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Hot Tub With Pergola Ideas

Integrating A Spa Into Your Garden

Building MODERN wooden DIY lean-to pergola with HOT TUB /patio cover / polycarbonate sheet roof

A strong surface is required to take the weight of the tub, water and people. This could be a sound concrete base, a patio or a gravelled area of solid earth. Placed on the ground, surrounded by decking looks fabulous too.

Placing on top of a deck isnt advisable due to the vibration of the pumps and the weight. But the deck can be built around the hot tub so that you step down into it. This looks stunning!

Aesthetically, this outstanding feature is best linked to other features/structures in the garden such as paved, decked or gravelled areas/paths, a pergola, trellis, gazebo, planting – something to link the whole scheme together, otherwise it will literally be outstanding, and not in a good way!

Imagine your hot tub in the middle of a lawn, away from the house, all on its lonesome – exposed, solitary, not really that great. Comfort, shelter, warmth and relaxation are the aims here. So consider carefully how to best maximize its potential.

Reasonably near to the house is good for ease and comfort. A clean access route is highly recommended, using some sort of hard-landscaping material – muddy, grassy feet dont make for clean water!

It Protects You From Sun Overexposure

While sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, too much sun exposure especially around midday into early afternoon in the height of the summer can be bad for you.

And given that your sun tan lotion is bound to wear off in your tub, spending hours in your spa in the direct summer sun could put you at risk of UV overexposure.

A pergola provides enough shade to keep you cool and give you the peace of mind that youre not putting your health at risk without blocking out the sunshine entirely.

Keep It Bright And Airy With Canvas Covers

A perfect look for an urban plot

This wooden structure is a stylish addition to an outdoor living space, and we love how the canvas covers offer a pleasing visual contrast in their pale hue. They can also be easily removed, which is good for winter storage if needs be, and will help keep them looking tip-top for longer.

And, they’re great for overlooked, urban plots, as they will provide privacy. You can find lots more hot tub privacy ideas in our dedicated guide.

The sturdy beams are also useful for attaching outdoor lights, meaning the space can be enjoyed whether day or night. The surrounding raised beds filled with plants also add to the appeal, providing a welcome dose of texture and color to balance the harder lines.

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The Roof Design Options

There are a few things to consider when choosing the type of pergola roof. You want to include the landscaping , other structures in the backyard , and the purpose of the pergola considering these elements will help you to decide. A pergola roof can be:

  • A canopy or a shade sail
  • A solid wooden or metal or clear plastic roof
  • A standard pergola roof purlins placed over rafters and rafters over beams
  • Slats only slats all over, for both the roof and the sides. Heres one great idea and a free plan How to Build a Slat Wood Pergola.
  • Carved Out Hot Tub Deck

    Hot Tub Pergola

    Design: Raila Clasen / @raila_ca_design, Photo: @karynmillet , Courtesy: @theexpert

    If you have an existing , consider carving out a little extra space for your new hot tub. This beautiful design by Raila Clasen pairs a wooden round hot tub with a similarly toned wood deck for a seamless connection. Add in a gravel surround for a practical and aesthetically pleasing touch.

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    Creating Hot Tub Privacy

    After a long work week you only have one thing on your mind relaxing with friends in your hot tub. The evening is perfect, from the weather to the company. Theres only one problem. Your intimate gathering doesnt feel so intimate with your neighbors watching you relax in the hot tub. Use the tips below for creating privacy around your hot tub.

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    Hot Tub Pergola: Gorgeous Decorative Design

    If you prefer a pergola which only gives a decorative touch instead of the one which shades your hot tub, then this idea should be on your top list. A pergola with screen is installed on this patio which makes it look way more attractive and provides a good privacy. The posts of the pergola are attached to the concrete construction with exposed brick design which adds a gorgeous rustic touch around.

    This adorable pergola with screen is a good inspiration for you who have a backyard with limited space. Though its designed in a small size, it still fully covers the hot tub which shades it from sun exposure and blocks the outside view very well. The finish of the pergola gorgeously complements the design of the hot tub which comes with rustic faux wood frame.

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    Find The Best Gazebo For Your Backyard Space

    Are you inspired by these gazebo ideas? Theres no time like the present to start planning your backyard paradise with a gazebo. They provide the ultimate outdoor living space to share with family and friends, and theyre easy to install.

    Contact Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario todayto learn about all the available gazebo models, to make the planning and installation of your gazebo a breeze.

    Hot Tub Pergola With Bar Ideas

    Patio Cover for Hot Tub (Should I Cover?)

    Notice how many great features this design has. The solid wood roof and with skylights! The lattice wall for privacy, and the bar! Plus the matching wood on the tub. Decorated with flowers, this is one of the best kits we could find, and its easily upgradable. The pergola appears to be made from cedar.

