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How To Get Acorns Out Of Lawn

Use A Nut Gatherer/acorn Picker

Landscaping shortcut – ACORNS

If you have an oak tree in your yard, then acorns are bound to be near your home, which can be frustrating for many reasons. Acorns are an annoyance for gardeners and homeowners that often grow into trees. The acorns that fall from the trees in your yard can be a real pain to clean up.

The acorns are falling like leaves. Theyre everywhere on your grass, on your driveway, and even in your bushes. The only way to get rid of the pesky things is by picking them up one by one, but that can take all day. Fortunately, theres a handy tool called an acorn picker/nut gatherer that will help you out in an instant.

Using an acorn picker/nut gatherer is an excellent solution to get rid of acorns in your yards. This way, you wont have to worry about them falling on your yards or causing other problems. With a nut gatherer/acorn Picker, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of those pesky little acorns so you can spend more time enjoying your yard.

You can find these tools at hardware stores or online for about $30-$50.

Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

The great thing about this rake is that its easily adjustable, making it suitable for people of all heights. When fully extended, it has a height of 63 Inches. This is larger than most similar rakes on Amazon. The head is also adjustable and able to expand from seven to twenty-two Inches, which is great for larger yards. You can make the head smaller to fit into tight areas.

The rakes handle is made from zinc plated steel, which makes it durable and long lasting and prevents rusting. Its also lightweight and easy to use, for acorns or leaves.


The Groundskeeper II rake is durable and hardwearing. Its been designed for both homeowners and professional gardeners alike and is not your average rake. Youll be able to easily remove acorns and leaves from long grass with this rake as it allows grass stems to pass between the tines without causing any harm. Its a handy rake for removing acorns, sticks, branches, and twigs, wood chips, bark, and even gravel from your lawn.

This rake has firm, round tines that are stiff and effective. The Groundskeeper works better than similar rakes with flexible tines. Each tines in 28 inches long and made from steel. The handle is long, making it suitable for tall people and allowing you to reach hard to get areas.


The KIMO leaf blower can be instantly turned into a vacuum cleaner. Youll be able to add a garbage bag to the air outlet, which allows you to collect and dispose of acorns easily.



Will Acorns Hurt My Lawn

Yes, acorns will hurt your lawn. If you dont get rid of them as soon as possible, they will stop your grass from growing when they sprout. Also, they will attract rodents like mice or squirrels. So you must get rid of them.

Trees, acorn sprouts, tree saplings, aspen tree shoots are a tremendous problem in the yard. Getting rid of them is critical because they block sunlight from reaching grasses and plants.

Sprout inhibitors and weed killers are great options for getting rid of trees, acorn sprouts, and aspen tree shoots.

You can also do it yourself by plucking them out. Lastly, you can eliminate them by applying herbicides.

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Nut Gatherer Or Nut Weasel

If you are only picking acorns from a tree or two, maybe its too much to spend $400 to $500 on a Bag-A-Nut or a vacuum cleaner.

A simple tool called nut weasel or nut gatherer is a simple tool that you can replace for your rake. It is made of thin wires where nuts will be stuck once you roll it over.

You need to apply a little bit of force for this tool to work. If the only thing that is not working between you and your rake is patience, this has a fighting chance to make your life so much easier.

You can use it for small seeds like acorns, pecans, or gumballs. For larger seeds, Garden Weasel has another tool designed for it.

Theyre A Food Source For Pests

Easy, Fast Way To Remove Acorns From Your Lawn &  Grass

Squirrels, chipmunks, and mice love acorns. And while the squirrels look adorable running around your yard, gathering up their acorns, you dont want squirrels in your yard. Because once theyre in your yard, its only a short distance, and theyll be in your house, and you wont want these pests in your home.

Not only do squirrels, chipmunks, and mice carry diseases, which get spread through their droppings, theyre also destructive. They will chew through sidings to get inside the house, causing structural damage. Once inside the house, these rodents will chew insulation and electrical wires, creating a fire risk for your home.

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How To Use A Cordless Leaf Blower

The cordless leaf blower is powered by a battery. Its main benefit is that it offers you an unlimited range. The main factor to consider in this case is the battery capacity. The cordless leaf blowers are user-friendly, and you can easily carry them from one part of the yard to the other.

Another merit of the cordless leaf blower is that it produces less noise as compared to other types of leaf blowers. As you clear the acorns in the yard, you should monitor the battery gauge. Thatâs if the cordless leaf blower model comes with one. You can use the cordless leaf blower for about 30 minutes. After that, you will have to recharge the cordless leaf blower before you can recharge it.

Start As Soon As You Can

Even if you see no squirrels around, you should start cleaning up as soon as you notice the first acorns on your lawn. Squirrels will most likely arrive in the winter to bury the acorns. The issue is that squirrels quickly forget where they put their stashes, and then those acorns germinate, and new trees emerge.

