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Best Weather Resistant Patio Furniture

High Quality Synthetic Fiber

Best Woods for Building Outdoor Furniture | Skill Builders
  • Has a natural look, uses fibers that are multicolored and/or multi-textured

  • Tight weave with no gaps

  • HDPE, high density polyethylene is non porous and died all the way through. HDPE is a better quality synthetic wicker. There are lots of different qualities to select from from.

The less expensive ones have a high plastic content and tend to dry or crack. HDPE is the most durable.

Things To Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

The best patio furniture comes in a large variety of sizes and shapes, so youll want to carefully pick and take a few things into consideration before buying furniture for your home.


How much room do you have in your outdoor space? Many people overestimate just how much free space they have at home. Sure, your backyard may be big enough to fit a hundred chairs, but youll probably want to put your furniture in the right spot rather than anywhere that has space in it.

Before you purchase furniture, find a spot on your porch or backyard and try to imagine what type of furniture you want to have. Creating an image beforehand will allow you to better plan ahead and pick more appropriate patio furniture once you head to the store.

Aside from visualizing it, you want to also make some measurements. Its recommended that you measure the space for your furniture at least twice so you can confirm that you got the right measurements. The last thing youd want is for the furniture to be just a few inches bigger than the available space.


As mentioned earlier, outdoor furniture is made out of different materials that are sturdy enough to handle harsh weather. Some of the most popular materials used include rattan fiber, wood, and plastic.

Finally, theres plastic. Plastic is a sturdy material, and depending on the type of plastic used, it can be incredibly flexible, too. Plastic furniture has become more commonplace in recent years due to how easy it is to manufacture.

What To Consider When Buying Patio Furniture For Full Sun

Sun UV Damage

One important factor to consider when buying patio furniture for full sun exposure is knowing exactly how much UV protection the item carries. Each item, and each material used to make the item, will be able to handle different amounts of sun exposure. Understanding the differences is essential, and there is a plethora of accessories available to help keep any fabric protected from the sun.

HEAT Will it burn me?

Also, consider how hot the product is going to get if left out in the sun. While the exterior of the furniture may be able to handle the strong UV rays, your body may not. Most materials that are used for patio furniture have a tendency to heat up if left in the sun all day, and so understand that you should be aware of the heat the product is likely to absorb. This could be something as simple as for comfort, but also for safety. As sometimes they can heat up to extreme temperatures where you could seriously burn yourself if youre not careful.

The Price

As with any purchase, the price is potentially the most vital aspect. You have to assess what materials match your current set up, space, lifestyle etc. And above all else understand that while you should not feel forced to step outside of your budget . Keep in mind that sometimes by stepping a little bit outside of your price range, you could be saving yourself more money, time, and convenience down the road.

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Bring Furniture Inside Or At Least The Cushions

The easiest way to protect your outdoor furniture is to bring it inside. Yes, this wont work if youve got a huge patio set or sectional, but if youve just got a couple of chairs or a bunch of cushions, bring them inside when not in use. If you want to use this method, at least in the off-season, choose items that you can stack, fold, or disassemble.

You can also pick up an outdoor storage container to keep cushions next to your outdoor furniture.

Why You Should Trust Us

Best Choice Products 3

For this guide, our team interviewed both landscape and furniture designers, including Aaron and Claire Van Holland of the Los Angeles furniture company House Van Holland Calvin Abe, a landscape architect based in the Los Angeles area Andy Balderson, a Washington, DCarea landscape designer and Los Angeles landscape designers Russ Cletta, Maggie Lobl, and Naomi Sanders. We gathered more insight into what people are seeking in outdoor patio furniture by speaking with three retail experts in Pasadena, California: Veronica Hoodless, sales associate at the high-end Fishbecks outdoor-furniture store Jesse Mezger, manager at the upscale Patioworld and Jesse Bawsel, manager at Armstrong Garden Centers. To find good options that will last, we also looked at hundreds of tables, chairs, and sofas online, and at dozens in stores.

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Griffith Metal Conversation Set

Lazy evenings on the porch begin with this simplistic conversation set. Made from powder-coated steel and designed to withstand weather damage, the Griffith 4-Piece Patio Set is made to match with just about any decor.

Assembly is quick and easy the set comes with two armchairs, a loveseat, and a small coffee table. Although the set is currently only available in white, individual chairs can be purchased in several different color choices on Amazon.

A Note On Furniture Covers

While outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements, it doesnt hurt to double down during the colder months with a furniture cover.

You just want to make sure your furniture is thoroughly cleaned and dried before putting the cover on, says Megan Pierce-Dozier, with Kingsley Bate.

Dont want the headache of moving all your outdoor furniture inside for the winter? With the right furniture, you dont have to. Ultimately, choosing high-quality materials is the best strategy for buying patio furniture that can be left outside during the winter. Keep it in mind as invest in patio furniture.

