aim to project a modern vibe.

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    Cozy And Romantic Pergola Lighting Idea

    The smart choice of lighting used in this dreamy pergola from @fancyfixdecor helps make it the perfect spot for an intimate gathering. Using a combination of industrial-look string lights, a hanging chandelier and candles a soft glow lights up the whole area. Using a varied mix of light sources, instead of simply overhead lighting, creates a more welcoming ambiance.

    Go For An Led Chandelier For Easy Elegance

    100 Patio Design Ideas 2022 Backyard Garden Landscaping ideas | Pergola Design House Rooftop Terrace

    Elevate any outdoor dining experience with an LED chandelier

    Boost your outdoor dining ideas with a graceful chandelier overhead. Suspended from your pergola, it will make even a casual weekday breakfast feel fancy, and once night falls, will cast a warm and welcoming glow.

    To give it a botanical edge, wrap faux foliage around the branches. Just remember to choose LED candles rather than real to avoid fire risks.

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    Ramp Up The Cozy Factor With A Fireplace And Wall Lights

    We love these modern wall lights from Pooky

    When it comes to the best outdoor lights, wall lights have to be one of our favorites. They’re practical, don’t take up much floor space, and there are lots of gorgeous styles available. So, if your pergola is positioned against a garden boundary, adding an outdoor wall light or two to your scheme is a great idea.

    To go one step further, incorporate a garden fireplace into the zone too, as demonstrated above. It will keep everyone toasty well into the evening and give the space a real feeling of luxury.

    Lights For Pergolas Outside

    Weve compiled a list of various pergola lighting options for your outdoor area.

    Hanging Lights

    Pendant lights can give your outdoor pergola a sleek, contemporary appearance. You can get right to work with only a few simple beams to hang them from.

    Pendant lights should be your first choice if you want to make your outdoor pergola area seem more like an interior environment. A modest pergola with a few simple tables and three or more pendant lights may provide enough illumination. They may also make it a convenient location for you to host parties or entertain guests.

    Pendant lights are an excellent way to illuminate your pergola. The greatest thing is that they wouldnt obstruct the view at all, allowing for even more room to be used.

    If you have a larger area, you may set up an artificial tree and hang your pendant lights in different lights for a dramatic effect.

    Integrated Lighting

    If youre planning on starting your pergola building, another excellent option is to add lights. Built-in lighting is simple to install and may give your outdoor area a finished appearance.

    But theres a word of warning. These items may be more expensive than other lighting choices. With your contractor, you may need to discuss your budget and your limitations.

    However, if done correctly, it has the potential to enhance the total value of your house. Thats an advantage to think about for your lighting plans.

    Lights on a String

    Light Fixtures That Are Mounted



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