If your backyard is big enough to support a new oak forest, this is excellent, but if you want to save your perfectly located patio, acorn removal is essential. Its better if there are fewer acorns accessible for sprouting. Starting early may require a few more passes over the landscape, but it will save you time and effort in the long run.

In an attempt to make this easier for you, we have developed a list of numerous strategies for quickly and efficiently collecting all of the acorns in your yard.

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What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Acorns

The best way to clean up acorns and dispose of them will be based on your yard and your interest in using the acorns.

  • If you only have one or two oaks in your yard and dont have or need much yard machinery, you can gather the acorns by hand.
  • Rake You can rake for acorns, and this is the best method for a smaller yard or a small number of oak trees.
  • Nut roller / Nut gatherer You can use one of these tools as an acorn picker upper. These have round wire baskets that you can roll across the ground to gather acorns.
  • Lawn sweeper or vacuum Adding quite a bit of power, lawn sweepers do pick up acorns as an easy way to collect them across large yards with lots of trees.
  • Acorn netting You can set up a mesh net or tarp under the tree when the acorns look ready to fall and shake the tree to loosen them.

Best Leaf Blowers For Removing Acorns

Best way to pick up Acorns

An acorn is also known as an oak. It is that shade tree you could have in the yard. Over time, it slowly becomes a bumper crop of different acorns. This may add up to mess up the yard or flower bed, as well as the sidewalk. Acorns are food for animals. They significantly attract the nuisance of these animals to the yard. Other than that, acorns play a significant role in forest ecology, especially when the oaks are dominant in the region.

Using a leaf blower to remove these acorns might be a good idea as it saves you the time and hassle of manual removal. If you are looking for the best leaf blowers that serve your purpose, then you have come to the right place.

What are the best Leaf Blowers For Removing Acorns?

There is no magical solution to remove acorns from your lawn, but a good leaf blower can be of great help. As acorns weigh more than leaves a powerful unit is important. Also using a vacuum leaf blower can be a good option.


  • 7 Final Remarks
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    Use A Leaf Vacuum Or A Lawn Vacuum

    When the weather changes and fall arrives, we frequently deal with acorns. Acorns can be a nuisance because they can get on your clothing and into your vehicle or home. Many people wonder what they should do with their fallen tree leaves and acorns.

    If you want to quickly get rid of pesky acorns in your yard, you should consider getting a leaf vacuum or a lawn vacuum. A leaf vacuum or lawn vacuum is an excellent tool for removing pesky acorns from your yard. These tools can quickly suck up acorns and help you take care of your yard much more rapidly.

    Using electricity or a battery with these tools will remove the leaves and acorn residue from your yard. However, the units engine must be capable of sucking up acorns from the ground. Make sure the vacuum is big enough to get rid of all the acorns and other debris in one sweep.

    It is a quick and easy solution to get rid of acorns in your yard if you have a leaf vacuum or a lawn vacuum. Simply sweep your yard into piles or rows, then use your leaf vacuum to collect all the leaves and acorns.

    Tips To Consider When Picking Up Acorns From Your Yard

    As you have seen, there are plenty of options you can use to clean acorns from your yard. Its up to you to choose the option that makes sense to you based on your yards size.

  • If you have a large yard, you will be absurd using an acorn rake as it will be tiresome and take you long to pick up acorns.
  • In such a case, the easiest way to pick up acorns is to use a lawn sweeper, yard vacuum for acorns, or any other powerful acorn removal tool.

    2. You dont need to hire an expert to help you pick up acorns unless you have a huge yard. For you to have an easy time collecting the acorns, first cut the long grass.

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    Place A Tarp On The Ground

    If you want to be extra cautious, try putting down a tarp on the ground. It all depends on the size of the tree if its not very large, you may want to consider putting down a tarp.

    Tarps may be placed around around the tree to capture acorns that fall to the ground. When you find that the tarp is almost filled, just empty it and youre finished.

    Make sure theyre thrown away in the compost bin.

    What Can I Do With Fallen Acorns

    Removing Acorns from a Lawn

    Acorns are a great source of food for many animals, including squirrels, deer, mice, and birds. They are also a good source of nutrition for humans. Here are some ideas for what you can do with fallen acorns:

    -Collect them and roast them. Roasted acorns are a tasty, nutritious snack.

    -Use them to make acorn flour. Acorn flour can be used in place of regular flour in many recipes.

    -Make acorn tea. Acorn tea is a traditional Native American remedy for headaches and other ailments.

    -Plant them. Acorns can be planted and will grow into oak trees.

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    Is There A Tool To Pick Up Acorns

    Although you can pick them up using standard methods, there are also specialized tools to do so.

    Garden Weasel is one of the very available pickuptools in the market, which you can use to get all those acorns out of your favorite lawn.

    Again, you can also take Bag-a-Nut Harvester under consideration for getting your desired job done.

