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Ideas For Small Backyard Landscaping

Use Mirrors To Enhance A Small Backyard

Small Landscape Design Ideas (10 Secrets)

indoors adds instant impact and interest, while maximizing light and boosting the sense of space. And it can make a small garden look bigger, even in a relatively compact area.

They are also the perfect option if you are looking for backyard ideas on a budget. A good mirror can usually be found at a local flea market or second-hand shop.

We always recommend going for the largest mirror you can afford to make the most of every ray of light from your mirrors reflection,’ says Lucy St George of Rockett St George .

While a large picture might overpower a space and particularly a small room a large mirror will do the opposite.

As long as the frame isn’t too bulky, a larger mirror will only serve to make a room feel bigger and brighter, so dare to pick a design that’s on the larger side rather than one with more modest proportions.

Plant A Fruit And Vegetable Garden

Vegetable and flower boxes bring in welcome crops.

Skip the trip to the grocery store or farmers market by adding a backyard fruit or vegetable garden. For a simple design, consider a few rows of plant beds with gravel walkways between them. Even a novice can start a backyard vegetable garden with a few basic pointers.

A Romantic Landscape Theme

Head back to your honeymoon, right out the back door, into your private backyard. Complete with a privacy fence, hot tub or maybe a Jacuzzi. Add soft colors, potted flowers like exotic hibiscus flowers including the Rose of Sharon hibiscus and candles with a sweet smell and you can relive the years in your own backyard. Add in some exotic flowers passion flower plant maybe to bring your backyard garden design tropical accents. Such flower garden ideas boosts the amorous vibe on an already romantic landscape.

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Work In A Cooling Outdoor Shower

You may not have the space for pool ideas within a small backyard, but you needn’t dismiss the opportunity to introduce a holiday vibe an outdoor shower can be a great chance to cool off and, clad with brightly patterned tiles, will allow you to create a bold color scheme that you can match with planting.

Add A Splash Of Color

20+ Chic Small Courtyard Garden Design Ideas For You

Sometimes all it takes is a splash of color to make your backyard pop.

This can be as simple as painting planters to give your garden a contemporary look, or giving wood and metal chairs a fresh coat of paint. To save even more on this budget backyard landscaping project, reuse leftover paint instead of buying new ones.

You can also add a quick splash of color in the form of flowers or foliage, positioning them on a deck, patio, at an entryway or tucked into a planting bed.

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Install A Water Feature In A Small Yard

No matter how small your outdoor space, water features can make a simple and effective addition to it, says interior designer Kimberley Harrison .

Equip your outdoor space to be a place for relaxation and calm. For smaller gardens, choose a self-contained water feature, such as a bowl, bubbling sphere or a mini fountain, for a nod to Zen garden ideas that wont overwhelm the space. Water is recirculated, so theyll need minimum maintenance and they often come complete with a pump.

For something more spectacular, consider a fountain, cascade or even a water wall. But remember, larger water features will require more planning, plus they need a circulation system to keep the water moving and a filtration system to keep the water clean, and will often require professional installation.

When it comes to water features, placement is important, so think logistically. Avoid a too-sunny location that can encourage weed growth and site away from trees, as leaves could clog it.

Youll need electricity to power the pump, which must feature a Residual Current Device to protect from electric shock. Keep pools and fountains covered if there are children around a feature with no standing water is the safest option.

Iron Garden Platform For All Waterways

If a wooden bridge gives a visual effect reminiscent of natural elements, an iron bridge instead offers refinement and elegance.

Outsunny iron garden platformThe walkway to the lakes of Outsunny It has an arched garden bridge structure and the side railings with floral decorations give a vintage charm to your environment.

With its metal material and bronze color it beautifies the whole environment and goes well with both natural and artificial elements, such as railings or fountains.

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Add An Outdoor Water Feature

Whether you want to go big with a landscape design or keep it simple with a DIY garden project, adding a water feature can turn your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis. Some examples of water features you can add are:

  • Pondless waterfalls and streams
  • You dont need a large area to have a vegetable garden. All you need is a location that can provide adequate sunlight, access to a water source, and rich, fertile soil. Doing this will help you produce healthy vegetables, fruits, and herbs without going to the grocery store.

    Additionally, consider using a fence deer and other animals in the community love your vegetables just as much as you do, and you dont want to give them a food supply and ruin all your hard work.

    Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

    Small Garden Design Ideas for backyard landscaping ideas

    Theres no better way to bring the family together than with smores over a fire pit. But you dont need to spring for a contractor to put one in with one trip to the home improvement store, you can have your own backyard campfire station in just a few minutes. If you need to get rid of rocks from another project, building a fire pit with them is a great way to do it.

