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How To Repair Wheels On Patio Screen Door

Sliding Screen Door Roller Hardware: Missing Tension Screws

Lang Patio Screen Door Wheel Adjustment

Over the years, two of the “Tension Springs” for adjusting the Roller Springs have gone missing.None of my local sources seem to be able to identify them and/or get them for me.SOME SPECIFICATIONS:1 1/2 ” Long .Head Diameter. Approx. 1/4″.O.D. of Thread 0.162″ .Threads. 18 T.P.I., sheet metal form thread.The lower portion of the screw has been machined to remove the sharp thread.I would like to find some of the correct screws instead of jamming ground-off sheet metal screws in the existing holes.

Waterloo Sliding Patio Door Maintenance

If you don’t stay up to date with your Waterloo sliding patio door maintenance, you’ll wind up paying for it with repair work down the line. The Sliding Patio Door does require care as well as upkeep that many locate annoying or undesirable, however, it’s far better than the expenses you may pay for fixing as opposed to maintaining. There are just a couple of components to a sliding patio door. Call All Door Solutions today for your sliding door maintenance.

Can sliding patio doors be repaired?

Years of dirt, direct exposure to the aspects, and also difficult use can turn sliding doors right into sticking doors. Right here’s just how to repair your sliding door and also make it run fresh. Moving glass door repair will get the job done. If the door still does not slide smoothly, the rollers under the door either demand adjusting or are shot.

Should I replace my sliding glass door?

If you can see in between your sliding glass doors or in between the door and also the structure, you are losing money. If you can see light streaming in via your moving glass door, you need to change it quickly.

Why is my sliding door so hard to open?

If property owners discover it tough to open up as well as shut the door, it might simply be due to dirt on the rollers. When the rollers get filthy, make use of a vacuum cleaner and a crevice tool to get rid of large debris before scrubbing away the remainder of the dirt with a wet fabric.

Screen Door Roller And Corner

TX 75212-6312 Phone: 214-634-7305They would definetely have the corner but they usually only sell to glass shops. Ask them to reccomend a local glass shop that has a good supply of their corners. You will have to remove the screen cloth and dissasemble the frame to get these corners out. Then bring the corner with you when you visit the glass shop to make sure you get the right part.Sometimes when you reinstall the new corners the door will still be loose because the frame has become worn. You can stiffen up the frame by using aluminum screen cloth instead of the black fiberglass.Hope this helps

Roller and springs

Hi There! We just recently took our screen door off to be cleaned. Once we loosened the 4 screws the springs all fell out. And no matter how I re-install them the screws, once the rollers have pressure applied one or twice, they fall out. Very frustrating.. Seems as though the metal spring will not stay locked in the roller assembly.. Any better replacement or universal kit that might help us out?Note that the roller assembly has two male nibs that need to be pressed into the female receiving piece within the door.Please let me know if you may have some better parts.Thanks

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Die Cast Aluminum Housings Double Glaze Doors

These rollers are a little wider to fit into the larger extrusions needed to hold insulated glass units. Insulated glass is very heavy. Sometimes too heavy even for these larger housings. As with the smaller single glaze units, its the L shaped part connecting the adjusting screw to the roller that usually breaks.

The CD-69 is easily the most popular, the 02530 is almost the same but has a larger diameter bearing or wheel. They both have 2 seperate mounting hole locations so they can be mounted using a large diameter sheet metal screw from the vertical stile of with a machine screw through the bottom rial of the patio door.

With die cast rollers once they are broken you have to throw out the whole unit, unlike steel housings the bearings or wheels are not able to be replaced.

Have You Noticed Your Sliding Door Has Become Sticky And Resistant To Movement

Sliding Patio Screen Doors

If you have, then this is usually due to the accumulation of dirt, oil and other debris that has been trapped in the door track. This also indicated that your sliding glass door track might need cleaning.


The biggest issue that makes doors prone to coming off the tracks is lack of maintenance. Sliding doors, like all the other parts and systems in your home, require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Most people only clean the glass. Sure, thats the obvious part that gets dirty, but so do the tracks and wheels. So when was the last time you cleaned them? When the wheels and track are clean and clear of debris, they glide easily together. But add in some dirt, dust and debris and the wheels dont roll quite so easily.

After a while the wheels dont just not roll and glide, they completely stop moving. Now thats a problem!

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Waterloo Sliding Glass Door Frame Repair

All Door Solutions understand how it is important to keep your sliding glass door frame appearance as close to the original as possible. So, our team of Professional Sliding Door Repair implements all our experience and skills to restore your Waterloo sliding glass door frame repair to its original shape.

