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Fire Pit Protection For Deck

How Big Should My Fire Pit Mat Be

Protect a Composite Deck from a Fire Pit

The size of your fire pit mat depends on the size of your fire pit and your deck. You will also have to take into account the height of the fire pit and how high it is to the ground.

You can go for a smaller fire pit mat if youre using a small and short fire pit. The standard fire pit dimensions are 36 to 44 inches wide and 12 to 14 inches in height.

Match the size of your mat with these dimensions and make sure to allow enough space for the mat to extend outwards so that you will be able to see the mat and make use of its aesthetics.

If youre planning to get cozy on the floor then you will need a bigger mat. You should also make sure to increase the height of the fire pit to 18 to 20 inches so that you can safely sit down around the pit without the danger of flying embers and sparks falling on you.

Why Fireproof Pros Fire Mat Is So Good Under A Propane Burning Fire Pit On A Composite Deck

With a propane fire pit or table, the level of protection required is less. This is why I offer an alternative to DeckProtect. For gas fire, you only need protection against heat.

FireProof Pros fire mat is a more economical alternative to DeckProtect at a fraction of the cost for a propane fire on your deck.

What Should You Not Put Under A Fire Pit On A Deck

First, you should not put anything under a fire pit on deck that is flammable. So, dont place wood or other materials prone to ignition near the pit itself.

  • Do not leave anything flammable around an open flame such as paper goods, clothing etc.
  • Avoid using lighter fluid in windy conditions because its very easy for that fuel to get blown out the fire pit.
  • Do not use flammable liquids to start a fire in any circumstances. They are very dangerous and can cause injury or death if something were ever to go wrong with your lighter fluid, for example spilling it on yourself while lighting the flame causing you to catch alight too!

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What To Put Under A Fire Pit On Composite Deck

Based on our discussion up until this point, the primary solution to the potential for fire pit heat or coal damage to decking is the utilization of some sort of barrier.

There are a variety of DIY and locally acquired options to look over and it doesnt have to cost a great deal. The profit from speculation will be worth the effort regardless kind of decking you have.

Check The Fire Pit Installation Manual

Deck Protect 36"  X 36"  in. Fire Pit/Chiminea Deck Protector

When shopping for a fire pit, always consult the installation manual to make sure it will be a good fit for your space.

Manufacturers publish important clearance and installation requirements in these manuals, so its important to read them before making a purchase .

For example, lets take a look at a snip from the installation manual for the French Barrel Oak Cosmo Gas Fire Pit Table made by American Fyre Designs:

On the Minimum Clearances page of this manual, it says:

Clearance Below Unit is 0 inches and Floor must be a hard, level surface. Combustible materials permitted.

Both requirements verify that this gas fire pit table is perfectly safe to use on a combustible deck, whether it is wood, composite, trex, or vinyl.

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Fire Pit On Wood Deck

Challenges related to utilizing a Fire Pit on Wood Deck range from all out fire damage and the destruction or weakening of the decking and the supporting design, to restorative damage from searing because of metal on wood contact or from hot fire pit contents spilling onto the deck for one reason or another.

Assuming you are or see yourself turning into a regular fire pit client, and you are building another deck or plan to replace the deck boards your current deck, outside utilize fire-retardant pressure-treated wood is an option that gives additional protection to enhance different advances well cover in a little.

We’ve Been Providing Top

Although they’re very durable, pavers need maintenance too! With proper maintenance, you’ll increase the longevity and improve the appearance of your pavers for years to come that’s where we come in! Our 9-step fire pit cleaning and sealing service will accomplish this, restoring your pavers to prime condition and sealing them so they’re protected from future damage. We use a specially-crafted sealant to ensure the best results so your pavers have top-of-the-line protection!

At Deck & Drive, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality results. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and it’s with this guiding light that we’ve been able to serve customers in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and nearby cities in Florida for 16 years. Call us today at so we can serve you next!

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Create A Thermal Barrier Between The Fire

A fire pit screen may help to contain any sparks that fly out from the fire, but you need a thermal barrier to protect the decking from the heat radiating from the fire pit.

The most common way to build a thermal barrier around your fire pit is by constructing it with heat-resistant materials such as concrete or pavers. Fire pit tables with glass walls are another great option and achieve a more modern look.

A popular option for portable fire pits is to place the fire pit on top of a heat-resistant metal tray that will raise the fire pit off the ground and create a barrier between the heat source and the decking. You can search for fire pit heat shield or fire pit pad to find different models.

Propane Fire Pits And Natural Gas Fire Pits

Dont Put Your Firepit on a Wooden Deck

Propane and natural gas fire pits are the safest options for composite decks. They do not produce as much heat as wood-burning fire pits. They also do not throw off any embers or sparks that could cause damage o your composite decks.

