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Pergola Ideas With Retractable Roof

Retractable Canvas Shades Will Keep Pergolas Usable Year

Pergola with Retractable Roof – Outdoor Living Expert

In this design, all you need to do is use the pulley to fold the canvas shade neatly to one side if you want more sunshine. The cream colour makes a chic contrast against the grey metal, too. And, when the colder weather hits, the canvas can be removed and stored somewhere safe to prolong its lifetime.

Many people like to relax with a nice book or enjoy their morning coffee in the fresh air in their outdoor structure.

And then there are those that like to spend countless hours working on projects and need plenty of natural light shining through. No matter what your reason is, you can maximize an outdoor living space by adding pergolas with retractable canvas shades!

Add Extra Shelter With A Clear Plastic Top

A colorful set-up from Wayfair

A wooden pergola like this is a classic choice, and as shown here, looks fantastic over a corner sofa. However, if your plot is prone to temperamental weather, a bit more shelter overhead may be in order.

A budget-friendly solution is to attach some corrugated plastic roofing to the beams. That way, you can still use the space even if it’s raining. Plus, you won’t be blocking out any additional light, so it will still feel bright and airy. This type of roofing is super durable and easy to clean, too.

There are plenty more pergola ideas in our dedicated feature if you’re after more style suggestions.

What Angle Should A Pergola Roof Be

Traditional pergolas tend to be more or less flat at the top . However, if you have a permanent solid roof on top of your design, or one that can close to create a solid surface, then you may want to opt for a slight angle by increasing the height of the structure at one end. This will prevent rainwater from pooling in the middle of your pergola and leading to potential damage, as instead it will help it to drain away. The amount of slope needed depends on the size of your structure and also the weather conditions of your region.

As mentioned, some designs have cleverly integrated drainage systems already installed, so whether you pick an angled roof or not is more dependent on your preferred style. Do bear in mind, however, that an angled roof may make add-on accessories, such as side panels, more complicated to fit especially if you’re opting for a bespoke creation.

Fancy a spot of DIY? You can find step-by-step advice on how to build a pergola in our guide.

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Make A Statement With Water

‘VTB Capital Garden Spirit of Cornwall’, designed by Stuart Charles Towner with Studio Evans Lane for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

If you’ve been tempted by the designs in our water feature ideas gallery, then how’s this for a eye-catching look? Granted, it’s in a show garden, but if you’ve got the budget for something bespoke then it’s a surefire way to make a stunning statement.

The water from the reservoir on the top cascades down a sleek panel of glass into a pond below to create a waterfall effect. The soothing sound and sight will give the seating space beneath tons of added atmosphere a great way to set the tone for a peaceful afternoon outdoors.

How Do You Add More Shade To A Pergola

How To Build A Diy Retractable Pergola Canopy / DIY Retractable Roof ...

You can add more shade to a pergola with coverings at the sides. Fabric panels are a simple addition, and can be hung, like curtains, from railings fitted just below the perimeter of the roof structure. They will soften the lines of the pergola, too.

Alternatively, use large foliage plants in pots, positioned around the sides of the pergola to cool and green the area.

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Make Your Dream A Reality With First American

Why dream it when you can live it?

First American Roofing & Siding also installs so you can turn your outdoor space into the backyard oasis youve been dreaming of. Well work with you to create a pergola thats both stylish and functional because we believe that your outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor one.

Whether youre looking for a pergola to enhance your existing deck or want something completely new and unique, we can make it happen. Schedule your free estimate today, and let us show you what we can do!

1472 WI-35

This Retractable Awning Provides A Great Space For Outdoor Living And Entertaining Guests

If you are looking to improve your garden/yard by adding a pergola for some additional living/entertaining space, we have many retractable awnings with innovative styles on offer!

Retractable roofs have come so far, they can be used anywhere to help protect your outdoor living space from the elements. This sleek design looks both modern and clean lined at the same time! Its great for those who want their pergolas to go with any style of décor.

Retractable roofs are also great for people who dont have a lot of storage space or live in areas that experience varying weather!

Another smart way is to incorporate lighting into your pergola design is by adding these gorgeous garden lanterns. Theyre perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere and are sure to add some extra charm to your pergola.

An idea you can make an outdoor room more comfy by adding an area rug, cushions, and lighting to create a cosy/comfortable area to be in.

Plus, the retractable awnings come in a variety of colours so you can choose the perfect awning to match your existing décor.

Adding natural light is key to any outdoor living space!

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Idea #7 Accessorize With Spotlights

No matter what kind of pergola roof you have, you can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space with warm spotlights. Hanging out under your pergola roof at night time can be a soothing, serene experience.

