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Costco Gazebos And Pergolas

The Basics You Need To Know

Costco 12X14 Yardistry Pavilion helpful tips | How to DIY Costco Pavilion Gazebo Pergola
What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Amex. We do not accept cash or checks.

Are same day bookings available?

Same day bookings are not guaranteed, please contact support to confirm availability.

Can I receive a COI?

The COI can be provided free of charge after reserving your appointment. We will issue the COI for your building upon request.

Is the service price flat-rate?

Yes! All On Point Assembly services are flat-rate, no hourly charges ever. However, we do charge fees with your flat-rate price.

Is there a time window for my appointment?

All appointments have a 2-hour time window. Please be aware your time window may vary due to delays from prior appointments.

What is the booking policy?

Please refer to this article to read our booking policy.

North Texas Fence And Deck Service Area

Custom wooden fences, 8 feet tall, made from western red cedar add privacy and beauty to your backyard like nothing else. North Texas Fence and Deck is also known for providing homeowners with quality 6-foot pressure treated pine fences at the best price in the North and East Dallas area.

Is your old deck becoming a hazard? We repair and replace fences and decks. Upgrade to a low maintenance composite material. New standards in pine decks have made them more beautiful than before. The assortment of handrails and balisters are remarkable. Include a patio cover, too.

Custom gates made from western red cedar, aluminum, and wrought iron. Add luxurious gates to improve the beauty and security of your residence. We can attach an automatic gate opener, too. Our design service is free. Add a metal fence enclosure for the swimming pool. Rolling gates are an option.

Install an arbor, gazebo, or pergola to make a backyard more enjoyable. Lattice will add to privacy and give vines a foothold. Use a pergola to define an outdoor living space on the patio or next to the swimming pool. Pergolas and arbors can be constructed from natural woods, composite materials, and vinyl.

Yardistry Pavilion Cedar Gazebo With Aluminum Roof 14 X 12

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integra wrote: My neighbor picked one up last year in store for $1399. I believe it was the Vaughn location but called around and i dont think any Costco locations are carrying this instore.Has anyone see this?


May 21st, 2020 9:27 am

Redfisher wrote: Near my house we have a auction warehouse that buys all Costcos , returns, open box and display stuff. And sells it as is no warranty etc. usually about 50% of new or less if hes not up to speed on new price. Anywho he has these now and then out of box on a skid for $750. I figure if one goes over it really well to see whats missing or broke, could be a good deal.


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Styling The Costco Gazebo

of course, my Costco gazebo is not just a gazebo, its an outdoor living room.

I added , an outdoor sofa, chairs, an outdoor rug, coffee table, chandelier, and outdoor fireplace, as well as landscape planters. You can check out the finished Outdoor Living Room Reveal and shop the room here!

This will be our sixth Summer with it, and so far everything is holding up great! There are a few small rust marks on the roof and one small crack in one of the cedar posts, but nothing too concerning. I will probably stain it either this year or next to protect the wood.

I absolutely love my gazebo- I would say its one of the best investments weve made in our home and quality of life. It allows us to put the cushioned outdoor furniture out in April and leave it until October .

I gave it a Boho patio makeover this year. You can see the updates and shop the look here.

I love to spend time out there with friends after the kids go to bed too!

Oh and one last thing. We can hang a movie screen from the side of it for a backyard movie theater! What could be more fun? I promise a post on this soon, but in the meantime, heres a very grainy picture.

Ok ay, I hope that helps if youre on the fence!Costcos website is full of reviews too, and Im happy to answer your questions in the comments.

Does Costco Install Gazebo’s No

Pin on pergolas

Costco Gazebos

Here we answer questions about Costco Gazebo’s and if they install them, how long does it take, how many people needed to assemble.. .etc


No, Costco does not offer Gazebo installations services for its popular Yardistry Gazebo, but We Do!

Normally and Most the time, they will refer you to contact Yardistry for an Assembler and they will give you a list of assemblers and is one of those Assemblers.

No, Costco does not offer Gazebo installations services for its popular Yardistry Gazebo, but We Do!

Normally and Most the time, they will refer you to contact Yardistry for an Assembler and they will give you a list of assemblers and is one of those Assemblers.

Yes, Costco has a Delivery Service, that can deliver your gazebo to your driveway. Thats as far as they will drop it off on your property.

We are often asked, to move it to the backyard, but we just start the assembly service in the front yard and walk it to where it needs to be.

It takes about 6 14 hours, depending on size of the Costco Gazebo and the required number of people to help.

Lets not forget about the tools you will need to have and the ladders and patience. We can help with the assembly service, giving you more free time.

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Whats The Difference Between A Gazebo And A Pergola

A gazebo has a fixed roof, while a pergola has an open roof, which can be left open or covered seasonally with vines or canvas.

Many people hear the word gazebo and immediately think of a cutesy white octogon-shaped garden structure. But as you can see, they actually come in many different forms and styles.

Check out this post for a more in-depth look at backyard shade structures and patio covers, and how to choose the best option for your outdoor living space.

