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How Much To Turf Backyard

Landscaping And Additional Features

How to Make a Backyard Artificial Turf Field

Adding extra features like hills, bunkers, water hazards, dry creeks, and tee boxes can really make your backyard putting green feel like you’re on a PGA course. But this drives the price upward.

You’ll incur extra hours billed at $50 to $100 per hour for these additions to the putting green. With these additional course features, plus landscaping, adding outdoor lighting, water features, outdoor seating, and a patio area, you can easily double the price of the putting green.

Take a look at some common landscaping and upgrade projects for a backyard putting green:

What Are The Benefits Of Diy Vs Professional Installation

DIY installation can be a cost- saver, as youre cutting out operation, overhead and fueling costs. Additionally, you may be able to go the cheaper route on some materials like subbase. However, professional installation with experience is guaranteed to give you top results and a better return on your investment because you know its being done correctly. Additionally, most professional installation companies factor in repairs as part of their overhead costs, so if you end up needing repairs on your lawn, this is often included in what you pay for in the installation.

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What Are The Drawbacks

  • Its not completely maintenance-free.
  • It cant absorb and break down pet urine.
  • It heats up in direct sun.
  • It cant be recycled.
  • Some HOAs and municipalities ban fake grass.

Weeds can still grow in the dust or rotted leaves that can accumulate so, youll have to spend time blowing or raking.

If you dont hose off pet runs regularly, theyll stink.

It radiates heat to surrounding people, pets, trees, and buildings. Shade trees, which prevent real grass from growing, will prevent fake grass from getting too hot.

Although the industry is working on ways to recycle old synthetic grass, currently fakes end up in landfills.

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Does Artificial Grass Look Real

Artificial grass looks real if you purchase a high-quality product. Many fake grasses have a thatch layer that mimics real grass such as Bermuda, Fescue, and Zoysia to create a more realistic look.

  • Color Grass should contain at least three colors . This matches the look of real grass, which is full of a variation and thatch. If there is only one color, it will not be realistic looking.
  • Texture Blades should be three-dimensional and have uneven tips that mimic the cut tips of real grass. Examine blades of real grass, and you can see the dimensions.
  • Blade Length Real grass is about 1 ¾ tall and artificial grass should be the same. The blade should be held erect by granulated sand, not crumb rubber.

How To Clean Artificial Grass

How much doe sit cost to install artificial turf?
  • In the fall, use a leaf blower or a rake to gather fallen leaves.
  • Give it an occasional spraying off with a hose to clean dust, grime, and pollen.
  • Artificial grass power brooms range in price from $40 to $300.
  • Artificial grass vacuums cost about $130 to $190.
  • If pets use the artificial grass, it will need to be cleaned more often and disinfected as regularly as you think may be necessary. No special products are required, although they do exist. One such artificial grass cleaner is Simple Greens Outdoor Dog & Cat Odor Eliminator, which costs about $15 for a one-gallon jug, or try Microbe-Lifts Eliminate Outdoor Pet Odor & Stain Remover at $12/32 oz.

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Artificial Turf Cost Factors

The average cost per square foot to install turf ranges from $5 to $20. But like any other home project, the final price tag depends on a variety of factors, including if you decide to hire an artificial grass installer near you or DIY.

Here are some of the most common cost factors for installing artificial turf.

How Much Does Turf Cost When Buying For An Entire Yard

Looking at a smaller lawn size, The Turf Farm estimates that a 40m2 area could cost around $320 for basic Kikuya grass, while the pricier Sir Walter grass could set you back $480. However, it points out that better-quality grass can potentially be easier to maintain, and could therefore end up being cheaper in the long run.

According to, turf is often sold in 60m2 pallets. It breaks down the estimated costs per pallet of different grass types as follows:

  • KIkuyu: $390
  • Sir Walter, Palmetto, Sapphire and Mathilda: $720
  • Empire Zoysia: $750

Again, these estimates may not include the costs of installation and other expenses, such as having an installer prepare the soil in advance.

Whatever grass you choose, Hipages suggests it could be worth ordering around 10% more turf than you think you will need, particularly if the lawn covers a curved area which may require some of the turf to be cut into shape.

Prices can vary significantly from one type of grass to the next, but also depending on which provider is quoting, so it could be an idea to ask around for several quotes from different installers and/or suppliers so you can compare your options. Be sure to also check whether the quotes you have received include installation and any other costs you will need to fork out for as part of the job.