    The above pergola of a simple design looks gorgeous thanks to the Ornamental Wood Ties manufactured by OZCO.

    The kit includes a bar and makes the most of the available space on a deck. The top beams are close enough to provide limited shade. The use of contrasting colors of wood and green retro bar stools creates visual interest.

    Shown above is a small 8 x 8 Cedar Pergola Spa Shelter Kit from OLT. For its small size, it sure provides a great amount of entertainment, with features like a built-in bench with a backrest and a built-in bar. This outdoor hot tub pergola is made from cedar. Buy it here.

    Cedar is always aesthetically pleasing to look at, especially red cedar, as shown here. The rectangular pergola design includes a solid roof, two-sided slatted privacy screen and open slatted built-in bar. Plus, a wide hot tub spa step.

    The best hot tub pergolas are the ones that enhance your patio or deck. This 9×9 Naramata Spa Shelter, a square cedar design with a cedar shake roof, is small but has amenities such as a built-in bar and skylight. The kit is offered for $3,449 at Outdoor Living Today.

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    Hot Tub Pergola Ideas For Privacy And Weather Protection

    Pergolas can be simple structures or more elaborate ones, it all depends on the look youre going for and your unique requirements for size and purpose. One thing youre likely to be concerned about is privacy, especially if you have a very open garden that neighbours are easily able to look into. The last thing you want when youre settling down for a luxurious soak by yourself or with a partner is the feeling that youre not actually alone.

    Fortunately, there are many attractive ways to remedy this with a pergola. Have a look through these hot tub privacy ideas to find one that suits you:

    Should I Attach My Pergola To My House

    Pergolas usually stand on four posts, but attaching one to your house can save space and materials, make it sturdier, and look fantastic. Just be sure to check with your local council about whether youll need planning permission to build a pergola against the side of your house before you pull the trigger on the project.

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    Can I Build A Pergola Over My Hot Tub Myself

    As a pergola is essentially an open roof set across posts, you can technically build your own if you can source the right materials. A DIY hot tub pergola will come at a lower cost since youre only paying for the materials and not the labour.

    However, if you want a wooden pergola thats made from high-quality oak and has structural integrity you can trust, a pergola frame kit is the best option. This will be made to your specifications and delivered to you and, with some rudimentary DIY skills from you, youll be able to put it up yourself.

    Hot Tub On Patio Privacy Ideas

    Hot Tub Pergola

    On the patio, you can use the same ideas as with the deck , with the addition of these 3 exciting options:

    Since a patio is typically at ground level, hot tubs can be positioned off to the side, optimizing space and creating zones for entertaining, dining, and relaxing. Its easy to make privacy enclosures a part of the landscaping. Bamboo rolled fencing is a cheap but effective way to give your hot tub some privacy. For an even more tropical feel, create a living screen with bamboo include a root barrier to help prevent the bamboo from overtaking your garden. It is also an effective windbreak. Container gardens are another way to keep your hot tub safe from view, having the advantage of being any height you need.

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    Pergola With Integrated Lighting

    One of the top reasons why people invest in a pergola is to create a cute and cosy atmosphere get your hot tub party ready with a pergola with integrated lighting. Add LED strips to your louvres or integrate LED lighting into the frame of your pergola to surround yourself with low level lighting. Change the colour of your lighting with the press of a button to go from relax mode to full on party mode a Broadview pergola really will take your hot tub party to a whole new level.

    Give Your Hot Tub A Garden

    Install your hot tub in a serene backyard landscape with waterfalls and a pondless reservoir. When installing a manmade stream with waterfalls, some of our clients prefer the pondless feature where the water seeps into the gravel and acts as a more green maintenance-free source. Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York

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    Top 5 Spectacular Gazebo Ideas You Will Absolutely Love

    Are you trying to find inspiration for your backyard? Perhaps you are ready to furnish your patio or porch, but not sure about which direction to go in. Whatever the reason, gazebos are great eye-catching solutions for adding shade and style to your outdoor space.

    You dont need to wait for the summer to start planning! Get a head start now with these five gazebo ideas that you will absolutely love.

    Hot Tubs Pergola: Simple Cozy Design

    How to Build a DIY Pergola

    Another inspiring pergola that you can build all by yourself at home by using cheap materials, and t fits to cover a small hot tub. It comes with a fully covering canopy and screen which gives you a cozy privacy. Then, some string lights decorate the canopy which gives a catchy decorative touch and works as additional lighting source.

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    Best Plants For Privacy

    A trellis blanketed in colorful clematis. Slender cyprus trees that offer year-round appeal. Fast-growing bamboo, planted together, that provide the appearance of a fence.

    These creative landscaping options among others are an attractive way to add privacy without a fence.

    The best plants for privacy will be tall and lush, protecting your hot tub from view. Popular options include climbing roses, clematis, bamboo, and boxwood. Virginia creeper can be planted in a larger planter box with trellis to create a living wall. Cherry laurel is a fast-growing evergreen shrub that is best suited for zones 5-9.