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What Are The Challenges Of Rainy Weather

Rain and humidity can cause these problems to outdoor furniture:

  • Mold, mildew, and rot. Humid or wet conditions inevitably lead to mold, mildew, or even rot. The first two can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems , but you can clean them off. Rot damages the material, meaning you will have to replace it.
  • Rust and corrosion. When metals containing iron are continually exposed to water and oxygen, they rust. Not only does rust look bad, but it weakens the metal. Salt in the air speeds up this process, so its particularly bad if you live near the coast.
  • When water soaks through a material, the material can warp as it dries. This may be undetectable, or it can be very obvious. At worst, it loosens screws and other fasteners holding your furniture together.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Outdoor Furniture

How to seal wood furniture for outdoor use

“Any holiday is a great time to pay attention to online sales and great promotions,” says Betsy Moyer, Co-Founder and Interior Designer at Retreat. “Since outdoor furniture is so seasonal in nature, we like to keep an eye out for Memorial Day sales to kick off the season with new outdoor collections. And of course, Labor Day, the last great sale holiday before much of the nation is headed into winter and retailers are trying to move final inventory.”

The best time to buy your outdoor furniture to ensure you have everything you need for summer fun in the sun is to buy during the fall and winter months,” adds Dufresne. “Lead times for delivery are much shorter since demand is lower and more options will be available so you can get exactly what you want.”

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Can You Leave Wicker Furniture Outdoors

When it comes to all-weather wicker furniture, the best patio material for cold climates is wicker made from polyethylene that has a weather-resistant frame. The majority of wicker outdoor furniture is constructed from two kinds of synthetic plastics: polyethylene and PVC. Polyethylene resin wicker is resistant to the effects of UV rays, water, and snow, making it a great example of patio furniture that can be left outside during the winter.

For added durability, look for polyethylene resin wicker that has been dyed all the way through rather than painted, as this material is more durable and will retain its color in harsh climates. Conversely, PVC resin wicker is not one of the best patio materials for cold climates, as its prone to corroding and chipping when exposed to weather, and its toxic to the environment.

#top 3 Blumfeldt Amalfi Outdoor Portable Folding Lounge Chair

  • ADJUSTABLE: Ergonomically Designed, the Amalfi Beach Chair Meets All Your Comfort Needs: a 5- Level Adjustable Backrest Allows You to Adjust the Chairs Incline for Those Spontaneous Nap Times. The Amalfi Lounge Chair Is Also Extremely Portable, and You Can Take Them Anywhere with You!
  • CONVENIENT: Soak Up the Sun! This Sunbed Gives You Easy Shade Access. Its Top Canopy Provides a Pleasant Shade, So You Can Enjoy Sunbathing At Your Own Leisure.
  • STURDY: The Amalfi Beach Chair Is Made of Weather-Proof Material. The Powder Coated Steel Frame Guarantees Outstanding Durability to Enjoy Hours of Sun. For Convenience, the Padding Is Made of Quick-Drying Foam and the Cover Can Be Wiped Down Easily.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Amalfi Lounge Chair Is the Perfect Seat to Kick Back and Relax, Be It Anywhere From Your Garden, Pool, Lounge, Or a Sunny Beach. The Lounge Chair Includes a Headrest Pillow That Adds Extra Comfort and It Can Be Adjusted According to Your Preferences.
  • HANDY AND LIGHT: When Folded Up, the Chair Measures Only 28 X 10 X 34 Inches, Making It Ideal for Transport and Storage. At Only 14 Lbs of Weight, This Lounger Is Light Enough to Be Moved Around Easily.

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We Talked To The Experts: Our Guide For Patio Furniture That Can Be Left Outside During The Winter

While form and function are major selling points for patio furniture during the warmer months, once the temperatures start dropping, homeowners begin to ask: Do I have patio furniture that can be left outside in the winter? The answer can mean the difference between enjoying your furniture for another year or facing a big expense come spring. We talked to the experts to get the lowdown on the best patio material for cold climates and tips on how to ensure your patio furniture makes it through the winter. Heres the drift:


While form and function are major selling points for patio furniture during the warmer months, once the temperatures start dropping, homeowners begin to ask: Do I have patio furniture that can be left outside in the winter? The answer can mean the difference between enjoying your furniture for another year or facing a big expense come spring. We talked to the experts to get the lowdown on the best patio material for cold climates and tips on how to ensure your patio furniture makes it through the winter. Heres the drift:

Joss & Main: Chic Contemporary And Versatile Pieces

Grand Bonaire 5 Piece Weather Resistant Wicker Patio Chair Set

Joss & Main

Best for: Ottomans, patio sofa sets and stylish chaise lounges.

If youre looking for well-crafted wooden patio furniture, look no further than Joss & Main. The brand has become well-known for its wood and natural pieces, this garden bench. Their furniture ranges from teak all the way to eucalyptus wood, and its praised for its versatility. Reviewers say the furniture easily blends into both small and large spaces without taking up too much space. Accessories and lighting are also available, and Joss & Main offers free shipping over $35 and free returns.

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Yardbird Lily Outdoor Dining Arm Chair

Yardbird creates sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor furniture that is high quality and sophisticated. There are several different styles of dining chairseven some that swivelbut sometimes simplicity is best, especially with outdoor pieces.

