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How Much Are Louvered Pergolas

Customization Potential Is Nearly Limitless

The power of a pergola! Powered Louver Roof Systems!

Bored with beige and black? Design your pergola to your exacting specifications. We offer single or multi-zone systems to fit any space or design. Choose from six standard colors , custom colors, or faux-wood wrap. Incorporate architectural columns, cornice/corbel ends, caps, and bases to complement the design of your home. Outfit your pergola with built-in accessories, including:

  • Recessed lights
  • Motorized curtains and screens
  • And other fully integrated features

What makes StruXure residential pergolas different? The secrets in the design. Come to an area showroom and see our products for yourself or contact Denver Pergola Systems today to learn more today.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space More With An Adjustable Louvered Pergola!

Do you have an under-used, uncovered patio that is either too hot when you want to use it, or gets too much rain or snow to be functional? The Adjustable Louvered Pergola System has you covered or uncovered! Unlike a retractable awning or wooden structure with fixed slats that give partial shade, but no rain protection, this aluminum pergola system can offer full sun, partial to full shade, or shelter thanks to its ingeniously designed adjustable louvered roof system.

How Much Does Struxure Pergola Cost

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StruXure pergolas provide an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

If youre interested in adding a beautiful pergola to your backyard, be sure to check out StruXure. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from, and their quality is top-notch. Pergolas are a great way to add some extra shade and style to your backyard. But how much does a StruXure pergola cost? And what are the other benefits of this type of pergola? In this blog post, well answer all your questions about StruXure pergolas.

Well also take a look at the price range for these structures. Keep reading to learn more!

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Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Pergola

Most DIY jobs tend to be cheaper than hiring a professional, but its important to consider value versus cash outlay. A professional can ensure your pergola is built with a solid foundation. In general, the cost to put together a 10×10 pergola kit on your own is about $700 while a professional may charge an average of $3,500 for the same project.

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Different Types Of Patio And Pergola Covers

There are many different types of patio and pergola covers that can be used to protect your outdoor space. You may not even realize the wide range of options available, so its important for you to know what they are in order to choose wisely when choosing a cover for your own structure.

Below is an explanation about some common types of patio and pergola covers and costs that homeowners have been using and installed.

Attached Pergola With 78 Inches Retractable Blades


The R200 pergola is a louvered pergola facade with a flat or sloping roof leaning against a wall and columns fixed in the ground.

The R200 pergola with louvered roof has a motorized system of 7.8 inches wide retractable blades. An aluminum alloy rail system allows the louvered blades to be guided to the back of the pergola using a motorization and a Somfy remote control.

The dimensions of the R200 louvered pergola allow to cover a maximum surface of 275 sq ft for a maximum length of 39 feet and a maximum projection of 23 feet. Standard or custom-made, the dimensions of the R200 louvered pergola are perfectly adapted to your space.

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Why Choose A Louvered Roof

Because of the flexibility and capacity, a louvered roof can add to your outdoor entertaining and relaxing space, a louvered roof can truly transform the way you experience your surrounding environment. With a louvered roof, youll have a more beautiful space and the ability to enjoy your backyard throughout the year. Youll expand your indoors to your outdoors and naturally spend more time soaking up all the wellness benefits of more fresh air and sunshine. Here are more advantages to consider when youre deciding if a louvered roof is the right choice for your space.

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Benefits Of Aluminium Louvre Roof

Sturdy & durable

Our aluminium louvre roof has natural resistance to rust and corrosion. Therefore, customers who live near the ocean can rest assured that our product will be sturdy and long-lasting! The electric telescopic engine connection system and special aluminium extrusion in our louvre roof system prevents the passage of light and water by completely sealing the frame. Water will go to the gutter and drain through one side of the pergola. After the destruction of a few severe storms and breaking winds, our product did not have any damage which proves the stability and quality of our product.Our louvre roof guaranteed to withstand severe climatic changes and resist winds of up to 100 KM/h . .

Comfortable Space

Our adjustable louvre blades enable you to enjoy your alfresco living under all weather conditions. You can easily let the sunshine, warmth, and breeze enter through the pergola on hot summer days and block the pouring rain and howling wind out for you on freezing winter days. Building our high-quality louvre roof system is not only for the more entertaining and comfortable outdoor living, our modern louvre roof also increases the aesthetic appeal in your backyard.

Highly Customisable

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How Much Does A Louvered Roof Pergola Cost

Before you start comparing, Its important to know the difference when trying to determine how much does a louvered roof pergola cost and which model is right for you.