Preparing The Gazebo Site

If youve already got a nice level patio or deck, then great! This will be easy.

If, like me, you want to put your Costco gazebo in a less than level spot, youre going to have some work to do. The spot we chose on the edge of our yard seemed relatively flat until we got the level out.

Without going into too much painful detail, we built wood forms and poured four cement blocks to support the cedar gazebo posts. Once the concrete was set, we built a border for the patio using landscape stackers- and we had to build it up at least 18 inches on the fence side.

We lined the area with weed paper and filled it in with crushed gravel to create a patio. The gravel comes up to the top of the cement blocks. I chose crushed gravel for the patio because it was a cheaper alternative to pavers or cement.

I cover most of the patio with a plastic outdoor rug in the spring and summer, so its not a big deal that its gravel.

By the way, I am a huge fan of plastic outdoor rugs and I use them all the time! Heres more info on them and my top picks for 2022! If youre looking for an outdoor rug made from more traditional materials check out my post, 75 Outdoor Rugs Under $150!

All this to say, building the support and patio for the gazebo was a lot more work than putting the actual gazebo together.

We extended the patio out a few feet on one side , because we knew we wanted to add some kind of fireplace in the future.

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Custom Pergolas And Quality Wood

We dont shop for our lumber at the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. The quality of their Lumber just is not good enough for your next project. When you hire us you get our expertise and quality workmanship. But it all begins with quality Cedarwood. That type of product is not sold at big box stores.

Why The Costco Gazebo

COSTCO Pergola Build

We did a major backyard overhaul five years ago. One of the top items on my wishlist was some kind of covered outdoor living room with comfy seating. I wanted to lay on the couch and read a book in the shade while the kids played.

At first, I was thinking a pergola. But the more we talked, the idea of an actual roof sounded more practical. This is Seattle, after all. It rains, even in the summer months.

I was strolling through Costco one day, when I spotted the cedar gazebo they had set up, It was love at first sight. I bought the last kit they had, borrowed my dads truck to get it home, and went to work getting the site ready.

Just for the record, this is not an affiliate post and it isnt sponsored by Costco or Yardistry Structures. Just our own experience to help you out if youre considering getting one yourself.

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Build Your Backyard Oasis With Our Wide Selection Of Pergolas Gazebos And Shelters

Design a beautiful backyard you’ll never want to leave with a stylish and functional pergola or gazebo. For a traditional look, choose a classic wood pergola. For a style that’s more modern, vinyl or aluminum pergolas are a good option. Pergolas enhance the look of your backyard while providing added shade and style points. For those looking for a little more coverage, a fully enclosed gazebo is a great option. Enjoy sitting outdoors all season long with a hard or soft top gazebo with mosquito netting. Complete gazebo packages offer a fun and challenging DIY project for the whole family.

A gazebo or pergola is also a great way to add a little extra privacy to your backyard space. Looking for shade and shelter on the go? A portable sun shelter is a lightweight and durable option you can take with you for added privacy at the beach. If added shade is all you need over your built-in deck or patio, a rollout awning or outdoor curtains will help you get the most out of your backyard space.

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Gazebo Pavilion & Pergola Accessories

We have a range of add-ons and accessories available for Yardistry Meridian Gazebos, Pavilions and Pergolas.

Our accessories are designed and manufactured to fit specific products, so please be careful to pick the correct size and colour for your specific product.

If you purchased a Yardistry Costco gazebo or pavilion then please to see our Costco accessory range.

Our helpful customer support team are available to assist via Live Chat if you need us.

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  • Rated 5.00 out of 5£79.99

    Yardistry Wood Stain & Protector is a multi-purpose and versatile wood stain & protector for Yardistry wooden Gazebos, Pavillions or Pergolas. Our wood stain and protector offers high quality wood protection, and weather proofing. Protecting all varieties of outdoor timber with a waterproof coating that also resists algal and fungal attack. Applying wood stain and

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What Is The Best Outdoor Gazebo

Were partial to our 12×12 model, of course. But Costco has featured other models in the past few years as well. Some friends bought and assembled the 12×14 version last Summer and are very happy with it.

And my Aunt and Uncle just installed the 11×13 gabled pavillion and love it. So its mostly a matter of space and budget.

Assembling The Costco Gazebo By Yardistry

Fabulous costco cedar gazebo

Unless your friends want to come over and help for a several hours, we recommend changing the order of operations from what the directions suggest.

You can build each of the sections separately by yourself, and then have a work party to assemble the whole thing.

A few months after assembly, we bolted the gazebo down to the concrete pads. Its hard for me to imagine the wind picking this thing up, but I sleep better at night knowing I wont wake up and find that its blown into the pond.

This photo was taken 5 years after installation.

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Gazebo On Clearance $79997


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810vf wrote: Meh!…roof panels are not metal last past models they carried. These are some kind id polycarbonate. Family member bot one last year and a hail storm they got in Brampton earlier caused small holes in it. my cousin used silicone to fill them in after.


+1 on that. not even hail and I have plenty of holes .this stuff sucks under sun.Have to get better panels. This is one of the only few purchases I regret making at Costco


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