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Outdoor Led Lighting For Pergolas

Custom Led For Pergola And Outdoor Furniture Lighting

Hanging LED String Lights on Pergola

The custom LED section for pergola and outdoor furniture lighting concerns the creation of customized products tailored to you and your needs.

The outdoor pergola or gazebo is one of the most relaxing and pleasant spaces of the house, a unique environment where you can spend the cool evenings in serenity.

The best way to illuminate an external pergola is definitely to choose waterproof and UV resistant LED lights, effective and at the same time not too expensive lighting.

With the installation of IP68 RGB or white LED strips you will get pergola lighting or other outdoor furniture of great scenic effect, giving life to a unique atmosphere in your garden.

It will be possible to use LED profiles for pergolas in different shapes and sizes thus obtaining completely customized LED bars.


The innovative double silicone protection guarantees the product maximum water impermeability, even in total immersion.

  • 1. IP68 external casing

Edison Bulb Pergola Lights

Edison Bulbs are the classic choice for pergolas lights as they emit a low, ember color. Theyre also great for a minimalistic or rustic look, perfect for a backyard space. Edison Bulbs are unique as they have a clear bulb, so you can see the electricity in the center, which is how it achieves the warm glow effect.

These lights can come in various sizes, from rounded to long skinny tubes, but the design remains the same at its core with the exposed wiring. If youre looking for a light strand that sets the mood and warms any space, these Edison Bulbs are a perfect choice.

As mentioned above, manufacturers offer different shapes, styles, and sizes, but you will also be able to customize the wiring color to fit your needs. You may also be able to find a remote-controlled option that allows for different flickering and intensity settings.

These lights will make a statement year-round as they are resilient against most weather conditions and add warmth most other options cant achieve.

Good for: Those that want the traditional pergola lights look with a warm finish. These are the most popular style for a reason!

Why you should try this: These lights are the perfect intersection of affordability and style. Try these if youre looking to elevate your space without breaking the bank.

Play Around With Lighting Colours

Many outdoor lights, especially LEDs, are available in a range of colours and these dont have to be restricted to the festive seasons.

For a bit of fun, try installing a few different colours.

Weve seen all manner of outstanding decorative light fittings, from the wacky ad hoc styles to the structured.

And if your pergola is free-standing, dont forget you can line the walkway from your house to the structure with equally inspired colours so that you can easily access your home and have fun along the way.

A pergola is a great fixture for any Australian garden, where warm temperatures draw you and your guests outdoors for as long as possible.

Aussie evenings can be particularly bewitching, with a sky filled with stars and cicadas chirruping their songs of summer.

Light up your pergola and your guests will be drawn outdoors, hypnotized by its beauty.

Read here for the best Christmas light displays you cant miss.

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Deck And Pergola Lighting Ideas

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Pergolas which are built just outside the house dont really need extensive illumination: a big lamp in the middle or a couple of smaller ones will do the job as you dont need to also make the way there visible.

The one in the picture is encased in glass to make sure it stays safe under challenging weather conditions.

How Do You Light A Pergola

Gazebo, Pergolas and Pavilions

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of the pergola is the furniture that comes along with it. You start wondering about the events that youre going to be holding there and how youre going to set the entire place up.

Theres just so much to do if youre planning on adding a pergola to the exteriors of your home. There are patio chairs and tables, outdoor couches, fire pits, barbecue grills, and so much more.

One thing that you shouldnt miss, though, is the lighting fixtures. There are a lot of times wherein the furniture has been all set up and the lighting fixtures havent been figured out just yet. This can ruin the overall aesthetic of your pergola.

Thankfully, whether youre planning on getting a pergola built from scratch or youre updating a current one, you have quite a lot of options to choose from.

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Covered Pergola Lighting Ideas

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Unique pergolas like the one shown here stand out easily.

So much that at first glance you may even not notice the swimming pool or the modern design of the house itself in the background.

Of course, for a great style you need to exceed yourself when placing lamps, because you want to enhance and not diminish the effects.

Spotlights and a fancy metal chandelier add much in that aspect.

Cost Covers More Than Fixtures

Its rare to have a pergola that sits on nice, easy grass. Chances are, your pergola will perch on pavers or poured concrete. That means well have to tunnel under that hard service to run conduit and wiring. To nicely hide wires, we might drill out a wooden post.

Well install a transformer that converts your 120-volt electrical system to the 12-volt needed to power your pergola lighting. Then well run wiring from that power source out to your pergola fixtures.

The cost includes not just the lovely lighting, but the labor to put it there.

Havent built your pergola yet? Contact your landscape lighting contractor early on in the process its easier to execute the lighting before the construction is complete.

Keep in mind youre also paying for skill and artistry. Our lighting technicians are craftsmen. A professional isnt going to simply bolt and staple fixtures and wiring to your pergola beams. Theyll skillfully hide the wiring so you dont even know its there. They wont stick a 100-watt bulb at the top of your pergola and call it good. A number of low-wattage, energy-efficient LED lights will cast a more subtle, artistic glow.