    Is Buckthorn a tree or a bush? Growing up to 7-feet tall, its technically a shrub with fern-like leaves that change color in the fall. Its an ideal landscaping choice for privacy as it is hardy and can be planted in full sun or part shade.

    Dont let the name fool you Dragon Lady Holly can actually be a pleasant choice for landscaping around your hot tub. The prickly leaves will keep unwanted guests out of your yard while the dark green hue allows other flowers to pop. It also grows up to 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide, which is ideal when you are selecting plants and shrubs for privacy.

    Another popular option is to fill a series of containers with shrubs and other plants. Depending on the height of the container, you can even use vibrant annuals. The flowers will enhance the landscaping around your hot tub while giving you the feel of a secluded outdoor sanctuary.

    Opt For A Versatile Awning Over Your Spa

    This vibrant awning will provide plenty of shade for this tub from Hydrolife

    If you’re looking for versatility, you can’t go wrong with awning ideas. They’ll provide reliable shelter when you need it, but can easily be retracted when you want to make the most of the sun in your tub.

    Plus, there are all sorts of colors and patterns to choose from. A bright red shade like this adds an instant statement to the scene and looks great alongside hot-hued plants, while pale hues will add a sense of pared-back elegance.

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    Up The Privacy With An Elegant Garden ‘room’

    A leafy view can still be admired from this stylish enclosure

    If you’re looking for hot tub enclosure ideas that provide a good level of privacy and look super stylish, then a structure like this could be the perfect solution.

    Made of timber, it will easily blend into leafy surroundings at the bottom of your plot. And it ties in beautifully with decking, too. We particularly love the trellised walls which offer ample screening from neighbors while also allowing plenty of light and air into the space. What’s more, it will help keep fallen leaves and other debris out, making hot tub maintenance easier.

    Hot Tub Deck With Bar Seating

    Our new hot tub pergola

    Design & Photo Credit: @bluechipdecks

    Unwinding with a glass of wine is great, but what about enjoying a drink tub-side? Tie in some bar seating alongside your hot tub so everyone can indulge both in and out of the tub. Keeping room for some comfortable seating nearby ensures everyone can lounge together.

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    + Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

    Relaxing in a hot tub is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and tensions of the day. The added physical benefits of soaking in a hot tub are that you can sleep better, your skin gets a healthy glow, and minor body aches and pains simply disappear.

    If you want to use your hot tub in all seasons, then investing in a hot tub enclosure or a hot tub gazebo should be the ideal choice for you. Hot tub enclosures can be placed around the hot tub to protect it from the elements so that you can enjoy the hot water in privacy and comfort.

    Hot tub enclosures are made from different materials and you can either get these designed as per the specifications of your hot tub or you can buy pre-made designs. Installing a hot tub enclosure can enhance the look of your hot tub, and also give you a unique space to hang out with friends, family members, or your special someone.

    List Of Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas Uk 2022

    Best ideas Tips and References website . Search anything about ideas Ideas in this website.

    Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas Uk. See more ideas about hot tub privacy, backyard, hot tub. Mix things up and avoid blocking the entire view out from the tub by:

    One of the easiest and likely most obvious ways to create a bit of hot tub privacy is with a fence installed around your hot tub. We mentioned earlier that people buy hot tubs for a variety of reasons. Go for a chic corner screen.

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    Is It Cheaper To Diy Or Build A Pergola From A Kit

    I answer this question by comparing cost estimates for homemade and premade pergolas, basically a from-scratch DIY vs. a purchased kit.

    For comparison, I considered this highly reviewed, inexpensive 10×10 Pergola Kit from Home Depot, made from cedar . It retails for $1,144.44 + $92.84 = $1,236.84 .

    Now lets create a material spec for a similar size and design DIY cedar pergola that you could have built yourself from a free plan.

    Note: Please realize, this is a bulk estimate, as lumber prices fluctuate depending on location and availability. Though I tried to get the boards lengths as close as possible to those in the kit, some boards may not be available at the time of construction or at certain zip codes.

    We will need the following materials.



  • 12 louvers 2x2x8 Premium S4S Cedar Lumber 12 x $10.98 = $131.76
  • Hardware:

  • 4 post anchors Set of 4 Bolt-Down Brackets$92.84
  • bolts 48 x $1 = $48 at least
  • Stain:

  • 1 gal Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer $37.98
  • Your Total cost:$1,183.78

    We got close, with the DIY pergola even costing $40 more than a kit. So is it really worth it to build it from scratch? Not in my opinion. Of course, you could build one with pine for cheaper. But its not going to be the same. Plus you need to spend time cutting all of the components to size, possibly making those cool-looking rafter tails, and shopping for lumber.


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