A Fixed roll-formed Louvered roof cost anywhere from $30-50 per square foot. A much stronger, lifetime-lasting extruded motorized louver roof can cost you $120-180 per square foot. Of course, these louvered roof systems are completely customizable.

What Is A Pergola With Louvered Roofs

Louvered Vinyl Pergola

A louvered roof pergola is a flexible and creative roofing structure that enables homeowners to enjoy the fresh air, soothing beams of sunshine, and other natural benefits. This roof may be simply changed to provide enough shelter from snow, mist, rain, or excessive sunshine.

Furthermore, a pergola with a louvered roof may be outfitted with amenities like ceiling fans to make the outside area even more pleasant, peaceful, and mosquito-free. This kind of roof enables homeowners to choose how much sunshine they want at any one moment throughout the day.

When it rains or snows, a louvered roof pergola provides a simple and user-friendly control mechanism that allows you to modify it. Its no surprise that its a great option for families since it allows them to make the most of their outside areas! Heres where you can learn more about our contemporary pergola design guide.

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Louvered Patio Covers For Your Home

Ever since the lockdown across the United States, we’ve experienced an unprecedented number of orders for residential automatic louvered roof systems. Why is this?

Well, of course with so many millions of people staying home, it’s a safe assumption that people want a nice place to spend time with their families. Louvered adjustable roof patio covers offer a rain-tight environment to spend that quality time with family and friends.

The cost of the residential adjustable patio is somewhat similar to the commercial unit. Typically, these louvered roof system cost without any upgrades will average about $130.50 per square foot.

Azenco Louvered Roof Pergola

The Azenco louvered pergola system is a French-based company with offices in Flordia. Azenco pergolas are one of the only louvered pergola systems which produce a 14″ tall outer beam with no visible screws.

With one of the most streamlined designs on the market, the Azenco louvered roof system is quickly becoming our best selling louvered

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Begin Your Outdoor Louvered Pergola Project Today

The way that a louvered pergola can define an outdoor space is both stylish and artistic. Browse our collection of incredible products to find the louvered patio roof style that works best with your home. Contact our wonderful team to begin your journey to the creation of a blissfully ambient outdoor space for your home today.

Design Options For Louvered Roof Systems

Aberdeen 12 Ft. W x 12 Ft. D Vinyl Pergola

Our beautiful louvered roof patio cover is designed with sleek, streamlined features that can blend well any architectural home design. This is essential because Billings homeowners who buy a louvered pergola roof for their patio tend to have a highly developed sense of style and independence.

You can choose the color, design, and size of the louvered roof patio cover based on your homes exterior paint, outdoor paving design, and even furniture. This all means that your patio cover will look fantastic and compliment the outdoor decorations that you already have around your backyard.

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These covers are available in different materials and slat sizes, allowing for up to 1600 motion range for any roofing system, and here are some of the most popular roof styles and add-ons that customers choose for their louvered roof system:

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No Problem Recommending This Product

The innovation of this product is amazing. The flexibility the Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod offers is great with light and air when required or partial or total shade also. The concept of being able to sit outdoors also in the Spring, Autumn and Winter also appeals with the heating option and the windproof motorised shade sides. We are delighted and have no problem recommending this product.

Caribbean Blinds are also a company that give back to the Community with their active support and participation with their local football club AFC Sudbury

Mick Bury St Edmunds

A Great Professional And Friendly Service

We just want to say how pleased we are with our Outdoor Living Pod. Your installation team were friendly, focused and work hard in the sub zero temperatures. We are looking forward to spending many years enjoying our new space. Thank you to all the team for a great professional and friendly service throughout.

Jono & Kim

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What Makes A Louvered Pergola So Special

Pergolas are the perfect option for homeowners that want a stylish shade solution for their outdoor living space. Selecting the right pergola can even turn your outdoor space into an all-weather destination that you can enjoy during afternoon downpours.

An adjustable louvered roof pergola can be controlled manually or autonomously with embedded rain and wind sensors. With the louvers slightly open, the pergola controls the amount of sun that reaches your patio, and ensures the space is well ventilated to keep humid air moving through the patio. During inclement weather, the louvers can be closed completely to keep out the rain. With rainwater captured by a hidden integrated drainage system, the runoff is then channeled away from the patio to keep the space dry.

But with so many options out there, from DIY solutions to custom-built works of art, how do you choose the louvered pergola system that is right for you? How do you choose the pergola features that will make the most of your outdoor space? And, more importantly, how much will a louvered pergola actually cost?

In this article, well explore what you need to know before you invest in a louvered pergola for your patio, deck, backyard or pool deck.