This outdoor Lily dining chair is simple and easy to clean, since its made with a hand-poured cast aluminum frame that will last. The seats cushion is highly water and stain resistant, so you dont need to bring the cushions inside on rainy days.

Get the Lily Outdoor Dining Arm Chair at Yardbird for $260

#top 19 Outsunny 3 Pieces Patio Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair Set

  • DIMENSIONS: Lounge Dimension: 78.75L X 28.75W X 40.5H, Side Table Dimension: 15.75W X 15.75D X 15.75H, Weight Capacity: 352 Lbs , 110 Lbs . NOTE: The Fabrics Waterproof Rating Is Not Prevented Rain!
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The Outdoor Rattan Lounge Is Built with 5-Position Adjustable Backrests So That You Can Sit Up in Various Positions. The Two Back Wheels Make This Outdoor Furniture Easy to Transport From Place to Place Or Around Your Lawn, Patio, Or Deck.
  • PADDED COMFORT: The Lounge Cushion Is Filled with 2 Thick Cotton for Optimal Comfort and the Cushion Covers Are Made From Water-Resistant Polyester Cloth.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Both PE Rattan Loungers Are Made From Weather-Resistant PE Rattan Wicker on a Galvanized Steel Metal Frame with a Tempered Glass Side Table.
  • OUTDOOR LOUNGING FLEXIBILITY: This 3 Piece Outdoor Lounge Set Includes 2 Reclining Chairs and 1 Side Table That Offer a Stylish and Comfortable Lounging Experience.

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Discover And Shop The Best Modern Home Brands

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If you have an outdoor space, youâve probably found yourself wanting answers to this question at some point, and in this article, weâre aiming to help you narrow down your search.

One of the best ways to turn your garden or patio into a space you enjoy spending time in is to furnish it. But finding the perfect outdoor furniture set that looks great, can stand up to the elements year-round, and fits in your budget can be a challenge.

So weâve scanned the internet, analyzed plenty of reviews, and asked a few furniture experts and designers to chime in and help us find the best outdoor furniture companies to buy from in 2022.

Whether youâre searching for a modular sofa thatâll give you that relaxing living room feeling outdoors, the perfect dining set for an alfresco meal, or lounge chairs to crash out in on those warm summer afternoons, youâll be sure to find what youâre looking for with one of the brands listed below.

Meet the experts

To write this article, we spoke with several interior design, home improvement, and outdoor furniture experts, including:

  • Bill Ferris, furniture industry expert and owner of Decor Interiors since 2007.
  • Award-winning interior designer, writer, and speaker, Pamela O’Brien.
  • Interior designer and co-founder of Retreat Design, Betsy Moyer.
  • Megan Dufresne, founder of MC Design, a boutique interiors firm specializing in coastal-friendly design.
  • Lindsay Schleis, Vice President of Business Development for Polywood.

Hanover Strathmere Conversation Set

Wicker Furniture That Is Weather Proof And On Trend

This elegant weather-resistant patio set looks more like living room furniture than a place to lounge outdoors. Rich espresso tones and calming sage green mesh perfectly to create a look and feel that says pure relaxation.

Strathmeres Conversation Set will keep looking great even after being rained on thanks to the weather-resistant rattan and quick-drying cushions. Place it on your patio, in a cozy corner of your garden, or nestle it in your three season porch to create a sophisticated lounging space.

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The Best Materials For Rain

Unless you have a combination of excess space and guns of steel , its unlikely youre going to deadlift your mid-century outdoor dining table into storage every time raindrops are in the forecast. Outdoor dining tables, sofas, and chair frames need a solid foundation built by hardy materials. Here are our recommendations for best-in-showers.

An Overview Of The Polywood Presidential Rocking Chair

It looks like a beach rocker. The type of chair youd see parked next to a Pawleys Island hammock. That was our first impression when we took in the sight of the chair, and yours is likely to be similar. Its just got a fun, casual air about it that makes you want to grab a drink , take a seat, and rock your troubles away.

The name of the company and the material the chair is designed from are a bit deceiving, though. Since the word wood is in the name Polywood, you might be thinking this is a wooden chair, or at least a composite wood chair.

It is not. Its made from recycled plastic. Theres nothing wrong with that in the least, but heres our misgiving, and well get it out of the way early: This chair is marketed as an indoor/outdoor rocker.

Thats technically correct. Theres nothing that would stop you from using it indoors, butits plastic. It looks plastic. No one will be fooled into thinking theyre sitting in a wooden rocker.

As such, in the vast majority of cases, its going to stick out like a sore thumb if you try to use it indoors. Even so, there are places where it would fit in. A screened-in porch is technically indoors. A sunroom is indoors. It could work in a game room. Sowe counted it as an indoor/outdoor rocker, but only just. If youre looking for a rocking chair you can put in your living room, this is categorically NOT the chair you want, but it does have viable indoor uses.

  • Chair Weight: 42 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 400 pounds

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