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Disadvantages Of Artificial Grass

  • The initial cost of installing is high compared to natural grass sod.
  • Real grass lawns can cool a house, while artificial grass absorbs heat and gets hotter in the summer months.
  • Depending on the quality you purchase, you could experience problems with fading or wear patterns in the fabric.
  • Some low-end brands look fake.
  • Fake grass can’t be recycled.
  • Some homeowners’ associations and city municipalities have a ban on fake grass.
  • It can’t easily absorb and break down pet urine.
  • You still have to blow off debris and leaves, and hose off any pet waste.
  • How Artificial Turf Saves Money

    Front Yard Remodel 5 : How to install Artificial Turf Step by Step Guide

    While its important to factor in artificial turf cost when budgeting for your lawn, dont forget to think big picture.

    In the long run, if you live in North Texas youre looking at saving around 55 gallons of water a YEAR, per square foot of yard you fill with artificial turf instead of real grass. These savings add up when you factor in maintenance and lawn care over 15-20 years.

    For more information on the pros and cons of artificial turf, check out our blog.

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    A Diy Job Might Only Set You Back About $5

    For a simple DIY, this can cost as little as $5-$10/square foot.

    The hardscape installation doesn’t need to be perfect but it should come with enough of an aesthetic appeal to make you and other people happy. This is something that doesn’t have to break the bank but still offers a lot in return. The price will vary from person to person depending on how much they want to be done, what kind of materials they use for installing the hardscaping, and whether they hire people or not.

    Astroturf Cost By Type

    When it comes to astroturf options, synthetic grass is made from three different plastics: polyethylene, nylon, or polypropylene. The most commonly used plastic is polyethylene, with nylon and polypropylene coming in second. Most have a 60 oz. face weight, and come with a 1 and 3/4″ pile height.

    AstroTurf Cost By Type

    Nylon $5.09 $5.66
    • Polypropylene Polypropylene is best suited for residential lawns, dog-care facilities, and putting more green colors in a backyard. Its durable and stain resistant, and it installs for a lower cost than polyethylene.
    • Polyethylene This is a top-of-the-line artificial grass widely used in pet-care facilities, as well as residential lawns. It features a flow-through backing to allow for drainage and the elimination of odors associated with trapped liquids. It is stain resistant and has an antimicrobial coating to keep things clean.
    • Nylon Nylon is used mainly for sports applications and in batting cages. Its very durable and steel-spike resistant, which makes it the right choice for sports.

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    Materials For Installing Synthetic Turf

    Your project costs will include more than just the synthetic lawn itself. There are a variety of materials needed for installing artificial grass the right way. Keep in mind that these are only examples of associated costs. For complete cost breakdowns of artificial grass materials for your project, contact US Turf for a free estimate.

    How Long Does Turf Last

    Now a Days People Prefer Artificial Turf For his Residents. Artificial ...

    There is no real limit to how long a well-maintained lawn will last. Grass is a naturally hardy plant that has adapted to survive in all sorts of conditions and weather the toughest climates – even the British weather. If you help maintain your lawn with regular moving, watering, and fertiliser, it will last indefinitely without any need to replace the turf.

    Combined with a new patio or , a new lawn is the perfect way to revitalise a tired garden and add some landscaping flair to your outdoor space. If the idea of lawn maintenance feels like a burden, you can always consider an artificial lawn instead.

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    Cost Of Artificial Grass Installation: 2022 Price Guide

    The cost of an artificial grass installation is the most common question we’re asked. The answer isnt as direct as we wish it could be! However, this article will help you better understand the breakdown of turf installation, and how contractors will cut corners to advertise lower prices.

    In our guide below, we’ll discuss different factors affecting the cost of your installation. We’ll cover materials, labor, and any other fees that you may see during the project. For the sake of this demonstration, we’ll be plugging in numbers from a sample yard that is 500 sq. ft. with no borders or fences. For a tailored price, use our turf installation cost calculator.

    *Please Note: Costs may differ depending on geographical location – These numbers reflect California pricing.

    Do You Need Topsoil Before Laying Turf

    If you have poor quality soil, its important to lay a generous layer of topsoil before laying your turf.

    This will provide nutrients for the turf and help bind the turf to the soil, which also improves drainage.

    The amount needed depends on the size of the area being turfed but is normally around 10cm deep, so you can use this rule of thumb to calculate how much topsoil you need.

    You can also apply a pre-turfing fertiliser which will help establish your new lawn successfully.

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    Choosing Turf To Suit Your Specific Needs

    It is important to be aware that opting for the most inexpensive turf may not always be the best solution for your needs. You need to ensure that the variety of lawn you purchase will happily grow depending on the amount of sun or shade your outdoor area gets and is best suited to current soil conditions. Thats why you should always rely on expert advice from an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia turf grower. They understand the climate you live in, and will come to your home and accurately measure the space, recommend the best turf to match its intended use, and provide a quote for the required quantity you need.