The Perfect Balance Of Style And Function

Louvered Pergola & Shades – The Best Outdoor Room

From elevated and gable roof styles to form flat designs, a louvered patio roof system can be crafted to work with even the most sophisticated architectural designs. Our patio louvers are available in curved or flat louver profiles with an endless choice of décor options. The integration of precision engineering and technology enables pinpoint adjustment of the mechanised 180-degree rotation giving you full control of your louvered pergola. Create the perfect blend of harmony and stylish design for the outdoor space in your home with a Pergolaire louvered pergola and enjoy fashion centred ingenuity combined with the pleasure of alfresco living.

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How To Choose A Patio Or Pergola Cover

A patio or pergola cover is the perfect way to protect your investment in an outdoor space.

Patio covers can be purchased pre-built, but many homeowners prefer to have them custom built.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a covering for your patio:

  • Choose a size big enough for all of your furniture, but not too large where theres wasted space.
  • Make sure the roof pitch allows water runoff so rain wont pool on top of the cover while still providing protection from sun exposure.

As mentioned previously, if you already have a covered area choose something that fits your existing structure.

  • Consider the color of your covering to match your outdoor furniture and house paint colors. Also keep in mind that brighter colors will heat up faster, if youre looking for some shade during summer months.
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation so humidity levels dont build up under your patio cover which can lead to mold growth or insect infestation problems.
  • If applicable make allowance for doors or windows on the patio cover itself or within close proximity . Same goes with electrical outlets .
  • Keep in mind that these features are not required but may come in handy at times! ~~~ Lastly consider things like decorative columns or trim to add a decorative flair.
  • Finally, think about the aesthetics of your patio cover and if it will blend in with your yard or house. Will guests be able to tell what is underneath the roof from atop the ground?

A Temo Louvered Pergola Is A Wonderful Investment For Your Home

Are you considering investing in a louvered pergola? This outdoor living structure offers the benefit of being both a pergola and a patio cover. The panels on the roof can be easily opened or shut, depending on the weather, to either offer partial sunlight or complete shade. Your pergola can protect patio furniture, a pool deck, a spa, a garden, an outdoor kitchen, or any other space in your backyard. And, when you want a louvered pergola for the best manufacturer in the business, turn to TEMO. We have been constructing outdoor living structures since 1970, so we have the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to manufacture durable, long-lasting products.

A TEMO louvered pergola will have a variety of useful features, including:

  • A slow-motion motor that includes a hidden electrical raceway to ensure a clean, streamlined appearance
  • A heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction, which will provide enhanced strength
  • Large spanned roofing panels to offer clear views when opened
  • A return lip roof design to reduce post-rain dripping
  • Beautiful TEMKOR corbels capped at the ends of the rafters and beams

Contact TEMO today if you would like more information about installing a louvered pergola at your property. Were proud to serve homeowners throughout the United States.

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What Determines The Louvered Motorized Pergola Cost

The cost of the motorized pergola is primarily determined by the manufacturer first, size second, motorized roof options third, and installation costs last. As previously mentioned, there are actually quite a few outdoor living manufacturers of these automatic louvered roof systems. Of course, the main question everyone has is… who’s the good, better, or best?

Local Regulations Impact Pergola Cost

How Much Does A Louvered Patio Cover Cost

Another factor that impacts the overall project budget for a louvered pergola is local regulations. While there are many shared regulatory requirements in municipalities throughout South Florida, every local building department and inspection department has some small differences in their process and requirements. When we dive into a new pergola project, one of the first steps is to evaluate the local regulations and then conduct some on-site surveying to determine what level of engineering will be necessary to secure those approvals. There are numerous factors which go into approvals, such as the prescribed depth of pergola footings.

Cost of a Custom-Built Louvered Pergola

Every louvered pergola project we undertake is essentially a custom pergola. Our manufacturing partner, Azenco, fabricates each structure to our specifications, leveraging its unique precision aluminum extrusion processes. As with any custom build, the customers design choices make a louvered pergola project budget quite fluid. While the overall footprint of the structure might account for 80% of the project cost, other customizations like embedded sensors for automating the louvers, outdoor patio screens and custom color matching for exterior powder coating, can also impact the project estimate. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the regulatory demands of structural and electrical permitting may also affect pricing estimates.

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Benefits Of Using Louvered Pergolas

A louvered pergola provides the best of both worlds the abundant sun or an open backyard or the complete shade of a covered porch. A louvered pergola lets you choose how much sun you would like to receive at any particular time.

Using the convenient controls of the pergola, you can open the louvers to let through sun, or close them if you want protection from snow or rain. That way, you and your family can spend more time enjoying the outdoors throughout the year.


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