Swinging Screen Door Repair

A screen door that cant firmly shut will insufficiently keep insects, dust, and debris out. Below are tips on how to repair a screen door easily and adequately with just some basic tools.

  • Pinpoint the problem.
  • Figure out exactly where the door is becoming stuck prior to determining a remedy. For example, the edge of the door might be hitting the frame try tightening the screws on the top, middle, or bottom hinge for both the frame and the screen door. Be conscientious not to over-tighten or you will strip the screws.

  • Remove excess material.
  • This method is permanent-be cautious to not clear away too much material from the door. Start by separating the door from the hinges. Use a wood plane to skim off fine sheets of wood from the section causing trouble, until the desired dimension is obtained.

  • Examine the pneumatic closer.
  • This part restrains the door from forcefully closing. In addition, it contains a latch to fasten the door in an open position. When this part is jammed, you might see it does not draw the door fully closed and can keep the door from sealing all the way. If necessary, these are quite simple to change.

    For comfort with all your screen door repairs, you can have confidence in the knowledgeable professionals at Complete Window Care. Call us at to learn more about our services and how we can save you time!

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    Free sliding door repair quote

    Are not you sure why kind of door repair services you need?

    There is no doubt that you already have a problem because it is on our website.

    We have a series of useful publications on our website to help you identify what door repair service is best for you.

    First of all, we like people to identify their sliding door. By identifying your door, you can help us to know the type of repair of the sliding door that is needed.

    You can also see our common disaster door problems. Our range of services can help repair each of the 12 problems of the disaster door mentioned there.

    Why Does My Screen Door Not Latch

    How to install a Sliding Patio Screen Door Repair Kit without needing replacement wheels.

    When your screen door wont latch properly and pops back open or does not close all the way, the latch plate is in the wrong position on the doorjamb. This may be caused by the latch plates shifting over time, due to thermal expansion or because the latch plate was installed misaligned with the door latch.

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    Vintage Screen Door With Surface Mounted Wheels

    I repair screens at a local hardware store. Recently a gentleman brought a 36″ rolling screen door 150 miles for me to repair. The bottom wheels are surface mounted as opposed to being tucked into the center of the frame. I have no wheels and no idea of what the wheels ride on. I assume there is a rail parallel to the door, outside of the frame. I dont know what the diameter the wheels should be. I dont know if the wheels should be flat or convex. The other identifying mark is that the pull is zig-zag shaped. I can’t find any info on this screen. Sure I could mount a set of wheels on this and turn it loose. I really want to know where this beauty came from. I can send pictures if necessary.Hi Matt Yes please post pictures here, that sounds like an interesting screen door. Would be great to see pictures showing where it fits too.I have not seen one like that but I have seen a few homemade screen doors made by homeowners who were toolmakers or machinists. Its possible this could be a “one-of” door done by someone like that.To get the roller size perfect, you would have to have a dimension from top of bottom track to bottom of top track and then measure the roller hole centerline to find out which diamter roller would fit. Perhaps the customer can supply the track to track dimension.

    Dirty Or Blocked Tracks

    Chances are your patio door undergoes a lot of traffic. Over time, its very likely that your sliding door has gotten dirty and the tracks become clogged and blocked.

    When the tracks arent clean, it can cause your sliding door to stick. Dirty tracks are one of the most common causes for a sliding door sticking.

    Luckily, this is a very easy fix. All you need to do is clean off the tracks of any dirt, dust or debris and your door will go back to opening and closing smoothly.

    In order to prevent this, remember to clean your screen door about once a month or whenever you perform a good house cleaning. You can use a vacuum to get any loose debris in the tracks and use a cleaning solution and rag to wipe up any remaining dust or grime on them.

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    Keep Your Sliding Door From Sticking

    Since sliding doors are made to be easy to use, theyre not that hard to maintain or diagnose any problems. Whether your sliding door is sticking because of dirt and dust on the track or the rollers need to be replaced, its fairly easy to spot the cause of the problem. If you follow our tips above, you should have a patio door that slides like hockey skates on ice.

    However, sometimes your door may be past its prime. In such a case, you can count on Feldco for the best sliding glass doors in the Midwest. For over 40 years, weve served over 400,000 homeowners in the Midwest.

    If you want a sliding patio door thatll stand true year in and year out, get a free quote now from Feldco for the best replacement around.

    How To Replace A Patio Door Roller

    Sliding Patio Screen Doors

    For safeties sake get someone to help you. Some doors are very heavy. Get a friend on the left side of the door and you on the right side. Lift the whole door vertically as far as it will go and try to pull the bottom out over the patio door track.

