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How To Clean Metal Patio Furniture

Cleaning Outdoor Plastic Furniture

How To Clean Patio Furniture (Plastic, Wood, & Metal) | Sears Knowledge Center

Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners on plastic: chlorine and bleach may get rid of stains, but they can eat away at your furniture in the process. Abrasive cleaners are problematic as well, because they will scratch away the plastic, leaving unsightly marks and lead to more problems. If your furniture has lost its shine, try spraying it with WD-40 and wiping it dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Instead of using harsh cleaners, opt for a mild cleanser for your furniture. If you have colored plastic, you can use a mixture of 1 quart warm water with ¼ cup of vinegar. For white or very light-colored plastic furniture, try 1 gallon of warm water with 3 tablespoons of automatic dishwasher detergent. The dishwater detergent contains a very mild bleach which enables it to do a good job of removing stains.

Shaving cream can also work well to clean plastic: spray it on let it set for a few minutes scrub lightly with an old, soft toothbrush then wipe off. If stains remain, you have two options: with a wet sponge, use white distilled vinegar or baking soda. After cleaning, you can apply a coat of automotive wax for added protection.

How To Clean Wood And Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Rescue dull, dirty wood or wicker furniture with these easy cleaning strategies. To remove grime, use a mild oil-base soap, such as Murphy Oil Soap, mixed with warm water. For a DIY cleaning solution, mix 1/4-cup ammonia, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 1 quart of warm water. Commercial wood cleaners are also effective for cleaning patio furniture, but be sure to read directions carefully. Wicker and painted woods might require diluting the solution.

To protect your patio furniture, regularly wipe down wood to remove dirt, debris, and excess water. For hardwoods, consider annually sanding and applying a fresh coat of protective finish, such as oil, stain, or a polyurethane coating. Hose down wicker every few weeks to prevent dirt buildup in crevices.

Get A Container And Fill It With Water And Dishwashing Detergent

First of all, you will need a container. I always use the same bucket to do this. Drop a little bit of dishwashing detergent inside and mix it up until foam appears on the top of the water. Also, make sure that your water is warm. If you have ever done any cleaning whatsoever you will know that cold water is not as efficient as warm water when it comes to cleaning.

If your furniture has any nonmetal/iron parts such as cushions, you should remove them before you start cleaning it. Cushions can be cleaned in other ways, which we will talk about later on.

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How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From The Elements

Knowing how to clean outdoor furniture is great, but you also need to know how to prevent damage from the suns UV rays and moisture. Fabric umbrellas not only keep your family cool, but they also offer protection from the sun for your outdoor furniture. A patio cover or awning will give your furniture even more protection from the sun and rain. Although it can be more work, outdoor furniture covers offer almost complete protection from the elements, just be sure to not leave them on too long to avoid mold and mildew.

For most wood outdoor furniture, the type of wood and the finish will be the most critical deterrents to damage from the sun and rain. Paint is a good way to protect against moisture and UV rays but covers up the natural grain. Youll need to reapply paint once in a while to cover up fading, chipping and peeling. If you want to keep the natural look of wood, a water sealer is ideal for keeping moisture out. Varnish is another good wood outdoor furniture protector and only requires a fresh coat every couple of years in most conditions.

Additionally, if your fabrics arent treated by the manufacturer to deter damage from UV rays and moisture, youll want to apply your own protective fabric guard. Reapply the fabric guard any time you see your cushions and pillows retaining moisture. Be sure the fabric is clean and dry before you spray it. If your cushions and pillows are dirty, you need to know how to clean outdoor cushions before you apply any protectants.

Add A Level Of Protection

How to Clean Rust Stains on Patio Furniture

Once your patio furniture has been restored to clean status, protect it to minimize the amount of cleaning you will need to do in the future. As with cleaning solutions, what you use depends on the material.

Plastic, Resin and MetalApply a layer of car wax! Yes, car wax. Then buff with a soft cloth. It will repel dirt from your furniture just as it does with your car. With metal patio furniture, nip rust in the bud by removing with sandpaper and repainting as well.

WoodPaint and stain that block UV rays protect wood from damage. Opt for stain for horizontal surfaces as paint may peel.

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Scrub Lightly If Necessary

You can just let the cleaner sit on the surface for a few minutes, then rinse it off. But I prefer to give it a hand by using a soft bristled scrub brush with a pole attachment. You donât need to scrub hard! Just a light pass will remove most of the grime easily, and works between the slats where the spray might have missed.

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How To Clean Patio Furniture Cushions

There are two ways to clean patio furniture cushions. You can do it either with a pressure washer or without if you do not own one. If you want to clean your cushions with a pressure washer, you have to make sure that it has a container for a cleaner. You will have to use a cleaner that is suitable for outdoors and for fabrics so you dont do any damage.