Sure, you can buy strings of twinkling white lights or a few packages of rope lights to dress up your pergola. But they wont have commercial-grade cords and LED bulbs that will last 10 years. And those awkward, dangling extension cords dont exactly say luxurious evening retreat.

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Soften A Structure With Delicate String Lights

These delicate lights balance out a bold black pergola

If you want to give your garden structure a twinkling glow but are wary of how much garden lighting costs, then string lights might be a winning solution. They are much more affordable than built-in designs or elaborate pendants, and wrapped around beams, are straightforward to install.

For the most reliable option, go for an electricity-powered style, but bear in mind you’ll need an outdoor plug. Alternatively, you can find string lights with a solar panel which spikes into the ground nearby.

Pergola Lighting Options That Are Hard To Resist

How to Install Outdoor LED Lighting | This Old House

If your backyard has been feeling a bit lackluster lately and youve been stumped at how to improve the space, weve got the perfect solution: Pergola Lights! The small addition to your backyard can seriously make all the difference.

You can transform the space from dull and dark to light, whimsical, and golden with a simple string of lights. Cost-effective, easy to install, and gorgeous, whats not to love? But with so many choices, you might be wondering whats best for you.

Dont worry. Weve rounded up our favorite pergola lighting options that will help you make your decision. From fairy and firefly lights to multicolored nets, youve got many options that might be a little hard to resist!

And if you dont have a pergola or wonder what exactly they are and if you should get one, check out our pergolas guide.

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Pergola Stairway Lighting Idea

The ever popular string lights are used on this pergola by but just as important as lighting up your pergola, is lighting the pathway to reach it. As shown here, the built-in stair lights and pathway lights provide safety and character along the walkway. Heres a solar option for stairway lighting you can install yourself.

Embrace A Luxe Look With Hanging Pendants

This striking Maluwi Canopy from Garden House Design includes chic pendant lights

This certainly isn’t your standard pergola. In fact, with its waterproof roof and stylish wall panels, it’s more of an indoor-outdoor room, and certainly makes a striking statement on a patio.

In terms of pergola lighting ideas, the luxe pendants here have caught our attention, suspended from the ceiling with their oversized bulbs. The variety of heights adds a sculptural appeal, too. A large, comfy sofa and a duo of occasional tables finish the space well.

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Pergola Led Lighting Ideas

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Yellow light lamps give a cozy dimmed atmosphere.

In contrast LED-lights and spotlights are slick and precise.

The lights here provide some extra light.

The owner couldnt really decide between natural and LED-light, so they also placed a bunch of candles to be able to have either of them at any specific time.

Pergola Lighting Ideas Design

Pergola Shade Solutions for Your Chicagoland Backyard
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As much as people enjoy hanging, mounted, candle or lantern lights, sometimes it is just nice to have perfectly reliable and orderly lamps installed in the ceiling.

The roof is not covered so good use of the beams needs to be made.

The stone walls and modern looking furniture go hand in hand with that kind of lighting.

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Relaxed Outdoor Daybed Under Contemporary Pergola

A contemporary pergola is transformed into a private outdoor room with flowing white curtains, an oversized daybed, artwork and a cool light pendant.

This outdoor space is so cozy and inviting, it looks like an indoor space. By choosing one simple yet stylish outdoor light fixture, you can elevate your outdoor space by leaps and bounds.

Modern Outdoor Living Room With White Paper Lanterns

For a multifunctional outdoor living room that would serve as a family gathering space and a meeting area for the owners clients and colleagues, landscape architect Mark Tessier created an accordingly varied lighting scheme. Traditional outdoor lighting illuminates the area without making a statement, while style enters from above and below, via a flickering fire pit and paper lanterns of various sizes hung randomly throughout the space. After dusk, these lights cast a warm, inviting glow festive for simple or elegant gatherings any time of the year, says Tessier.

Jennifer Cheung Design By: Mark Tessier, Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc.

Hang your lanterns at varying heights throughout your space to create visual interest. White lanterns are always a classic, but you can find them in different colors to help liven things up.

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Pergola Lighting Design Ideas

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This exterior designer used solar polar to light the evening, consisting of two decorative sun-like stars hanging from the beams.

The string lights blur the lines between Christmas decorations and day-to-day lighting fixtures.

We dont know which one the actual purpose of those is, but the pergola looks amazing nevertheless.

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Add A Pop Of Color With Solar Lanterns

Wired LED Lights On Pergola

Bright and bold lanterns from Lights4fun add cheer to this alfresco scene

Add boho flair to your pergola by layering up festoons with colorful lanterns at different heights. For super-easy maintenance, look for solar-powered designs that way you won’t have to worry about an outdoor plug. Candle-lit lanterns below will make a welcome addition too, only boosting the inviting ambience.

Combine with a canopy of foliage for a particularly enchanting look you can find our pick of the best climbing plants in our guide.