If you have a jacuzzi, putting spotlights on the ground and atop your pergola can help create a luxurious outdoor space. An illuminated pergola creates an environment where you can have lasting memories with your friends, family, and significant other.

Key Retractable Roofs Features

Pergola Roof – Retractable Arch Pergola Complete Installation
  • The PVC fabric is durable and waterproof requiring minimal maintenance.
  • The Malibu Awning is the only retractable awning that has been engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 90km/hr .
  • A stacking retractable solution offering great protection against the elements.
  • Gutters can be installed to collect rain water and channelled down a drain pipe.
  • It can cover large areas in a practical, elegant manner.
  • Can be installed flat or tilted.
  • Motorised operation and remote control.
  • 7-year quality guarantee.

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Retractable Pergola Canopies Are Smart And Effective

Pergolas are a relatively inexpensive way to add extra shelter and beauty to your backyard landscaping. When you add a retractable canopy in the design, you significantly increase both the functionality and value of this structure. Because of the easy slide and lock design of these canopies, you can transform the pergola into a beautiful open structure, or a classy shaded nook, whenever you desire.

Visit our pergolas page to see all the variety we have to offer. A retractable pergola canopy is an optional add on feature for any of our pergolas. With vinyl, wooden, and custom designed pergolas, you can find something to compliment that perfect spot in your backyard. Our Amish made pergolas are made with quality, precision, and integrity designed to last for years and improve your outdoor living space!

Diy Pergola Cover Ideas: 7 Ways To Protect Your Patio From Sun And Rain

In the summer, I love to grill and entertain outdoors. But since I live in an area that often gets lots of sun and afternoon rainstorms, my outdoor cookouts are either really hot or getting rained out. To fix that issue, I went on a hunt for ways I could cover the patio around my outdoor kitchen and came up with these DIY pergola cover ideas some that just provide lots of shade, and some that are waterproof.

Back in the spring, I did a that included sprucing up my outdoor kitchen area.

Now that its looking good, Ive been doing a lot more grilling out there.

And while I love my new updated cooking space, theres one thing missing. And thats a cover for the pergola that goes over my outdoor kitchen area.

While the pergola provides some shade, it isnt very helpful during the day when the sun is directly overhead And it doesnt provide any protection at all when its raining.

Not that I expect to be standing out there all day in the rain. But here in South Carolina, we tend to get a lot of 15 minute rain storms in the afternoon. Which always seem to occur right after I have put the food on the grill.

So I would love to be able to stay out there and not get soaked.

Which is why Ive been searching for DIY pergola cover ideas to provide some extra shade and rain protection for my little grilling area patio.

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What Can You Use To Shade A Pergola

To shade a pergola, use fabric hung as curtains or draped over the roof, patio planting ideas, and different roofing materials either alone or in combination. Your choices might depend on the permanence of the pergola, and the style of your yard.

If you have erected a temporary pergola to provide shade over the course of a few sunny days, then fabric provides an excellent source of shade. As permanent solutions, consider adding blinds or even building a solid roof.

The Ten Best Pergola Roof Ideas You Should Consider

Rain or shine, this pergola retractable roof system is perfect to enjoy ...

Third Heaven Landscape is a full-service landscaping business dedicated to improving the backyards of Monterrey, CA, homeowners. We want all Monterrey homeowners to have pride in their lawns.

Our licensed and insured landscapers can improve your homes curb appeal with first-class landscape and outdoor home improvement services. To do this, we can install a pergola roof in your backyard.

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Polycarbonate Roofs Are Lightweight And Easy To Install

To get the most of your outdoor space, its important to protect against inclement weather. A good way is by adding polycarbonate roofing and considering ceiling lights which will allow you to use even if it is raining.

If your budget allows a solution could be to attach some eye-catching light architecture for pergolas over your beams so the canopy is still bright, protects you from harmful UV rays. Ask us about our green and durable roofing for your terrace.

Creative Ways To Add Shade To Your Pergolas

Pergolas are unique structures that have been in use for hundreds of years. They were originally used to train vines to grow over the top, which created a type of canopy and shade for the user.

Today, pergolas are often left open to add definition to an area. They may also have covers, canopies, or other types of top added that can provide shade.

Pergola tops come in a wide range of styles both permanent and temporary, and can add a lot of style, interest, and function to your outdoor design. If youre wondering how to incorporate shade into the pergola that youre building, check out these 11 pergola sun shade ideas:

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Diy Pergolas You Can Create For Your Own Backyard

Before we start talking about a tutorial or blueprints for these beauties, lets talk about what a pergola is. Its a garden feature that looks a bit like the top of a gazebo or sometimes describes as a covered walkway. It can be a really luxurious addition to a larger backyard and help to transform a space into something magical and brand new. Often made from lattice and wood bits, you can actually learn how to craft your own design and really personal your outdoor area.