Gas and propane fire pits can easily be installed into your deck. If you are using portable propane or gas fire pits, you would still need to use a fire mat to protect your composite deck.

Fair warning: The legs on a gas fire pit get hot, ensure that you have an effective heat-resistant barrier to protect your wood or composite decks and wait for it to cool down before handling it with your bare hands.

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Do You Need A Mat Under Your Fire Pit

Yes! The answer will not be too much in any of the articles. However, you need to be very careful to protect the wood against the hot temperatures emitted by the fire pit.

With roaring fires, some fire pits can reach 1200 degrees Fahrenheit above your wood deck temperature. So it can burn and destroy your deck. So a mat is essential for you when you use a fire pit.

Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Deck Below Is Everything You Need To Know

Cooler weather means its time to set up the fire pit and roast some marshmallows or just warm up a tad by the flames. While some people may build or purchase fire pits in their yards, others prefer to keep their fire pits closer to their homes. For many homeowners this begs the question, can you put a fire pit on a wood deck? If youre considering your fire pit on deck safety, read on.

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Do Fire Pit Mats Work

Yes, fire pit mats work but you will need to use them properly and match them with the kind of deck and fire pit you have at home.

The effectiveness of fire pit mats and their necessity will highly depend on where youre planning to install and use the fire pits, how far they are on the floor, and what kind of flooring you have on your deck (if you choose to use the fire pit on the deck. You may also need to take into account the kind of fire pit mat youre using.

A fire pit mat needs to be heat-resistant to effectively accomplish its goal. A thin and large fire pit mat is more effective when used on a fire pit that stands a bit higher on the ground and does not directly sit on the deck. But the closer your fire pit is to the ground, the more cushioning it will need to protect the deck on your yard from its direct heat.

Check Your Towns Code : KINGXBAR Fire Pit Mat for Deck Visible at Night ...

Before lighting a fire pit near your home, youll need to see whether your HOA, township, city, etc., have any regulations regarding fire pits or open flames that youll have to adhere to. Some towns do not allow for open flames within 20 feet of ones domicile. If this is the case, youll need to take proper precautions and reconsider your fire pit placement. If the towns code allows for a fire pit on your deck, youll need to consider space restraints and the type of fire pit youd like to install. Plus, you should plan to have additional protection by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby, in case of emergencies.

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What Is A Fire Pit Mat

A fire pit mat or protection matting is an affordable safety option you can consider to prevent your deck from coming into any harm. It is an extra layer of protection you can use to safeguard your deck and as a result your home. And the great thing about this type of mat is that it can also add to your decks aesthetics and décor.

Quite similar to a regular mat, a fire pit mat is structured and designed to be resistant to high temperatures. When used, flying sparks and embers wont be able to damage the mat itself and when covered over the deck will also protect the deck and home in the process.

Using a fire pit mat on your deck will be very important, especially if your deck is not fire-resistant and may even be filled with burnt marks like wooden decks and other similar delicate materials.

Fire pit mats are made from heat-resistant materials, including fire-retardant film or fiberglass. They are responsible for protecting the deck from flying embers and sparks and making burnt marks on the floor. They can only be applicable though if your fire pit is standing on legs but if not and the pit lays directly on the ground, a firmer and sturdier material may be required to serve as protection for the flooring and deck.

It will be a requirement if you want to keep your deck in good condition and away from the possibility of it burning. The mat can also prevent burning on grass areas within your backyard.

For A Wood Deck Or Any Other Surface:

Measure between two legs of your fire pit. Choose the Deck Protect fire pit pad that will slide between the legs and rest directly underneath the bowl of the fire pit. This will protect any surface from the radiant heat fire pits and other heat sources produce.

***SAVE 10% on your Deck Protect fire pit mat when you add it to the order of any fire pit. Enter discount code: SAVE10 at checkout.

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Check Your Local Fire Codes And Regulations For Outdoor Fire Pits

Depending on where you live, fire codes and regulations may specify the specific types of fire pits that can be used on wooden decks. Local jurisdictions govern fire codes, so even if your deck is in your backyard, it may not be up to the same standards as a deck in someone else’s backyard. Fire regulations will also vary depending on the type of wood the deck is made from and its construction. A cedar or redwood deck is less likely to ignite than one made with a cheaper pine or fir wood.

Therefore, before making a purchase, do your research about what is allowed in your city and county. Fire codes and regulations can vary from place to place, so be sure you know the rules where you live before buying or building a fire pit like the one Im going to describe here.