    Here are a few ways to make your own fire pit without overspending:

    Fire Pit Ideas on a Budget

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    Go Vertical With Plants

    Photo via @succulent_treasure_chest

    When landscaping a small yard, its important to take advantage of vertical space. Planting flowers and other greenery on the fence can open up the ground area and leave room for seating or other backyard features. Plus, vertical planters make for a fun DIY project!

    Big Ideas For A Small Backyard Landscaping Toronto Near Me

    Backyard landscape design in Toronto can be a problem if there is not enough space to implement ideas. However, even a tiny space can be turned into a beautiful backyard of a private home. Take a look at these beautiful backyard design photos of your private home, they will help you find the perfect concept to implement on your small plot of land.

    Here are 10 backyard landscaping ideas that will turn your backyard into a comfortable, functional and impressive place for outdoor entertainment.

    1. White backyard

    Light colors create the illusion of space. White walls, furniture, and shades of green plants create a spacious and cool area. String lights also very nice design idea.

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    Mix Ground Cover Materials


    If you inherit a small backyard that is filled corner to corner with the same ground cover material, its time to mix it up. By visually breaking up the texture of the ground cover landscaping materials, like a mix of pavers, rock, turf and decking, the yard will feel much more custom and interesting.

    Choose Planting To Suit A Small Backyard

    Small Backyard Southern California Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and ...

    When looking for small garden ideas for borders and containers, always plant according to the space available. Obviously that means choosing the best trees for small gardens, but it is relevant to your choice of shrubs and flowers, too.

    ‘When planting out a border, particularly at the center of a yard, perhaps dividing a deck from a lawn, I always take careful note of the full-grown height of what I’m putting in and, if I will be seated, perhaps at a dining table or lounger, I take that into account, too,’ says Lucy Searle.

    ‘Sometimes, I want planting to be tall for privacy, but often, I want to ensure I can see beyond it into the rest of the garden. It’s worth noting that lower planting at the center of the yard will help the space feel less divided, wider and longer.’

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    Modular Outdoor Platforms: Ikeas Solutions

    Even in the smallest gardens it is possible to install a walkway, so as to raise the quality. With modular garden walkways you can adjust the length of the floor depending on the Free space.

    An example is the RUN Pedana from IKEA, with a total area of 0.81 square meters and 9 pieces measuring 30X30cm. Made of plastic, the garden walkway is weatherproof and can be disassembled and reassembled later to clean or shorten it.

    In addition to being a pedestrian path, RUNNEN can be used as table support and chairs if we want to organize an outdoor dinner.

    Runnen, plastic floor by Ikea

    To clean them, just use a mildly concentrated soap and water solution and dry with a cloth.

    Versatility of the Ikea garden walkway

    If, on the other hand, we want to recreate a wood effect in our garden, we can opt for the garden platform THE EXTENSIONalso from Ikea, brown and measures 0.90 square meters.

    UTLĂ„NGAN, Ikea garden platformIn the package you can find 6 modules of 30X60 cm, with a thickness of 2 cm.

    + Front House Garden Ideas

    20+ Front House Garden Ideas. Speaking of very small front garden ideas, you should refrain from integrating lots of pieces. 50 brilliant front garden and landscaping projects youll love 1.

    The back opens to beautiful views of the harbor, with a terraced patio running the length of the house. Install trellis or lattice work, and in front of the structures, plant climbers. Keep reading to be inspired by our favorite landscaping ideas for the front of the house!


    3 create a natural archway Keep reading to be inspired by our favorite landscaping ideas for the front of the house!


    Use topiary to create structure and interest. Hingham, ma, usa this newly constructed home in hingham, ma was designed to openly embrace the seashore landscape surrounding it.


    One of the best garden ideas you can employ right away is to get your shrubs and evergreens in order. Hanging baskets and stone planters are excellent small front garden ideas to add color to the front door area.


    While the backyard is for you, the front yard is often made beautiful for neighbors and the public generally. The most common choice is boxwood, which offers dense leave that are easily pruned into shape.


    Gardeners have a real advantage when it comes to making a welcoming home. Climbing plants are a simple and impactful way to make your front garden pop.

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    Is It Cheaper To Landscape Yourself

    The cheapest way to landscape a backyard is to do it yourself, particularly if you already have the tools and skills needed for the job. If you are capable of DIY landscaping, you dont have to pay to hire a professional landscaping service to do the work for you.

    In some cases, DIY may not be the cheapest way to go. If a task requires tools you dont have, youll have to buy them. And if youre learning a new skill, it will take more time or money due to mistakes or the learning curve.

