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How To Build Pergola On Existing Deck

How To Build A Corner Pergola On A Deck

How to Build a Pergola on a Deck: DIY Modern Pergola Tutorial

A corner pergola is a great solution for those with less space. This type of pergola design will provide a perfect pocket of privacy and shade. Usually, a corner pergola has three posts instead of four, so it is easier to build and more affordable. All of the safety requirements for corner pergolas are the same as for four-post pergolas, however.

Because of the extra privacy option that corner pergolas can offer, they are also a fantastic addition to a hot tub deck area. Read our hot tub pergola ideas for more inspiration.

Pergola Kits That Can Create Shade On A Deck

What type of deck cover can provide some light to filter through but also offer respite from the hot sun? Pergolas with top slats that allow some light to come through are some of the best types of covers.

With rafters and top slats, youll create enough coverage to shield the direct sun, while letting a little sunshine peek through for a magical effect. Our Big Kahuna Pergola Kits have the most lumber of all of our pergola designs, followed by our Sombrero Pergola Kits, then Fedora.

Choose the one that offers the highest number of top slats, as that will create the most shade on your deck. Add a retractable canopy for even more shade.

Where do you start to get your deck set up with a cover? Measure the area of your deck and figure out what size cover youll need. Then decide how much shelter youre looking for.

If youve decided on a pergola for your deck, choose your style pergola according to how many rafters and top slats youll need to create your ideal outdoor retreat. Our pergolas can be installed on decks and youll have an instant cover.

Building A Simple Pergola For You Deck

You can play with the wood. If you want to do the pergola right away it means you have to build a simple pergola in your deck. For example, you can just manage the woods just like a fence. Then, you just need to screw each of them. What you should consider in doing this simple project is that the wood has to be cut in the same size. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the screw is strong enough to hold the woods. To make it perfect, you can just put your beloved flowers or plants around the pergola. It seems that this simple pergola can be use to separate between your deck and your backyard. In that point, it seems that you have two different outdoor areas. Just complete it with chairs and table and you can start to enjoy your weekend there.

build a pergola on your existing deck

build a pergola on an existing deck

Building a pergola on an existing deck can be done to make your deck more comfortable than before. It gives different atmosphere for the deck as well as to protect the area of the deck. For those who love to build something, it means building a pergola on an existing deck is a good project for you. Just learn a little bit about the DIY pergola for your lovely deck.

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How To Build A Pergola On An Existing Deck

Have you ever seen a pergola on a deck? If you have a large deck, but lack shade, adding a pergola is an attractive option. You may have seen a pergola, arbor, or gazebo in a neighbors yard and wondered if you could add one to your deck. The short answer isprobably. Today, we will investigate how to add a pergola onto your existing deck.

Attach The Rafter Tails

How to Build a Pergola on an Existing Deck That Will Stay Strong and ...

Once the stain is dry, screw the tops to the tails with 2-1/2 in. deck screws and fasten them over the tops of each flat rafter and beam end. Then screw K in place from the backside of F1.

Note: Youll need to cut the tail top short on the assemblies that project from the corners and screw them in place from the backside of the front beam.

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Additional Tips For Pergola Installation

When shopping around for a pergola style, make sure you choose one that fits well with your aesthetic. With that said, you shouldnt sacrifice practicality for vanity. If you live in an area with harsh weather or excessive humidity, youre going to want to stay away from wood or other materials that absorb water. These materials are more likely to develop mold.

Along with that, its helpful to remember that the square footage of your deck will tell you how much weight it should be able to hold. For every square foot of decking, you should have the ability to hold at least 100 lbs.

You may also choose to spruce up the space by adding some hanging vines or other decors to the pergola walls and roof.

How To Design A Pergola

Creating an outdoor space that’s cool, comfortable, and chill can be tough, especially if your backyard is open and without trees to block out the hot summer sun. Thankfully, it’s easy to install a pergola that provides shade and style. Begin by looking at the size of your home, the location you plan to build a pergola, and how you want to use your pergola space.

You’ll want your backyard pergola to be no more than 1/3 of the size of your home. If you build a pergola that is significantly larger than that, it will overpower the size and feel of your home and outdoor space. Therefore, your DIY pergola build will make your entire home appear smaller and more confined.

Do you want your pergola to be mostly shady or fully immersed in sunlight? Is the ground surface of your pergola space level and stable or will a ground material such as wood or concrete be necessary? These are important notes to factor into your backyard pergola build and design.