We Formulated A Professional

Deck Protect for a Concrete Deck – Fireproof Mat

You deserve nothing but the best, and when we found the best wasn’t good enough, we created something that was. We formulated our own Deck & Drive proprietary sealant to ensure your pavers are getting top-of-the-line care. This professional-grade concrete sealing solution was specially crafted to produce optimal results for pavers like those in your fire pit! It’ll provide long-lasting protection against additional wear and tear from the elements!

We recommend scheduling our cleaning and sealing service at least once a year to prevent extensive damage to your pavers and keep them in top condition!

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What Is Best To Put Under A Fire Pit

You should put protective materials under a fire pit to prevent heat damage. You can use flexible silicone and fiberglass fabric mats.

Alternatively, solid protectors are available made from steel and aluminum.

If you prefer a permanent fire pit spot in your backyard, construct one using bricks and concrete. The brick bottom layer offers fire protection.

How Do I Protect My Deck From A Fire Pit

Never set your fire pit on a bare wood deck. Instead, invest in a fire pit pad to protect the deck from gas, embers and ash. These come in materials like stone, metal and screen mesh and sit right underneath your fire pit with a bit of extension all the way around in order to protect the deck from the fire.

Will a fire pit ruin a deck?

Dont: Never place your fire pit directly on a wood deck. The heat, flying sparks, and ash can seriously damage your deck and can also lead to a dangerous fire.

What kind of firepit is safe for decks?

Best Fire Pit for Wood Deck

  • Double Flame Smokeless Patio Fire Pit.
  • Catalina Creations 29-inch.
  • AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit.
  • Outland Living Series 401 44-Inch.

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Best Deck Protection Under A Propane Fire Pit On Composite

Propane fire pits or tables burn cooler than wood with more control. With lower heat and greater control, less protection is required. Plus no sparks or burning coal to catch. Under a propane fire pit, you only need to reflect the heat to prevent the decking from melting.

There are lots of reflective fire mats to choose from. The three most significant features I like about these are.

  • REFLECTS up to 95% of HEAT
  • Only requires 5-6 SPACING between the bottom of fire pits
  • Fire Resistant for temperatures as high as 1800 °F

Beyond these three features is who Fireproof Pros is. As their name says they are focused on fireproofing things. Making products to allow you to enjoy a fire without damaging your deck. This is not something that they also do. This is as my Dad would say.

Their bread and butter.

Not an add-on, but their primary focus is protecting valuable from fire damage, period.

So those are my top two recommendations for putting under your fire pit on your deck. Now for the why. What is it about these two fire mats that I appreciate, and how well do they protect composite decking. They can also be used on wood decks, which are more flammable than many PVC or composite decks but without the risk of melting. This is why with composite decking, you need increased protection, preventing melting. Because both composite and PVC decking will melt at a much lower temperature than burn.

Final Warning Test Before Using On Your Composite Deck

Fire Pit Mat for Deck Visible at Night, Square Fireproof Under Grill ...

I hate accidentally damaging things, especially expensive composite decking. Fire pits vary in heat and how hot the bowl gets. Not knowing your particular decking or fire pit, I highly recommend safe testing first.

Since we are dealing with a portable fire pit or table, try it out on a safe location first off the deck.

Before firing it up enjoying all evening on your deck. One evening set it up on the driveway or patio, with the DeckProtect or Fire Mat under it. Fire it up for a full hour. Then test how hot it becomes under the mat.

If you dont have an infrared heat gun. Carefully sliding your hand under will suffice.

To hot for your hand, to hot for your deck.

Even better. Place a cut-off piece of decking from your deck under the mat. See if it is damaged after an hour of heat. Better a scrap than the whole deck.

At the bare minimum, the first time you use it on your deck, regularly test under the mat to see how warm it gets. Dont just set it and forget it. If it becomes warm, turn it off before it begins to melt.

With all that said.

Enjoy the warmth and glow of your fire pit on your low-maintenance deck. I see many delightful evenings under the stars in your future.

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What Is Composite Decking

Assuming you are unfamiliar with composite decking, its essentially decking that is usually made from a combination of wood filaments, hardwood flour , polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and different plastics – a few brands do exclude any wood or wood side-effects at all.

The advantages over wood incorporate enhanced durability and resistance to spoiling and discoloration. Side note: It very well may be uncomfortably hot to walk on in bare feet compared to wood.

With those advantages comes a lot greater expense compared to pressure-treated wood, with a price tag between $10-20 for every square foot, excluding installation.

I have an earlier version of the Trex brand of composite decking and while its actually holding up well, the shading at this point isnt great.

Trex has made some amazing progress since the time mine was installed though. Different brands incorporate TimberTech, Fiberon, Envision, CaliBamboo, and others. However, I stray


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