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Level Up Your Outdoor Lighting With Dekor

  • Energy Efficiency – Our exclusive partnership with Cree LEDS means our pergola lighting fixtures use eco-friendly technology. LED bulbs can reduce your energy usage by up to 80% while maintaining luminosity and brightness. Saving energy means saving money on electric bills.
  • Cozy And Romantic Pergola Lighting Idea

    The smart choice of lighting used in this dreamy pergola from helps make it the perfect spot for an intimate gathering. Using a combination of industrial-look string lights, a hanging chandelier and candles a soft glow lights up the whole area. Using a varied mix of light sources, instead of simply overhead lighting, creates a more welcoming ambiance.

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    Pool Area With Swing Bed Pergola And Lighting

    The swing-bed pergola defines a space for homeowners to sit back and enjoy their backyard. Palm trees were added to add more of a resort-vibe to nights by the pool. Touches of home can be seen in the columns, which mimic the front porch, and dainty white picket fences on either side.

    Steve Silverman Imaging

    If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet near your pergola, consider lighting the spaces around it. Here, the owner added string lights to a large tree next to the pergola, creating a relaxing ambiance. Add solar-illuminated planters throughout your space for additional lighting.

    The Key To Pergola Lighting Is Location

    Pin on Garden

    Where you choose to position your lights will greatly impact the ambience of your pergola, since the angles of light will affect the shadow, style and overall feel of your outdoor space.

    When planning where to put your pergola lights youll want to consider every aspect of your outdoor space you want the area around your guests to be lit up whether they are sitting or standing, by the barbecue or at the table with wineglass in hand.

    Keep in mind the location of the pergola itself a freestanding pergola may require more thought if you want to install electrical lighting.

    It may be easier to plan lighting for a pergola attached to your house, but choose the position of your lights before you wire up your pergola.

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    Crackle Glass Pergola Lights

    A less common choice but a beautiful one nonetheless is the crackle glass pergola lights. These unique bulbs provide a dim glow that is refracted on the surface nearby due to the cracked effect on the glass. Dont worry. Theyre not really cracked. Its just a design tool used to help create an alluring look.

    Typically, these bulbs are shaped similarly to the traditional round Edison bulbs and even have exposed electrical wiring, but that is not the focal point here.

    Instead, the main draw for these is simply the way the light looks as it dances off of the crackled glass to create a bit of a chaotic, mismatched, but mystical look for anyone and anything caught below the bulbs and pergola.

    Good for: This option may be best for those going for a modern and sleek theme in their backyard. With its strong LED glow and sleek design, it can complement the sleekest of designs.

    Why you should try this: These crackled glass lights are a unique and mesmerizing effect that will draw visitors in and attention to your beautiful backyard.

    How Much Does Pergola Lighting Cost

    The only thing better than a pergola is a pergola you can enjoy well into the night, without tripping into your guacamole dip. And that means the right lighting.

    Quick refresher: a pergola is an outdoor structure made of vertical posts or pillars that support crossbeams and a sturdy open lattice. They provide a beautiful, romantic feel to your outdoor space. Especially at night.

    Of course, everybodys interested in the bottom line: How much does pergola lighting cost?

    Were experts at lighting pergolas, and even we cant give you an exact price. The answer is, it depends. Each structure is different in size and shape, and each pergola owner might want different lighting features.

    But read on for some pergola price ranges, and the features that can plump up the cost.

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    Natural Pergola Lights For Patios

    One of the most common ways to illuminate your outdoor space with natural beauty is with a glowing fireplace or firepit. Gathering around the warmth of a fire is aesthetically pleasing and provides ample light for an outdoor seating area.

    When paired with beautiful surroundings, a fireplace can add a modern and welcoming element to your backyard retreat.

    This timeless way to incorporate lighting is one that will endure the test of time through evolving lighting trends.

    Traditionally, pergola kits blend very well with natural stone fireplaces and fire pits as well as some of the popular new trends in lighting. As you weigh your options, keep in mind that the design of your home and your natural surroundings are a great place to start when deciding on how to incorporate the various types of lighting to your backyard.

    You may find that the more trendy lighting options are perfect during one season and switch them out during the next. If youre in love with a brick fire pit on cool fall evenings but youd like to change it up for summer barbecue season, then perhaps youll want to add an extra lighting style. And if youre in a climate suitable for year-round outdoor entertaining, youll have a few more options to consider!

    Landscape Lighting Pergola Ideas

    Installing Pergola Lights and Cable Managing Wires | MADDAWORX
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    If most of the suggestions above are not really your cup of tea and you cant imagine yourself playing with many cables without getting fed up with it, here is a solution for you: just one lantern in the middle to give light to your evening outdoor activities.

    Pick the biggest lantern they have and make sure it is a pretty one: it will be easy to spot by guests and yourself.

    It could be an actual authentic lantern or an electric one. In case you need some more illumination, bring in a few candles, just in case.

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