What is the activity level of your family and friends? How will the pergola or pavilion be used in your day-to-day life? For larger families, families with pets, or high-energy people plan your pergola design to be larger and more open than others. Avoid installing pergola posts that can block pathways and hinder foot-traffic areas. If your backyard pergola is intended for more relaxation purposes, plan ahead for outdoor furniture spaces and comfortable hammock areas.

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Roof Over Deck Designs

Let us know if you like any of the styles from the images in the section above. As for design, there are three main types of roofing that you can choose for your deck. They include:

  • Gable Gable roofs are easier to build since they dont require complex roof framing. They have gables at each end and sloping sides.
  • Hip Hip roofs are similar to gable roofs since they have sloping sides, however, theyre reconnected without using gables. On a deck roof, the supports should have a finished look since theyll be exposed rather than hidden.
  • Shed This is the most common option for deck roofing because its the only one that works with the architecture for many homes.

How To Build A Pergola On A Deck Attached To A House


Posts and Beams for Pergolas Cut ornamental ends for the two pieces and position them on the posts so that they are parallel to the house and the top edges of the pieces are even with the level lines from the ledger. Install two 1/2-by-7-inch carriage bolts on either end of the double beam to secure it to the posts.

Determine the type of wood that was utilized to construct your deck. Is the color of the wood used for your pergola the same as the color used for your deck? Take a step back and look at the wood and stain colors side by side.

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How To Build A Diy Wood Pergola

Here are the easy fool-proof steps on how to design a pergola structure for your backyard and how to build a simple pergola for DIY deck builders of any experience level. A DIY shade structure build can be achieved in a weekend and will increase the overall value of your home and outdoor living space.

Cut The Decorative Ends On The Joists

2×10s are the material used for the joists. While not required, it adds some decorative flair to cut the same pattern into the ends of your joists that you cut on your 2×12 beams with the jigsaw.

Be sure to keep this extra decorative end length in mind when you are determining board lengths for your joists!

Since the dimension of the joists are smaller than the beams, the scale of the pattern will be slightly different.

So again, sketch your pattern with a pencil onto one of your joists. Once comfortable with the design, cut it out with your jigsaw. The discarded piece of wood will be used as a template for cutting the pattern into the remaining 2×10 joists.

Since our pergola butted up against our house on one side, we only needed to cut this pattern on one end of our joists. But this may not be the case for your particular project.

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Set The Post Anchors On The Deck

With the location and size determined, we can get started on the pergola construction.

How to Anchor a Pergola to a Wood Deck

If, like ours, your pergola will be sitting on top of an existing deck, the 6×6 pergola posts must be located over top of the existing support structure. This means locating the existing deck joists.

Once the location of the 6×6s posts has been determined, the 6×6 metal post anchors can be installed. The post anchors have a hole in the middle so that you can attach it to the deck joist.

I drilled a pilot hole using a 1/8 bit. Then the anchor is secured to the existing joist with a 1/4 lag bolt. I used an impact drill for this, but you could also use an old fashioned socket set.

Justin used similar post bases to add an arched arbor to their wood deck here.

How to Anchor a Pergola to a Concrete Patio or In-Ground Footing

If you want to build your pergola on an existing concrete slab or directly on the ground, you will need to install your 6×6 posts differently.

For an existing concrete slab, you can use the same post anchors, but you will need to use a hammer drill and special concrete anchors to attach the post anchor to the slab.

If you are going to build your pergola directly on the ground, you will need to dig holes for each of the posts, add some gravel, fill the hole with concrete, and set the post. The hole depth will depend on local building codes, but is normally between 24 and 36 deep, and 24 in diameter.

Adding A Pergola To Existing Deck Post Anchors

How To Build A Pergola On Existing Deck

I have an aging cedar deck I’d like to add a small pergola to for use this summer, maybe next, before I replace the deck with something new .

I think I have a simple design I like but I am a little baffled on how to safely attach new posts to the existing deck. I believe what I need to use are post anchors but can they be safely attached to the cedar planks near the joists or do they have to go into the existing posts?

Also, is there a major difference in post anchors? Prices seem to be all over the place. Is something like this what I want? I like that it is nearly invisible. Or do I need something like this?

Or am I just looking at the wrong thing entirely?