    Sometimes the patio door opening has sagged and its hard to get out. I often have to use a long 2×4 and a hydraulic jack to raise the top plate enough to get the door out.

    To get at the patio door rollers on an aluminum door, there is usually a screw on each side of the door which holds the door bottom on. These screws are usually located just above the hole that conceals the adjustment screws. They are larger than the adjustment screws. Remove these screws and grab the bottom of the door and pull it off the glass.

    Hopefully it will come off easily, but often it will not. Especially if the door is more than 20 years old. Be very careful if you have to lever it off, the glass can easily get broken. Patience and persistence is the key.

    Once the bottom is removed, you will see how the patio door rollers are held in. Usually its with a single screw or with bent tabs of metal or a combination of both. Unbend the tabs and remove the screws and take out the roller.

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    Why Choose Exitoso And Co

    If you are looking for screen door roller replacement, look no further than Exitoso and Co. We can fix what others cant and we pride ourselves on discovering the root cause of the problem to avoid you from having problems in the future.

    Whats more, because we stock our tools and hardware on our van, we can fix most issues on our first visit to you. We understand that our clients have busy lives and by us working in this manner, we can cause as little disruption to you as possible.

    With Exitoso and Co, you can be confident that you are getting a quality repair. If we know we cannot fix it, we will tell you and not charge you.

    If your screen door is not working as it should, give us a call today and we will get it sorted for you.

    I Resolved My Screen Door Roller Difficulty

    Adopt a shelter dog they are dying to have a home.

    Though, I could not find my original post to state so there.The key was not tightening the screws upon installing the rollers … they will push in easier, install on track w/ease … then you tighten/adjust screws to appropriate tension while on the track.I read the above only after I struggled with, then figured it out on my own.Thanks, I believe I have mastered, “Screen Doors for Dummies”.

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    Can You Use Wd40 On Sliding Glass Door Tracks

    Lubricating Sliding Door Tracks Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, dust and other debris. Then apply WD-40 Specialist Long-Lasting Grease Spray along the sliding door track, wheels and rollers, as the dense, fast-acting formula allows long-lasting lubrication. It does not drip and remains attached to the support.

    How Do I Remove The Wheels From My Sliding Screen Door

    How to Adjust the wheels on a patio sliding screen door

    roller assy after trying to extract with pliers

    The slot where the wheel assemble resides is about 2 1/4″ long and as wide as the track.The wheel assembly seems to be a leaf spring, and on the end of the spring is a housing to hold the wheel. There is a screw from the top of the frame that screws downward to force the wheel out of the slot and thus raises the screen door. The screw is not part of the spring assembly, it only pushes against the spring.I have tried to use pliers to pull the spring and wheel from the slot but succeeded only in bending the spring and have almost broken the wheel and axle assembly from the spring.All so VERY frustrating!

    Questionthe strip attached to the wheel, which is in turn tighten or loosen by an external screw on top has broken, I assume, due to wear. I took off the door and tried to accommodate the wheel to no avail because there is nothing to hold it in place. Could you tell me if the metal strip + new wheel can be purchased? And then, how to I open that part of the door to accommodate the new strip? I can’t seem to find a way. Anything you can tell me will help me greatly to avoid additional expense.AnswerMany screen door rollers are held on by strips of steel which are used both to mount them on to the door and to act as spring. Sometimes you can screen door rollers in Home depot or Loews. Many glass and window repair shops also carry them.

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    Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair In Waterloo

    When a sliding glass patio door is making a problem to open up and it is not functioning correctly it can feel like it evaluates a heap. Contributing to the headache of trying to close the door, the door can after that come to be a safety and security risk as well as an energy efficiency trouble. Call All Door Solutions today to set up a visit to Repair Your Waterloo Patio Door so that you can rest well during the night recognizing that your home is safe.

    Your Door Is Old And Worn Out

    Sometimes, a sliding door sticking can be caused by the door simply being too old and has underwent years of wear and tear. If after inspecting the track, rollers and alignment and your door is still difficult to open and close, it may be time for replacement.

    If your sliding door is made of wood, it might have experienced swelling or warping and theres no solution to fixing that. Aluminum doors are easily dented and damaged which can lead to difficult operation.

    One of the main reasons why homeowners have sliding doors is for their ease of use and when its sticking, that defeats the entire purpose.

    In order to enjoy years and years of easy operation and beautiful views, we recommend replacing your old sliding door with an energy efficient and durable vinyl sliding door.

    Unlike wood and aluminum, vinyl sliding doors will never rot, swell or warp and can withstand anything the weather throws at them.

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