    Whats The Best Way To Pick Up Fallen Acorns In My Yard

    Oak trees are a magnificent addition to any home or property, providing an exceptional canopy for shade and a brilliant display of foliage. Your oak trees may also be home to any number of creatures from birds to squirrels, and while they may find the acorns scattered on the ground below to be some type of treasureto homeowners they may be little more than a nuisance. If you’re looking for the best way to pick up acorns from your lawn look no further. The team of experts at The Grounds Guys® has options for you to choose from, to help keep your landscape looking and feeling its best.

    Tips to Pick Up Acorns from Lawn and Garden Areas

    The following types of equipment can be effective at reducing acorns in your yard:

    Lawn Sweeper

    If you already own a riding lawn mower, a lawn sweeper can help turn it into an effective tool for acorn removal. The attachment follows along behind any riding mower or small tractor collecting debris such as acorns, twigs, leaves, and more. Depending on which type you buy the lawn sweeper may use either a suction device or a scooping action to complete the task.

    Leaf Vacuum

    A lawn or leaf vacuum can either be purchased or rented, and while it is typically used to collect leaves it may also be used to vacuum up your acorns. The unit is powered by a small motor and sucks up the debris into the attached bag. Before buying or renting the machine, ensure the motor is powerful enough to retrieve the acorns, as equipment can vary.

    Nut Gatherer/Weasel


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    Best Way To Get Rid Of Acorns

    The best way to get rid of acorns is by either using a rake or a leaf blower with a vacuuming function. Many leaf blowers can be easily turned into a vacuum by changing the setting and adding a garbage bag.

    If you need to remove acorns from your yard annually, its a good idea to invest in a good rake or a yard vacuum to do the job.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Acorn Sprouts In My Yard

    How to pick up Acorns

    You can get rid of the acorn sport in the very same way you do to get rid out of a whole acorn plant.

    When you see seedlings sprouting out of their seeds and holes of your garden, the perfect time also arises when you need to spray them with the herbicide.

    Do this in weather that makes a temperature of 60-80° Fahrenheit which is their only time for growth. When you stop them during their early growth session, the acorns can no longer continue their existence for the rest of the time being. And therefore, you can get quickly rid out of them.

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    The Leaf Vacuum / Lawn Vacuum

    The leaf vacuum, also known as just a lawn vacuum, can suck up any acorns and leaves from the area. Some vacuums are stronger than others, so make sure the motor is powerful and can do the acorn collection job.

    Lawn vacuums can be rented or purchased, so talk to the seller or loaner about how to pick up acorns with their vacuums. Like any vacuum, empty it out when its full or when youre finished.

    Regular shop vacuums can work as well, but it depends on the size of the vacuum, its power, and the area of your lawn.

    Contact The Professionals For Acorn Cleanup/removal Services

    If your yard is sizable and you feel overwhelmed because your best acorn pick up tool or acorn collector is not enough, contact the Houston lawn service experts at Zodega TIS.

    Zodega TIS is a landscaping company that provides residential and commercial landscaping for everyone in the Houston area. Contact us today to request an acorn removal service quote on your property!

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    Best Lawn Sweeper For Leaves

    For cleaning up a lot of leaves, check out the Brinly STS-427LXH lawn sweeper. It features six high-velocity brushes that pick up a lot of debris in fewer passes. No only is this the best lawn sweeper for leaves, it also does an excellent job picking up pine needles and old grass clippings after dethatching.

    Rake Them Into A Pile

    Easy, Fast Way To Remove Acorns From Your Lawn &  Grass

    Perhaps the most common solution for dealing with fallen acorns is to rake them into a pile.

    Its recommended that you wait until all your oak trees have dropped most of their acorns.

    Once the acorns have made their way onto your landscape, you can remove them by raking them into a large pile. Using a rake, push the acorns into the middle of your landscape, at which point you can then bag and dispose of them.

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    These Acorns Are Driving Me Nuts

    | Categories: Fall

    For centuries the beautiful expansive great oak tree has delivered shade and lush green foliage to our yards and has been a long-standing symbol of strength, stability, and power, however, the acorn droppings can drive you nuts!

    Acorns are the result of Mother Nature trying to perpetuate the oaks life cycle. An oak tree does not start to produce acorns until it is around 20 years old, but it can produce over 10,000 acorns in a masting year. Have you ever been woken up late at night from the pounding of acorns on your roof? Sometimes it seems they are playing pool on your house. The next morning you find squirrels digging up your yard gathering nuts or even worse, burying them in a hole to dig them up later in winter or next spring for food. Acorn droppings can also attract deer, chipmunks, and other cute but pesky critters to your yard. Some animals may try to find a place to store their stash of acorns in a nearby garage or shed for food or nesting. You may need to hire a pest control professional if you find squirrels, skunks, or raccoons in your shed.

    You can offer your acorns to local gardening or 4H clubs to grow new seedlings for habitat restoration service projects. They also are great for making crafts, wreaths, or home accent decorations. We just hope you keep your wits about you, dont let the acorns drive you nuts!


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