There are four issues: 1) Holding the pergola up, 2) Holding the pergola down, 3) adequate attachment to the pergola and deck , and 4) appearance.

  • Establishing the weight of the pergola is key to this step. You indicated it is a small pergola. So, Ill assume its about 8 x 8 x 8 high. Depending on materials used, this would translate into about 700 lbs. if there is no floor in the pergola. That weight distributed to four posts equals about 175 lbs. to each post.
  • 2x decking cannot support such a load. The posts must be anchored to beams or footings below the decking.

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    What Does It Cost To Build A Pergola On A Deck

    The cost of a pergola depends entirely on the materials used as well as the size and where its actually being installed. Prices can range from around £400 for basic structures up to £6,000 for more high-end. If you install it yourself, your pergola cost may be lower since youll only be paying for the materials and not the labour costs.

    However, this is only advisable if youre knowledgeable about the safety and structural requirements for building a heavy structure on a deck. One of the most effective methods for a DIY pergola is to get a pergola frame kit built to your specifications. At The Porch Specialist, we create bespoke pergolas kits with every part you need to be included to make a stunning, structurally sound pergola. Read more about what we can offer at the bottom of the page.

    Brace Top Of Joists With 24 Rafters

    Above the DIY deck pergola joists, and perpendicular to them, wed recommend installing four rows of 2x4s as rafters. This will help keep the joists straight and reduce warping.

    Screw in one row each at the front and back, and then the other two rows spaced evenly in between. Lay the 2×4s flat and secure them to each joist using 4 screws.

    On our pergola, instead of using the 2x4s on top, we did something a little different. We installed lattice and screen material to add extra shade.

    That is a separate project, and is not part of this particular post, but you could tackle that additional work if you desired.

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    Can My Deck Support A Pergola

    By: Author Lindsay Reed

    With summer weather just around the corner, who doesnt want to spend some time outside in the fresh air, especially while we are all still under varying degrees of lockdown.

    At times like these, it is nice to crack open a cold drink and sit in the shade of some form of deck cover or another. Some people may even want something as sophisticated as a pergola to protect them from the sun.

    You might ask, can my deck support a pergola? The answer is not as simple as many people would like, so lets break it down and determine if its right for you.

    Do Pergolas Really Block The Sun

    Pergola Bracing for Existing Deck

    Pergolas are not designed to completely block the sun, but to provide relief from direct sunlight, while allowing air to circulate freely.â The âlatticeâ cover is made of beams over the top that may or may not be louvered. A specific type of pergola known as a ramada boasts a completely enclosed roof with open sides. via

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    How To Attach A Pergola To An Existing Composite Deck

    Pergola over existing Deck · Pergola over existing Deck. I have a free-standing deck that butts up against the house but is not attached to it. It is approximately 12 x 15, and is less than 18 off the ground. The main structural support comes from 4×6 beams spaced 6 feet apart, with each supported by four concrete footings.

    Elevated Patios With Tall Supports

    If a patio is elevated off the ground on tall support beams, like a beach house on stilts, it will be difficult to add a pergola to an existing build.

    The problem is that the house relies too heavily on the wooden support beams for them to be replaced with supports for the pergola, and you cannot add more weight to the vertical supports holding up the beams.

    In these circumstances, exceedingly tall beams of wood would need to be fastened to the outside of existing beams and sunk into the same foundation. Its possible to do this, but it would be costly and may not be safe depending on how tall the deck is.

    Unfortunately, free-standing pergolas also are not an option here. Due to the weight of their bases, they are too heavy to be placed on top of most stilted decks safely.

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    Can I Install A Pergola On A Raised Deck

    Although pergolas can be installed on virtually any deck, it isnt recommended to do so on a raised deck. Decks that are higher off the ground and are held together by support beams have a lower weight tolerance than decks at the ground level. Because of that, its not usually stable enough to hold larger pergolas. However, if you want to install a lightweight, small pergola, you should be okay.

    If you want that thick and heavy pergola just make sure your deck has been built professionally and the experts ensure a heavy pergola can be installed.

    How Much Shade Do Pergolas Give

    Cedar Deck &  Pergola

    Traditional pergolas are only able to provide 20-30% of shade coverage and do not protect against the sun or ultraviolet rays. Some liken the experience of a pergola to sitting under a tree â while the leaves of the tree allow shafts of light to fall through, it doesn’t totally block out the sun. via

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