You can obviously hire someone to make one for you, but its going to cost you about double than what it would to build it yourself. So, if youre handy enough, you can definitely get your pergola up in a couple of days, depending on the level of difficulty youre going for and the size of the project.

Extend Pergola Roof Sides To Turn A Pergola Into A Mini

Motoried Roof Retractable Pergola Awning

Adding a roof to your pergola creates a private, peaceful sanctuary in your garden that is ideal for outdoor living. Take the look to the next level by continuing your solid roof to cover two perpendicular walls. This will create a room-like feel which, when paired with patio furniture and outdoor lighting ideas, is useable at all times of the day. Add a few blankets and cushions and its the perfect space for an after-dinner drink with friends.

‘To truly embrace an al fresco lifestyle, treat your outdoor space in the same way you would your interior. Think about your concept, furniture and accessories to create a space that feels like a room,’ says Scarlett Blakey, creative partner of Ophelia Blake Interior Design . ‘Add some height to your landscape and create a feature by building a pergola, which can be used as a spacious outdoor dining area. Use this as an opportunity to change your floor finishes to tile, and dress it up with festoon lighting.’

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Q: How To Build A Pergola With Roof

A: The pergolas on this list have been chosen because our team found them relatively easy to build. The pergola kits themselves come with fantastic, easy to follow instructions and all of the necessary fixtures and fittings. What we recommend you bring to the table is a minimum of 2 people and the proper tools for assembly.

If youre not choosing a kit from the list above. Not to worry. It is possible for you to build a pergola with a roof from scratch. See below.

What Tools Are Required?

  • Pens for marking
  • Electrical tape

Layer Up Roof Materials

If you’re designing a pergola its worth considering layering roof materials to provide sufficient shade.

In this spacious scheme, a structure of wooden beams creates an airy roof. To provide extra pergola shade when the sun is at its highest, above is a second roof structure comprised of loose willow branches that offers an escape from the sun while still letting in pretty dappled beams.

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Metal Pergola With Canopy

Metal is an excellent material choice for pergolas because of its flexibility and its sturdiness. With the right kind of metal framing and appropriate finishing, a metal-framed pergola can last you many years. It could be a bit expensive but it wont let you down in terms of durability and style.

Being separate from the Mediterranean style home, this pergola easily transformed into a small cozy space to relax and lounge about. It also uses black painted metal framing and natural fiber canopy, to keep with the natural feel of the space. The upcycled wooden creates were used as sofa framing simply adds to its charm.

The metal framing of this pergola has a slim silhouette and has been molded into a more traditional style. A sheer outdoor-grade fabric has been added into the slats of the pergola to provide a bit of shade and protection from light drizzle/snow.

This is another interpretation of the Balinese look, but instead of a modern rectangular frontal profile, this pergola gives it a little twist by using an arched beam. To help make it look light, the battens were spread wide apart and a fabric canopy was used so that it follows the shape of the beam. A fire pit pergola can create an enchanting ambiance with the right decor and accessories.

Blending seamlessly into the houses modern architecture, this simple metal pergola adds a small yet very useful communal space in the house. The gray framing matches the windows and doors, and has a retractable canopy on top.

Diy Pergola Shade Ideas

Retractable Canvas Roof Pergola

This post may contain affiliate links. We make a small commission if you buy the products from these links . As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. But we only recommend products we would use ourselves. For more information, .

These first few pergola cover ideas provide a lot of shade and some protection from rain but arent totally waterproof.

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Benefit From Natural Shade

If you are looking to erect a new pergola in your garden, consider positioning it in an area that is already shaded. This beautifully simple wooden carousel design from the Oxford Garden Centre has a completely open roof which enables it to feel bright and airy but, since it is positioned under the boughs of a willow tree, is perfectly shaded. Dressed with bunting, pillows and picnic blankets, it is ideal for al fresco dining.

Pergola With Retractable Canopy

There are also pergolas with retractable canopies. These types allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight passing through, pr simply allow you to stow or remove the canopy in case of extreme weather conditions like rains and strong winds.

Metal pergola with retractable canopy See at

This is a small DIY metal pergola that comes with a canopy, making it a great value for money. It is hooked on the ground to give it more stability.

Freestanding pergola with canopy See at

This freestanding DIY pergola uses slimmer columns, beams and rafters, making it look light and very open. The yellow canopy gives this small pergola a bolder appeal. For more modern pergola designs visit this gallery page.

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