For those of you that have removable covers like myself, the easiest method of cleaning is simply by putting the covers into a washing machine and dry them off later. You can tell if you have removable covers, by checking for either buttons or a zipper.

So how do you do it?

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Whether Your Patio Furniture Is Made Of Metal Wood Or Plastic Keep It In Top Form With These Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining

Depending on how big your outdoor entertainment area is, you probably spent several hundred to several thousand dollars, maybe more, on patio furniture. And whether its been baked under a broiling sun, soaked with wet towels or jumped on by muddy dogs, patio furniture takes a beating unlike any other furniture. So it makes sense to protect your investment with a little TLC, in the form of cleaning and maintenance.

In the coldest, wettest seasons of the year, its best to store your patio furniture in a garage or shed. If thats not possible, you can buy patio furniture covers to fit just about any type of outdoor furniture. If you live where harsh weather is a part of daily life think the extreme desert heat of Las Vegas or the torrential rains of Florida be sure to invest in patio furniture made to stand up to those tough conditions.

No matter what type of patio furniture you have, these pro tips will keep it in top condition.

How To Clean Patio Furniture And Stones With Vinegar

how to clean cast aluminum patio furniture

Mildew can be a common occurrence on patio furniture, especially in hot, humid climates. If youre wary of using bleach to rid your lawn furniture of contaminants, try a milder vinegar-based solution.

  • Keep full-strength white vinegar in a spray bottle to use whenever you see mildew growing on your patio furniture. Mildew will likely wipe right off most surfaces, and the vinegar will prevent it from coming back for a while.
  • Remove mildew from wood patio furniture and stones by combining 1 cup ammonia, ½ cup, white vinegar, ¼ cup baking soda, and 1 gallon water and sponging the solution onto the stain. Also consider using a toothbrush to work the mixture into hard to reach spaces.
  • To prevent the growth of mildew on outdoor plastic mesh furniture and patio umbrellas, mix 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap with 2 cups white vinegar in a bucket of hot water. Using a soft brush, work the solution into the grooves of the plastic furniture and umbrella fabric. Rinse with cold water and allow the furniture to dry in the sun.

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Caring For Wicker Furniture

This pliable weave used to make furniture is traditionally constructed from rattan, split reed, or coated paper and is sometimes reinforced with metal. Coats of clear varnish, paint, or a combination of the two are often applied to protect the surface. Sunlight is the primary enemy of wicker. Always cover wicker furniture if you intend to leave it outside for more than two or three weeks.

Deep Cleaning

To remove dirt and debris, vacuum with a dust-brush attachment or use a dry paintbrush. Clean with a mild soap solution. Scrub, and rinse. Avoid using too much water, which can weaken the fibers. Dry as described.


Regular cleaning is recommended for wicker, as it generally cannot endure harsh or abrasive treatments. This also minimizes mildew buildup. Sand lightly with fine-grit sandpaper to remove any peeling paint, and touch up with paint as necessary.

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture Clean Longer

Once you’ve cleaned your outdoor furniture, the best way to save time in the future is to make it more difficult for your patio set to get dirty in the first place. Investing in good-quality canvas covers for your outdoor pieces will help protect them from the elements and keep them clean. Between deep cleans, hose down your furniture with water weekly to monthly .

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Cleaning With Warm Water

If there is no powder coating then it will be exposed to water and rust. It will disrupt the color combination and will cause the furniture to feel rough, pitted. So, to clean this furniture, its better to fix a schedule as to when to clean.

Therefore, when it is time to clean or if you notice any kind of discoloring, try to wash it warm water mixed with a little soap. You should avoid strong substances like vinegar and soda water. Instead, you should use lemon juice.

Mix Your Cleaning Solution

Cast Aluminum: How To Clean Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

The recommended substance to use to clean your iron furniture is lukewarm water and a dish soap used for hand washing, such as Dawn . Just take a gallon or larger sized bucket, or a similarly sized bowl, and fill it with lukewarm water. Then add two or three squirts of dish soap. Mix the water and the dish soap together with a large spoon or with your hands until it forms a uniform solution.

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Wrought Iron And Metal Furniture

How to Clean:

  • Mix up a squirt of dishwashing detergent with a bucket of warm water.
  • Scrub surface with a scrub brush.
  • Rinse furniture and allow to dry.
  • Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rusted spots down to the bare metal.
  • Wipe off any metal reside with a clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits or naphtha.
  • Spray bare spots with a primer made for metal, such as those made by Rust-Oleum following the directions on the can . Allow surface to dry for recommended time.
  • Spray furniture with paint made for metal of the desired color, following the directions on the can .
  • Allow paint to dry thoroughly before using furniture.