    If youre a DIY novice, the costs of tools, transportation, or a lack of skill can cost more than hiring a pro.

    Spruce Up Your Frence

    10 Cheap Landscaping ideas for Small Backyards

    Not crazy about how your fence looks? Whether you have a wooden or chain link fence, there are several ways to make it visually appealing. Use these budget landscaping ideas to beautify your fence, especially if it encompasses your entire backyard.

    Ways to Upgrade Your Chain Link Fence

    • Paint it. A fresh coat of paint is more effective than you might think. We suggest choosing a color that matches the rest of your house.
    • Cover it with an awning. Find a fun fabric at your local craft store, measure it and drape it over your chain link fence. Make sure the material can withstand the elements!
    • Cover it with vines. While it may take a while for vines to cover your entire fence, the finished product is well worth the wait.

    Ways to Upgrade Your Wooden Fence

    • Install hanging baskets. You can never have enough flowers. All it takes is an S hook and your hanging basket of choice to add a pop of color to your fence.
    • Install decorative fence caps. Upgrade the top of your fence posts with cast iron balls or a pointy cap. If youre going for a whimsical look, plant a fake bird or solar light at the top of a post or two.
    • Change the color. Try staining the wood a different color with an airless sprayer or roll-on stain. It wont change anything too drastically, but a little goes a long way!

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    A Garden Walkway For All Needs

    Whether you have a park or a small green space, with garden walkways you can create walkways and enhance the external environment.

    An example is the natural stone floor of Pietrarredo, with stones ranging from 4 to 10 cm thick. For outdoor flooring, Luserna is one of the natural stones with excellent hardness values and resistance to strong cold and very high temperatures.

    Luserna stone floor from Pietrarredo

    The stones can be laid directly on the ground with earth or sand, without cement or other binder, with the so-called dry laying.

    On the market you can also find bridges to put on the bank of a watercourse like a lake. Here are many nice ideas for our outdoor spaces.

    Go Private With Panels

    Some small backyards lack privacy. Next-door neighbors and people driving by can see in, and if you have dogs that can see out, they can bark and become a nuisance. Make a hideaway by installing decorative privacy screens or panels. Bamboo, brushwood, picket or slatted fences are other options that let in light and air but help block the view. Once you decide how tall you want your screen or fence, check your local ordinances to be sure it won’t exceed height or placement limitations. Shown here: Helix Privacy Screens

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    Grow A Daytime Moon Garden

    Moon gardens can be as beautiful during the daytime as they are at night. You don’t need as many outdoor lights just plant bright white, silver and cream-colored flowers and foliage. This design uses one wall of the house and borders of plants to create the feeling of an outdoor room. Add hints of color with lavender heliotropes, purple verbenas, pink Nemesias and fountain grasses like Graceful Grasses Vertigo.

    Combine Planting With Paving

    How to Make The Most Out of Your Small Yard (Landscaping Ideas ...

    Olive trees will bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your yard, and theyre hardier than you think. Perfect for small spaces, mature olive tress with gnarled trunks will allow to eye to see beyond the immediate space.

    ‘The key to creating a successful garden of this type is to choose the two main elements planting and paving carefully,’ says designer . ‘This space makes use of natural materials to create a calming oasis in a big city.’

    Plant these drought-tolerant plants along a paved pathway to create a welcoming archway inspired by Mediterranean gardens, as Fiorella has done here. Then pour yourself a glass of wine, sit beside your olive trees, and bask in the sun while imagining that youre holidaying on the shore of the Med.

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    Build A Grilling Station

    Throw a backyard cookout with a small grilling station. If the chef likes company while they are flipping burgers, leave room for chairs. Rebecca says, Consider using bright, container-friendly flowers in a variety of hues to dress up the space. She recommends zinnias for their vibrant colors and summer-long blooms. For deeper tones, Mums offer striking flowers that will attract butterflies to your backyard oasis during their peak season. Edible ornamentals like nasturtiums are also fun to grow. The pretty flowers have a peppery taste similar to a radish.

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    Themes & Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Yards With Limited Space

    There are many different themes you can use for landscape design ideas beyond formal and informal. A tropical garden getaway, with heliconia psittacorum, bananas, and vines running up a trellis. Add the lawn grass and flower beds that adds up to the appeal. Dont forget a small backyard pond, the sound water is always relaxing!Add a hammock or swing for warm summer nights. Light up some candles, tiki torches, or garden lighting around your patio. Light up the BBQ, add some mode music and other props to create a feeling and warmth to the outdoor living spaces.

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