    Cost To Maintain A Putting Green

    How to Install Artificial Grass | The Home Depot

    The cost to maintain a synthetic turf putting green is minimal, and simply requires a good cleaning with a rake, a hose, and a broom. Natural turf, however, requires you to hire a local lawn care service.

    Lawn and garden services cost between $130 to $400per month. Yes, you can DIY the maintenance, but it’s time-consuming and the tools to get it right every time are costly. Hiring an experienced lawn care pro ensures your putting green receives the best care and is always ready for teeing off.

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    Alternate Solutions You Can Consider

    In researching synthetic grass, and finding so much evidence steering us away from it as a long-term or even temporary solution to a problematic patch of lawn, we became most sensitive to the needs of readers who may have tried and failed with real turf in a lawn already. If thats you, know that we sympathize with your frustration over what may be a substantial amount of wasted effort and expense so far.

    Our first suggestion is to reach out to the nearest universitys local field extension office to talk to the people there about species of grass that tend to thrive in your environment, as well as soil pH and other adjustments that might help, the role that seasonal timing plays in planting and maintenance, and other factors that could affect the success of turf in your area. Wirecutter senior staff writer Doug Mahoney, who raises sheep and other grazing animals in New Hampshire, has had success corresponding with Carl Majewski, a dairy, livestock, and forage crops field specialist with the University of New Hampshire Extension. If youre lucky, you may have a Carl Majewski near you.

    Maximum efficiency, minimum effort

    Turf Football Field Cost

    A turf football field costs about $850,000 and up to $1,000,000, with replacement costs of $500,000 every 8 to 10 years. Artificial football turf is constructed a little differently than residential artificial grass due to the rough use it gets, and it has extra padding to protect players during hard falls.

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    Company Overhead + Materials Operations And Labor

    Company Overhead + Materials, Operations, and Labor $10,443.84
    Company Overhead + Materials, Operations, and Labor $10.44/sq ft

    Now, anything less than $10.3/sq ft, should be red flagged immediately ONLY IF you are interested in getting your installation completed right the first time, which would include the highest quality materials manufactured in the USA, a highly skilled turf installation team who have been installing for years , a professional synthetic turf designer, a dedicated construction manager supervising your install, and a robust company that will be around to assist you in the future should you need help.

    Once all of the materials, operating expenses, labor, and company overhead is paid, then what is left over, if anything, is the company profit.

    Where To Find Turf Installation Near Me

    How Much Should Lawn Care Cost?

    You can find local Landscaper designers on Google search by searching Turf Installation Near Me, Artificial Grass Installation near me, Synthetic Lawn Turf Installation near me, and reading reviews on their business listings. Make sure and call around for general price estimates as the first place you call doesnt always offer the best solution for you.

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    Bedroom Connecting To A Backyard

    When youve got an unfinished basement or one on the first floor connecting to a backyard, you might also make it into an area for viewing. A small, smooth artificial turf area near the bedroom can add to the comfort of the space. Imagine yourself sipping your coffee in the morning with a fantastic view like this!

    Services Of An Artificial Turf Installer

    The cost will also include the services of an artificial turf installer. TThe installers also charge differently. They will charge according to their expertise, knowledge and skills. So, when you are hiring them, please ensure they have the knowledge, and experience to do the job adequately. At DFW Turf Solutions, we have experienced artificial turf installers in Dallas, Texas. Our installation charges are fair and cost-effective.

    So, the cost of installing artificial turf will vary depending upon your needs and the quality of installation desired.

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    Financing The Baseball Artificial Turf Field

    To raise funds for the turf upgrade, facility managers can apply for grants or donations. For example, there are federal and state agencies that provide funding for municipal sports fields, along with private sector foundations. For example, these include:

    Depending on the region, other grants may be available from state and local governments.

    Another option is to start a fundraising campaign. This allows the school, community or association to raise funds from individuals and businesses. There are many examples of creative initiatives whose dedicated work has led to the realization of the dream of a modern, all-weather baseball diamond.

    Sports facilities can also be financed with loans or through the manufacturer. Some vendors have developed their own financing arrangements with banks for this purpose. The costs can then be repaid in monthly or annual installments.

    Company Profit/overhead And Operation Fees

    How to lay a new lawn from turf

    Operation fees are what a company would charge for delivery, fueling, and dumping costs. These costs differ widely between companies and are sometimes offered at a discount or promotional fee during a sale. The same can be said for profit and overhead. Each company will have their prices and may offer their discounts. Shopping around is highly encouraged to find the price point that best suits you.

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    What Is Artificial Grass

    Artificial grass consists of colored filaments made from nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene that’s threaded into a rubber backing to look like real grass. The backing is laid on a gravel compacted drainage layer and secured along the edges. Then, adding sand creates an infill system that weighs down the turf and protects the backing.


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