How To Clean Metal Iron And Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Proper cleaning is essential to preserve the shine on metal outdoor furniture. For aluminum pieces, oxidation is the most common problem. Before cleaning, remove as much of the imperfection as possible using a metal polishing paste or a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water. Avoid using chemicals such as ammonia and trisodium phosphate alkaline cleaners cause oxidation.

To protect its natural luster, wash aluminum furniture frequently and remove scuff marks with a soft cloth dampened with a nonabrasive cleaning product. Combat rust by sanding it off along with damaged paint. Wipe off metal residue with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits or naphtha. Use a rust-resistant primer before painting with a rust-resistant paint.

Consider having your wrought-iron furniture sandblasted or powder-coated for added protection. To protect after cleanings, apply a coat of automotive wax.

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Hardscaping : How To Care For Metal Patio Furniture

With spring in swing, were liberating our outdoor furniture from storageand noticing that it could use extra care and cleaning to get in shape for the season.

Heres our guide to cleaning and caring for metal furniture. .

N.B.: Featured photograph by Bethany Nauert for Gardenista, from Enchanted Garden: Whimsy and Wit at Palihouse in Santa Monica.

How To Clean Wicker Furniture

Easy fix for oxidized patio furniture

For traditional wicker that has been painted, you will need to be a little more gentle with the cleaning and use only a sponge or rag to avoid paint chipping. A mild oil-based soap such as Murphys Oil can also be used. Unpainted wicker or synthetic wicker should be able to withstand a little more vigorous scrubbing. If you have any loose strands, tuck them in as you go when they are wet, they will be more pliable and should be easier to repair. If your wicker is requiring a paint refresh, you can just use the standard outdoor paint to add the color of your choice. Wicker can be quickly hosed down every few weeks during the summer months, to prevent any accumulation of debris in all of the little crevices.

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How Do You Clean Metal Patio Furniture

November 6, 2019 by Karina Rodriguez

Cleaning your metal patio furniture is a relatively easy chore that can make a world of difference for your patio furniture. Most metal patio furniture, specifically aluminum and cast aluminum, are two of the most durable patio furniture materials available. Cast iron requires a little more attention but is still relatively easy to clean. With proper care and maintenance, metal patio furniture will last you decades.

Aluminum and cast aluminum patio furniture is the perfect choice for a variety of climates. Cast aluminum never rusts, so you dont have to worry about rain or snow. Sitting in water for extended periods of time can cause calcium buildup, but those can be easily fixed!

While also resistant to UV rays, the one downside of cast aluminum is that its relatively light. If youre prone to high winds in your area, it may be worth coming up with options to help weigh your furniture down. If you want to learn more about aluminum patio furniture, see our aluminum furniture buying guide for some tips from experts at Patio Productions.

On the other hand, wrought iron patio furniture is more prone to rusting, but its heavy build and elegant design makes it an excellent choice for a traditionally styled patio. Check out some more buying tips from our wrought iron patio furniture buyers guide!

How To Prevent Furniture From Rusting

With the passage of time, rust automatically starts forming, ruining the appearance of garden furniture. However, there are certain preventive measures you can take to lower the speed of rust formation.

  • Regular maintenance keeps metal furniture away from the danger of rusting. Wipe every part of the furniture with a clean dry cloth regularly, especially in moist weather.
  • Protect from rain and direct sunlight. Use coverings.
  • Apply a thin coat of paste wax, paint, grease or oil as a water repellant layer for rust-free protection.

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How To Clean Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

We always look for modern furniture and nothing can be better than Aluminum Patio furniture for our garden space.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this material as furniture. To avoid it, you need to take care of it by cleaning regularly.

There are certain facts that you need to keep in mind while cleaning cast aluminum furniture. What if you are not aware of them?

No worries, in this article we will give you the A to Z guideline about how to clean cast aluminum patio furniture.

Tabular Array

  • Wrapping Up How to Clean Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture
  • How To Clean Glass Patio Furniture

    How To Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture : BBQGuys

    Keep glass patio tables sparkling with a few simple cleaning steps. First, remove any stuck-on debris with a glass-safe, nonabrasive material. Many scrub brushes will scratch glass, so opt for one designed to tackle tough cleanup jobs without marking your furniture.

    Dish detergent and home cleaning solutions are the most effective cleaners. After an initial cleaning, spray white vinegar or glass cleaner on the surface and wipe away with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Wipe down the underside of a glass table at least once a month to prevent irreversible grime. Clean frames of glass tables according to their material type.

    To keep glass outdoor furniture clean, you should cover your glass table when it’s not in use. Fix small scratches and chips in the glass with a glass repair kit.

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